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  1. You have an email
  2. Thank you, let me check it For now use this link: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/7410
  3. Hi! Can you tell me the Event Number (the four numbers on the url) to see what happend.
  4. And you made mine ^^
  5. Nice Batrep! You rocks
  6. Sorry!!! we are working on it. Be patient, we are working on it, but this week CB is close for vacations
  7. Love it!! I really like the color scheme! And the paint is great and clean
  8. Im in again! This month with my lovely Crabbot.
  9. At last! I give you my word http://www.infinitythegame.com/article.php?id=290
  10. Here is my Orc
  11. Here http://infinitythegame.com/warcors.php
  12. Im In. Thats a great iniciative! Im trying to paint an orc.
  13. you can check the Santiago de Compostela Airport too. You have bus and train to vigo with a good schedules..
  14. Did you comment on my Youtube Video?

  15. Hi! I think that the problem is that you are using a league code. Can send me your code to tournament[at]corvusbelli.com to see it and try to fix your problem.