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  1. nope. Wuut?!?! Let me see what happended.
  2. You drop one, because you only can carry a maximum of 1 Supply Box. As @IJW Wartrader says: Troops possessing the Baggage Special Skill can carry up to 2 Supply Boxes.
  3. If you have success on the wip roll you get the supply box. So you need only one order.
  4. The only options is if the pilot die when the Datapack is removed. or i missing something? Copy paste error ^^U but this mistake is fixed at the 1.1 version.
  5. fix it ^^ I disappeared too
  6. you have to see two opctions os mercs when they can be included on the sectorial list. For example Yuan Yuan at QK The 3 for sectorial and the 4 for Soldiers of fortune.
  7. Holy Guacamoly!!! Let me check it! Can you tell me the nicks or the Pins to check it. The Tournament link would be useful too.
  8. Dont forget to use the mercs option
  9. We detected a problem with the popup window to send list with ipad and iphones, working on it right now. With chrome should work well. Did it show you other lists or is empty?
  10. Here ^^ https://assets.infinitythegame.net/downloads/itsmarkers/all/v1.0/itsmarkers.pdf
  11. Mmmm oky doky, let me ask for it ^^ yep.
  12. @Locksmith The question 15 is already answered (thanks a lot for your work) 15. DATATRACKER: If a remote pilot (ex. Crabbot) dismounts from a DATATRACKER TAG, does this make an exception to troops of REM type being DATATRACKER, or does the DATATRACKER marker stay with the TAG model? the remote pilot will be the datatracker. Is an exception. Works like a pilot