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  1. you have to respect the availability within the troop profile. for example QK can include 3 yuan yuan, and with soldiers of fortune can include 4 more, butt yo have to use one CAP
  2. rigth! On my way
  3. you get a -3 BS, and if the attack was with the blast mode (impact template) ignores the +3 armor.
  4. The pending events counted, was an error of the migration to the nwe OTM, that mark as not reported, but this events are reported
  5. More answers!!!!! 1. DECAPITATION: 'Designated Target' and 'HVT & Classified Deck not used' contradict each other. Please clarify: Is the Designated Target deployed in the same manner as the HVT? Yes. 7. DATATRACKER: If a manned TAG is selected as the Datatracker, what happens to the Datatracker marker when the Pilot Dismounts? Is this the same for Operators or different? When the pilot dismount the DataTracker marker pass to the pilot, the same with the operator. 8. DATATRACKER: Is there any effect on a Datatracker if the trooper becomes Irregular? (Due to Isolation or LoL, for example) No. Nothing happends.
  6. you are right! edit it
  7. 5. DATATRACKER: Please clarify how G:Jumper L1 interacts with Datatracker selection. Must a single proxy be chosen, leaving the Datatracker marker behind when the active proxy marker moves? correct. A proxy can be selected as DataTracker, but the DataTracker dont move to the other proxies. Remember that the DataTracker can't be in a marker state. 6. ANNIHILATION: The mission text indicates 12" deployments zones, the map on page 16 indicates 8". Which is correct? 12". The text is mandatory. 9. CLOSED BATTLE LIST C: This list appears to be missing 25 points and 1 SWC. Yep UU Is missing a Crusader with Boarding Shotgun. 10. LOOTING & SABOTAGING: It is possible to deal 4 STR to the enemy AC2, making the possible score 11 OPs. Is this intended? No. The maximum is 3 OP. 11. CAPTURE & PROTECT: Currently, there are no tasks for Specialists to complete in this mission. Is this intended? emmm yep.
  8. But remember that this trooper must always be on the game table as a model and not as a Marker, so you can never go to IMP state.
  9. 12". the text are mandatory ^^
  10. The 5º point of the main objectives is kill the enemy datatracker
  11. Costas can be a spanish name ^^
  12. Spanish version, im going to fix it, this an the typo. Datatracker with initiative order Thank you!!!
  13. The last episode of TAGLINE: ALIVE https://youtu.be/aw0EuQk-Ejk
  14. You are right. Working on it