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  1. No - 21 squares are uncovered on the left but only 3 extra covered on the right, not 1/3 covered No - not 1/3 covered No - not 1/3 covered bonus. No, since the red model is not in base contact with the intervening wall. (Assuming "barely" means a 3x3 square is visible)
  2. Ah, yeah, now I recall that post from @Janzerker, but I don't see a source from him - it doesn't appear in the seminar reports I've read. @Janzerker, wanna help a guy out here? The other one was new to me, thanks!
  3. Source on this? DaoFei have been confirmed to be in White Banner, but afaik not confirmed out of IA. Also, while I'm asking for sources, where did the shooting star come from?
  4. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that onyx didn't include any EI aspects. A charontid, anathematic or skiavoros would synergise well with the rems and umbras would take on the menacing right hand thug role.
  5. Link for those following at home:
  6. Ok, whatever, I guess. Good to know that my Umbra Samaritan can use Protheion:L4 to increase the B on his spitfire, according to your argument above.
  7. Koalas have two opposable digits ON EACH HAND!
  8. It is not. I'll type this slowly and clearly, since you seem to be hard of comprehension. Infinity is a permissive rule set. Nothing is permitted unless explicitly stated. iKohl explicitly permits the modifier to apply to dodge and engage, thus it does. Other CC Special Skills DO NOT explicitly allow the modifiers to apply, thus SINCE NO PERMISSION IS GIVEN the modifiers do not apply. Nowhere in this argument is an appeal to authority. If you disagree with the clear statement of the rules, then the onus is upon you to show the rule that contradicts this. Bleating that "the rule doesn't say I can't" is not a contradiction. YOU CAN ONLY DO WHAT THE RULES SAY YOU CAN.
  9. The Cassandra Kresnov trilogy by Joel Shepherd is pretty good. The main planet could be Acontecimento and the GIs are lhosts. It has the right kind of covert ops feel.
  10. @Barrogh When the chief playtester and wiki maintainer says then you'd need fucking amazing written proof to disagree. Which you don't have. This is not an argument from authority fallacy, it's how the rule set functions.
  11. Not on roast lamb, where it belongs.
  12. It gets worse. Dave: It’s a rip-off to charge £1.25, but who would put ketchup on fish and chips? I use homemade mint sauce. I use homemade mint sauce. mint sauce.
  13. @Barrogh Infinity is a permissive rule set. The rules state what you can do, not what you cannot. iKohl applies to dodge because the rule explicitly states that it does. Other CC Special Skills do not apply to dodge because their rules do not explicitly state that they do. As @IJW Wartrader already said.
  14. @bostria said sforza, Ashcroft and the bh profiles are available to ISS forever. And we get csu too.
  15. The Ur Rationalists are part of the EI. When it succeeds in ascending, it will take them with it. Thus, all EI aspects are, in part, the Ur. This is the tragedy of the EI - the Ur race is already gone.