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  1. After GenCon and the Interplantario last year, @Koni posted hires copies of the dossiers from @bostria's seminars. Is there any chance this could happen again?
  2. I only see one moderator on the list out of that box, which is why I asked, but I completely understand.
  3. Cho, any possibility of another Bakunin starter split? I'd be interested in the new riotgrrl.
  4. Nothing, except that Ortega is the one using the DTW.
  5. Gotta say, the whole alliances thing was pretty offputting
  6. I'm actually seriously hyped for ME: Andromeda. The closer integration of the mp into the campaign sounds like fun and the integration of mp unlocks seems like an obvious idea that they shied away from in ME3.
  7. Except that Overdron is a TAG not a REM and so is not an eligible target for Assisted Fire.
  8. The live action movie doesn't even have Major Motoko Kusunagi in it. ScarJo plays Major Mira Killian. https://www.amazon.com/Art-Ghost-Shell-David-Cohen/dp/1683830008 "adventures of cybernetic detective Major Mira Killian and her crack cyberterrorism squad, Section 9. Directed by Rupert Sanders and starring Scarlett Johansson as the Major,"
  9. Hi Cho, can I take the Maakrep, the Fractaa and the 1-handing Unidron please.
  10. Links or it didn't happen. 😉
  11. I've just decided - all spines up from now on.
  12. Holy shit. 25th Anniversary. 😕
  13. Fair point. Sorry about the typos above.
  14. Couldn't you holo1 as a profile without a symbiomate added? Afeter assignning the mate?
  15. The train is not on Paradiso though, as far as I can tell.