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  1. I must say that when I heard of the alternate head options, before seeing the pix, I hoped one was a helmeted head, like the luxumbra bust.
  2. I’d bet the arms and head are a single piece which attaches from behind. Bostria did say that the Outrage models used new techniques for assembly that were lessons learned from the Aristeia! models.
  3. @Madmac37 bravo for your attitude.
  4. Not sure if trolling.
  5. And to top it off, the first halo novels are a straight lift of the movie plot.
  6. *smirk*
  7. There’s still no argument required. You cannot because the scenario rules DO NOT STATE THAT YOU CAN. There’s no inconsistency. Sorry, didn’t mean to dogpile - ninja’d by everybody.
  8. You forgot Kurgats, engineers with portable autocannons, MK12s or BSGs. Le Muet is also a mercenary available in generic CA.
  9. Yes, but yours were in the correct aspect ratio and didn't hurt 😭 to look at.
  10. Warsenal makes the harbinger range of bases that are the same as the studio bases. I'm using runohaa bases for my CA. https://warsen.al/collections/designed-for-infinity/products/harbinger-bases https://warsen.al/collections/designed-for-infinity/products/runohaa-bases
  11. Oh, how cute. Hmmm, thanks for the logic failure there. Rather than being agressive, you could have said simply, "yes I am talking about flash, no, I didn't notify CB of the qc problem. I chose to discuss it here." Other people aren't complaining about flash, but sprue gates. Lastly, you self identified as a jerk and backed that up by calling @A Mão Esquerda dumb. I understand you didn't like my post and I'm not really bothered that you called it very dumb. You don't really have the right to decide what other people's opinions of my posts ought to be, however.
  12. No, I don't like that you don't know what flash is but complain anyway.
  13. So there was actual flash and you made a qc report to Corvus? Or you're just looking for justification to complain? Because that's how it seems, reading back over your last dozen posts across multiple threads.