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  1. It’s one person. Just one.
  2. So you’re saying that where the rule http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Shock_Special_Ammunition#Effects says: Units with a Structure (STR) Attribute instead of a Wounds Attribute, such as Remotes, TAGs, Vehicles, etc. Against these, Shock Special Ammunition has the same effects as Normal Ammunition. it doesn’t say: Against these, Shock Special Ammunition has the same effects as Normal Ammunition. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Yeah, you’re wrong.
  3. The only reason that STR isn’t affected by shock is that Normal ammunition doesn’t have the Shock effect. That is perfectly clear.
  4. This week’s sniper shot was a Garuda. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the starter.
  5. ST is just as much “magic” as SW, they just ruin the suspension of disbelief with all the pseudoscience technobabble. ”It just works” in SW is *usually* more internally consistent and easier to suspend disbelief. Except starkiller base. That made no sense.
  6. Did you use the hack Tao sword there? And Sun Tse’s left hand? This has turned one of my least favourite minis into something really interesting. Great job!
  7. I’ll second In the Pipeline as a great blog. I refer to Things I Won’t Work With in my chemistry classes.
  8. You’re being hypersensitive. There was no personal criticism in @BaleWolf‘s post. Verisimilitude, mate. Willing suspension of disbelief is required for the game. This is easy when small details are correct. This is hard when small details are wrong for no good reason. The guns being realistic makes it easier to accept the fantastic elements. It’s an actual thing, so you don’t have to just take my word for it.
  9. How do you plan to protect that?
  10. A termite grenade to the head is effective though.
  11. I must say that when I heard of the alternate head options, before seeing the pix, I hoped one was a helmeted head, like the luxumbra bust.
  12. I’d bet the arms and head are a single piece which attaches from behind. Bostria did say that the Outrage models used new techniques for assembly that were lessons learned from the Aristeia! models.
  13. @Madmac37 bravo for your attitude.