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  1. I'd like to second @PsychoticStorm. I thought better of my passive aggressive comment and so I'll just say that people could benefit from reflecting on the tone and content of their posts here, on Facebook and on Warconsole.
  2. Unidrons and CG received! Thanks Cho.
  3. Yes, that's what I was referring to. To receive the g: mnemonica consciousness requires a cube. The avatar can't transfer to a charontid, an anathematic, nor a skiavoro.
  4. @Hecaton, how do you even play this game? Seriously, if this bamboozles you so much, how do you get through even one turn? Ergo, this is trolling.
  5. Transfer of WIP and Lt skill using G: Mnemonica requires the target to have a cube or G: Autotool. The upshot is that if you have a mnemonica Lt and another mnemonica troop, the second guy can't take over as Lt by receiving the Lt skill. Unlikely due to the expense of mnemonica troops, but also illegal.
  6. Hi Cho, could I jump on one of those Konstantinos while you have them please?
  7. Yeah, G: Mnemonica precludes having a cube. GHOST: MNEMONICA AUTOMATIC SKILL Optional. REQUIREMENTS In order to activate this Special Skill, the user must be in a Null state. EFFECTS The user may transfer his own WIP Attribute, along with the Ghost: Mnemonica Special Skill and the Lieutenant Special Skill (if applicable), to any other trooper in the same army that is on the battlefield in the form of a figure or Marker and has a Cube. The new WIP replaces the host's original value. If the G: Mnemonica trooper was also the army's Lieutenant, the host becomes the new Lieutenant. Once activated, this transfer is automatic at the end of the Order in which the user entered in Null state. You must identify the figure or Marker that acts as host, but not whether the Lieutenant Special Skill is transferred—that is Private Information—. After the transfer is complete, the original user, now in Dead state, is removed from play. If the host enters in a Null state, the original user's WIP, G: Mnemonica and Lieutenant Special Skill may be transferred again to another ally who fulfills the same requirements (Cube...).This transfer makes the host enters in Dead state. G: Mnemonica also grants its user the Valor: Courage Special Skill. Troopers with G: Mnemonica do not have a Cube. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Ghost_(G)#Ghost:_Mnemonica
  8. I would argue that "game terms" only are defined where the meaning is not the normal English meaning of the word. This pov is congruent with CB not issuing a FAQ answer for questions they consider to be answered by reading the rules.
  9. #iknorite?
  10. I'm fairly certain that @tyrannosaurus perceives @Beasts of War - Warren as saying that since nobody has emailed to report abuse that there can't be any real concern. I'm somewhat sure that's not what Warren meant. However, abuse isn't the concern - dickish comments on batreps still gaining XP for the commenter and the lack of recourse for the OP is. The suggested remedy of "you can turn off comments on your bat reps but then they will all be disregarded" is an insulting response to the concerns expressed. Instead of removing the perverse incentive for negative comments, this is a disincentive to post batreps at all.
  11. "Confirmed" not confirmed. I'm pretty sure Schaldez slipped up on that statement and didn't catch it in the edit. It could have been a hypothetical reason for an EoY release, but it sounded confident. If there are plastic minis I'd like the option of metal versions of those characters. Alternate poses would be fine if that was considered more appropriate than a metal rerelease of the plastic.
  12. You're still acting like you are entitled to something from Corvus Belli. Stop that and you might get some traction. Also, implying that people who disagree with you are too stupid to understand your fallacious argument doesn't help either.
  13. @bostria said nexus end of year, "unlike the other dossiers previewed at rumble" so shikami may be sooner.
  14. Yojimbo is Sanjuro (Toshiro Mifune) from Yojimbo & Sanjuro directed by Akira Kurosawa.
  15. Shorter @Jujoji: I can judge CBs decisions made with information I have no access to and decide they're without merit. How fucking arrogant you are.