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  1. I believe that this is an artefact of translation from Spanish - it was emphasised so that it wasn't given a Spanish pronunciation "Yu Ying". For a native English speaker this comes out wrong as we would automatically pronounce the j as jay not as yuh. ETA: @the huanglong did a post on his excellent blog in 2014, I highly recommend it. https://eternalrival.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/pronounced-dju-tching/
  2. It's how you know the converted hazmat is my sophotect.
  3. Rotated, not reversed. Hmmm, image didn't embed. NVM.
  4. It's also rotated compared to the Hindu style. In spoiler to avoid shocking people looking over shoulder.
  5. Since PST is UTC -8, yes it's the morning for anywhere east of Atlanta. Morning of the 4th. Your complaint just makes you sound foolish.
  6. Also the 1.05 patch seems to have helped many of the facial complaints.
  7. Thanks Cho! The Onyx stuff arrived too.
  8. Any update on the riotgrrl, Cho? I didn't see her on the list.
  9. Neema Saatar has two profiles: breaker combi rifle (BCR) or spitfire. As @the huanglong said, there is no Tohaa BCR dossier or sculpt, so the spitfire (of which there are many) is the more likely profile to be modelled.
  10. After GenCon and the Interplantario last year, @Koni posted hires copies of the dossiers from @bostria's seminars. Is there any chance this could happen again?
  11. I only see one moderator on the list out of that box, which is why I asked, but I completely understand.
  12. Cho, any possibility of another Bakunin starter split? I'd be interested in the new riotgrrl.
  13. Nothing, except that Ortega is the one using the DTW.
  14. Gotta say, the whole alliances thing was pretty offputting