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  1. I'd say no template weapons aside from shotguns, because then they're stepping on the toes of the Tigers (in addition to probably being too effective at clearing the DZ). Shotguns, SMGs, maybe Chain Rifle+Assault Pistol. DEP, or maybe Faust/Flammenspear/Blitzen. All the gear to overwhelm opponents for a short period of time, to allow for other troops to arrive from other means. ===== I wouldn't mind a HI combat engineer or EOD/bomb squad unit. Bomb Suit would be ARM4 or 5, BTS6, and probably Total Immunity plus Bioimmunity to be lore-accurate (fire, shock, viral, DA, and EXP are all ineffective). I'd be OK with 4-2 move, though, those suits are incredibly heavy. Engineer with minesweeper and deactivator, plus D-charges. Maybe some kind of G:Sync bot to explore the bomb before the expert goes in.
  2. Slide molds are a lot more expensive than simple 2-piece molds. And also require a different machine, too.
  3. Just remember that YOU are the expert. No, really. You should know more about whatever your thesis is on than anyone else on earth. Try electroluminescent panels instead of LEDs. I keep looking at for complete kits with power supply and wiring, but I think you can find the panels alone just about anywhere.
  4. I've heard that denim (as in blue jean material) makes a good GS stamp.
  5. Lemme help you with the street cover: I'd link directly, but Forum Advertising Rules. Search for "blade runner parking meter" on shapeways. You can get a set of 10 for $27 in Frosted Ultra Detail (and don't get any cheaper/lower detail, even FUD has issues). 4 sets will give you enough meters for one side of one street, putting one meter every 4". They're wide enough to cover the torso of a light infantryman. I put my set of 10 on 20mm steel washers for weight.
  6. Awesome, thanks! My urban tables need something like that, but I may build an elevated rail for it to add some height.
  7. The big problem with plastic minis is the fact that you can't do undercuts. The only way to have a detail that is an undercut on the finished model is to do multiple pieces. And I mean like 20 pieces. There's a lot of hate and discontent about the parts count for the Robotech RPG Tactics minis, which are all plastic models with lots of details. 20 pieces or so per model, not counting accessory pieces like the missiles for under the wings. A GW space marine is 10 pieces, not counting belt pouches and stuff.
  8. I'd settle for a zuyong thrown from a plane, but I'd like a Shang Ji. After all, the Tiger Soldier is a Zuyong short one wound (and with better WIP), so I can't really see the point in a Zuyong with AD. I could see Wu Ming with either Koalas or MadCows. Or two different profiles, one with each. I dunno about the gluecannon, it could go to a Blue Wolf (but I want Fausts and/or Blitzen for kills).
  9. CB could fix that. What about a bio-visor? I'm leaning towards Lasiq+, so what would make mimetism, climbing plus, and XVisor, but I'd rather have the bio or MSV instead of XVisor. Pose supports that, or at least SSlv2.
  10. 12-gauge to the face! Exactly. ===== Cypher and I actually ran a couple games of bring all the CC back when N3 first dropped, ASS versus JSA. We discovered that you don't try to CC another CC monster, chances are you will both crit and be staring at each other across your crossed blades (unless it's a Domaru Berserking to get the Normal Roll and EM critting Achilles or Ajax). You send your CC monsters after troops that can't fight back in CC and shoot the crap out of your enemy's CC monsters. I recommend playing a couple training games where you don't spend any SWC on guns and try to get your troops into CC. Makes for a very different game, and really helps your maneuvering and MA-level-choosing.
  11. I'm so sad I never got around to running that list... Which doesn't stop people from bringing them for "combat engineering". Got Paradiso undergrowth trying to get close to the perimeter? flamethrowers. EM weapons are just the thing to deal with monowire and rampaging bots.
  12. Jed, I hope Real Life(tm) stops kicking you in the teeth soon. If only so you can make more awesome stuff for me to buy. But right now, the delays are ... OK, mostly because I don't have the cash to buy all the cool stuff you make already.
  13. I have a few more minis that I haven't photo'd yet, but: L to R: Guilang w Anima Tactics head, Guilang w Reaper Minis head, Hasslefree's Tomoko, old Wu Ming w Anima Tactics head, Tiger Soldier w Anima Tactics head, Najjarun w Anima Tactics head and hasslefree gun. I really need to take a fresh set of photos with all the models.
  14. Wow, you're already painting better than I am. The only thing I can really suggest is to search around various model makers to find civilians, and use them for painting practice. Unfortunately, two of the makers I got my civvies from have stopped making them: Antenociti's used to sell a bunch of civvies (but I think they might be coming back into production), and I also grabbed most of the knife, pistol, or unarmed Anima Tactics minis before they went OOP. You can get civvies from CB, of course, in the Dire Foes boxes and the Bootlegs. But it helps to have LOTS of civvies to practice on. Yeah, that's totally possible. Actually, it's what I expect for most Infinity powers, to have small garrisons scattered all over the place and grabbing troops from whoever can get there in time to do the missions. For that matter, I've found that careful mixing of troops from different factions works quite well, and they'll still all look like they belong to the same faction if you paint them uniformly. My "Public Security Section 9" army is from about 4 different factions and all ties together (plus a few non-CB models).
  15. I'm still working on a conversion of Duroc to be double-wielding chain rifles, I've got arms from the original DogWarrior to use, though I might grab the smaller chain rifles from the Intel SpecOps kit. They're the size of Metros: