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  1. Man, if I ever go to GenCon, I'm going to need to bring about $10k for all the cool stuff that I 'have' to buy.
  2. I'll see what I can do for a better lighting rig, I have been pestered for quite a while on getting a spaceship board modeled, based on what a submarine looks like inside. Plan is to make a 3d version of the board used for The Vesuvius Incident, which is a solo game of a marine squad versus a horde of xenomorphs. As the ship is in a decaying orbit! I have the sheet of Sintra board I need for this, just need to get off my ass and working on it.
  3. Some of that is unintentional misspellings, English isn't @Maru's first language (and we cut him a lot of slack because of that). But yeah, I'm pretty sure that Alien Ressmyerection is deliberate. And hilarious.
  4. Unlikely to be an option in the Invincible Army, but I almost always take the Mk12 Karakuri as my one in vanilla. Was hoping for a Mk12 Zuyong.
  5. The big reason I don't like using the Raiden in ARO if he's still a camo marker is that it makes him lose the Surprise Shot permanently (Limited Camo blows goats!). So taking that ARO had better be a really juicy target, like a link team of big trouble all too close together. Also, I don't expect a Raiden to survive very long once revealed, particularly the HRL version.
  6. Some careful bending of the legs is all that's required.
  7. That would be cool. Interestingly, a Mk12 has very similar range bands to a Marksman Rifle, with a shorter -3 range. (Mk12 is -3 from 24-32, while the Marksman Rifle is -3 from 24-40). So how about a Multi Mk12? Light Multi (B3 Shock/AP and B1 DA/Stun), not Medium (B2 AP/DA and B1 Stun), mind you. Or even just taking the Mk12 base, for B3 Pow15 shots.
  8. I recommend applying a very large blunt object to the speaker, though the most effective time was leaving a note on the guy's desk that the proctologist had called, saying he'd found idjit's head.
  9. Note that Angel's method actually uses multiple layers of each 'coat' and usually two-brush blending when he's not airbrushing.
  10. Difference is that BS13 units with HMGs have existed since the start of the game, while Fatality L2 is making a BS12 or less unit their equal (in what is often a pretty normal shooting situation).
  11. I admit, I 'only' took two semesters of Business Stats, but I really don't want to continue arguing if you're not going to accept that you get more representative samples as you increase sample size. (Didn't we use to have a strikethrough button in the reply panel?) OK, you're using 'power' in a way that I didn't remember. Nevermind. It's probably more useful to have 6 players for each faction (12 lists total), since with ITS we know that the players are going to design for the missions, and probably design one list specifically for one mission. And then further detail which lists got played on which missions, plus whether terrain was 'more open than usual,' 'about normal,' or 'closer than usual', since that would be the other major determinant on list choice. As far as players self-selecting to factions, the good news is that Infinity doesn't really have playstyles masquerading as factions. There are more sculpting and fluff differences between the various factions than there are playstyle differences. Also, given the number of players who will tell you that they just don't get how @playerX is running #Faction (and kicking their butt with it), it seems that we might be able to ignore the non-random assignment of players to factions, given sufficiently large sample sizes. And since CB gets the data for all ITS events, I think we can call that a 'sufficiently large sample'. I'd argue that Interplanetary is one of the most competitive Infinity tournaments, given that at least a third of the entrants had to win a regional qualifier...
  12. There's another manga/comic book in the style of Shirowpunk (totally stealing that word, BTW): Old City Blues by Giannis Milogiannis. This one is set in cyberpunk Greece, however. You can also add the Psycho-Pass manga/TV series (I recommend the anime, visuals work better with moving pictures) to the list. Be warned, though, Psycho-Pass first season is about chasing a murderer and has some utterly horrifying things in it. To the tune of, "Damn, I'm glad that was 'only' drawn, I woulda puked if that was live-action!" (and I say that as someone who was on the detail to clean up accident scenes) But it's pretty necessary for the story.
  13. Really don't like the implications of that. Hi, I'm a BS12 unit with an HMG and Fatality L2, and I just went from having Zero chance to kill your Shikami in cover and at -3 range to having 4x 1-in-20 chances to Crit. (what's that work out to in the chances to kill?)
  14. Just got my truck yesterday, will need to clean the mold release off of it and then put it together. Wonder if I can find someone with the right printer to make me the decals for the original KFC/Pizza Hut/Carl's version?
  15. And therein lies the rub. Having a sample size of at least 30 makes it a lot easier to get a representative sample. Let's be honest, how easy is it to get a string of 6 consecutive 'Heads' (or tails) on a coin flip, when you'd expect to see 3 of each? Not a representative sample. Get up to about 30 flips and you should expect to see equal numbers. For dice, rolling a mass of 30+ d6 (say, certain units in GW games) will pretty quickly give you the expected number of results, standard deviation of +-1 result (so you typically see 5+-1 of any result, and 95% of the time will see 5+-3 of any result).