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  1. LGLs are always worth including in your army. There's a reason the US Army packs two of them into every squad (and the Marines pack 3 per squad!) My problem is that it's starting to look like I need to take 3 hackers. One standard or EVO (for supportware), one AHD, and one KHD. Plus a repeater net.
  2. Like you haven't ever said "fuck this piece of junk" when scrubbing ventilation ducts. and quoted for truth! (Usually about once a week while underway, too)
  3. Not really. For Yu Jing, the only option for a TO camo specialist is either a KHD or AHD. Most of the options for camo specialist are AHD (with one FO). My one option for AD specialist is an AHD. My only option for a motorcycle specialist is an AHD. Not taking hackers at all in fear of KHDs means I don't take any HI, TAGs, or REMs, either, because the enemy assault hacker will deal with them.
  4. You have 3-4 camo markers, all within 8" of each other. One could be a mine, two could be relatively squishy skirmishers, but one is a freaking ARM4 HI! Tough nut to crack, as long as they're all still camo markers.
  5. I dunno, my friends don't have too much trouble grinding out 19k gold in a week or two. Not like it's buying the Missouri in WoWarships for 750,000 free (unallocated) XP, which takes about 3 months of grinding, even with all the free-XP farming flags and crap. But fuck the idea of buying the gold to buy the Edelweiss! IIRC, it's basically a Panther F or Panther II, statwise.
  6. This! I think that open area of the 'L' could use a small garden or something...
  7. I built the shooting pose on the ground, the two bodies are identical. The tactical trash that the model stands on is separate, but it's not too onoxious (I normally hate tactical trip hazards).
  8. I know Magno does zenithal priming, but he does it a bit differently. Magno uses purple from below and orange from above, instead of black and white. Not only does that start his shadows for him, he uses very thin 'juices'/glazes so the orange/purple shows through a bit at the end. I prime white with a black wash.
  9. Worth EVERY point. I liked running the Daofei hacker with a pair of Guilang (usually one FO/DepRep and one sniper), but you need to watch out for Killer Hackers.
  10. As I mentioned, even sticking Nomad or Haqq REMs into a YJ army works fine if the paint scheme matches!
  11. Pretty sure it's a Hac Tao, faceplate is distinctive. And Beba's TAG had been kneecapped immediately before that panel, so was kneeling.
  12. Well, what I've learned about Nomads is that my usual Zero-Gee builds (my whole Nomad collection has either Zero-Gee or Multiterrain, I use it as boarding parties) need more MSV support, which means Intruders. Damn Ariadna (and Shasvasti) camospam.
  13. Problem is, any number of observations (n) less than 30 is essentially random and has little to no reflection of real life.
  14. Speaking fluff-wise: You make a noise to attract their attention, they whirl around (change facing ARO), but there's nothing there. And then you come around the corner in the moment they relax. I honestly see this as being like the first time someone gets Tac Jumped or Hidden Deployment Ninja'd. "Wait, you can do that?!? Crap!" If I did it to someone, I'd make sure to point out how to beat it after the game, if they hadn't figured it out by then. But otherwise, I consider it just one of the usable tactics.
  15. And yet, didn't the 10 reports appear to change the ownership of the location, if only temporarily? The narrative idea you have is pretty cool (and I like it!), but we are all relying on CB to run with the narrative stuff. Twisting? No. If I was sufficiently motivated to play games (hard to do with a bad back some days), you can bet that Major Ramos would be all over the damn map, building up battles against people and trying to run up the score. I'm not quite enough of a dick to actually do the massive report-dumps, but I'd probably consider coordinating among the gaming group to pick a target and go after it. Say, PanO's Sygtyr platforms. It is in the nature of my mind to look for ways to "break" a rulesystem. I just generally don't exploit those ways. Other people are less inhibited than I am, and not only look for ways to break a system, but also actively use that exploit for their personal (or in this case, factional) gain. Poorly-defined codes of acceptable conduct ALWAYS lead to someone pushing the limits until punishments happen. This is an established fact of human behavior, it's covered in Sociology 101 and Business Ethics 101. Exactly. At a minimum, you will need to post a message across all the Wotan Warconsole sections that you have banned a user and invalidated their battle reports for [reasons]. You don't need to name the individual, but you DO need to say what it was that got them banned in black and white. You should also post a message about the user warned for report quality, and what it was about his reports that caused the warning. But you don't need to name the individual, what matters is the actions that earned them the warning. In fact, you should NOT name the individual(s). There are times when "justice" must be seen to be working, and this is one of them. So, you mean a limited number of unpublished reports, right? Would be good to let people know what that is (assuming that it's getting implemented in Wotan). Well, actually, I'm pretty sure someone will find it pretty quickly, but it'd still be nice to know what that is ahead of time.