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  1. How have I missed this thread so far?!? Excellent work, really looks lived in, not just a superclean sterile place. That building is absolutely my favorite!!!! You might want to add electroluminescent panels or wires to your LEDs for lighting. EL panels can take up less space if you're trying to light up a room, and give you better light inside that room. I think Miller Engineering ( ) has some great stuff, but I don't know about shipping from US to Germany. You can probably find electroluminescent stuff at a local model railroad shop for about the same price. But do check out Miller Engineering, they have some great signs for the cheaper/rougher part of town!
  2. I need a way to Thumbs-down a few posts, since my copy is still in the mail.
  3. I'm hoping the next book (apparently now Paradiso N3) hits Gencon 2018. But that's kinda the best bet. As a Yu Jing player, I'm OK with that. Hell, even the PanO force I'm working on doesn't have any Fusiliers (it's Military Orders).
  4. All of the above. I buy all releases for Yu Jing, full stop. I buy all TAGs (but I'm behind on my collection lately) because I like big stompy robots and Landmates. One day I will do an Infinity mission at a TAG trade show or dealership showroom. Complete with "booth babes" and maybe the occasional "booth hunk" if I can find models to do sexually-exploited males. My Hassassins were all bought because I like the looks of the models. They look like a US Army future soldier concept, except for using AKs. My Nomads were all bought for their game stats (the entire collection has either Zero Gee or Multiterrain, to use as a boarding party). I'm working on them now, in preparation for Wotan. I'm planning on buying Tohaa for game stats (every model with Symbiont Armor, because Guyver Bio-boosted Armor!). It just so happens that I think the Symbiont Armor troops look better than the others. My PanO were all bought for fluff (it's an Order of Mercy combat rescue team, so de Fersen and 3-4 other Hospitaliers, plus support).
  5. The only warband I'm willing to concede has too high a BS is the Kuang Shi. That magic brainwashing helmet must have some awesome aim improvements in it, that would be better given to say, Ninjas. Since it can raise a BS5 civilian up to the BS11 of a Kuang Shi! Willpower is on par with the rest of their faction. The fact that PanO averages WIP12 is your own problem. WIP13 is the actual average. I'd be willing to bet that the PH stat of most warbands has been tweaked for game balance (not to forget that Ariadna is +1PH over baseline, so Galwegians would be PH13 in any other faction) I've never had a problem with that, though I prefer using a reactionbot with HMG.
  6. I see someone is an old Traveller player! For additional ship ideas, there are LOTS of spaceship deck plans available online.
  7. A "black op" is "black" because it's supposed to be totally secret. Not because it's illegal/unethical/a war crime. In fact, black ops require far greater trooper integrity to prevent war crimes, something that Canada has struggled with since 2001. The Bin Laden op was black during the prep phase and up until it was completed. Then about 12 hours later, it was revealed to the world. While almost all War Crimes are black ops (because nobody wants to get caught doing them), very few black ops are war crimes. Huge difference. My guess is that Major Lunah burned an op that ended up as a War Crime, but doesn't have any issue with legal black ops.
  8. Excellent. My bottle still says "Future" on it, BTW. When you only use a couple drops at a time, they last forever!
  9. agree with Col, probably sometime around May 15-20.
  10. Who wastes points on a Ninja sniper when there are AHD or KHD profiles to take advantage of infiltration?
  11. Will have to let a friend of mine know that, his gun chronograph uses IR LEDs. Yeah, the purpose of Blaze Orange is to be seen by idiot hunters. And it still doesn't help. Me? I stay the hell out of the woods on opening and closing weekends for all hunting seasons.
  12. Most crackheads can break handcuffs without even trying, at least while they're high. 'Dusters are even worse (PCP is the devil's own cocktail), they will continue functioning with a fist-sized hole through their heart. Just ask your friendly neighborhood law enforcement professional. While I know Marines and SEALs, I don't know any of them that can casually snap handcuffs. The SEALs that can snap cuffs take a bit of prep to do it, and not all the SEALs I know can snap cuffs (though the guys who can't snap them tend to know how to pick the locks). Then again, I know a young lady who can snap cuffs while ... in the throes of passion, shall we say...
  13. Sadly, mostly to various reddits and worldbuilding sites you can hit through google. Hard to find good, hard-science data to back things up, except what's been cited in the reddits, and the reddits come up first.
  14. Yeah, I agree with this. Need to go through and get all the rules mechanically working the same way, get the terminology standardized, and need to pare down the number of rules that don't do much for gameplay.
  15. Crud, I ran into that while trying to take some pics of my fluorescent-painted models. The camera is receiving more light than my eye is, so what looks dim to me shows up brightly lit on my phone! Similarly, US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq ran into troubles at night because smartphone cameras detect the near-IR light that most nightvision systems use as a "flashlight", insurgents would see a bright spot in their cameras and know to aim there.