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  1. Goddess, I just saw next WoW expansion trailer. It's been years since Blizzard made me cry FOR THE HORDE!. But that Sylvanas in banshee mode... I think I will give a try to the next expansion.
  2. They finished it?
  3. Can you take some extra photos of the converted one? Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  4. Now everything is finished. Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  5. So my package arrived and in a few of hours I already made some of planned conversions. The reloading sniper. And flamethrower grunt with secondary weapon: light shotgun (photo of the shotgun wip, need some green stuff). Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  6. Just arrived my lttle soldiers from cho. Everithing ok and just going to start the first of my conversions.
  7. Yes and also the 33€ that it will cost. I will wait for black friday...
  8. BJ is ok as it is. It's quite cheap and the extra second profile guive the necesarry endurance. Sure it will end down, but it will took some enemy orders from his pool until that, or better kill those orders. And that only for the sniper. The HMG can resist a bad luck strike when hunting down enemyes, sure it isn't strong enought for reactive, but thats why you hide it and let the grunts hold the line.
  9. No we are back to the point that it is the company that makes the product's responsibility to get it into the users hands. Period. Dead horse is dead. They are only responsable to their customers, that are the retailers. And always in the real world. If you pay the cost of air shipping you will get always soon enough, if not you know what happens in the sea. And if you think that they should send always via air, you should be ready to twice the money your pay for each miniature. Or your retailers should be ready. Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  10. Errr, that's what CB charges for shipping. I wanted a CB T-Shirt. When all was said and done, it was $35USD, from them directly. $15 of it for shipping. Not spending $35USD on a 100% cotton T-Shirt because it has to ship from Spain. I'll live without it. You don't see a problem there? The point is, I don't care where it comes from. As the end user, I know I can get the product I need in ONE DAY. So we are back to the point that is not fault of CB, but the retailers that didn't order it through air mail. Laika Dog-Girl Now. Okay. Let's go down that road. How many Beyond sets do you think they can produce per day? Don't know, I didn't work there, neither know the amount of resoirces that they maintain in the old products. Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  11. I have to admit that I'm only slightly in RC control and I may be wrong, but electronics holds good if they are well build. But what I know is how CB molding cast works, it took quite long to start the production and they aren't a big enough company to made thousands miniatures per day. And they also have to continue producing old ones. Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  12. That niche is less risky than wargames. You can store that and be more or less sure that eventually will be sold. And going back to CB, what do you know about their production? Seems like you have more details than us, maybe if you share them... Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  13. LOL, it is the product owners fault if product doesn't get to the end user. It is ALWAYS their responsible. Amazing how people don't get that. It doesn't matter WHY. It's up to CB to correct it. Are none of you in any kind of service business? If you buy meat in the market and it's out of date or wasn't properly conserved is the fault of the shepherd? If you buy directly to CB you won't have the problems you have with the retailers. So they sell their products correctly. Also you are forgotten that they are listed in Spain as "PYME" what stands for "small and medium enterprise". Which mean that is more a familiar business than a big one, they even didn't "earn" the money they got, they reinvest it. Before O:IS they where located in an old and small town, the used to send products in vans and when they oversold O:IS found that trucks didn't fit in the streets. So they move to another place. If they grow enough to made the investment of a permanent location in USA, they will. Meanwhile, you have to deal with 3rd, 4th or 5th parts that are out of CB control. And the customers aren't always right. That's a very unreal view of the world. Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  14. People are trying to explain to you why it isn't fault of CB, but you choose to ignore it and go ahead with it. I always have problems with the packages from the US. And so did the rest of Europe, late, stopped in the border, expensive... But hey! It's fault of CB because they didn't build their own ships, rented their own harbours, and have wherehouses in hache country in the world. Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  15. And what about the mercs what would be worthy to take for that extra swc Laika Dog-Girl Now.