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  1. Hii Cho, I would like to order, if possible, the followings: Out of the list: - Margot USAriadna - Grunt + rifle (fem) - Grunt +rifle (mask) Ariadna - Grunt + sniper Let me know if something is definitely out of buying. I also didn't care if I had to wait.
  2. Maybe they where supposed to be out later, with the pdf, but CB took out earlier because the leak and didn't had time to prepare the pdf? Enviado desde mi Redmi 4 mediante Tapatalk
  3. When is gencon seminar and will be it streamed? Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  4. New dossiers have options that current spec-ops haven't. So it seems that next book will bring us some changes in our builds... EDIT: Speaking of, I love AD + mimetism + BS/hacker (depending if I need to kill or push buttons)
  5. Regular release look better than gen con one and it seems like it has 2 weapons option Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  6. I know, I have some "infiltrators" there, but I prefer to know in live.
  7. You mean Cossacks? They where awaited for the first wave of sectorial... Still waiting. Frenchie could wait a little bit more (they still can compete despite not having haris, the modifications to mirage 5... Isn't hot here?) Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  8. Something new about it? Laika Dog-Girl Now.
  9. I hear that tomorrow's talk won't be live on Internet officially. Anyone will try to record it or something like?
  10. Sorry, but seeing mounted unit makes more sense in TAK than USARF. Traditionally they are a mounted army (they even fighted mounted in both sides during WWII) and corvus like to make a wink to this type of troops (chasseurs, minutemen, higlanders...)
  11. As far as they haev a Cossack mounted unit charging with their shashka in hand I will be more than happy.
  12. My pirate pet is Blue and black if it helps you. The brotherhood is not interested in haqquislam's business. The brotherhood are roge comanders that are united under the flag of humankind aiming to stop the CA. Meanwhile the politicians play their shadow games puting in risk what we are and what we will be...
  13. OOC: Imagine that the CA ship is stopped bt a massive human pirate attack. In the fluff would be awesome!!!
  14. Brothers and sisters! Human brotherhood who rose against the slavery and the alien menace! This is a call of duty. While our leaders are focused in their own political revenge battles we live ashamed, ashamed for the brothers and sisters we lost in the big battle against the alien enemy. While they line their pockets we empty our bodies; all of this just to let them be the richest among all the humankind by leaving us in any place. They sell our blood, they will sell our freedom, they don’t hesitate, they don’t care in their selfishness. But now we claim to stop, we warn them to stop. We the free men and women, we the soldiers who lost brothers and sisters in battle, we who know how the blood turns the land into mud. We the men and women who don’t know if we are going to see the tomorrow with the people we love. We are allowing them to sell our future with a mortgage on our lives. And we claim them not again, never more, now we claim stop, we warn them to stop. PanOceania leave your corrupt leaders, question your NeoChurch if you truly pursue the defense of the humankind. If you truly love the democracy you will join us to defend everyone’s future, if God is really with us he won’t let us down. YuJing stop your pursue of a meaningless status of a slavesfull superpower. Now it’s the momento to question the power behind the Throne. If they truly are after the people’s good, they would know how to help the cause. Ariadna, you who were the target of all the selfish conglomerates, you who paid with blood the right to defend your land and beloved ones. You tried to protect The Forge from the interferences while you tried to discover the Shasvatii infiltration methods. You who kept out the assault on Indra-3. Now it’s time to take part, now it’s time to claim your payback, it’s time to fight back the corruption in the humankind. Haqquislam, you who left The Earth searching for a new home and freedom. Do you truly like to risk that for an asteroid that we will be able to rebuild? Nomads, you who claim to be the free humankind. You who lost a lot and are under suspicion. Would you like to lose the chance to fight for the freedom? Stop with the internal politic tricks and join us, shoulder to shoulder we will make the alien invasion to step back. Aleph, you who watch the humankind, you who create distrust. You have the chance to fight for the truth at humankind’s sight. Use your means to fight the EI. Today is the day the humankind joins and warn their leaders to stop the corruption. The day we warn the Combined Army and the oligarchy. Today is the day we rise the black flag, the same one that scared the oligarchy in the past, the same flag that meant freedom and resistance. Today is the day when the Evolved Intelligence finds its toughest enemy. Today is the day when we claim the revolution moto “I prefer to die on my feet than live on my knees”. Today we claim stop, we the free humankind warn them to stop. Now comrades, now we the pirate brotherhood we claim your ships, we claim you weapons and blood, we fight the enemy. WE BOARD THE COMBINED ARMY SHIP! Add the flag to your batreps if you join the brotherhood.
  15. I have mixed feelings with NWI and MSV1. If I had to choose I would prefer NWI, but if I get the visor it would be great too. Both seems perfect solutions for me. And adding to the topic, this is an old complaint in Spanish forums, which come from the HS, and sustained all along the years. With HS N3 it was spected to change, what all we got was haris crap. And CB is so proud of it that they think "they don't know limits" who wrote that crap never played it. Laika Dog-Girl Now.