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  1. Kum Chieftain? What are Dactyls?
  2. I think my favorite McMurrough moment was when I charged Scarface and destroyed him in CC.
  3. I painted mine in grey scale with a few little color spots here and there. For example:
  4. Hey guys Im in the States. Was wondering what the average turnaround time was on orders since I am across the pond? Thanks!
  5. Very cool style! If I may make one suggestion. It would be cool if at some points the camera zoomed out so the viewer can get proper perspective of the board and where these actions are occurring?
  6. I don't know about you, but, finding 20 points lying around in an Infinity list is awfully hard for me.
  7. Our meta has started to veer away from Spec Ops as well (except for tourneys).
  8. Tsyklon with Feuerbach?
  9. Bakunin Brothel
  10. Not 8 wounds, but, once I ran Achilles and he got flamed by a Prowler in ARO. Three failed fire saves later and Achilles was unconscious. Oh yeah, the save needed was a 6+.
  11. Looks good C-Dub but I'm confused what are the three models in Group 2 going to do? You could take those three and turn your volunteer in group 1 in to Isobel, a Cameronian, or a CRAP SAS?
  12. I agree. I occasionally throw Wallace in there as well. Sometimes its nice to have McMurrough, Cameronians, and Cateran Snipers provide regular orders and not be impetuous.
  13. I tend to like this link: Volunteer HMG Volunteer HMG Isobel T2 Volunteer Paramedic Volunteer Paramedic
  14. Just a simple Nikon D40. I really don't have specific settings I use because I adjust everything on location for the provided lighting.