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  1. For the record, I never said I was down on the Locust, just he is paying extra for his CC stats. I use him all of the time, but don’t use his CC because he doesn’t have a reliable way of winning CC (no mods etc) so for me the CC is mostly bloat. That said I take the Locust ALL OF THE TIME because he is a very useful unit, so useful I wish I could squeeze in more stuff around him because he makes it into so many lists.
  2. The extra CC value mostly, maybe their exclusion from KHD as well. I still use them, just wish they were a maybe 7 points less in CC Value for a small discount.
  3. Maybe so, I do play Haqq as well and will say I miss some features of PanO, but at the same time I get some awesome bonuses and don’t feel like I’m missing out on a chunk of the game. Which is different from how PanO plays for me. @Section 9 I agree PanO’s thing could be optimization. On the other hand though there are some sore thumbs in that description E.g Bipandra, Locusts, and the Regular FO are some pretty obviously purposefully bloated and unoptimized profiles.
  4. To me the nature of flavor is where a lot of the disconnect on what PanO can’t/can do happens. I maybe looking at this wrong but absence of flavor is not the same as flavor. E.g. Nomads can do most things decently, and they have awesome hacking. Haqq can do most things reasonably well, and they have awesome doctors. Yu Jing can do most things, and has great Cc/HI. Tohaa and Ariadna might be equally defined by what they cannot do as PanO, but at the same time what they bring is exceptionally unique; be it unmatched camo or fire teams and weird tech. I think PanO definitely falls into being more defined by limitations that by ability, but unlike Tohaa or Ariadna (or Shas) they aren’t given something only they can do. That is not to say PanO lacks unique options, but it certainly lacks an “only PanO can do that” element. To me it’s that lack of only PanO that makes people wish PanO could do what everyone else can do. So you could sum up PanO by saying “they do everything decently, but they shoot fantastically.” Rather than “they shoot well, and that is about it.” Or keep PanO unique and limited, but maybe give them a defining “They have this” that can be pointed to.
  5. If Libertos are a big enough problem I could see the Hexahedron having operatives on Varuna, which may give access to KHDs. Otherwise I could see more tinbots as a form of hacking Dhefence.
  6. I was grumpy anough about how long it took the first box . I'd much rather see a blister or single TAG box (with the crab bot to of it out).
  7. S7 ARM8 multi HMG are all hallmarks of main battle TAGs on the Squalo Chassis. S6 ARM6 HMG are more normal for Stingray Chassis TAGs. Obviously the Cutter maybe an outlier but I've always viewed it as a heavy TAG.
  8. They do. ASA has the Dragoa and Tikbalang, NCA has the Squalo and Uhlan. It wouldn't be too surprising to see a new light TAG for Varuna. On the flip side MO does have just the one TAG, but they are more paramilitary so likely don't conform to normal PanO military doctrine as far as TAGs go.
  9. I suspect Varuna may get their own Guards regiment as some sort of premium HI. Otherwise I could see a light TAG,likely a hussar unit in keeping with the cavalry theme. Maybe airborne infiltration? Unique doesn't get to use the massive PHY like the Caskuda keeps AD HI as a Yu Jing prospect.
  10. The SMG + e/mitter looks kinda cool. Super cheap AD specialist is handy. But that .5 SWC makes about as much sense as Bipandra's. My guess is that after the Krakot being maybe a bit too good for generic Merc they wanted to dial it back with the next one. Looks like they succeeded quite handily, I might consider fielding one with a Joan Lt. but that'd be about it for now.
  11. I'm with @Commoner1 and mildly stunned we got smoke from Saito, even if only for that one list. The soldiers of fortune mode looks cool as well, access to 75 points of mercs 1 swc should open up all kind of new tactics for PanO. On the lists some of them look workable, though I do wonder about CB's list building strategy with only 8 regular orders in some of them.
  12. The Teuton was updated in HSN3, so I'm not hopeful for another update any time soon.
  13. If you add the LGL to a list in army mobile and check weapons, it shows it as having a HRL and SMG. Now I can just be annoyed at the lack of LT in Vanilla.
  14. @Eciu well as @IJW Wartrader has said, that rule is kind of in beta testing so hopefully we'll be able to test it some and see how negatively it actually affects TAGs. If it does turn out to hurt them disproportionately, perhaps we'll some form of crit mitigation (now that'd definitely be a reason for trueTAGs to be taken rather than the HI pseudo TAGs like the Sui Jian). Since CB seems to be going down the road of playing with the crit mechanic there is a very slim possibility? Though really I do sympathize with where you are coming from. I'll be rather sad if TAGs eat another indirect hit from Fatality 2.
  15. CB seems to have been putting some work into trying to make TAGs more popular, see TAGline and remotepilots. So maybe we'll see some more tweaks to how TAGs work to make them a bit less fragile? Else im just looking forward to seeing how Oom/Helots work.