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  1. I've had good luck mitigating those issues by placing him prone on a roof nearby a Peacemaker if I am going second. The Peacemaker's auxbot helps with anything trying to get too close with a dtw or to get into cc. The repeater means you can have a killer hacker aroing against anyone trying to hack the Montesa. Naga with mine layer or monofilament mines also works nicely. Lastly have a sniper or TR rem able to keep an eye on him since he is a big investment is never a bad idea if it will fit in your list.
  2. My quick take away from the profile The good: CB at some level acknowledges that PanO's drawback in terms of ability to sustain their tags and rems makes it harder to run their signature units and sustain them like Nomads can their tags or how ISS is configured to sustain their HI links. It gives Joan a buff that wasn't really needed but is welcome none the less. Essentially more synergy for PanO on the whole. The mediocre: Moar skillz +1 is not super exciting as bonuses go The bad: By making her irregular we can guess CB doesn't want PanO to be able to fuel big hitters with cheap orders without also taking Joan. While there was not much hope in the first place, probably not going to be seeing more engineer profiles anytime soon.
  3. Hi, would I be able to get: female fusi w/ combi from icestorm order sgt with combi/auxbot from the sgt box female grunt w/ rifle fusi HMG
  4. One note as far as her possibly being an HVT, we do have another HVT dossier and it does not list any weapons. The Tech Bee's new Dossier does list weapons Which can also be compared to the old Tech Bee Dossier which did not list weapons. In either case the inclusion of the weapons seems deliberate and an odd choice for an HVT.
  5. So, latest preview from BOLS. Still no info on the profile sadly, but they will be a blister so hopefully more on the affordable side.
  6. Deploy them on roof tops or places where impetuous chain rifles will not be able to get to them easily. Also, be sure to have units over watching them, the lack of marker state means you'll need to provide them some protection. Swiss ML or Hexa MSR can use the locust as fantastic bait pieces and provide good over watch. Locusts are also nice for steering impetuous units as the no marker state means they will often be the closest guy on the field. Most Locusts should end their turns on suppression fire if they can, it helps them survive much more effectively, I had one face down a linked Augacile HMG and win thanks to his -12 in cover mod. DA ccw and D-charges make Locusts very competent for classified objectives. All that said, the hacker has to really watch his back for KHDs (Ninja or similar HD units in particular). Otherwise the biggest threat to Locusts is cheap mid field templates.
  7. I think the molehill got significantly built up by how TAGs preformed until recently. PanOs biggest strength was difficult to play and win with for some time (outside of Daborder and a few others) For their stats boosts they got a lot weaknesses: dodge at -6 so the high ph is neutralized, can't go prone and large silloutte so he's hard to get out of LOF if someone gets a good shot at him, hacking can be devastating, large silloutte also negates them from any objective room missions, and plenty of AP and templates around to help bypass the armor. Also didn't help that they often cost 20%-30% of a list and take a fair amount of practice and finesse to use. There are also some points around how well the rest of PanO's units actually synergize with TAGs with order pools and support. All that said CB is taking steps to try and make them more appealing which hopefully make them more of strong faction characteristic in future. I'm excited to try some more objective oriented missions with a TAG. On the topic of smoke in PanO. I'd like to see some more eclipse. Regular smoke just isn't going to happen. It doesn't match up with our current methods for moving up the field.
  8. Must be play style differences. I'm hesitant about playing TAGs because they are very binary. If your TAG does its job and dice don't swing against you chances are you have a good shot at a win. On the flip side if the dice go bad you lose three wounds out of your army it's largely crippled. Every time I've lost a TAG it's been at least two crits doing it in. You usually don't have space for another heavy lifting unit, the game can be recovered but it's a pretty major uphill fight at that point. That could be alleviated a bit and probably not break the faction. Being able to run a good HI+TAG and not have the rest of the list be chaff would be great. I agree we have good multipurpose units particularly the Black Friar, Locusts, Hexa KHD, and Crocmen. I just wish we could offer more synergy with them. For now the best we do it run a Bulleteer or Peacemaker and keep a Hexa KHD waiting in the wings. I'd love to see Singh be a viable backup to a Joan list again, just as an example.
  9. I wasn't trying to make it a PanO vs Yu Jing argument either. Just don't agree Yu Jing has a weak ARO game is all. Which comes from playing against a lot of Yu Jing. Don't really want make it into a big argument but squishiness is a pretty common problem for most non HI non Tohaa ARO pieces regardless of faction.
  10. What qualifies as a decent ARO piece? Raiden HRL, Hac Tao ML, Yan Huo ML, Ninjas, Kanren mad traps, and Bao troops all look about on par with at least PanO. Maybe not stellar on cheap ARO's unless you count chain rifles like Kuang Shi and Monks, but still not too shabby. Maybe not the best smoke access, but it is still there if you need it. Even if you run out of swc it's not that hard to find 5 points and still squeeze in smoke Two of the better MI units in the game. Tigers at least are one of the top two or three AD units. Raiden are not bad either. Also HI in the MI price range (Zuyong) really helps alleviate not having a lot of MI. Also missing out on more 4-2 move isn't a terrible thing? CC tax agreed, but still not as bad as in N2. TAGs, agreed. Still good HI do a good job covering a similar role. Sui Jian and Yan Huo also cover a pseudo TAGs role to an extent. Nomads I don't know that they are more SWC heavy than the other high end factions like PanO, Yu Jing, and Aleph. Defiantly more so than Haqq and Ariadna. On the whole while all factions have limitations, PanO may arguably be the most heavily enforced. I started playing when HSN2 dropped. I stopped for about two years as I had no one to play with. I came back and PanO was pretty much the same. In that time most other factions got some pretty impressive upgrades, Yu Jing was reformed to THE heavy infantry faction, Nomads got new HI and TAGs, Aleph got all of SP, I could pick up PanO again and they play almost exactly the same.
  11. If her TAG just got knocked out by something with a big gun it'd be understandable to be a bit on the jumpy side.
  12. Any time you need to coup de Gras someone being overwatched but has an S1 Wall nearby. Detonating mines, grabbing objectives as a last ditch run. Safe area it might be good for grabbing an antenna and keeping the zone depending on how the points allocations work.
  13. To be fair the Scindron has close to the exact same profile. I'm not sure how much use a WIP 10 specialist will be though. I'm sure it will be. Ice for avodin ARO as s1, maybe it can sneak around and coup de gras someone the tag would get hit walking up to? Wonder what the Techbee will end up as since she isn't a R.E.M. And it seems like they were hinting she would be similar to other factions Tag pilots.
  14. I personally love the Guarda, but he does suffer a bit in the BS15 infantry department in that he competes with the Swiss, Aquila, and Joan. All of of whom either enhance your whole army or bring a major swing to most gun fights. However, having used him a lot, particularly in SAA, his smoke is not reliable. Hitting on 13 at absolute best, even when not opposed give it a mediocre success rate compared to most smoke throwers. Flip side Aquila always succeeds at MSV3, Swiss always has TO, and Joan always has Inspiring Leadership. He also lost some luster when all HI moved to 4-4 as he was one of the few speedy ones prior to. That said you don't really bring him for smoke, you bring him to guarantee unopposed shots with either him or his auxbot, if the smokes lands it is an awesome bonus. If he is shooting out of range of the auxbot's shotgun that is when it should be tossing smoke. If he can land smoke his D-charges are really nice for sabotage and paired with Naga immobilizing a TAG or HI and then placing two D-charges with a CC attack (thanks auxbot) can be absolutely brutal.
  15. I'd largely agree that PanO's best units (Swiss Guards, Nisse, Cutters etc.) are a lot of fun to play. On the flip side,To use @Col's analogy, if a faction is going to be finely crafted vanilla it should be better crafted than Bipandra's SWC tax or Singh's unfortunate fate with the CoC change. Or CB could stray from the vanilla and start to offer some more flavor, which I'm really hoping to see in Varuna with Oom/Helots. In the meantime I'm trying out Aleph and Haqq to see how it feels to play with smoke, warbands, wip, and cc. I'm hoping it will also help me appreciate how good PanO has it in some areas, since they are still my favorite faction and I have probably too many of their models.