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  1. They look cool. Do want.
  2. My take: Rules Should be available in both digital and paper form. Rule books should be dedicated to rules only, fluff should mostly be kept out. The digital rules should be gathered into a single, continually updated PDF as new rules and errata come out. Rules updates not captured in the books should be printable PDFs as an Errata companion document. Profiles Profiles should only be available in digital form (and perhaps on paper for IceStorm-type releases) via army builders to allow for ease of update. Infinity's not a game suited to writing out your lists on paper anyway. Anyone who doesn't use electronics for their army lists will need to print their lists. Fluff & Art Should only be available in paper form, contained in dedicated art and fluff books. Of course I'd enjoy free fluff and art, but I consider it more than reasonable to charge for those. I expect to see paper rules & profiles becoming ever more niche in the next 10 years, and expect ever more GG's to share a few actual physical copies that're kept at their LGS.
  3. Whoa, I was not expecting this thread to go off rails in this particular direction! I guess that'll teach me for not coming online for a few days; you raving rapscallions get into all sorts of trouble! Off-Topic Different people like to do different things on community forums: I'm one of the people who likes speculation and homebrewing, other people prefer to stick to discussions of new models, tactica etc and even others mostly come for the shit-posting sessions in the monthly speculation thread. These are all fine by me--live and let live I say--as long as they don't disrupt threads' intents and don't descend into vile behavior. But I acknowledge that this mindset comes with a few problems. These forums seem to be growing larger, and many of us seem to me to be (unconsciously perhaps) concerned with the impressions relatively new forumites will get of these forums. Forums that have long been the domain of primarily long-term Infinity players (people with thousands of posts) who all seem to know each other to the point of familial banter. New people might feel excluded if they don't have any 'friends' in such a clique, or might be turned away by people voicing their opinions in an authoritative way that gives off the vibe that any non-100% researched/experience-based assertion will get pounced on by a bunch of experts. This gives rise to an 'open' vs 'closed' problem, where the more closed a community seems the less inviting it is for new blood, whereas the reverse robs established players, enthusiasts and community builders of their 'home.' Discussions like these seem like they're a result of us--collectively--trying to negotiate a new balance between open and closed as this community changes. This would explain why someone like Scorch for example might object to too many unsatisfied-sounding threads; to the un-initiated they can come off as overly negative, giving off a whiny vibe causing people that aren't yet fully invested in the game to think 'I'm not going to spend my time with these professional butthurt-artists' and move on. I don't agree with that assessment, and I think these forums have an excellent balance when it comes to enthusiasm and criticism, but that's an arguable point. I think Dawson is right in sensing that something is going on; I agree that at least this sub-forum seems to be experiencing an increase in non-moderator 'community policing' or 'mood watching.' Not out of malice or authoritarian intent I think, but still there. If someone else started a thread on this subject one of the main forums I'd follow it and be interested in seeing what comes out of it. This is my off-the-cuff sense of things in any case. For now I'm going to continue assuming that every 'This is x' statement should be read as 'I think this is x' (how else could I possibly argue with Leper anyway ), and I'm instating a new personal policy to simply ignore portions of posts that go something in the vein of 'that's just your opinion' or 'it's stupid to even discuss this' because my experience is that engaging those statements almost never goes anywhere. On-Topic I see that Fire continues to be the main concern for Tohaa players, and I somewhat agree in a specific way. Fire weakness (as someone already state) scales very poorly to more expensive models with more Wounds. The bigger the target, the more the Fire weakness stings. I agree that this is a flaw with the design of Symbiont Armor, but I think the SymbioMate provides an adequate mitigation to that concern. Instead of altering the Fire weakness I believe the weakness should be balanced out towards aggression or mobility rather than remedying it directly: so the Gorgos might for example over-emphasize a Glass Cannon approach to combat--all but destined to perish on Turn 2--rather than finding a way to increase its durability. I'd enjoy seeing a high risk-reward Gorgos, but it would need more punch to pull that off. I'd rather exaggerate strength than mitigate weakness in this particular case. But I can ultimately imagine 'Fire vulnerability' catching on or the advent of a second Level of Fireteam that's less weak to Fire. On a semi-tangential side note: I didn't bring up this topic because I think Symbiont Armor should be stronger on the whole, I think it should be different for intuitiveness' sake. If that's impossible for balance reasons, I wouldn't object. If changing things would require a new downside to Symbiont Armor, I wouldn't object. It's not about power for me, it's about easily understanding how something's supposed to work. The Gorgos is the only model I argue boosts for; I'm too ambivalent on the Igao. Cheers!
  4. With the N3-ification of the Human Sphere and Campaign: Paradiso into the N3 ruleset we're all expecting some changes to the rules established in those expansions. Perhaps Fireteams will work differently, perhaps the Paradiso campaign missions get tweaked, but what about the Tohaa's infamous Symbiont Armor rules? Symbiont Armor is weird, and how it works does not seem to follow intuition. It's biological, but it can be hacked? Once it's removed former wearers can still only be treated by bioengineers? I've been wondering what kind of substantive changes we might see to Symbiont Armor (if any at all) that would clarify and improve the exact ways Symbiont Armor works without making Symbiont Armor any more or less valuable in a way that should be reflected in points changes. These are my thoughts on all/some of the changes I'd like to see come to Symbiont Armor for N3. The Active and Inactive Profiles: I'm not looking for any real changes to how the different profiles for Symbiont wearers work. I like how they work (even the forced Guts fail) and think only the language should be cleaned up.Repairing & Healing: There should be a clear distinction between models' Active and Inactive Profiles. Inactive Profiles should effectively be treated as 'normal' profiles that can be healed as normal. It doesn't make sense that its Doctor should álso have to be an Engineer áfter the Symbiont has already died. MediKits should work as it does for all other regular profiles. Symbiont Armor shoúld be 'healable' by bioengineers. Healing & repairing isn't so powerful that it would break game balance and this change would serve intuitiveness and gameplay diversity. Once a model goes into its Inactive Profile its Active Profile can still not be restored (barring some kind of future Symbiont-dispensing model).Hacking Vulnerability: Hacking biomatter doesn't make sense. HI and TAGs with Symbiont Armor should be immune to Hacking except for two Programs that affect communications: Blackout and Oblivion. Hypothetical future models with Hacking Devices (etc) ánd Symbiont Armor would still be vulnerable through that vector. Weakness to Sepsitor and i-Khol remain as they are.Detaching the Symbiont: This function should only be clarified; when a Symbiont wearer becomes Immobilized it may go into its Inactive Profile for free or spend an Order later on. It could even be expanded to allow the detached model to immediately go Prone but that's probably too much.Special Ammunition Interactions: I think the harsh Fire weakness should stay as it is, and some of the Symbiont interactions with other ammunition types should be cleared up.These were the things I could come up with, what are your ideas/hopes and dreams to be dashed upon the cliffs of unreasonable speculation?
  5. I think you're in the wrong thread, brotha man ​Lol, we seem to be approaching singularity. It's all going to be one big thread from here on in.
  6. Whenever I think of changing the Gorgos, I think of one or more of these: - Points reduction - Special ammunition for the Spitfire - Kinematika (and/or other Dodge boosts) - Selective Symbiont hacking immunity (immune to some kinds of hacking, but not necessarily all) - changes to Symbiont Armor repair rules to allow TAG pre-Inactive Profile repairs - A repeater (or Nullifier on the Chaksa) - Extra toughness in some way I personally like the Flammenspeer, and CC capabilities seem too situational on such a large platform.
  7. Brilliant.
  8. I'm just hoping that the rules get amended so that a Doctor+Engineer can repair Symbiont Armor and restore Unconscious Tohaa back to 1 Wound, but a model's Active Symbiont profile can never be restored. MediKits would only restore Unconscious Tohaa as well. I don't think healing models is so OP in this game that we'd need to worry about game balance at all, and a change like this would make a lot more intuitive sense imo. Not expecting it though.
  9. Booooo FAQ answer is bad and CB should feel bad.
  10. I love it when you flaunt your linguistic prowess.
  11. You know, these comments kind of got me think about the Pheroware Support Tactics. Did you guys notice that the Pheroware user can cancel the effects of the Nimbus Sphere and Mirrorball at any time? Mirrorball even has Negative Feedback (NFB). These rules imply that the user continues to exert influence over these spheres even after they are deployed, and Negative Feedback is an even stronger indication that the Pheroware user is actively maintaining the Mirrorball's effect. This makes more of the 'active upkeep' symbiont effects possible and gives us insight into how these things are actually supposed to work. I agree with everyone that Sepsitor would be really strong--perhaps even too strong--especially if it's a no-LoF attack, but how about active 'mind control' that Sepsitorizes until the end of that Active Turn? Not saying regular Sepsitor might not happen of course. While we're on the subject, does anyone here know how the Nullifier is supposed to work? Is it an electrical device, or is it pheromone-based? I don't have any of the fluff text beyond that in the Wiki, does anyone know more? I cán imagine Pheroware messing with electronics in any case, we already know it can obstruct sight and communications, it might also clog up air vents, gum up parts or cause chemical damage of some kind after becoming active through oxidation or something.
  12. And as far as I can tell there's been no such call, only a suggestion for proofreaders. Sorry to harp, but a bunch of people keep conflating the two and it's becoming a real detriment to having this discussion about crowd-sourced proofreading (not editing). Nice constructive post otherwise of course. PS: I do all my collab work on Google Docs nowadays specifically because different versions of the same file are the bane of sanity. I think everyone can agree on that point. But then how does it internet?
  13. I think that'd be really nice also, I wouldn't complain at all if we got some more of those phero-buffs. In my mind there are three obvious and viable directions Pheroware could go from here: 1. More critter control 2. More phero-Attack (Tactics) 3. More phero-Support (Tactics) I'd love any of these. Probably because you're both awesome! Henceforth we shall be three parts of a Terrible Trio; Calmdown as James Westfall, Keyoftwilight as Doctor Kenneth Noisewater and myself as the mighty Octagon. Hey, I prefer the phrase 'enhanced conversation.'
  14. Have either of yóu seen Anchorman? 'That doesn't make sense' is a word-for-word quote of Ron's comment right after Brian mákes the '60% of the time' claim! Ya buncha n00bs, of course I've seen Anchorman, not watching it is probably punishable by law in my country. Lololololol I thought everyone'd catch my riposte-counter-joke right away .
  15. That doesn't make sense.