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  1. [WE ARE STILL HERE] (Pride of Rodina and I are slowly doing the groundwork for the Tunguska tactica, and will release it...well, once we get an actual sectorial!)
  2. Sorry, everyone. I haven't been keeping up with this because of (initially) forum character constraints and the lack of desire to redo absolutely everything. If anyone has any suggestions for how I might go about starting it back up, I'm all ears!
  3. Sounds good. I'll PM you my email address Without knowing all that Tunguska has access to, though, it's hard to write a thorough tactica!
  4. Your call. We can always work together on it. (Sorry, I've been spending a lot of time away from the forums lately!)
  5. You don't premeasure, as was said. You point to a spot, put a marker (if you want) to temporarily mark the location, and then measure up.
  6. That's brilliant and I'm going to do it when I get a Samaritan.
  7. Thanks, peeps. I haven't considered a lot of this stuff yet, as I'm not at all used to playing in a faction with Mnemonica. I appreciate all the input!
  8. I think the EI is of the "join us or die...but if you join us, you get great stuff" philosophy. After all, it needs as many productive civilizations as possible to aid its quest for transcendence, so it'll (for the most part) better humanity to achieve its own ends. Now, comlogs that possess you...better or worse than what we've got in the sphere now?
  9. Marya makes a very minute shrug of her shoulders. "I would not know the difference. It would have to feel right in my hands." [ooc: no problem with has punched me very hard in the junk, and I'm only now recovering.]
  10. As the title says, I'm just looking for some "food for thought" about these two models/their profiles. I'm looking at getting into CA, and want to pick people's brains about the difference. Specifically, let's talk about the MSRs and Maakrep HMG/Yaogat Spitfire. Pros to each? Cons? Which do you field in vanilla, and why?
  11. Yeah, very curious. I second this!
  12. Just grab the Sniper and park him/her/it prone on a rooftop. It's such a cheap speedbump.
  13. What else do you have room for in your lists? o.0 I'm stuck bringing maybe 2 Hackers tops, and maybe a remote. Maybe.
  14. Added note: the country where I live is also quite civilized, and carry (open or not) is not permitted more or less anywhere. Yet still we get along I think it's more an indictment of places like NYC, Detroit, Chicago, etc. than anything else...
  15. Will humanity survive the next ~175 years? No. Most people are focusing on war. We should instead be focusing on (as Ointagru Unartan) has said on sweeping climate change, or on the creation of true AI. Both of those things could very possibly wipe us out as a species, and are far more likely than any global war.