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  1. I gave each friendly model "Automedkit L2". Basically, you can heal yourself when you're down (i.e. spend orders from your 2 order pool; a holdover from N2), and you do not die if you fail.
  2. I have. I ran something like this for quite some time, but it sounds like the above A series of rpg-esque missions, random loot tables, spec ops that gained XP by accomplishing tasks...
  3. Y'all ever seen the Asura? o.0 (They're the same, barring S difference.)
  4. Absolutely it does. But the more an entity is part of it, the less likely that entity is to find the key to transcendence. The EI needs free-willed (if bullied) civilizations to do its work. I sort of see the EI as ancient Rome. Do our bidding and we'll make your lives better. Don't do our bidding and we'll raze you down to nothing.
  5. And it's in the EI's best interest to have as many possible working (read: not terrified out of their wits) civilizations, to further its own ascension. The warlike races we're seeing seem to be outliers.
  6. Ditto. We don't have any Veteran L1 troops, so actively countering Isolated is not a thing. I especially hate when they hide inside buildings and use the inner corner to Isolate within 8", without much counter-play. It's made me need to constantly consider taking LGLs when I'm playing Haqq.
  7. Where?
  8. Are you willing to pay 1 SWC for that second Warcor?
  9. Yes.
  10. Not according to your original answer (which you've since amended) But yes, on the premise that the 3-order move would be quickest, the unit would be moving towards the corner.
  11. Huh. That's even better for me, then. Most of the time, an Impetuous order will just be "careen into wall; stop moving" rather than "run out into bullets". Unfortunately, this also seems to end up in the following: an Impetuous model is ~10" away around the corner of a building. Instead of rushing out and around the corner, it climbs the building, which ends up taking ages longer. Seems a tad counter-intuitive.
  12. Tangential question to maybe cool some of the heat down: We play Impetuous as "shortest amount of orders to reach target." If it would take me 3 orders to get around a building and 5 to climb up, run across, and get down again, I opt for the 3-order route. Is that incorrect?
  13. That Daktari...yes. Yes, I would buy.
  14. Semi-derail: that's because nothing is priced as well as SP/ALEPH We have ALEPH players here who basically won't take any profile 25+ if it only has one wound/no evasion abilities. On-topic: I imagine the Grenzers will fit into Tunguska the way Wildcats fit into Corregidor: I won't want to use them in vanilla, but they will be a "core choice" in the sectorial because of a ) fireteam, and b ) lack of many other options. They're not bad; they're just expensive for a unit without 2W.
  15. Super-excited about Tunguska! The Grenzer is, sadly, not that great right now. It doesn't really fit a niche. If they were to give it Mimetism and turn it into the Nomads version of the Bagh Mari, I'd change my mind in a heartbeat...but as it stands, it's not tough enough or fast enough to be worth its points.