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  1. Super-excited about Tunguska! The Grenzer is, sadly, not that great right now. It doesn't really fit a niche. If they were to give it Mimetism and turn it into the Nomads version of the Bagh Mari, I'd change my mind in a heartbeat...but as it stands, it's not tough enough or fast enough to be worth its points.
  2. Agreed. At least, Shasvastii / Spawn-Embryo specifically trumps it!
  3. It's also a big deal on ~16 point ODD models. Or on a ~50 point model that is better than most/all other models in that points bracket
  4. If you interpreted them as "muscle for the mob", they could definitely be cheerleaders.
  5. Sure, factions make sense. But what about 16 point ODD units (Myrmidons)? What about ~50 point BS 15 units with Inspiring Leadership (Jeanne)? Those are merely examples, sure, but they illustrate that not everything is balanced with only the sectorial in mind. Then again, he has an ODD. In many ways, this makes up for the lack of Cover while he is still getting a free order to apply his HRL to faces all across the board.
  6. Hrm. I'm of the mind that Frenzy shouldn't be a discount. I'm not saying it should be costly at all (maybe free, maybe 1-2), but certainly not a discount they can use to game the system and render other units (i.e. Jeanne, Myrms) cheaper. Reasons being: 1) You retain the ability to grab Cover until you cause a wound. For some models, this can be very quick; for others, they'll only be doing damage once they're far up the table. 2) Once you cause that wound and can no longer benefit from Cover, you now have an extra order to exploit this position. 3) Often, though not always, units with Frenzy have some other sort of defence mechanism i.e. extra wounds/higher ARM, ODD, etc. --- I often play against units like the aforementioned. It seems to me that, over long chunks of time, Frenzy rarely triggers when it is inconvenient. Mostly, it is either a neutral condition (extra order yay, no cover boo - and you can use an order to restrain the unit), or a positive (extra order gets you into position, allows you to approach objectives, etc.). I often find myself feeling like Frenzied units are a tad underpriced, and a correction to Frenzy might help with that. That, or they stop applying Frenzy to units like Jeanne to make them even cheaper.
  7. No cheerleaders sounds fine in concept, at least insofar as faction flavour goes, but a lack of cheap orders will cut down on the competitiveness of the sectorial. I'd rather see unique/interesting units filling out the rest of the faction.
  8. Probably too late, and I don't have the book anyway But do enjoy yourselves!
  9. [WE ARE STILL HERE] (Pride of Rodina and I are slowly doing the groundwork for the Tunguska tactica, and will release it...well, once we get an actual sectorial!)
  10. Sorry, everyone. I haven't been keeping up with this because of (initially) forum character constraints and the lack of desire to redo absolutely everything. If anyone has any suggestions for how I might go about starting it back up, I'm all ears!
  11. Sounds good. I'll PM you my email address Without knowing all that Tunguska has access to, though, it's hard to write a thorough tactica!
  12. Your call. We can always work together on it. (Sorry, I've been spending a lot of time away from the forums lately!)
  13. You don't premeasure, as was said. You point to a spot, put a marker (if you want) to temporarily mark the location, and then measure up.
  14. That's brilliant and I'm going to do it when I get a Samaritan.
  15. Thanks, peeps. I haven't considered a lot of this stuff yet, as I'm not at all used to playing in a faction with Mnemonica. I appreciate all the input!