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  1. Thanks @DaRedOne Today I've drawn another fast sketch:
  2. Next aristo to be painted.
  3. Thanks @Yashia
  4. Another aristo finished: Maximus
  5. Thanks @Macbain This one is for the campaign: Laika dog-girl now!
  6. This is a fast comission for a spanish forum user:
  7. Thank you @Golem2God!! Now I'm working in Maximus.
  8. Hi, I'm a Spanish-forum user that draw a funny version of our loved characters. You can see them here: But I want to know what do you think about them and post the last one here.
  9. We want an Exrah in our life!
  10. First: About Miranda and ITS AVA, Lucien Sofrza is an ABH too, and he is only in the ISS. Second: In the blister, the name of Miranda doesn't appear, only ABH with Mono CCW. We need the full rules(download version) to know how to use it.
  11. What things didn't turn out as you hoped?
  12. Thanks. Like this. But another unit that doesn't a Keisotsu: Domaru, Haramaki, Aragoto...
  13. I'm looking for some JSA miniatures painted like the Keisotsu of the Human Sphere (page 35), with the colours of the YJ army.
  14. I think that special ammo could be more interesting in some units, and make them diferents. And no necessaryly viral. I would like to see Shock ammo in Sniper or Rifle, or Swarm in LGL, in a Rocket or in a mine. IMO, these options will make Tohaa more special.
  15. Bao and Kaplan have the Multi Sniper in the box.