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  1. PH15, worry less...
  2. From first hand experience, no specialist has has ruined a Dats Core team for me, but if the missions dont need specialist then yeah that would work.
  3. Test run that list but swap in a base Dat, E/Mitter Rasyat, FO Vanguard and Missile Launcher Vanguard for the Medtech, Yaogat, and two bottom Vanguard. Dats are arguably the very best Morat for the cost you pay and though a Yaogat plays well to Morat Smoke tactics, you've only got one, no servant for the doc and only one source of smoke and no reloading Ikadron so it's effectiveness will be limited. The Sograt's can MOV and Dodge to set off Mines int he midfield so no worries to discover with a visor. Then DTW with Kornak and the Dat under Smoke. The Missile Launcher will make your opponent stay put and the E/Mitter Rasyat can take on all comers with the possibility of no F2F rolls by shooting people in the back including the biggest and baddest HI and TAGs. Even if you don't go with the Rasyat, Shuffle in an Ikadron and Dat for more Smoke and reloads to support that Yaogat. The doc may be wasted as you want the Soggy's to take the beatings aside from that one ARO Vanguard you use as they can get back up on their own on slightly better and aren't something opponents like to deal with on +1 Burst even if they know they can outshoot them.
  4. This is the Lt you can afford to go down. When fielding it, limit you non Morat units heavily because given the Sogarats current build its really only good for a road block/bullet sponge. Smart players will just avoid it until they have to kill it. AP HMG is the way to go as you'll keep his head down until you can put him in SupFire in the right book so he can't be outraged. The FB is for when you bring the Kornak Lt DeathStar, bring both profiles. The DeathStar can be brutal but is not as brutal as units that are half it's cost and thus will still need many layers of support. Chiefly among them are a support hacker for FairyDust and Daturazi to lay down Smoke, Intuitive Attack suspected camo and HD hackers as well as using their stealth to sneak into CC under Smoke cover without granting an ARO to those bad asses with TO or ODD then run Kornak into CC for a kill. If the unit has a Visor then the Sogarat APHMG can mince him as they wont be able to outperform the linked Soggy in a gunfight. your assessment on Soggy's not being the actual pinnacle of Morats is spot on. Don't listen to others bout their being fine. Their supposed to be the best but they simply aren't. They will be though. Next season. I'm about 98% certain. Happy hunting!
  5. Some things are going to be changed in the next season so that effect is mitigated. Balance in the force will be restored I'm excited to say.
  6. PM Some of what you say is partially true as far as how people feel about any aspect of the game but it seems you are selling people rather short in regards to their ability to pinpoint what bothers them yet alone mistaking Facing as the root of their displeasure with anything else like the subject matter of Fireteams...
  7. I can't agree with you, not when I know a full Loup team is 1/3 the Army cost and half a command group. So you'll have 100 points in the corner till the Sniper or Snipers die or break the team in order to move the Rifles forward is the plan. They lose the bonuses and are only fulfilling 1 part of the game... Sure it's nice to move 3-4 Viral Rifles forward but it's wholly inefficient to not be moving a specialist forward among them. The idea that Vanilla can min/max units tailored for Versatility and efficiency of need required while Core Fireteams exist that either have no specialist or have an AVA of 4 is not design but a lack of it considering Corvus Belli is designing everything else around ITS. I may not win you over here and now, but you'll see in the next season I'm right. That being said, CB designs Fireteams and unit boxes around the presence of a defensive weapon and an offensive weapon but statistics say a player will only get use out of one of them with full bonuses. That's unfortunate for the design of Fireteams considering Sectorials rely heavily on those bonuses to compensate for the Versatility of Vanilla. Thinking outside the box on this one leads us to a solution of empowering Fireteams appropriately without the exponential factor of bonuses. It's possible the game could be a wholly and insanely fast paced combat exercise where the tactical expression in the game is elevated while also being streamlined with less exceptions to rules and requirements for Fireteams.
  8. Well, the team that has the biggest impact on anyone's game is the Core Fireteam, that being said if the fireteam itself is cheap enough it does not need a specialist because their is enough points left over to fulfill the requirement of ITS not filled by that cheap Fireteam, it will undoubtedly lead to a second command group but for most missions that is fine if the few missions available for just annihilation are present then those cheap Fireteams allow for the possibility of a single combat group with scarier cats supported by a cheap Fireteam. In either case the several more expensive Core Fireteams that need more versatility (specialist) in order to be fielded more often are being worked on as we speak. I took the liberty of getting that ball rolling so no worries. Well here's something that I partially agree with, only because I know NCA can be entirely carried by it's non Fireteam units. There can be some effective lists without Fireteams in Onyx but you are limited in design and will likely get bored of the same list over and over. That being said, try to make a balanced list with no Fireteams. I'm not saying it should be a staple way of making lists but an option. I will digress and state, Fireteam bonuses are the balance for more versatility in Vanilla. This is a disparity in the game that should be addressed by the next season. There's another thread where I discuss the differences and similarities between cheaper and more expensive troops, the fact that on average Skills are more effective than Attributes and that Orders are the most important factor in ITS and MOV is the only Attribute that is used almost every Order and thus I think you can put two and two together after that. In the next season we should all have tighter games regardless of the unit type fielded. While I think you play Morats, which is great, I think you chose the wrong unit to make such an example only because Morats pay Morat Tax. If you were to field an army of nothing but Vanguard base profile to max points and max AVA you would pay 42- points in MT. Hopefully, if Morats get everything suggested, Yaogats will be dope next season Well first off, Yaogats can't be isolated. But yes I agree the active player chooses how to engage the enemy and that is the point... I mean yes it's always your turn but you want it to actually be your turn. That's how games of this sort work. Chess being the oldest game in the book, the advantage goes to the player who's turn is first. Premium equipment like Visors aren't quite as useful as premium equipment like camo that should also receive a change by next season. notice how a lot should be changing next season.
  9. This Sogarat because I drew it before it was digitized! And an image of not the Military Orders but the Morat Aggression Force
  10. What if there was a streamlined realistic way for Fireteams to function that were effective at mitigating the disparity of versatility against vanilla? Nothing arbitrarily applied, everything intuitively picked up, equally effective, brutal in essence and still cinematic?
  11. I'm certain by the next season they will have a specialist. Do they say what exactly it was in detail? Opportunity cost and their needs to be something to balance out the lack of versatility Got any suggestions with worked out details? Do you play several sectorials without fireteams? Fact is few sectorials are competitive enough without the use of fireteams... So didn't occur to the OP is more like the OP knows the game, has played multiple sectorials and vanilla factions for 4 years and has done plenty for the game.
  12. So a wildcat team you would have both the Spitfire and HRL? For a Moderator team you'll just rock the MSR? I do often wonder why Loup Garou don't have a burst 4 weapon but I believe they are compensated by grenades and ADHL... Same can be said for X-Visor on Druze with the grenade launcher for reactive. I agree it's easier for Spifires to maneuver with their teams. So you use your Sniper as an offensive weapon? Is that right? It sounds like you're saying a MSR is a key reactive weapon which makes it hard for you to consider that team defensive? What you consider a defensive team then?
  13. Please don't start insulting me stating I don't understand what you're saying. If you feel like that then try restating it slightly differently. You are aware that though Pan O is an elite faction dubbed the hyper power that Aleph in general is the true Elite faction aside from CA and thus should more expensive units on average... Sure we can break down every unit but that's not the argument we're really having nor can we have as has already been said the army does not actually exist yet... I have no argument with this at all nor did I previously... Did you think I did, you are more than welcome to go back reread what I've said to be sure that I haven't. Well that being said you can generally tell what your facing by faction in any tournament and you are allowed to bring 2 lists. So I think one list with either of those visors acoompanied with anything else for one list and one list with neither is the way to go for now. Again the sectorial does not actually exist so you will be extremely limited, not by design but because a lack there of... If you are under the impression that those two units will never change then in your perception you are right, they are not worth taking aside from making a dichotomy of two lists consisting of with and without those two... What I'm saying is don't worry about those units as this season is almost over and we will very likely see some beautiful changes in the next season. One of those two list types is viable with either of those two units if you are facing Pan-O aside from Knights heavy MO. Yujing anything, Ariadna anything, Nomads anything, Combined Army anything or another Aleph player... I like the option of Aleph always having the option to take advantage of low or no BTS. Honestly, it does kinda seem like you are complaining. You do have a rather large argument going on here. When I mentioned MAF was I not specifically talking about Netrods composing an intricate part of Aleph Order pools...
  14. I read the title of another thread and I've seen it brought plenty of times before but I really wanna know peoples thoughts on this from every faction and walk of life. Defensive and offensive fireteams... that and fireteam bonuses... Defensive vs Offensive. Most fireteams offer a reactive weapon and an assault weapon but we all know we will likely only get the love out of one of these before the team is brought down to to either 4 or 2 members and the BS or Burst bonus we had intended to use for these weapons get's taken away. Considering in most fireteams these weapons are 1.5 SWC we often consider only bringing one if we know we can only get the best milage out of one and put the SWC to best use elsewhere... Proxying or converting the other model with said weapon into a specialist or base profile... The fireteam bonuses have been much maligned for either being too powerful or unrealistic but for sake of game balance in the games current state they are needed. Emphasis on "current". Thoughts behind poll participation is always appreciated
  15. I know you're not making a comparison to NCA but I am making a point. For that matter would say NCA is weak overall? Would you say it has weaknesses but also has the right strengths to compensate for those weaknesses. Better yet and this is my huge focus right now for me and whether you think it matters or not is inconsequential when considering that those who's opinions absolutely matter think it matters and that is versatility. I would say that NCA and the units provided by Vanilla Vedic focused roughly contain the same versatility. Now granted, they do not have fireteams and they will need at least 3 more units to even feel like anything of a sectorial but for the time being as a sectorial that is not made yet they do quite fine. Now hamstringing one's self in Vanilla by choice cant really merit the strongest of arguments if an argument at all. I am sorry if that comes off as raw but that is pretty obvious. I'm certain that is why they exist... Now do I wanna say that's the absolute most correct method, No. Not at all as I believe in flexibility. I believe one should be able to make "almost" any kind of list they like and have it be competitive. Now there was a thread a while back that I commented on in an aloof fashion about some troop types in the game that need an adjustment and why something had failed on CBs part. I pointed out the most correct (simplest and effective) change. From what I understand of the next season, I can guestimate some specifically mentioned above Vedic units will see a change that changes the conversation about ITS. I don't have to as I play MAF ( I know the challenge of having enough orders and the right tools/versatility) and I've been playing the game for 4 years now and I know what's wrong with the game and what isn't. Netrods are not what's wrong...