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  1. Proxy with Penthasilea and the mercs on bikes.
  2. Forget the water my man, I have a kilo of fresh habanero peppers in front of me screaming SALSAAAAAAAA
  3. Congratulations are in order Sr. great report, minis, scenery, fun. All of what men needs.
  4. I used to watch ultraman (The original) Back in the 70`s. Was my favourite show when I was a kid, amazing diorama!!!!
  5. You have some serious painting skills, love the base work, congratulations!
  6. The great Yojimbo, good! Have a superb moment painting that amazing model.
  7. Yup I read February too late, I thought it was March, wall of shame for me, still going to paint her for march though =)
  8. @Pak I cook really good but... I am mexican, are you brave enough?
  9. Right now I am devouring Darth Plagueis (The story of Lord Sidious master) by James Luceno, Good so far. I strongly recommend "Nightwatch" Saga by Sergei Lukyanenko, in my top 10 of all times, superb.
  10. I will paint this month my Penthasilea to be Asuka in my bike gang.
  11. Great work!
  12. In games of infinity for me is almost immposible to play without tokens, I use A LOT!
  13. (Drool) As soon as my zombicide season 3 kickstarter arrive I definetly will play Infinity-z!
  14. Hydra, your work is always inspiring, thanks!
  15. Me want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!