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  1. My friend made a map. He took a blue print of a local mall and then made a foam core scale model to play on. It was pretty cool to be shooting it up in familiar sites, with a combination of future advertisements and modern ones. The problem of this quickly became apparent when we began to 'solve' the map. Hell, most of the time when people ask about their list, one of the flaws to the logic of I can improve their list is that I don't know the map. If I did, like it was Blood Gulch, Dustbowl or Summoner's Rift, then I could definitely tell them what weapons and skills they're missing. While the idea is fun and cool, especially for a campaign, the problem is that it causes the game to become too static. Most of the video game maps are interesting because different players abilities changes how the map is played. With tabletop games, if you have a static map you get a static list. After all, a wargame is not a game based on twitch but intelligence. This means if a map becomes static then it's a question of which player played the meta better and then we end up with this Warmachine problem:
  2. Considering I saw someone measure out pathways for their Impetuous units before being told that they couldn't, premeasuring would definitely slow down the game if you want to play at a competitive level. People already play slower than I can comprehend so... No, I'll pass.
  3. Everybody getting launchers is what confuses me the most.
  4. This right here perfectly captures my feelings towards the new Asawira. They wanted to bring its point cost down because of all the shouting over how expensive the Asawira does for 'how little' it does. Its points cost might have been a little bloated but it was the only way to get a BS 14 WIP 15 Doctor/Spitfire, so that's why I paid the cost. Think of it this way: If the only way to quench your thirst is to pay $5 for a bottle of water, no matter how much grumbling you do you'll pay once you're thirsty enough. Also, with the change to the Regeneration rule, the Asawira can't heal himself anymore. Only pick up after being Knocked Out. Why the Hell would I risk an Entire Order on a Model that could either gain a Wound or go Unconscious? It seems each passover of the Asawira results in more nerfs and that annoys me. It's like people who love Tarik Mansuri - some say he's overcosted, others pay the price for the unique properties he brings. I know I'd be pissed if someone monkeyed around with the points formula to appease all of these people who don't like Tarik.
  5. I think @MarcoSkoll and I are in the same boat: we liked the pre-HS Asawira. Yes, it was expensive but if that's the cost of a 4-4 MOV, WIP 15, BS 14 W 2 model, then so be it. By making it more affordable, the Asawira no longer fulfills the role I originally desired. Whatever it cost to unFrenzy the Asawira, maybe even give the +1 WIP, I'd pay. It was a fast model with amazing BS and high WIP that let it solve Objectives, as a Specialist or even just G:Sync Civvies (which is another thing a Frenzy model can't do).
  6. Throwing Weapons use PH instead of BS. And the lack of a FtF makes it by definition a Normal Roll. And you can Throw then Move or Move then Throw, as per the Impetuous Chart.
  7. Hmm... An interesting change between editions making 360 Facing based off of Movement alone instead of Activation. That impacts all of those Entire Order Shoot Skills (i.e. Lean Out, Triangular Fire, etc.).
  8. Active Models have 360 facing. When they stop being Active, they go back to 180. Therefore you can always pivot when you Activate a model.
  9. Fuck. So that makes me a goddamn liar when I told some guy who refused to take answers at face value that N3 shut the door on debates because of a tight rules system. STANNIS!!
  10. My English reading skills read that as "If you declare an Alert, the Marker instead uses Idle." It doesn't reveal itself from the Alert, it can't Alert.
  11. The size change to Azra'il basically made the profile dead to me. Though I guess they could be decent Janissary/Ahl Fassad proxies, Panzerfaust as ML/AP Rifle and Feuerbach as HMG.
  12. Some ITS Scenarios Ariadna can instantly win because it has three Specialists on the centreline press the button and then walk away. Ariadna does not struggle, it makes the other factions struggle. Ariadna as a whole received no love with Human Sphere because everybody else needed to get caught up.
  13. Your question has been answered, why is it being debated? This isn't a case of "We don't know the answer, let's hash out a consensus." For good or ill, N3 effectively shut the door on that.
  14. If you want a crystal clear rule set, I suggest Magic the Gathering. Christ, it's a legal document. When I ask a rules question, I want a response. Don't care if it's sourced or not as long as everyone says that. No clue why you're so stubborn. And yeah, B2 BS 18 Joan is stupid good. That's why it's your opponent's job to not let that happen if they're going to hunt Joan down on their Active Turn.
  15. Now you're thinking in portals.