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  1. I've already started to make some kind of Shock Army treatise, although it is not complete... also, there are some unites I haven't tested yet.
  2. With all respect, the Amerikanski would definitely make use of similar model as well.
  3. In fact, this is the first and only Joan I ever thought of acquiring for myself...
  4. The problem with USAriadna force in Limited Instertion isn't that it isn't playable, but that your choice of list is very limited. Basically, you'll probably end with Maraudem/Minuteman link, an Unknown Ranger, Blackjack and some other stuff. Nothing wrong with that, but all your list choices would be a mutation of this. It is definitely playable (although not stellar) and you might even win a tournament with this, but it has two big flaws. 1) It is predictable. Anytime I would encounter USARF on Limited Insertion, I know what would come on the table and would prepare on that. 2) You're neglecting plenty of unique options USARF have, because they're too cheep for LI - Grunt fireteam, plenty of cheap infiltrators, bikes and such - just because they're too cheap for LI. Generic Ariadnian army is completely other issue, with expensive Kazak units you could build something that Human Sphere would tremble before.
  5. Fusilier Hacker in pretty basic, but he still can boost your Bulleteer Remote with Support Programs and make him therefore ignore cover and gaining Shock trait (shooting Shock ammo at 15s with Spitfire is never bad). This will turn the already dangerous drone into unstoppable killing machine.
  6. Points 1) and 2) are partly from RPG, rest is Campaign Paradiso.
  7. You're right, but it's a part of bigger story: 1) Tohaa established a colony on Oomnia (now Varuna), which part was a "seed-copy" of Digester. I don't know if there was a "native" Digester for Helots or Tohaa made a copy of their own before bringing it there, my bet would be on second variant. 2) Colony failed for uncertain reasons (Helot uprising? more focus for war against E.I.? Again, I don't hace a clue why). Digester is evacuated with the colonists. 3) Digester get into the hands of Triumvirate, which starts their secret experiments with that. I think that this testing took place on Dawn before the humans came. 4) First human ship came and Triumvirate cautiously back off... only to manipulate the wormhole and let the second ship on Paradiso, where the testing continues on human subjects. 5) Humans get knowledge what the fuck is going on and blew themselves and probably the Tohaa base as well. 6) Triumvirate set their trap - the Digester and E.I. probe drone on Paradiso. 7) About hunderts years after, humans settle Paradiso and during the Neocolonial wars activates the probe, which alarms the E.I. of presence of fresh race. 8) Combined Army invades Paradiso. 9) The events of "Campaign: Paradiso" tooks place (too much to describe, but I think you know them), 10) Digester is captured by human forces and bring to Earth. Tohaa send their own scientist, officialy to help and really to prevent the humans to realize what the fuck they've in hands. So, the Digester wasn't originally intended to be in human hands, she just ended there... and is probably tainted in some way because of Triumvirate experiments.
  8. I've got some objections to this scenario. First of all, Nomads and PanO aren't so antagonistic as it seems to be from some reactions on the forum. For PanO, the primal enemies are Combined Army (they've humiliated us on Paradiso, so we need to show them, if only for maintaining our position of "Blue Number One"), Yu Jing (the ancestral rival and enemy for more then 150 years) and Ariadna (damned stubborn separatists, who on the top of that sits on the pile of most valuable deposit in Human Sphere without being able to rationally process it at all!). Compared to that, Nomads are just something like a nuissance in the sky - sometimes useful, sometimes annoying, but everytime being able to trade with. Remember that if Krug tooks place in PanO systems, the autorities didn't welcome it, but are more then willing to get any profit from that. Remember Flamia alliance system, where PanO was prohibited from making alliance with these 3 factions mentioned above, but allowed with Nomads. That it hadn't happen is complete different story, but still, there's no outright hostility amongst these factions. Plenty of black-ops - yes. Plenty of distrust - of course. But no real hostility worth of this name. ALEPH would have to offer PanO a real big deal to enforce such move. Second issue are the Nomads themselves. Freedom loving as they are, anagonistic to A.I. as they are, they're probably the last one that will bow before the E.I. Maybe if the E.I. has offered them entrance to its own whole universe just for backing off from fighting E.I. and leaving the blockades, that maybe might work. And even this will cause unrest, partly because of Observance and its influence on Black Hand and partly because of all the losses in Paradiso Commercial Delegations and Missions. It is not our Digester. It's a seed-copy of a Digester that Tohaa Triumvirate took from planet Oomnia - which is current Varuna by the way. So originally that Digester was either from Tohaa (more probably) or Helots (less probably), but not human. And I'm afraid that human scientists trying to exploit her have still not a fucking clue what the hell they've in hands.
  9. But only if you get 5 different male Bolt models, with no proxy and no conversion allowed...
  10. As far as I care, I'm damned happy that most of these assholes are gone for good (or at least for one season), and the last remaining is stucked to single faction. It is worse than seeing all of them disappearing forever and ever, but still far good for me.
  11. I got a strong unge to partly finish, partly repaint my Neoterran forces, centered about Squalo... and play-test them in a bit unconvetional way.
  12. Me as well... it was a ride! See you next year on frozen plains of Svalarheima, gentleman.
  13. Hell will freeze the day it happens!
  14. No 5 is 360° Visor present on Sierra. It looks too weird for an E/M grenade launcher, why the hell would the launcher had 3 such canons glued to a pile of wires, one would be enough.
  15. I would second that thought!