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  1. Very handy videos - they were really useful! Super delighted with these, and can't wait to get more!
  2. Also received mine yesterday, and I can't wait to give them a shot on my Tohaa!
  3. I'm afraid Team Broadsword are going to have to drop out of this one. We're gutted
  4. Team Broadsword will be there - that's me, @AdaptUK0 (Adam) and Sacred Six (Craig - no forum handle) with Adam as Captain.
  5. Just a quick question - what's the parking like at the venue?
  6. That's a great result! Congratulations!
  7. Yup, both myself and @WinterMute live in Bradford on Avon and game in Bath at Pigmar, if you ever want a game!
  8. Alright mate, I play a bit of bolt action with a pigmarite (james). Wher eand when do you guys play inf?



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    2. jockjay


      Yeah I'm pretty smashed on time at the mo. Where do you guys set up?

    3. LeemanRuss


      We usually book tables downstairs in the skittle alley downstairs - Pigmar is based at the Conservative club in Bath. - www.pigmar.co.uk for directions etc :)

    4. jockjay


      rgr thanks mate

      may turn up in the near future for a recce.

  9. Broke my KS cherry with this - can't wait to get a few sheets!
  10. Just a few examples here on my Flickr
  11. Excellent, can't wait to get these!
  12. I like them, but are they definitely S1? (Or has that changed now?)
  13. Good to know my colours inspired someone, even if you decided you weren't keen on it! (that's my blog you linked to)
  14. Just a quick post to say I'm interested in this one - could I just confirm whether the list submission deadline has changed to reflect the change of event date? (currently says submissions are June 4th, but the event isn't until October!)
  15. That bit wouldn't work for me either - I assumed it was due to heavy traffic though.