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  1. Me mom used to say don't talk with the bully as he'll drag you down to his level and beat you down with his stupidity. If any PanO is listening - can you select a proper diplomatic representative we can talk to instead of religious zealot? What we offer is free consulting on PR and diplomacy
  2. does anyone really watch PanO news?
  3. Well said. You just nailed it. Wysłane z mojego SM-A500FU przy użyciu Tapatalka
  4. I'm to old for this sh!t Wysłane z mojego SM-A500FU przy użyciu Tapatalka
  5. Yet again. You had to call it retarted. Wysłane z mojego SM-A500FU przy użyciu Tapatalka
  6. Honestly I'm getting sick of the increase in Human Spheres Chauvinism and 'you either with us or against us' approach by some us. Even if this is just 'getting in the role' it is still pushing me away from the whole community. Peace and respect to all of you
  7. Hi In my reactive turn enemy model moves less than 2 inches of me with hist first move skill. I declare a dodge (succeeds the roll). The enemy declares 2nd move skill to moves into base to base. Is that legal to get b2b despite the dodge? NbyN
  8. Hi I'm starting a Paradiso Campaign soon with my Merovingian force and needed a spec ops who fits Metro z bit. Here is what I came up with (my french force tends to have ties t with Nomads;) Wanted to get a mix of Ariadna and Metros style with some hi tech/spec ops style. Hope you like it. NbyN
  9. Hi I've decided to do some copy paste today and came up with an excel file with all Weapons N3 profiles (main book and HS and Paradiso). You can have a look and maybe spot some mistakes. You can also filter various columns to compare weapons and print out the ones you need. NbyN iNfinity Weapon Chart.xlsx
  10. It is not. Hacker is an equipment not a skill.
  11. Great cards, good job. However when printed some things came up. Not sure why but the letters are to tight and to bold making it unreadable when printed (laser printed). The fact that everything is in capital letter is also making it more difficult to read. When the above is addressed the cards will be perfect. NbyN
  12. Hi Cho I'd like to get Dog Warrior (2x Chain) and Dog Face (pointing machette forward). Let me know when you get them available on PM. Thanks NbyN
  13. Interventors drop-out banned from mother-ship and send out to help out the cave men fighting hi-tech superpowers. Welcome to Dawn. Sound right.
  14. Thanks. I need to check as it is original Al Hawwa hand and I definitely did not file to much (or I hope so).
  15. Hi My recent work trying to get FRRM nomads mercenary hacker. Was hoping to get something unique that could also serve as a Wardrivers later on. Was aiming for something nomadish but still linked with french ariadna and unique enough to be mercenary. I've decide to drop the gun so he can be both combi rifle or boarding shotgun. Comments are welcome.