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  1. Same If time of event does not come - not available to report yeat If event time already past - you cant report because you can't save photos because event data become wrong
  2. After subscribe to event, there no more button to send list. Also no button to retire from event.
  3. Sorry, ofcourse, but it's realy annoying to fight against the wall. Anyway, 1) Does MA\Guard\NBW\Berserk work against scenery items? 2) Does completing ojective by Datatracker's Synchronized\Servant counts as completing by datatracker? 3) Does completing objective by Datatracker's deployable weapon counts as completing objective by Datatracker? This all questions from my comunity i need official answer for, not arguments. Thanks.
  4. So you make cc attack because mission rules allow it to you, which means that you fullfill all requirement to declare cc attack, which mean you can use MA, but you dont fullfill all reauqirement to declare cc attack. If mission rule CHANGE requirements to declare CC attack, it means that i can use any special skills allowed when you decrlaring CC attack I have enough of your arguments, they dont make any sence, i'll just wait for official answer.
  5. In this way it's not possible to attack scenery items at all dude.
  6. Nope, you are wrong, RTFM An AC2 can only be damaged by CC Attacks with CC Weapons possessing the Antimaterial Trait. For a troop to declare a CC Attack either in its Active Turn or Reactive Turn, it needs to: Be using a CC Weapon, or a Skill or piece of Equipment capable of a CC Attack. Be in base to base contact with an enemy. The player must make sure to meet all Requirements before activating the troop and declaring the CC Attack. Each Level of Martial Arts gives a series of specific MODs and advantages to CC, as shown in the Martial Arts Chart. i'am sor, but CC state is not exist, There are engaged state, which is not figured here at all, and there are CC attack. Since there are no engage, i believe that bonuses for mupliple units in CC can't be used cause it's mandatory to be Engaged But there are nothing that stop me to add CC skills bonus to attack scenery items. If you think about Protheion, remember that protheion is kind of CC weapon by it self , while MA just grant bonuses to it.
  7. Weird argument, i can't even understand it. You use weapon to attack scenery, not skill, you using skill in addition to weapon, not instead. There are nothing super exclusive in d-charges against scenery, there are even units that can use d-charge CC attack with CC special skills (myrmidon hacker can loot d-cgarges from panoply for a example)
  8. Yes, cc mod of d-charges can be used only against enemy trooper but now we can use it against scenery. Same logic can be used for cc skills, so i wish to receive clear answer y/n. Especially because i need it to answer mycommunity.
  9. BTW By curent RAW of looting and sabotaging, Servant can loot AM weapon (if you lucky enough) from panoply and run to kill console, because Hackers, Doctors and Engineers cannot make use of Repeaters or G: Servant models to perform tasks reserved for Specialist Troops. but you dont need to be specialist to loot panoply. BUG or feature?
  10. best datatracker for mission where you need to kill someone with them is Smart SR guy in deploy (except looting and sabotaging)
  11. So, remote detonate is not allowed to damage AC2? MA\berserk\NBW\Guard still will work or not, Against this kind of scenery items? Same question for fireteam bonuses and multiple models in CC bonus
  12. Considering not, right nor d-charges CC, nor MA\Berserk\NBW dont work with AC2.
  13. Looting And Sabotaging 1) If D-charges deployed and detonated remotely - will it damage AC2? 2) If AC2 fail arm roll against Monofilament weapon - it goes straight to destroyed? BTW CC mode of D-charges have anti-material trait Datatracker 1) If Datatracker have G:Synchronized or G:Servant model, completing objective with this synchronized\servant will be counted as competing by datatracker?
  14. From year to year Infinity become more and more popular. And i guess it's only a matter of time when it apper as one of ETC discipline. But still, ETC forum dont even have thread about Infinity. Is anyone know anything about progress or rumors about infinity at ETC in future. Any cheermans working on it or something else? There was rumors about Infinity at Salamanca, but they all fade away.