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  1. stickers for mirror matches. really? why not...dunno...Aristeia! branded chalk?
  2. Aristeia! Tactical Rock DLC
  3. no madtraps? mmm. that's unfortunate. also, two repacks and two single model blister (I'm not counting Neema in, she's a "named"), YAYY!
  4. tryin to finish my long due Steel Phalanx/ISS/Tohaa, and needed something to "refocus". So I whipped out an old Kuang Shi conversion, and tried a Black&Gold look on this fella: same "golden carbonate armor" as the rest of my ISS, but dark grey instead of emerald green. I mean, not all the Kuang Shi must be skinny underage FB Trolls, right? (insert scale creep joke):
  5. on another topic, may I ask what music track is used in the Aristeia! trailer? it surely pumps up the blood!
  6. my dream is...USARF buys some magariba from Haqqislam, it's an astonishing model and with a couple of profile not too afar from the USARF "mood".
  7. love the Riot Grrls, gonna grab them when the box comes out! Molotok-Blondie is another nice shot, but I'm converting my own "The Rock" Airborne, so...maybe? Zhangal, noice! don't have space in a list right now, but I want to paint her! quite pissed about the Sukeul: why oh why repack in two-figure blister all the quite-high-AVA troops AND RELEASE TWO SINGLE BLISTER OF THE SAME FUCKING AVA 4 TROOP two months apart? and I must say, the laziest sculpt ever, it's the same 3D rig slightly adjusted, not even a male version (which I CRAVE). about the Outrage crew (which I suppose will be the Gencon release?), what can I say that wasn't already said? oh yes! "what the hell, we're back in 2003?"
  8. dammit Malleus011, got the same idea for the charibs! those gal-bots are great, was going to use them as the base for my eventual lone ISS Dakini/Garuda!
  9. Hi Cho! just a question: how splittable is the new ISS starter? I'm looking for 2 Zhanyang agent plus a couple of CG, and I think I can grab an extra Pheasant if it's dead weight!
  10. wait wait. we're seeing a Bakunin revive. a BGC Starter box. with a little "citation/inspiration" for our favourite druggies/muties. moderator box. what if one of our nicest unit, and bitchest model to put together, come out with a male version. Bakunin very own genespliced,cybernetically enhanced, gruff beat cop, "the best (beast?) in what he does, but what he does is not very nice."
  11. fat yuan yuan. why not?
  12. something simple I'm working on: Reverend Custodier: love the pose and the attitude (something that in a lot of recent sculpts is totally missing) but find kinda out of place the gud'ol Combi. so, let's swap it for a bigass bladed gun! then, I asked myself "are the wildcats totally out of place in this xboxhueg 3d sculpted era?" and I find out that, no, they still have conversion part donor. that said, I've started up on a couple of Kuang-Shi: nothing too difficult, just jaguar bodies with WC heads. I like the slight hunch, and will do with a simple paint work (white mask-orange jumpsuit&black straps+glowy boomie bits). at last, one of my pet projects: I'm trying to build a full Minutemen link team. this is my Rifleman/FO stand in: I've also swapped the old combi on a Riot Grrl fr the new one (thanks, wildcats!) but forgot to take a picture of it. right now I'm trying to install the new AconRegular with Spitfire head and arms on an USARiadna Airborne Ranger. CAN YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?? oh, and I have projects for a Bakunin Chimera. but first, some Celestial Guard Specialists, Vanilla Zhahgying,a female ML Minuteman (if I can find my Instamolded Minuteman torso armor) and so on...
  13. while I have a BvS Batmobile as a Steel Phalanx APC, a Milano Starship for my Tohaa and a Tumbler for USAriadna (mostly as a Marauder count-as-ride), I think I'll add this as a USariadna Dropship: sleek but old style stealth features, it could work as a VTOL/Gunship. aaand I need that Lunadiver Stingray for my incoming Bakunin revival.
  14. like USAriadna and Onyx? or the Rhama starter? I'm talking about models, not necessarly new rules.
  15. I think they're "just" waiting for the release of GitS for the Vedic sectorial: there were talks about how "tacticool" and black ops the Sect was going to be redesigned, and the movie could generate a nice hype for that part. Or worse, a bubble a-là-LotR.