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  1. BaleWolf is correct, because to place a Mine you have to declare the Mines Short Skill, to place a Repeater you declare the Deployable Repeater Short Skill etc.
  2. Multiterrain lets you choose a terrain type, it doesn't give you the named Skill for that terrain type. So no, you have to specifically have Zero G Terrain.
  3. Remotes can't Synchronize with Civilians/HVTs...
  4. I think it's worth looking at http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Unconsciousness_and_Death You go Unconscious by being reduced to 0W, Shock then takes the trooper to Dead instead. But the Samaritan hasn't been reduced to 0W, so Unconscious state is never happening to be bypassed. As far as Shock and increasing Wounds is concerned, it's exactly as written - if a trooper has multiple W at any point in the game, they ignore the special effects of Shock for the rest of the game, in exactly the same way as a trooper that starts the game on multiple Wounds.
  5. It's explicitly a cap of +2 Wounds that can be reached multiple times. See http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Protheion#Example_of_Protheion_against_opponents_with_the_Wounds_Attribute
  6. I'm pretty sure this is the bit that's causing issues: 'When you use a G: servant or G: Syncronized bot, you spend the order on the "main" trooper. declaring the order with that miniature. the G:servant or G:Syncro simply perform the same order' Yes, you spend the Order on the controller, but you declare the Skills with both the controller and servant at the same time. You don't declare Skills with just the controller.
  7. Sure it does - ODD and all levels of Camouflage and Hiding shut off when the trooper is Unconscious. And if it's a REM or TAG that's Unconscious then anyone behind it might not have LoF.
  8. Huh? Emphasis added. The Move skill doesn't need to be invoked to apply the second MOV value to the second movement skill of an Order.
  9. No, there's no argument against Jump-Jump, but unlike in second edition the trooper will gently waft to the ground at the end of each Jump.
  10. The only way to do it would be to take the Pilot to Dead state while the TAG isn't in a Null state.
  11. Yes, there's some lack of clarity, but as far as I'm concerned it's covered by the General Movement Rules and the MOV Attribute: 'MOV values indicate the maximum distance the unit can move, but there is no minimum.' & 'Movement (MOV) The amount of inches this trooper can move with an Order. The MOV Attribute usually has two values: the first time the trooper moves in an Order, and the second.' The MOV Attribute makes no reference at all to the capitalised Short Movement Skill 'Move', just the general term 'move', so it covers all forms of movement including Super-Jump.
  12. What would be stopping them getting the free one?
  13. What's comms equipment got to do with it? The mine has been hit by an EM pulse.
  14. Because the Jammer rules say so. The user of a Jammer can declare a BS Attack using his WIP Attribute against a target within his ZoC. However, this weapon does not require LoF to the target. A successful Roll forces the target to make a BTS Roll versus Damage 13.
  15. No, because Smoke Ammo explicitly says that the user has to win all FtF Rolls to leave the template in play.