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  1. No, Normal ammo has to be specified if the LGL has multiple ammo types.
  2. The Fireteam options for Qapu Khalqi are unchanged. Please see http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/List_of_Fireteams#Qapu_Khalqi
  3. Hafzas and Wallace.
  4. And in addition to that, that wording would also let players claim that she can replace the need for a trooper with the Duo Special Skill* in a Duo or the Haris Special Skill in a Haris. *And yes, it's a typo that Scarface and Cordelia don't have the Duo Special Skill listed.
  5. Is Scarface and Cordelia a Fireteam in DBS? Yes. Can Valerya be in any Fireteam in DBS? Yes. This is both the intent, and the literal reading of her note. So Valerya + 1 Druze + 3 Brawlers is legal. Valerya + 3 Brawlers wouldn't be because you'd need a Druze as well.
  6. Valerya can be part of any Fireteam in DBS.
  7. What makes that legal? As far as I'm aware and as I've said several times in this thread, which Combat Group a Camo marker is in is private information until you spend an Order on it, or reveal it as a trooper. EDIT - the only open information I'm aware of for an unactivated Camo marker is the Silhouette value and any state markers next to it, for example Prone.
  8. @Golem2God Have you posted this in the feedback forum? https://forum.corvusbelli.com/forums/forum-feedback.130/
  9. Why does it break the rules to not know the Combat Group of a Camo marker?
  10. See the new forum: https://forum.corvusbelli.com/forums/non-aligned-armies.28/
  11. The HMG is a direct replacement.
  12. For the first part you're mixing up Combat Groups and Order Pools. Order Pools contain Regular Orders and nothing else. For the second part, IMPORTANT! The status and expenditure of Order Pools is Open Information. Players must place the Order Markers for each of their Order Pools where all players can see them. So the number of Regular Orders in the Order Pool is public and spending the Orders is public. No more, no less.
  13. What part of it isn't already on the wiki?
  14. Exactly!
  15. I created and maintain the wiki on behalf of CB, yes. The relevant page is: http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Stealth and the section just under the Skill box: 'Stealth, Sixth Sense and Deployable Equipment This Special Skill is not effective against troopers with the Sixth Sense Special Skill nor, for obvious reasons, against Deployable Weapons or Equipment (Mines, E/Maulers...).'