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  1. Please explain where. All I've got to go on is what you post. I didn't say anything about Limited Insertion events. You claimed that '1) Your biggest advantage is going first, so you have to build a list that excels at this. You will pick Turn Order over deployment under almost all circumstances.'. If you meant that strictly in relation to LI events then you should say so. Phlyk went second in 8-9 of his ten Interplanetary games and won almost all of his games. My win rate with the Bad Touch list (around 70%) doesn't noticeably change depending on whether I go first or second and I usually choose Deployment - and that's across roughly fifty games with the list or close variants. Strawman argument. I haven't claimed this, I said that a single Group and two full Groups are extremes and that both force restrictions on how you write your list. You really need to broaden your approach to list-building.
  2. Again, my experiences and the experiences of multiple other players directly contradict yours. I'm not sure you even read all of my post.
  3. Maybe it's a local meta thing, but I've been running mostly single Combat Group lists since HSN3 came out and my experiences are drastically different from yours, and that was with Orders being strippable if going first. Agreed and agreed. I can't agree with these three. - AD and HD can form a solid part of a single Combat Group list, if just by making your opponent wonder what's going to be turning up. Plus HD only loses you Orders if you leave the trooper hidden until later turns. - Fundamental difference of opinion - everything in my lists is expendable, up to and including TAGs. - Again, fundamentally different approaches to the game. In a single Combat Group list every trooper that goes down hurts and each trooper tends to be more elite, making it that more important to get them back in the game. This is especially the case in Sectorials where you're usually leveraging Fireteam bonuses as much as possible - you're not just getting a trooper back up you're also giving four other troopers +3 BS etc. First off, definitely not! Adjustments in list-building are about as severe as trying to fill two Combat Groups, as you'd expect for one extreme or the other. Simply put, no. I usually pick Deployment, as does @Phlyk who's taken ten-Order Steel Phalanx to fourth place at the Interplanetary two years running. This ties in to your next point, as we both tend to take strong ARO lists (linked Phoenix, linked Unidron Plasma Sniper/Missile Launcher etc.). For the last one, yes and no. While the small number of Orders can make early mistakes hurt, your troopers are generally less susceptible to things going wrong and you're often entering turn three with more Orders than your opponent as the cheap units suffer attrition faster. Again, both of those directly contradict my experiences using and facing ten-Order lists. Although Sectorials do definitely have an easier time of it. Bakunin, for example, can take a Core of Moderators with Snipers + a Haris of Custodier/Healer/Kusanagi + a Duo of Taskmasters and get incredible Order efficiency. For Onyx I typically take a Xeodron/Xeodron/Samaritan Haris, Unidron Core, Doctor Worm and an Ikadron, what's become colloquially known as the 'Bad Touch List' due to the lack of Normal ammo and the ability to absorb silly amounts of damage. @REND in my local area has had good success with vanilla Yu Jing and lists that are almost all Camo or TO, where aggressive lists stall if going first because there's very little to attack unless they brought Sensor. Alternatively, his lists built around Sun Tze and two Yan Huo are horrifying to face whether going first or second. EDIT: Grrls have Blitzens and MSV1, and can take a Missile Launcher. They're usually quite happy to take on TO troopers at range.
  4. Out of curiosity, how were they playing it?
  5. The source for the timing of the 2018 release schedule was the GenCon and Interplanetary seminars.
  6. Unconscious is a Null state, so bullet 2 will prevent any Guts Roll.
  7. I can't give out information that hasn't already been released, but there's a series of clear diagrams. I have no idea about rules availability, that's up to CB to decide and announce.
  8. LoS is pretty clearly explained in the rulebook, but one of the edge-cases was changed fairly late in the process which might be where the confusion is coming from.
  9. There is no 'order', it's all simultaneous. So your trooper dies due to having taken two W while in NWI state and the Protheion trooper loses one W overall.
  10. Yes. It's not as clearly spelled out as I would like, but it's the combination of the first and last Repeater bullet points. broadens the Hacking Area of all Hackers in play. Hackers can also attempt to hack through an enemy Repeater only if the Repeater is inside their Zone of Control. By doing this, they can perform hacking attempts against targets inside the Zone of Control of the enemy Repeater, and also against any enemy Hacker, ...
  11. Looks like I wasn't writing clearly - limits on Fireteam composition apply when forming the Fireteam.
  12. 2 & 3. This is the wrong way around, killing the TAG will remove an unmounted Pilot. See the last bullet of Manned: If the TAG or Vehicle figure of a Manned trooper whose Pilot dismounted enters the Dead state, remove both the TAG or Vehicle and the Pilot from play. 4. I'm pretty sure that's the wrong way around as well, having Duo is not a requirement for continuing to be part of the Fireteam and the Pilot is still the trooper that's being activated. So you'd have a Gecko and a Gecko Pilot as the Duo until the Pilot remounts.
  13. I'd be wary of that approach because it doesn't say anything about requiring an 'undestroyed' Antenna either, so players would be able to keep on Designating them no matter what state the Antenna was in.
  14. The wording for G:Jumper is almost identical to G:Synch in terms of trooper status - the Posthuman Proxies count as a single trooper for Combat Groups and reserve trooper.