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  1. The box comes with four bodies, four sets of chain rifle arms and one set of boarding shotgun arms. The middle model and the one to the right with boarding shotgun have the same body.
  2. I am getting him as soon as he comes out, along with another Domaru with both weapons so I have link team options.
  3. Starfury, we will be starting Campaign Paradiso soon and could always use another player.
  4. I wouldn't not do it if I could I'm liking super hacker for my SpecOps, but my main opponent plays Nomads (Baukunin).
  5. Adepticon was pretty awesome. I had a great time hanging out, playing in the tournament, and playing in the big game. My tournament of staying sober didn't seem to net me any wins but I still plan on coming back for more fun. When is the next tournament out there?
  6. Angel has his blogpost up. Any idea what is on the hatail's back?
  7. The facebook previews say who sculpted what model Briscard Pedro Fernandez Hac Tao Juan Navarro Muyib Carlos Torres Moderator Carlos Torres Scarface Yedharo Models & Carlos Torres Ajax Jose Luis Roig Hatail Jose Luis Roig They were all painted Angel Giraldez
  8. Just saw the previews on Facebook. Probably my favorite spec-ops model. Not sure what weapon it is holding though...
  9. The Impetuous Order page on the wiki says that you can shoot before you move, and a BS attack can be declared to take place at the most advantageous part of your movement, so you may be able to shoot and kill your walkway/stairs people before it becomes a problem, but I'm not sure that the second part of my statement is entirely correct. If you could shoot at a model above you and you killed it would you still end up as close as possible to it, or would you reangle towards the next model? Interesting. :-k
  10. You are just jealous of my unkillable celestial guard, bts -12 and arm 15 for the win!
  11. An immobilized by ADHL model can't really do anything. The only skills you can use are Discover, Reset, Sepsitor or Sensor Special Skills.
  12. I don't see the sepsitor in the current version.
  13. Gah... mine isn't due for delivery until wednesday.