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  1. Hi guys, I've played my first 3 games of Infinity during the past fortnight and am really liking the way the mechanics 'feel'. A friend and I have played Corregidor vs Steel Phalanx (although we're not using link teams - no need to complicate things just yet), with the Nomads having Senor Massacre and McMurrough. This has resulted in a surprising amount of close combat - last game 10 out of 20 models bit the dust in CC. Anyway, I'd like some adjudication on how damage is applied by Senor Massacre's E/M CC weapon and AP CC weapon when using 'CC with 2 weapons' skill. From the wiki: CC with 2 weapons skill - This Skill allows the effects of two different Close Combat weapon Special Ammunitions to be combined on a successful hit E/M CC weapon - dam PH; ammo N + E/M AP CC weapon - dam PH; ammo N There are 2 ways of interpreting this. When Senor Massacre score a hit, the opponent takes: A. 1 armour save vs dam 13 AP and 1 bts save vs dam 12 or B. 1 armour save vs dam 13 AP, 1 armour save vs dam 13 N, and 1 bts save vs dam 12 My feeling is that it's A, but B seems likely too (and it would make Massacre a bit more scary when compared to the big bad werewolf). Additionally, just for completeness sake, does the AP effect apply to the bts save?
  2. ARO in CC. If a model is in close combat (base-to-base) and another model outside the combat declares an order in view of it, may it dodge to escape close combat? I have always just not given AROs to models in CC, but there is the chance that the model outside of CC would shoot into the combat and sort of justify the dodge. Can Sensor be use as an ARO without line of site? The wiki seems to indicate yes, but I thought there was a restriction on AROs without line of site. Thanks!
  3. Greetings Infinity Players I'm a Nomads/Bakunin player who has recently begun the harrowing journey of mastering the use of the Chimera and Pupnik war band. As anyone who has either played with or played against a Chimera must know, they are an extremely challenging unit to utilize and they present unique challenges to the standard Rules of Engagement I would like to use this page as an ongoing record of my experiences, tactics and challenges of using the Chimera unit in combat. So, introductions now aside, I would like to begin my first entry in the Chimera Chronicles. 5/12/2014 Tonight a played a small 150 match vs. an Ariadna player on a 4x4 table. Given the dimensions of the board and the Chimera's impetuous irregular moves, it was a perfect scenario in which to use her. My load out for the Chimera unit as a Bakunin player was with 7 Pupniks. I've hit upon this number because it allows me to do a couple of different things: 1.) build a 4 Pup screen around my Chimera, protecting her from incoming attacks on all sides, excepting the rear. 2.) Extend the reach of my Uberfallkommando by deploying the remaining three Pups in a line 8 inches ahead of my Chimera, just within her ZC. This allows an additional 8 inch reach into the board beyond my DZ This formation is useful, but also extremely problematic, and I will detail the problems we encountered in a short while. I rolled initiative, and immediately advanced my Uberfallkommando unit forward towards the nearest troop; a Zouave sniper. Of course he fired on my Pups; they dodged forward three inches, and with them the rest of the Uberfallkommando unit. My opponent cried foul; we consulted the rules wiki; the rules favored this tactic and we resumed the game. The Pups hit the Zouave like a ton of bricks and tore him to shreds with three DA CC attacks. My opponent shed a silent tear.... The next group of opponents was a team of three Line Kazakhs, on the ledge of a building 10 inches off the ground. We advanced to the base of the building and this is where things started to get complicated.... Uberfallkommando have climbing plus, so the 10 inch climb did not present a problem, except for one little thing: its hard to keep track of your units' positions when you fight on a vertical surface over the course of several orders or even turns. I want to buy some sticky-tack to put on some bases to act as stand-ins for vertical assault in just such scenarios because I have plenty of units with climbing-plus and this problem happens all the time. When I was already 4 inches up the wall I initiated a Charge attack into CC. My opponent chose to ARO by tossing a Flash grenade when my advance Pups were about 4 inches up the wall. Two of them went blind, the third made it into CC with one Kazakh. So the first question here was, if I'm charging then its my CC vs. his BS or relevant stat for the attack he's making; its not just a matter of whether or not he successfully drops the grenade, but whether his grenade attack roll is successful and defeats my CC attack roll. Two of my Pups were blinded and went prone, the other made it into CC. The second question was, if my advance line of Pups are all in base-to-base contact with each other, then do they get the CC bonus as they charge or do they only get it when they are actually in base-to-base with their opponents? The third question: would his Kazakhs, either dropping grenades or firing pistols, get the same bonus if they are in base-to-base (B2B) with each other? Since it is a face-to-face CC roll, and both parties have three models in B2B with each other backing each other up, do they all get the bonus? At this point we began to argue and it got heated We determined in the end that the Pups got the bonus, but the Kazaks did not, unless they wanted to draw knives and fight in hand-to-hand, because the rules state that the bonus is to your CC, not your BS. The one Pup who made it to the top was killed by his Kazakh target, which left them all out of CC. The rest of my unit scaled half way up the wall which provoked another ARO from the Kazakh team. This time they drew pistols and fired; my Pups beat them in the CC roll and killed them dead, very, very dead... My Chimera was still on the wall along with the two blinded Pups and 4 more on the ledge dancing on the corpses of my enemy's Kazakhs, my enemy was in Loss of Lieutenant, and I was very happy All told I had only expended 4 regular orders, my Chimera's irregular order and the impetuous order. I had killed the Zouave sniper (28pts/0.5 SWC) and three Line Kazakhs (9pts each/0 SWC= 27 pts), for a total of 55 pts with a 21 pt Chimera and 7 pts of Pupniks. That's a good trade by any standards. I finished my turn by advancing the Uberfallkommando unit down and across the face of the building and engaging a couple of Highlanders with chain rifles in combat. Along the way I lost one more Pup; with their Hyperdynamics L3 they are still at +3 to dodge even against templates. With my last move I was able to get them within an inch of the two Highlanders; they were side by side so only one could fire his chain rifle; both of my Pups dodged right into B2B, putting them both automatically in CC without any attack rolls Again, the advance guard wall of three Pups proved useful here as I was able to move and dodge them into CC while keeping my Chimera safely outside the range of their chain rifles Unfortunately, on my opponent's turn his Tank Hunter with Autocannon got a lucky shot off from across the board and pasted the Chimera with an AP/EXP Pups were now mindless meat puppets... Still, all in all, my formation and use of the Chimera in this engagement was a great success. We were not able to finish the game and the Tank Hunter was proving difficult; with his range, armor and weaponry he was a beast in ARO. I had nothing else to do but hole up my Moderator team in a building and wait for his units to come inside for a hot lead bath.... Thus ends this week's entry in the Chimera Chronicles