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  1. Hi guys & girls, Redzeed Gaming Fanatics are holding casual games & learn to play demos every Thursday night from 6pm till late well most of our players are new to the game numbers are growing well if your interested come along and check it out. We are hopping to implement a campaign over the next month or so and will look at a tournament day in early June so let us know if your interested. Where are we? In the alley way behind DickSmiths off Byron ave Physical address: 453 Lake road Takapuna Auckland Phone: (09) 486 6580
  2. Cancellation details in bottom post Hey guys! Just to announce an event that a friend and I are running at the Total Wargamer store, near Evesham (UK) on Saturday 18th May. Some details about the event: Infinity Event - The Moebius Incident. A Campaign event with chilling narrative, come play on specially constructed Cityscape and Mercenary Outpost boards. Beginner or veteran, all welcome! Force Size: Both 150pt and 300pt lists if possible, or just 150pts. Forces also provided and available for use on the day if necessary. The Games: A series of narrative games with a competitive edge, based on missions specially adapted for this event. The event starts at 12pm, with games lasting approximately 1 hour - 80 minutes. Starting times are around 12pm for game 1, and 2pm for game 2 (with the possibility of a 3rd depending on demand!) Exciting missions to play with a chilling (really!) narrative running through the event; come and find out what the Moebius Incident is, and if you can survive it! Terrain includes a specially constructed cityscape made especially for Infinity, and a mercenary base with games played across both boards. The Place Total Wargamer, near Evesham: As I've said before, this place is a real little Aladdin's Cave, with a wide selection of miniature games - well worth the trip to see regardless of anything else! The Games Check out the bottom of this post here on the Infinity forums for pictures of our previous event - and the terrain collection has grown somewhat since then! And and all welcome at this event and any questions please add a post below, or send me a PM! Hope to see you there!
  3. The Plasma tournament is a European Infinity event to be held in Belfast Northern Ireland on the 22nd-23rd of March 2013 and is the first 2 day Infinity tournament to be held in Ireland. We hope many of you will attend this competitive and fun event. This is also the first attempt to unite the European Infinity community. Please read the rules pack and pass the word. Tournament Details Address: Queens University Belfast Students Union University Road Belfast BT71NF Northern Ireland Entry Fee: £20/€25 Lunch for both days will be provided by the organisers. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players, the last place player and for the best painted army. For a list of accomodation in the University are visit Attendees needing additional help to find an accomodation should email [email protected] A full Rules pack for the event can be found here
  4. Hi infinity! Recently, I've been very excited about the game which is infinity. I've been a lurker on these forms and I've proxied a few infinity games. I've really enjoyed the system. Now,I've begun to (slowly) start collecting a small metros force. So far, I've obtained the mirage-5 strike team, and begun painting Durok. Now, I'm not the best painter around, so I thought it would be good to start a blog and maybe get some feedback so my finished infinity force really shines! This project is really from day 1, so you will be able to see every step of the project along the way. Some of you may have seen me at DakkaDakka . The threads really get buried so quickly there, I thought I'd have better luck here. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and encouragement is appreciated. 2-11-2013
  5. With such a rich background, and such a nifty basic mechanic, does it not seem a pretty idea to make an Infinity Role Playing Game as well? All you would need would be a slightly more detailed character layout based on the stat lines of various kinds of guys on the lists already.