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Found 2 results

  1. memes

    In case you haven't seen the Ariadna meme page nor the idea to come up with a meme war thread and then the impomptu meme war that occured in the Ariadna forum; we somewhat discussed the idea of having a meme war between the factions in Infinity and see what faction has the best sh*@posters and memers! Rules No personal attacks. This is between your Infinity faction and someone else's, not about bad blood between two individuals or insulting them. Keep them appropriate. I don't want to see any memes encouraging awful things or threats to do severe physical or psychological harm to someone. We aren't threatening people here, we're using our wit and dumb pictures to crown an Infinity faction meme king! Try to keep it clean. The Infinity forum's are still supposed to be 'family friendly' so don't ruin the fun for everyone for having a bunch of crap in your meme and resulting in the war being shut down. Sure, a swear here and there's pretty aight, but don't make a meme dedicated to swearing. Don't bring up real life events or history. This is a fight between Infinity factions, not real people, dead or alive. Now, let the meme war begin! @Stiopa, you came into our home and started throwing punches. I have a present for you: At least Ariadna has WIP 13 and Courage @Dasaan? Would Tohaa like to continue the war? @The Invincible Army? Is Yu Jing feeling brave enough to fight against Ariadna, the professional sh*@posters? @Loricus? You Nomads still feel up to the challenge? ALEPH? Combined Army? Haqqislam? EDIT: Ariadna won, everyone else got tired of Ariadna meme spam, so this is going to be the general Infinity Meme thread now. Feel free to post any Infinity related memes, as long as they loosely follow the rules.
  2. If you've ever read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins you are more than likely aware that the word meme was coined to describe ideas evolving more or less. Since then we've gotten memes about just about every damn thing you can thing about. Cats, Food, politicians , fat people, Russians the list goes on. Memes are in a strange way imbedded into the culture of many countries with things like /pol/ favoring Donald trump ect. What I am curious about is how this will effect the future and more specifically infinity as a concept. I'm wondering if the folks in infinity end up turning into unironic memers? Where a Panoceania soldier would go so far as to tattoo his favorite pepe or whether Donald trump will live on long after his death in a strangely aggrandized state. I have gotten the impression that a lot of Nomad wouldn't be out of place using terms like "normie" or "normalfag" to describe people living normal lives in the rest of the human sphere. What do you think? Is the future going to be subject to a generation of filthy filthy memelords ? Is infinity a place where the average person spends enough time on the internet for that sort of thing to effect them?