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  1. Hi all I’ve posted here before, a long while ago during the second edition when I played Military orders& dabbled with Morats with some friends at a gaming club. Those friends since left to go to University, and I didn’t manage to stay in the game, selling my miniatures. I have followed the game/miniatures with interest ever since, and around a year ago I bought the Morat starter for myself to paint as The newer sculpts were too hard to resist! I tried to convince my regular gaming buddy (40k/Malifaux) to play Infinity but he has stonewalled me the whole way “we play too many systems as it is.” Albeit in the same breath as “Oh hey let’s start Bloodbowl/Deadzone/Xwing etc”… Anyway, fast forward to now and I found out a chap at work had bought Operation Ice storm and is working his way through an exponential expansion of Space Police TM and he encouraged me to get the minis put together and painted so that we could play some intro games together and learn N3. Of course, the bug has bitten me again and we have been exchanging a fair few emails on the subject ‘have you seen this model?’ ‘look at this awesome terrain’ etc. My question for you fine people is this – What should I buy next?... I saw a YouTube battle report where a Morat player had a link team of Sogarats with Kornak, Oznat with Gakis, Dr Worm and a vanguard deathball with HMG which I liked the look of, and it’s pretty definitively Morat as well I guess as it’s straight forward and aggressive. The new Avatar, Charontid preview, Umbra models and Batroid TAGs are also very tempting to buy purely on aesthetics though but I don’t want to buy anything that won’t work with my current small set of models. I know there are recommended lists etc on Datasphere, but I wondered if there was anyway of combining the shiny new TAGs with my existing Morats, or if I should be looking at eigher/or rather than both. I had the idea of planning for a tournament as they are apparently quite beginner friendly and more enjoyable than Warmahordes events I’ve attended in the past, so with that in mind, it seem April is the next event closest to me (the Northern Open I think), and that’s my aim of learning the game, and getting minis ready for Thanks for your patience Lofty
  2. I've recently started playing Morats (largely because I can actually see the models to paint them!), find they're making a refreshingly straightforward change to my usual Pan O lists, and have a couple of questions for those more experienced in the path of Direct Brutality. I like playing at least one AD: Combat Jump troops in my Pan O lists, ideally to run some tactical interference, but I'm always happy to just trade some orders out of my opponent's back line if there's nothing else available. The reckless charge does seem like a very Morat thing to be doing, so how do Rasyat's play in Morat or CA lists; what uses do people find for them. Finally, do we know if there's any chance of a new design; I don't think anything was announced at Vigo this year? The sculpting of the Sogarats is one of the best in the game (not to mention that whole 'solid lump of pewter' feeling when you're marching them around ) but the same really can't be said for the Rasyats, sadly.
  3. Hello guys! This story came after I played around with my Raicho a little, and it is based on one of my favorite games recently. It is not 100% accurate to what happened in the game (My Suryat did beat a Domaru in cc, though ), but my aim was less to make it very faithful to the game and more to tell an engaging story. Hope you guys enjoy it! STORM DANCER Bullets trailed along the armored bulk of the warehouse, a Domaru Butai lowering his head behind cover and clutching where the heavy caliber projectile had detonated inside his suit, the reactive armor turning what would have been a lethal blow into merely inconvenient. It still hurt like mad, and he knew he couldn’t put his head up again or the alien war machine currently spraying his and his fireteam’s position with heavy machinegun fire would turn him into bloody pulp. A Raizot TAG was not a war machine. It was a tool for hunters, for the more savage and violent of the red skinned alien morats to be able to fight and kill the beasts of their home planet in hand to hand combat. The Storm Dancer, the name etched on the machine’s scarred right shoulder plate as if to announce its name to all humans it was about to kill, was a blood red beast, roughly fourteen feet tall and so extremely heavy its armored dewclaws cracked into the pavement when it moved. Its head was customized to look like a fanged monster, and the skull of some giant reptilian alien hung from its back as a grisly trophy. It made a constant, thrumming roar as its heavy gun shot over and over again, riddling the armored warehouse with bullets. “Oyat, that’s enough!” A gruff voice roared on the pilot’s headset. Inside her armored suit, Oyat Karakot, the young yet highly accomplished pilot grinned from ear to ear, ignoring her commander’s orders and continuing to riddle the human’s last position with high powered bullets, each one the size of her balled fist. She often joked that using a machinegun was like punching the enemy at a distance and some other pilots would even agree with her at that. “Oyat, our time is running out” another voice, this one much calmer and feminine, sounded on her communication device “I can see some more of the human warriors advancing on the left flank. I will create a distraction and you move on, complete your objective” The pilot huffed and rolled her eyes as the clip of her heavy gun emptied. She never let the weapon click as the sound cue was often enough to signal any predators around that she was open for a strike, so as soon as the ammo counter on her visor hit zero, she let the trigger go and slid the magazine off the long, heavy gun of her Tactical Armored Gear. “Okay, sis.” she answered while reloading “I’ve got the humans hunkered down, what was I supposed to do again?” a smirk on her lips as she asked. Oyat wasn’t dumb or airheaded, but she knew pretending to be so was one of the few things that could make her usually stoic sister lose her temper “Ammo dump. Twenty paces to your right. Blow it up” Ren’ehk’s voice was short, crisp and violent. “I see the humans coming. Here’s your distraction.” The packmistress was too far away for even the enhanced optic sensors of the heavy TAG to pick her up, but a loud detonation several hundred paces to her left followed by billowing clouds of oily smoke told Oyat her sister had indeed engaged the human fighters on the other side of the field. There was a hiss and a clack of metal opening as the pilot slid off the armored cockpit, flexing her lean, muscular arms and stretching her legs as if she were on a holiday stroll. Looking around, it seemed the humans had diverted all their attention to the left flank, and even through the smoke she could see flashes of gunfire and flamethrowers as the battle raged on. “Tch. Lucky girl” Oyat smirked to herself, imagining how much fun her sister was having right now. Ren’ehk wasn’t having any fun. She watched as the Ikadron batroid her commander had sent in to flush out the human armored soldiers was completely bisected, head to groin, by a single sword slash coming from an armored human that looked like some hellish beast. He had been using some sort of optical disruptor trick to appear nearly invisible, but the flames had burned it off, even if they failed to actually damage the armored suit. Ikadrons were expendable, but valuable tools. The heavy, lumbering gait of the combat drones was deceptively nimble, and they carried extra ammo and supplies as well as a pair of light flamethrowers that were excellent to deny cover and destroy high tech gear such as the Optical Disruptors the humans were so fond of. There were two of those humans, two heavily armored, sword swinging warriors as nimble and skilled on their feet as the hunting beasts the packmistress had by her side, and she could tell her pets were snarling and eager to be let loose onto the human warriors “Ren’ehk, you are go” the commander spoke with some reverence towards the seasoned Oznat as she readied a pair of smoke grenades, breaking cover to hurl them over the heads of the human warriors. “I told you the Ikadron was not necessary” she snapped as the humans got lost in the oily black smoke. “I don’t need to see to kill these humans” Ren’ehk was, for the first time in a long while, livid with anger. As an Oznat, she was used to hunting in a pack, often with the help of the larger males as she would flush the larger beasts she couldn’t kill on her own or with the help of her pets towards a group of stronger, better armed males to finish the job. The same tactic worked in combat, just swapping large, extremely predatory megafauna for cowardly, armored humans. That meant her team, made up of herself and four of the so called ‘Hungries’, was perfect to deal with dug in forces like the two humans she was about to charge. The Hungries were insect like alien beasts used as terror troops by the Morat Aggression Forces, and as an Oznat Ren’ehk was used to wrangling and controlling these creatures. Her team consisted of a single male, called a Preta by humans, and three females, called Gakis. They looked very similar to each other for the untrained eye, but the huntress could tell the difference merely by listening to how they moved, as the heavier male made a more distinctive sound. If she were the one drawing the battle plan, she would have kept the Ikadron on the back lines, closer to the commander, to serve as a last line of defense should the humans break through her assault. Her team was much better suited for the close combat these humans were so fond of, while the Ikadron, as effective a war machine as it was, had slow reflexes and could only really defend itself up close by blanketing the area with flames or electric shocks. But there was no sense in complaining now. Actions spoke louder than words. Breaking through the smoke cover, the Packmistress pulled up her vulkan shotgun and aimed. She had never been a good shot, maybe that was why she had never tried to hunt inside a Raizot. Or maybe she just felt more comfortable around beasts than others of her own kind. It didn’t really matter, all that mattered was that the first human warrior was quickly turned into molten metal and flesh under her not so accurate, superheated shots. Vulkan shotguns fired shells filled with highly flammable material that erupted into a long gout of fire once they hit their mark, making aiming nearly unnecessary. One of her beasts let out a subsonic growl and the Oznat turned in time to meet the second human’s blade with her own, screeching to call the other three hungries to her side and surround the armored man with her snarling, clawing and biting alien monsters. Ren’ehk was a master fighter, or at least she thought so until meeting these… It took her a moment to think about the different types of humans and which ones these were… The word was Samurai, or so she thought. These Samurai fought like the megafauna from her own world. A single man was almost as deadly as her whole hunting pack, and she found herself clashing blade to blade way more often than she would have liked it. He was just so fast, and his armor made him as strong as her unarmored form, allowing him to shrug off her blows whenever they connected, while she had to weave out of the way when his blades came swinging back down, turning their battle into a deadly dance. An underhanded swing from the human warrior had the packmistress reeling, raising her feet and screaming in pain as the blade tore into her thigh armor and grazed her skin, the cut lacking any real danger but still burning and making her leg kick out in reflex. Another sword came swinging from the opposite direction and Ren’ehk raised her own blade up to block it, only to watch in shock as bone blade met highly resistant, subsonic vibrating metal in a clash that had the Oznat’s blade sheared cleanly through. Letting out a shrill call, the huntress kicked at her enemy’s armored chest, pushing herself and the human in opposite directions. She needed to put some distance between herself and the samurai, so with a series of quick clicks of her tongue she called for her Gaki beasts to swarm the armored warrior, allowing herself to get a small distance between them. The large, rabid creatures were no match for the human warrior, though, and he quickly cut one of them in half just like he had done to the drone not a few minutes ago. The Oznat allowed herself to smirk as the acidic blood of the Gaki reacted with the atmosphere and caused a catastrophic, caustic detonation that even engulfed a few other of her beasts, leaving only herself and the single Preta alive… As well as the human warrior. His armor was half melted and pockmarked with damage, singed from fire, and blood leaked from a few cracks, the human warrior staggering for a moment as the packmistress raised her shotgun again, putting two shots into his chest, ending his life. Meanwhile, far away from her sister’s frantic and nearly unsuccessful scramble for life, Oyat was busy setting an explosive charge on an ammo drum. “And one... two… three” she said to herself before signaling for the commander “This is Oyat, charges are set. Tell the Worm to blow them up, I’m going back to my Raizot” She didn’t even wait for the warrior officer’s confirmation, running as fast as she could towards her TAG even while the whole ammo dump went up in flames, the blazing fire so high it could be seen from miles away. There was a long, siren like call that chilled the bones of the dug in human warriors as the Storm Dancer fired a few shots in the air in ecstasy “Come on, you apes! Let’s finish this!” the pilot called out with her suit’s loudspeakers in a horrible, mangled english accent that was barely understood by the humans inside the warehouse she was about to storm. It was common knowledge between the morats who had been fighting against humans that they were called ‘apes’ or ‘monkeys’ by the soft skinned humans, so, having noticed the similarities between their species, many morats had begun to return the favor. “Oyat, fall back! Keep your suppressive fire position” The commander, a young Suryat who had been away from the fight so far, his only contribution the occasional short, controlled burst of suppressive fire, tried in vain to rein in the even younger pilot. She could even hear his sighing over the communication link as her machine thundered in, gun already firing even before she actually saw the enemy. Kasaro cursed under his breath, tightening his grip around the reassuring bulk of his hemat heavy machinegun as he thought up a backup plan for when the reckless Raizot got herself incapacitated or killed “Ren’ehk, advance on the left, see if you can cover her as she comes up their right. I’ll hold here if they break through.” “Yes, commander.” the Oznat grit her teeth and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, calling for the lonely male who had survived the skirmish with the two human samurai “Should I go save my sister?” she asked the beast as if it could answer back, running her fingers along its crested head while catching her breath. Her left thigh throbbed and she had a limp, her five beast pack had been reduced to two, and her blade was gone. Ren’ehk looked at her own claws, wondering how they’d measure up against human armor before picking up one of the human weapons from the ground and testing its weight. She took a few tentative swings with it, noting how it was much heavier than her bone sword, and how the gleam of the metal made it easier to spot without the optical disruptor to camouflage it “This will do” she said out loud to fix the idea in her mind, then snapped her tongue again, making the last of the Hungries lead the way as she brought up the rear, shotgun at the ready. Far away from her limping sister, Oyat was euphoric. She rounded a corner and completely evaporated an armored human under a barrage of shots, then swung her heavy machine around a half destroyed container to trade fire with the rest of his squad. Once a Raizot got moving, it was hard to stop, the heavy machine building momentum and rolling like a charging bull, its gun held with both hands to keep it stable as it kicked and roared, the muzzle flash visible even as it dashed into the blazing fire of the now destroyed ammo dump. “Come on! Shoot faster!” the pilot’s voice was amplified by her suit, booming out into the cacophony of the shooting to taunt the humans and whip herself into a frenzy. It felt satisfying, the neural feedback of the TAG making it feel as if she was holding the bucking heavy machinegun on her own hands, arms sweeping left and right as she sprayed indiscriminate fire over the defenders. “The storm has come!” she kept on, roaring and dashing from cover to cover, trying to get closer to use her flamethrower and roast the humans alive. Now, credit where it is due, the four remaining humans did not falter under her unrelenting fire. Two of them closer to the Raizot opened up with a light machinegun and a pistol respectively, drawing her attention while the two further back pulled up a pair of exquisite, long, tube like weapons. Those were called Blitzens, expendable weapons that fired a single, high powered projectile that detonated a short burst of electromagnetic discharge once they hit the mark, perfect for rendering highly complex machinery useless for a short, but decisive time. Oyat didn’t see the two humans line up their shots even as their compatriots were wounded by her reckless fire, but she did feel it in her bones when the burst of energy hit her machine and fried several of its circuits. The TAG seemed to choke, its gun arm bucking and firing a few more shots aimlessly before it went silent and still, turned into little more than an armored coffin with the pilot inside. Even her comms were fried, making it impossible for the young morat to contact her officer and admit her failure. Their base was burning, but the humans had a chance to win the day now. The morats had brought a transponder with them, a beacon to call for extraction that would be very useful if the humans could capture it and reverse engineer the technology. If they could have it. The remaining samurai knew what to do as the four man team broke out of the burning warehouse and started running towards the established command post were Kasaro and a small group of remaining troops stood guard. The gleaming white, skull like mask of the Suryat armor seemed to glower as it reflected the flames, Kasaro’s heavy machinegun barking as he unleashed a short burst, trying to suppress the advance of the humans. They didn’t care, their leader using a lighter, but no less effective weapon to riddle the warrior officer’s position with fire and allow his team to close in from the side, moving to entrap the suryat and end him there. Kasaro cursed and spat on the ground as he ducked, a lucky shot denting his helmet and forcing him to rip it off and toss the horned, skull faced headgear to the ground. He was young, his face red and his white hair and beard cut short and square, making him look very much like an angry, horned ape as he spat again, chewing on his own bile in anger. He heard a call, a challenge, and rose in time to use his gun to block a downwards slash from one of the human warriors, as a single soldier came at him. The Suryat recognized the human’s markings as a commander, and growled as he drew his sword. He hadn’t used it in such a long time, he barely remembered the basics of hand to hand combat. while the human commander clearly had been doing it his whole life, his swings short, precise and deadly. It wasn’t a gracious dance like it had been between Ren’ehk and the two invisible ones, it was short, brutal and ugly. The human swung low, the blade cutting through the Suryat’s armor and shearing off a piece of his stomach and groin plates. Then he swung again, a swift backhand that should have torn the young warrior officer’s head off, but a quick riposte, more luck than skill, saved his life. Kasaro had one chance, and he made it, driving his own blade into the human’s midsection, putting as much strength as his muscles and the enhanced servos of his suit would let him, and felt something give under his weight. There was an ear piercing shriek of metal on metal as his blade tore out of the samurai’s back, covered in blood and coolant fluid. As he shook the human free from his blade, kicking him off it for dramatic purposes, Kasaro saw himself surrounded by the three others, snarling and beating his chest with the bloody blade to dare them to come at him. He knew his luck wouldn’t hold up against three more of the close combat specialists, specially not if they attacked together, but if he could hold them just a little longer, one of the two sisters would complete their objective, and the mission would be done, his life be damned. Inside her silent, cold TAG, Oyat fumed. She looked around the dark machine and then remembered a little trick she would do when trapped under rubble or even the dead bulk of a Demarok collapsing on top of her machine. She just had to hook one of her dewclaws on the lower base of the pilot seat, then wrap her legs around it, this way she could flex and push, growling in a very undignified position that was enough to force the tag to open, allowing her to slip off it. She had to wriggle and squirm, the neural connecting cables on her scalp snagging on the tiny opening and ripping off along with some of her hair, but she managed to free herself from the now useless machine. “I’ll come back for you, big girl” she tapped the thigh of her armored steed to reassure it, then pulled up her pistols. A glance behind her and the sounds of shooting and roaring told her that her commander was getting his ass handed to him, but she didn’t care. There was a mission to be completed after all. The fire in the ammo dump was a distraction, meant to force the humans out of the warehouse, to make them come engage the morats. However, the real prize was much smaller, much more dangerous. When the Raxxora Carrier fell many months ago, it was cannibalized and torn apart, its parts sold, stolen or just plain repurposed, and many of the rescue beacons used by strike teams just like her own had been stolen. Recovering these beacons was a top priority. One of these was being studied in this very same facility the fighting had now reduced to mostly rubble, and Oyat knew it was inside another building, a small office behind the blazing warehouse. The pilot broke into a run, schewing cover or stealth as she knew the humans were either fighting her sister or her commander, and time was running low. Even with her communications link burnt off, she knew they had precious few minutes left before human reinforcements arrived and the fight became unwinnable. She didn’t even use a door. There was a loud crash of shattering glass and splintered metal as a six foot tall, red skinned alien woman burst through the rightmost window of the office, her exposed stomach bleeding from many tiny cuts, and a shard of glass embedded on her left dewclaw as she raised both pistols and cut down the lonely guard of the place. He tried to turn and shoot at her, but she was both faster and a better shot, and soon his lifeless body was slumped, bleeding against a wall. It was fast, the beacon was stowed in a box marked with a Combined Army symbol, and while she couldn’t open it, carrying it on her back was easy enough. Oyat was about to get out when the door was flung open and at the lightly armored form of Ren’ehk stood in the threshold “Where’s your TAG?” the packmistress asked with a snarl “Incapacitated. I had to eject to complete the mission” Oyat answered while showing the box with the beacon “We should hurry, I think-” “You don’t think” the Oznat snarled again, angry, but not raising her voice as she talked “If you had thought, you’d have stayed outside and kept the Domaru at bay while I circled around and got this” Ren’ehk scolded even as she, her sister and the sole preta stalked back, still looking for more humans. “Commander.” she opened her commlink “We got the beacon.” “Good!” Kasaro managed a laugh as he ordered the last Ikadron to put itself in front of the three human warriors, stalling them just enough for the wounded warrior officer to retreat. There was very little of their strike team left, and the Suryat didn’t want to be on the casualty list too. “I’ll pull back with the rest of the team and we meet at the rendezvous point” he was calm, even at the possibility of a bloody and violent death. Suryats lived for war, and this was living. “Can you send the Mechanoid to repair the Storm Dancer?” Ren’ehk asked “If it’s brought back online we can use it to cover your retreat” Behind her, Oyat beamed. She was ready to forsake her machine, but now it seemed like it would not be lost yet. “Not the Mechanoid, but I can send a drone.” he answered while vaulting over a container, then pushing it over to stall the progress of the human soldiers. Behind him, the wriggling, worm like form of the Med-tech Mechanoid bobbed its bulbous head and clicked its tiny pincers in understanding, its mind travelling to command the small, agile drone waiting for orders at the other side of the compound to rush towards the last position of the Raizot. Even when operating through a drone, the technical prowess of a Med-Tech was hard to rival. It managed to get the TAG up and running just in time as the two sisters reached it, and the younger one quickly climbed onto her heavy machine, already feeling herself electrified with the sudden return of her enhanced senses and strength. Oyat moved her arm, and the Storm Dancer moved its own, raising the heavy machinegun and… There was a weight on her arm as something tugged on the long, heavy gun, pulling it down after some effort “no” Ren’ehk said “If we keep fighting, we’ll lose the chance to evacuate. You run now.” she said to the machine, looking up to glare at its glowing yellow eyes, unfazed by its size, strength or fearsome, animalistic looks. The Raizot actually stomped in protest, but a quick look at the packmistress made the machine turn and starting running, its heavy steps smashing the ground whenever the metal claws dug in for balance. Ren’ehk let out a sigh as her sister listened to her for what felt like the first time, then pulled out the last of her smoke grenades for a risky, dangerous shot. She was tired, her leg still throbbed, and her head had this steady ringing on it that meant a headache was coming like a charging war beast. Yet the Oznat had a strong hand, her arm swinging as she sent the grenade flying high in an arc, bouncing off at an angle against a building’s walls to land between the evacuating officer and the pursuing humans, giving him a minute of respite to put some distance between them. The Oznat allowed herself to smile. Then, with a click of her tongue, she called her last pet to her side and began running, pushing herself and ignoring the pain on her leg. She could match the TAG in speed, even if she had to drop to all fours to do so, her claws digging in too as she had to use her hands to compensate for her limping leg. She could already hear the call of their dropship as it came in fast to pick up what was left of the fireteam. “Oyat?” “Ren?” “You’re an idiot, reckless and immature. But good job.” Ren’ehk could swear she heard a little chuckle over her commlink “You’re still getting punished for ignoring orders, though. I’ll make sure of that. How about latrine duty? For the Hungries.” There was another chuckle on the comms as Ren’ehk was the last to board their dropship. Of the entire strike team, only the officer, the med-tech, a hacker, the Raizot and the Oznat with her single Preta had survived, out of fourteen sent in. It had been a horrible, horrible mess, but the mission was accomplished, and that was enough. As she removed her helmet, the gear fashioned from the skull of a Hungry alpha, Ren’ehk looked around the ship, sighing and nursing her thigh. one hand peeling her armor open to finally look at the cut, how it had swollen and looked infected. “hey, Ren?” The smaller form of her sister sat by her side, looking at the cut as if it was some novelty toy Ren’ehk didn’t answer, she was too tired for it and as adrenaline was leaving her system a gigantic headache mounted on, her muscles feeling sore and painful from all the fighting and running. Instead she just closed her eyes and rested her head against the bulk of the ship, feeling the steady vibrations as it climbed out of the atmosphere, back to where their new assault carrier waited. “Thanks. You know, for helping me save the TAG.” Oyat knew they didn’t have to repair the machine, her sister could have covered their escape with her smoke grenades just fine. “Violence without purpose is just savagery.” The Oznat finally said, eyes still closed as she pinched the bridge of her nose “Just because you are the size of a beast doesn’t mean you have to act like one. Next time I might not be here to help.” the packmistress eased her shoulders, not bothering to look at her sister as she talked. “Yes.” The younger huntress nodded, recollecting the lessons from their history books “I will be less reckless in the future.” “You won’t.” Oyat chuckled, a twinkle in her white eyes “I probably won’t, you’re right. But…” it took her a long moment to remember something suitably poetic to say back to her sister. Ren’ehk had a passion for philosophy, and the pilot knew she would never quite earn her sister’s respect if she could not match the ancient words of philosophers like Eugarat to her own actions “Through conflict, we are shaped.” the younger one settled on an easy one for now “Give me time, will you?” Ren’ehk nodded, smiling to herself “Yes. I will give you time. But you’re still facing punishment. Don’t worry, I’m friends with the superior warrior officer…” Finally opening her eyes, the packmistress looked at her sister and their eyes met, both of them had matching white eyes, but Oyat’s looked like two bright stars, while her sister’s had the cold fire of tempered steel “I’ll make sure your punishment is sufficiently humiliating for our enjoyment.” Once more the Oznat allowed herself a smile, her headache making it small, but it was enough. With a smirk, the pilot stood up, hissing as she remembered she had a glass shard embedded between her toes, and decided to go find a doctor. Well, if she was going to face some kind of grueling, cruel and unusual punishment, she was going to make sure she at least had her feet healed first. She didn’t say ‘Thank you’ again, as it felt unnecessary, but she did feel oddly thankful. It was said that the regiment was the only family of a morat, and the pilot was finally understanding why her sister acted the way she did. Oyat sat down in front of the Med-tech Mechanoid and pointed at her bloody feet, the half machine half living creature nodding its odd, multi-eyed head and lowering itself to work on it. Meanwhile, the pilot pulled up her comlog and opened up one of the Treaties from Eugarat on Battle and War. Maybe there was something more to being a warrior, and maybe it was time the huntress started learning about that. END
  4. Hello everyone As part of our local Escalation League, we want to paint our new and growing armies. For this event I got the Wotan Strikezone Morat starter bundle. Now I am looking for a good paint scheme for the big guys. Coming from Nomads I already have a lot of Black/Red and Grey/Red minis. Therefore I want my Morats to look different from the studio paint scheme. Any ideas? Currently I'm looking at the greenish paint scheme from the Raicho. But I'm not sure how this fits the infantry units.
  5. After initially playing around with the models in Operation Icestorm I decided I wanted to take down humanity rather than save it. From the beginning I had liked the Morat models but research on the internet told me they were the worst army to play. Undeterred I ordered the basis for my MAF. Since I live in Vietnam and my only opponent is my girlfriend it shouldn't be too much of an issue not having any TO camo, besides she plays Pan O scum so taking her down would be ultra satisfying. Having bought the models I knew I wanted them to have faces similar to the Japanese Macaque monkeys that live in the hot springs. I didn't want an 'evil' colour scheme and after trawling the internet I found this blog: An amazing colour scheme and painted at a level far beyond my own. So I attempted to recreate it and failed miserably. However I did like my more 'purple' scheme and pressed on. For this force I wanted to push my painting by trying to show directional lighting and use glazes to achieve smoother transitions. Here is my first finished Yaogat Morat (I prefer them to the Vanguard models so I will make an elite force): Front Shot: From this picture it is hard to appreciate the lighting but he looks suitably moody and aggressive which is what counts. Side Shot: In this shot you can see the 'light' side of his armour. I imagined the light coming from above and behind his left shoulder. I added battle damage to his vambraces as Imagine they use them to cover their faces. I did paint writing on the newspaper but maybe it needs to be darker. Side Shot: This is the 'dark' side of the armour. The purple is much richer and gives a sense of realism to the model. I have never tried this before and the difference it makes for not too much effort is startling. I now have to consider stripping all my old Infinity models...:( Back Shot: This shows the lighting effect more clearly. This is probably the best model I have ever painted. I'm really happy with it as the start of my Morats and can't wait to start the next one. Death to that bloody Nisse!
  6. Hello there For some time i was playing nomads, lately mainly corregidor, and i love the way of toolboxy units working together, and generally dicking the enemy with hacking, glueguns and the sort, but as the big S5 guys started coming out for them, i realised, i have to try an army with more HI, especially HI links. I know i could do brigadas, but i always wanted an entirely different second faction, so i turned to MAF. My priorities were, as much HI as i can get, preferably at least one s5, and as they tend to be expensive, and as it is the hype in season 9, it was obvious it'd make sense to aim for 10 order lists, which would make it a bit of a smaller investment than a whole collection. And i know YuJing or PanO can do this infinitely better, i just love morats, the aesthetics and their background so my question is, how do i hamstring myself less? lets assume my group doesnt like much tailoring, so we bring 2-3 lists to play, and the randomly choose a mission. first list, basically a full link of suryats, but not much more, kornak i like cuz of strategos and the cc threat he represents (plus BS14). idea is to let the dat and krakot advance and disrupt the enemy as much as they can, coordinate the solo dudes into positions and suppress, let the choochoo do most of the lifting, and if its that kind of mission, in the end the remaining specialists try to grab whats left. its obviously very susceptible to hacking, but i play mainly vs PanO and ariadny, here and then aleph, so that might be a problem, so i can switch 2 of the LI guys for a vanguard hacker or BIT and a remote (and downgrade the soggy to FB, cuz of SWC) Pain Train ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 2 SURYAT HMG + TinBot A (Deflector L1) / Pistol, CCW. (2 | 45) SURYAT Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 37) SURYAT Heavy Rocket Launcher, Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (2 | 39) KORNAK Lieutenant Mk12, Light Flamethrower / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 41) RAKTORAK Vulkan Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 22) SOGARAT AP HMG / Pistol, AP CCW. (2 | 56) DĀTURAZI Chain Rifle, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 14) KRAKOT RENEGADE Submachine Gun, Chest Mine / Pistol, DA CC Weapon. (0 | 15) MORAT Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 16) MORAT (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Now this other one is where im unsure wheter its completely garbage, or is it that much fun as i imagine it being. I'd link the vulcan and combi surys in a duo to advance and take up positions, eventually suppressing the combi, and make the threesome haris with kornak act as a little can-do-it-all link as main offensive piece, along with the soggy, who might just end up as a roadblock in supp. the vanguard link would be an aro bot with the ML and ofc fairy dust if needed. vs Ariadna and such id swap the hacker and ikadron for another paramedic and perhaps a 4th link team member for ssl6 or a dat for smoke, alternatively a krakot. sooo is a 3-4 man core link a stupid idea, sacrificing the juicy +3 for more flexibility in links? Links ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 SURYAT Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower + TinBot A (Deflector L1) / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 38) SURYAT Vulkan Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 37) SURYAT Heavy Rocket Launcher, Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (2 | 39) KORNAK Lieutenant Mk12, Light Flamethrower / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 41) RAKTORAK Combi Rifle + Heavy Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23) SOGARAT AP HMG / Pistol, AP CCW. (2 | 56) MORAT Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 16) MORAT Hacker (EI Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 22) MORAT Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 19) IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 9) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army as a final note, its a small group of people i am playing with, and not a very competitive one (yet ) , so i dont expect my lists to be hypercompetitive, i'd just like hear your opinion, say in case its glaringly stupid or unplayable. Thanks
  7. STOP PRESS- with the advent of Human Sphere 2- there will be many changes to the MAF. This thread is N3 PRE HS2. Having read a few threads recently- and seen a fantastic Tohaa guide- I thought it would be beneficial to start a Morat Discussion thread for N3. Much thanks to TheMatsjo for inspiring me... and yes- I liked the format so much I plagiarised it unashamedly! This will never be completed or definitive... Update as needed! THE N3 MORAT MANUAL 1. Thread Rules Welcome to the N3 Morat Sectorial faction guide! This thread is a resource for new and experienced players to get familiar with the basic outline of the Morats. I have played Morats almost exclusively for N2 and have learned many lessons... painfully. I am not an authority on everything- but I suggest to the forum that the collective wisdom of the Morat players on this board is somewhat of an authority on everything Morat. The intent is to produce a living guide that will be completely open and subject to change as new models are introduced and new concepts debated. I will update this accordingly. Everyone is free to chime in and add their 5 cents- everything is worthy of discussion! 2. Morat Playstyle The Morats are an unabashedly aggressive race. Ferocious and unflinching- they are the assault troops of the Combined Army. You will trudge your Morats forward and rely on firepower, smoke grenades and cold steel to wrench the enemy free from their positions. This complete lack of subtlety is demonstrated in that Morats have one infiltrating unit- the Zerat- and no form of camouflage or hidden deployment. Be warned- if you want fancy tricks and mind games- this is not the faction for you. If you like mowing down enemy figures in a hail of HMG fire... you are most welcome to join the illustrious Morat Supremacy. 3. Specific to the Morats On the face of it- Morats don't seem to do anything particular better than any other faction. This fact, coupled with the almost empty bag of tricks (no TO, no hidden deployment, no ODD), it may seem crippling. DODGE Spoiler The flipside of this coin is that the Morats have typically good PH meaning they can dodge better than most- and even throw smoke with a good chance of success. MORAT SPECIAL RULE Spoiler Also, with the MORAT SPECIAL RULE (all your Morat troops are Veteran Level 1 and all your Morat troops are Religious) the Morats will stay on the board until every last one is killed and most won't budge from being shot at (unless you want them to by passing a WIP roll). And with WIPs of 13, they'll take cover- grudgingly- but usually they will. Whilst Morats were punished by high priced units in N2 (attributed to their Religious ability), N3 price drops have made them more competitive. How this translates into the ITS2015 environment and beyond.... we will see. 4. Unit Discussion and Army Composition This could be an encyclopaedia on its own so I'll preface this section with my own pre-amble. Spoiler Army Core The back bone of a Morat force will vary depending on points values. In low points games- 150-250points- there is a general consensus that you will be fielding a 5 MEMBER LINK TEAM of either Daturazis or Morat Vanguard Infantry. How you flesh out that link team will be up to you to decide (see the unit discussions below). There can also be the (once ubiquitous) Oznat plus 4 Hungries link team. It's utility is being able to bring in 5 regular orders at very low cost (when linked) allowing you to bring in specialists and other tougher units. It has been quite rightly pointed out that linked Hungries can be killers in their own right- and at low points games they won't be running into the feared enemy Heavy Infantry much. In high points games- 300- 400points- there is now the option of bringing 5 MEMBER LINK TEAM of Yaogats or the much feared 4 member Sogarat Link team. (Suryats- the cheaper Heavy Infantry- are also an option- but I haven't seen any evidence of their efficacy over the Sogarats nor experimented myself). Offensive Support Having picked out your core units- you must factor in a second element for attack. Ideally it will work in tandem with your Core- covering up for their inherent weakness- though as we know in life, that's not always possible. Yaogats- with their MSV2, Q-Drones, Rasyat drop troops and solitary heavy infantry are some commonly chosen examples. Defensive Support Now those two elements are sorted, you need to consider objective grabbing, button pushing and general force maintenance. I am a firm believer that you should bring a Doctor, an Engineer and a hacker. It's a philosophy I clung to in N2 and I believe it holds true in N3. There might be times you'll leave one at home- but think carefully about it because you may rue that decision! We have a few good options- Dr. Worm being the most famous- but honourable mentions go to the Kurgat Engineer with Mk12 and the Vanguard Infantry Hacker. 4.1 LIGHT INFANTRY 4.1.1 Morat Vanguard Infantry Spoiler They are an excellent line infantry unit. Reasonable BS and good PH means that they can either shoot or dodge with some success. I personally run a 5 member link team with a HMG. It is in fact a staple of my low points games- Burst 5, +3 BS HMG fire is godlike and makes supposedly woeful line infantry an absolute menace in the active turn. They are also a cheap(-ish) source of specialists. The hacker being a very important one. But more on that later in the hacking section. Special note: if you bring a Vanguard Hacker do NOT include him in the link team. Long skill gagdet programs will drop him from the link. Until that part of the rules is FAQ'd or Errata'd- just don't. 4.1.2 Kurgat Assault Engineers Spoiler These combat engineers are a good source of specialists as well- coming in Boarding Shotgun, MK12 and Autocannon versions. The Kurgat with the Mk12 is probably the most famous of the three. And the most useful. Being light infantry- he can move 4-4 to an objective, seize it and then lay mines around it. The Mk12 is also a great weapon in its own right and the Kurgat can be relied on in a pinch to serve as an assault unit. The autocannon version- despite being a great model- is of limited utility (versus cost per unit). The autocannon is a great weapon against tough enemies but it is only good when it hits. The Kurgat- with BS11 will often be using this big weapon against particularly tough units who will (more often than not) have a much higher BS. And at B2, you're going to lose those face to face rolls a lot more often than you think. 4.1.3 Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid Spoiler Affectionately known as Dr. Worm, he is the best value specialist in the Combined Army. He is a Doctor as well as Engineer and he has a WIP14 to boot! With such a high WIP, most of the time he will repair and heal on command... mostly. Add to that fact that he has 6-4 movement, is on a S2 base (so easier to hide) and can have some slave drones to help him out he is almost always included in my armies. Dr. Worm comes highly recommended! 4.1.4 Treitak ANYAT Spoiler A Dire Foes specialist, she is almost an auto-include. For 25 points, she is a specialist, linkable with Vanguard infantry, has climbing plus, E/M grenades, smoke, a chain colt and a K1 Combi-rifle. In my experience she is most useful linked with Vanguard infantry- leading to a B4 K1 combi-rifle and extra +3BS to hit- making her a reasonable anti-armour option. Also, her B2 smoke grenades in ARO also make her more survivable. (Be aware that all members must have the same ARO or be dropped from the link team though!). Her utility is using the link team as a vehicle to deliver her onto target and then she utilises her climbing plus to get to her target- or peek up over a wall and gun her target down. E/M grenades are great for remotes or TAGs around corners but now that speculative fire is a long skill that will boot her from the link team- it had better be a great payoff or you'll regret it. She can be run solo rather like a homing missile but she is fragile so be careful! 3.2 MEDIUM INFANTRY 3.2.1 Yaogat Strike Infantry Spoiler I will admit that I am totally biased for these guys. On the face of it- with no linkable specialists and MOV4-2 and relatively expensive- many players would ignore them. However- they are the only models with MULTI-SPECTRAL VISOR LEVEL 2. TO/ ODD/ Mimetism are an absolute pain to deal with- and seemingly prolific in the Infinity battle scape (PanO and ALEPH especially). Without any visors you will be frustrated beyond belief by the added modifiers to hit! And with template weapons being much easier to dodge these days- trusting in flame throwers and chain rifles may prove unfounded... MSV2- coupled with linkable ability means you have a fire team that covers the biggest weakness of the Morats... no camo. The basic Yaogat also comes with Panzerfausts which can serve as (admittedly limited) anti-TAG, anti- Heavy Infantry weapon. Using Yaogat MSV2 with either Anyat to throw smoke (or Daturazis) goes some way in covering our inherent weakness against ODD. And it makes TAG hunting with panzerfausts a little bit safer. I typically run a link a team of 5 members- 4 with combi-rifles and panzerfausts (four panzerfausts are never enough!) and a spitfire. The B2 Panzerfaust can be a powerful deterrent in ARO! The downside is that it costs a LOT of points and is actually quite fragile. Being PH12, ARM3 and 1 wound... be careful with them. They can die like flies.... If that kind of link team isn't your flavour, it could be viable to use a Yaogat sniper (armed with a MSR) as your defence in depth. The MSV2 is a godsend for a well placed sniper because the rampaging units of the enemy will usually have ODD or mimetism- and a DA round to the face can stop them in their tracks. 3.2.2 Rasyat Diplomatic Division Spoiler The Morats' only choice in Aerial Deployment units... when they drop in the right spot they can be pivotal. If I do run a Rasyat- it's usually the combi rifle option. Why? Because of cost- the Spitfire version is costly! They all have zero-V smoke and coupled with a PH13 that is *very* useful for keeping a solo unit alive when on its own on the other side of the battlefield. Two versions also have MA3- granting them Stealth- and CC21, meaning that landing behind someone without alerting them and then running up and gutting them is now a real option (or sticking D-Charges on them- thanks for that Paulfuscious)! (Note: this doesn't grant Surprise Attack- you need Camo to benefit from that). The ones with Natural Born Warrior (until the human sphere rewrite happens)- don't have stealth. He can be used a suicide/ distraction unit with some success or as a tie breaker mid-game. You decide. 3.2.3 Raktorak Spoiler Much maligned... and perhaps rightly so. The stats aren't anything special and they benefit from 'Jungle Terrain'- fluffy- but not that useful for most Infinity battlefields. The weapon load out is interesting- combi-rifle + heavy flame thrower OR Vulkan shotgun- but in utility versus other infantry he is less valuable. The only benefit I can see from this model is that it can link with Suryats to make a cheaper 5 member link team. Apart from that, I would rather spend those 22 points elsewhere. There is a big discussion on his utility here: 3.2.4 Kornak Gazarot Spoiler Now this guy is definitely value for money. Strategos Level 1 (if he is your Lieutenant)- meaning the Lt. special order becomes a regular order in the pool. I would bring him just for this trait! That extra order can be pivotal. The rest of him is great as well. Armed with a Mk12- he is good at range. With Berserk and CC22 and kinematica Level 1, he is a close combat monster as well. He has fantastic BTS. And then to top it off, he has No Wound Incapacitation (just beware of shock ammo!). He can also be teamed up with Heavy Infantry to make the fabled 4 man Sogarat link team (and the less famous 5 man Suryat link team)- who are beasts in assaulting the enemy base line. I cannot recommend this guy enough. The only limiting factor is that at 41 points- I wouldn't be able to take him at low points cost games (< 200 points). I tend to be quite conservative with him, believing that Strategos Level 1 order being worth keeping him out of the line of fire. But hey, if you want to unleash the monster... go for it. 3.2.5 Rodoks Spoiler With no models yet released there isn't a lot of data out there- just snippets from one line battle reports. They have linkable specialists- fantastic! And have super jump- which improves their mobility- though they are still MOV4-2. I can imagine situations which make it easier for them to leap over a building rather than laboriously climb or go around it so that helps a bit- but..... The mimetism helps- so a Rodok in Suppression Fire in cover is at an impressive -9 to hit! I can't get a good grasp on what they do until I take them out for a game. As soon as the models are released and played with we will have a better idea. UPDATED!!!: Better discussion here: Cliffs: Mimetism and link bonus and mines = being a pain. 3.3 HEAVY INFANTRY 3.3.1 Sogarat Tempest Regiment Spoiler They are ARM6 and 2W and PH15 with an automedkit. Repeat those stats because that is the selling point of these beasts. The best thing about these guys is when they get knocked unconscious (more like if they get KO'd- ARM9 in cover is godlike)- & they drop behind a parapet- hidden from sight, most likely they'll get back up and back into the fight next active turn. You have a Feuerbach option for armour hunting and a HMG for flesh hunting. The lower burst feuerbach is great for ARO. They can serve as a Lieutenant too- but I'd advise against it. Heavy assault units with firepower (like Sogarats) will be hunting prey that is just as deadly (like TAGs) and they aren't invincible so I'd be careful. Some people would disagree re: Sog Lt being a bad thing. "Morats all have veteran lvl 1, losing their LT means nothing to them. That means is advantages for Morats to pick a super aggressive LT since they have little to fear by his lost. Not to mention the Sogarats are the toughest LT you can take." That being said what really makes them legendary is... LINK TEAM WITH KORNAK! The fabled Sogarat link team is something of Infinity folklore- horrendously expensive- but horrendously deadly tough to put down too. NOTE that being Veteran Level 1- they are immune to isolation. Yes, that's right, they might be statued by a hacker but they'll contribute their order to the pool until an Engineer fixes them. A discussion on their value can be found here: 3.3.2 Suryats Spoiler The other, less glorious, heavy infantry unit. I don't have a lot of experience with these guys- but multirifles in a link team should make TAG hunting a real possibility. They are ARM4- which is good in cover... but really... compared to ARM6? I'll experiment with them when the new models come out and report back with results.... Suryat discussion here: Paulfuscious- who clearly has had some fun with these guys adds: As for why a Suryat link may be chosen over a Sogarat one, the +3 BS for a 5 man link becomes incredible in that link. Kornak goes to BS: 20 with his Mk12 if in optimal range and no modifiers and the Suryat vulcan shotgun goes to an amazing BS: 22! If you've never fired a burst 3, BS: 22 vulcan shotgun into a room of enemies, I highly recommend it. It makes people cry. 3.4 TAG/ REMOTES 3.4.1 Raicho TAG Spoiler I like the model. And as a unit- it serves as a reasonable assault model. I'm not in favour of its cost, low-ish BS (versus other TAGs) and the fact it stocks no other skills or abilities. It is also hackable. Yes.... like the aliens in Independence Day, the humans have finally cracked the code and us Morats will have to live with it. It doesn't suit my play style- and the arguments over link-teams vs. TAGs, and TAGs in N3 notwithstanding- but it may suit yours. Don't rambo it, make sure it is supported with an engineer. And before anyone tries the AVA2.... I've done it and I wouldn't recommend it. The critical weakness of the Morat Aggression Force is camo... all it takes is one Swiss Guard with a missile launcher in an elevated position and 180 points will be paste. So don't run two of them. Just don't. 3.4.2 Remotes Spoiler Q-DRONE I love this model. 360 visor, Total reaction, mimetism and 6-4 movement. And then you can toss GADGET programs on top. A fantastic defensive unit- especially with Marksmanship level 2- and also a great offensive unit with it's mobility and mimetism. The choice of whether to use plasma or HMG is a debated one, but since I veer on the side of using it defensively, I favour the HMG. I consider it a must. OTHER DRONES I can't comment on the other drone options as I have never used them! LoL! Feel free to chime in. Pierzasty notes that the Sensor Drone is a cheapish specialist, a fast mover and has handy tools like Sniffer. Making it a useful adjunct to getting rid of the always irritating camo enemies. M-DRONE: 17 point MOV6-4 specialist (Forward Observer) with WIP13. If there was a cheap, quick, button pusher- here it is. It also has 'Deactivator'- for mine clearing (once discovered), 'Sat-Lock'- useful for lighting up Camo markers and TARGETING them. It also has 'Sensor'- good for discovering nearby enemies (WIP +6 roll!). And should you feel up to it- you can risk this drone in a triangulated fire attack on a particularly annoying ODD figure. Be warned: that is a long skill, which means you have to move into position first... and ODD troops are notorious for being good in ARO.... R-DRONE: Repeater and sniffer. And 8 points. Useful for those annoying Hidden deployment figures I suppose, but I'd personally pay a point more and take a batroid. 3.4.3 Ikadron Batroids Spoiler They are cheap order generators. Double light flame throwers makes them useful flank protectors and the 'baggage' ability may prove situationally useful for some scenarios. Did I mention they were cheap order generators? Also: Don't forget that batroids with the baggage skill can now re-load weapons with limited ammo. Running out of panzerfausts doesn't really need to be a 'thing' anymore, altho I'm unsure if reloading gives full ammo for it or just one shot as it's not clear and I can see an argument for both sides. Either way, if you need one more shot, a batroid following around the Yaogat link (or lone yaogat) is actually a decent option! 3.5 WARBANDS 3.5.1 Daturazi Spoiler A staple of the Morat army. Cheap, smoke throwing close combat monsters. With Mimetism. They also have an impetuous order to help get you closer to the enemy (and probably shot at too!). Never fear, with a PH14 and smoke grenades (that's a 'dodge' roll on 17!) they have a fair chance at survival. Not fantastic- but hey.... They are also linkable- and getting one of these shotgun wielding maniacs into firing range (+6 range band, +3 link bonus) and B3 means a lot of pain for the enemy. This tactic- discover/shoot- with such a unit has been suggested as a way of dealing with Camo/ODD. The other use for the combi rifle wielding Daturazi is to remember to put him on suppressive fire in a useful close ranged environment. With mimetism and the extra -3 to hit from suppression- that's a -6 to hit on the enemy. CC is where these guys really shine. CC21 and MA level 4 means you will most likely kill your enemy in hand to hand. Especially if you toss smoke to cover the enemy figure and charge in so they can't shoot at you. Daturazis are often underestimated by opponents... but only before encountering them in hand to hand. Many players swear by Daturazis the same way I swear by Yaogat MSV2... use them and be convinced. 3.5.2 Oznat Spoiler This unit's claim to fame is being able to link with Hungries and thus producing a cheap source of regular orders. This can be absolutely key in getting your 10 regular orders in a low points game. With the rehaul of points costings- she's seen less action as part of my army in 300 point plus games. However- linkable hungries are still deadly- and she has a smoke grenade launcher as well- which can help with survivability. In N2- she was a necessity- usually run in a separate combat group with her team of Hungries and sent on suicide charges across the board. The link would eventually break and I'd reallocate the Link to my Vanguards (or Yaogats). I have to see if this still works in N3... I suspect it won't as the command token to deduct 2 orders would be spent by a canny opponent on the Combat group with the Hungries- making them trapped in no-man's land with no orders to charge home. Splod summarizes this change in the meta from N2 to N3 brilliantly: "In N2 the 4x Preta and Oznat link was popular as it allowed a cheap source of orders for the much more expensive Morats, and suppressed the impetuous nature of the bugs. With the price of Morats reduced with N3, and the Pretas increasing to 7pts each, their value seems somewhat dimminished. Especially when compared against the option of a link team of Vanguard and Anyat Having said that, I'm yet to run the Oznat & Hungry link in N3, but I feel we will be seeing less of the brood linked on our tables." 3.5.3 Hungries Spoiler They are dross. Cheapish suicide units that *might* do something useful. They all have Kinematica 1. Firstly- Gakis. 4 points. Extremely impetuous and Irregular. 6-6 MOV and climbing plus. AP CCWs. And they explode when they go unconscious. Expect nothing from these critters and they might do something useful. Put them well forward of your main line so that when they explode there are no friendly casualties.... Good enemy positioning will mean that most of them will die miserable deaths to ARO shots... but.... ... should they reach the enemy line- CC and explosions galore! Secondly- Pretas. 7 points. No more biomines. But they are dogged still and the trusty chain rifle 'spit' is still there (admittedly less effective now with new Dodge rules). I think Pretas are too expensive for a suicide unit but if you had a stray 7 points and wanted to pump orders into a chain rifle wielding, climbing plus, dogged critter... with the possibility of taking out some cheerleaders.... why not? Key point for Hungries- they are there purely for nuisance value. 3.6 SKIRMISHERS 3.6.1 Zerat Special Mission Regiment Spoiler This unit is quite special as it is the only infiltrator in the entire Morat army. Throw in the assault hacking device and it is the only infiltrating specialist the Morats have. And in ITS land... that is very important. It is by this fact alone that Zerats are seen in my army. They have mimetism- which helps with survivability (a little bit)- but they really should be kept out of the line of fire. The vanilla Zerat is useful by virtue of a LFT and mines- very helpful if you've infiltrated her forward and you want to play havoc with the enemy- but to be honest, I never use her- choosing the hacker variant instead (for objective grabbing purposes). The sniper unit is generally poo-poo'd due to combination of average BS, no camouflage nor any visor. Many would recommend that you spend your SWC and points elsewhere. 5. MORAT STRATEGIES/ TACTICS I will update as threads emerge. ODD/ TO/ CAMO Spoiler Link here: If you haven't been properly taken to the cleaners by a TO Sniper or HMG- then you haven't properly played Morats. The MAF clean up against light infantry- but against the tricksy ODD figures of advanced armies you will suffer. And suffer a lot. There has been much discussion but essentially it boils down to three things: 1. VISORS and linked Yaogats (Sixth Sense Level 2). 2. Daturazis- discover/ shoot/ smoke. Intuitive Attack is included- though I must stress that since it is a Long Skill (attack)- it WILL break your link team. This has definitely taken the shine off DTWs run by Daturazis but hey... if you're close enough to chain rifle, you might as well charge in and give them the taste of cold steel... right? 3. Sensors. I haven't tried it to be honest- but it strikes me as a laborious process- and doesn't negate the actual -9 to hit against an ODD figure in partial cover. (Unless they're TARGETED perhaps?). Death adds, "Also, sensors have access to triangulated fire (ignore all modifies and take a flat -3 to BS instead) which gives Morats another way to deal with enemy TO/ODD. Taking one M-Drone might be a good idea." What M-Drone's can also offer- if you dislike exposing yourself for triangulated fire- is "SAT LOCK." They just need to be in the sensor area and they can SAT-LOCK target people after discovering them. It reduces the typical -9 to hit (-6 for ODD and -3 for cover) to a more manageable -6, and if you're in a positive range band, that's reduced to a decent -3 to hit. Just roll lots of dice when you do it.... ARIADNA CAMO SPAM Spoiler The summary is that your active turn is going to be not enjoyable. Roughly half your orders will be discover and the majority of them will fail. How's that for order efficiency? That's essentially the crux of the problem: your either build to discover/kill or build for the objectives in the mission. Trying to do both is going to be really hard. That being said there are a few ideas... A special section just for this problem... MULTI-WOUND HEAVY INFANTRY/ TAGS Spoiler Aside from ODD/ TO- these will be the other thorn in your side. You have a few options for dealing with these units. A. SPRAY AND PRAY High burst HMG/ Spitfires and hope that something sticks. This is why we bring link teams- and preferably of 5 to get that extra +3BS to turn mediocre light infantry (or even medium infantry) to compete against hard targets. B5 with +3BS will usually put the odds in your favour against an ARO-ing Heavy Infantryman. Hitting is one thing- but armour in cover will usually be saving on at least an 8. So a lot will bounce off... leaving us with.... B. PANZERFAUSTS Carried by Yaogats and preferably linked in a team of 5 for extra +3BS. Even so you are only rolling one or two dice against the enemy ARO who will be (usually) shooting back on quite high BS. A basic TAG usually touts a BS15 and with +3 for optimal range- that's an ARO on an 18 with EXP ammo. Yes, that's right- 18! To stack the odds in your favour- I'd suggest tossing smoke to cover the Yaogat who's taking the shot (and make sure he's in partial cover too. That's a -9 to hit just to start with, it's almost like our version of ODD (and like ODD- if your target has MSV you'll have to grit your teeth). It's not a free for all though, Yaogats are fragile and they usually miss with at least one Panzerfaust- keeping it a tense experience. But that's why we love Infinity.... C. D-CHARGES Paulfuscious comments: ... the proliferation of d-charges on Morat troops. Rasyats, Kurgats and Zerat hackers all are equipped with these making it fairly easy to sneak secondary objectives, but also are brutal as an attack in melee against very heavy armed targets such as tags. A rasyat in melee with a TAG, planting d-charges on it is actually a pretty effective way to deal with a large threat. The combination of CC:21 and MA: 3 means the odds will also be in your favor to tie up that monster for longer than your opponent wishes. If the rasyat falls, your kurgat can safely detonate the d-charges (or do that anyway while the Rasyat still lives!). D. MISSILE LAUNCHER Carried by a lowly Vanguard infantryman... and is there if you have no other option. He has some strong downsides: no visor, BS11, 1W and 1ARM. And since he is unable to stack the odds in your favour- it's a tough ask to get this guy (even in a full link team) to face down an Aquila Guard in cover. I think it has its place but it's even more dicey than any of the other options. 6. CYBER WARFARE If hacking is your thing... you've come to the wrong place! Morats trust in their guns more than their hackers and this is evidenced by the paucity of hackers- and their relatively low WIP compared to ALEPH/ Nomads. ... OK, perhaps I've over exaggerated. For straight up hacking, it's true- the Morat stat line and unit choices aren't the best in the business... BUT... sometimes it's a great way to burn the enemy order pool if they're running HI/ Hackers. How? With M-drones (the FO, sensor and repeater!) and with Ikadron batroids (also repeaters!). Admittedly I don't think it's a good active turn trick to pull considering how squishy these units are), but having that coverage in reactive turn (and whilst they can hide in total cover) can really upset enemy order efficiency. I usually run a Vanguard hacker (EI hacking device) and the Zerat Hacker (Assault hacking device) in ITS button pushing missions and letting the two of them ARO (Blackout, Carbonite, Sucker Punch- EI HD only) almost with impunity when HI or hackers walk into range of a repeater is a novel and enjoyable experience! Spoiler Link to CA/ Sectorial Hacking discussion here: Your choices are: A. Morat Vanguard Hacker (EI Hacking Device). B. Zerat Assault Hacker. C. Rodok Hacker- (no model released yet) Knowing this you can either: Infiltrate the Zerat Hacker and "Stop!"... I'll Shoot. It can be feasible (provided you pass your PH -3 roll) to get close to the enemy deployment zone and assassinate quick moving hackers (Aragato biker hackers are a good example) before they run rampant. Admittedly you'll need to hold her in reserve to do this which might not suit the overall battle plan. Vanguard Hacker- Marksmanship level 2 on a Q-Drone. I cannot emphasise how frightful this turns a lowly TR remote. It was golden during the active turn AND reactive turn. Most enemies- if they survive the hit- will go prone or move to total cover- clearing the way for your forces to advance. Apart from that, walk up into the ZOC bubble and try casting... Though I'd rather trust in my guns- WIP13 trying to IMMOBILISE a WIP14/15 heavy infantry is fraught with potentially wasted attempts). As free AROs however- they are excellent. "Sucker Punch" is a great anti-hacker ARO for someone trying to hack your hacker. D16, Double Trouble ammo... why not? Paulfuscious has a very good approach on hacking support for Morats (emphasis mine): The Vanguard Hacker I think is actually one of the most useful hackers in N3 now. The assisted landing program to get your Rasyats to land on a PH:16 roll is spectacular. That's only one less than a Cascuda used to land on! They also shine as hacker killers. For 22pts on what is essentially a 'throw away' troop, they can hunt down enemy hackers and be fairly comfortable with having a better chance of winning a hacking duel. One of the more important traits on the Sucker Punch program is that the target is at -3 WIP to oppose you. So you will be on WIP:13 v's most likely 11 or 12. If they lose, DAM:16 DT will kill all but the most lucky targets. Outside the EI basic hacking devices, Hacking Plus is the only place to get the sucker punch program, so I think it's well worth taking! Editor's note: You Can Go Via a Repeater (Ikadron) and get the Firewall bonus!!! The penalties it applies to hackers trying to hack back in defense (-3 WIP to them and +3BTS to you) may make that Ikadron much more useful than you think. Also, the Rodok and Zerat are both equipped with assault hacking devices, so if you want gadget programs to buff things, you will HAVE to take the Vanguard. On the assault hacking devices, they both gain access to the very potent 'STOP!' program which is brilliant for turning off enemy hackable troops. The Rodok hacker also having a boarding shotgun makes a fairly brutal combo for turning off HI troops from behind a wall, then safely jumping over with his AP damage shotgun to cause much pain. 7. COMMAND TOKENS AND INITIATIVE My thoughts are that you should go first if you can. The lack of TO/ Camo/ Hidden deployment troops means that you'll taste the enemy's guns at full power. And you don't want that! Try to go first and deplete the enemy order pool (and maybe bag an objective on the way?). There may be one or two scenario dictated situations (Supremacy) where going second may confer special advantages but for the most part- go first. Those command tokens? Look after them- eminently useful (and beyond the realms of this talk. However- our links are our lifeline- save those tokens for Link reformation or shifting warm bodies into the main combat group. 8. GETTING STARTED WITH THE MAF.... So you've got the starter set and you're wondering where to go with it? Spoiler Just get playing- you'll pick things up as you go. That being said, if you like planning things out there are some good suggestions here... Link: And here for a quick run down on for a reasonable 150point list Link: Some 200 point discussion: Spoiler Some 300 points ITS lists: Spoiler Link: Link: And some further discussion about ITS orientated Morats: And here is an interesting discussion about Order Spam Morats... Spoiler 9. BATTLE REPORTS Spoiler For everyone just starting out in Infinity- be aware that errors in the rules do turn up in battle reports. Pay attention the comments in videos and editorial comments in the written batreps. Infinity is a complex game and we try to do our best! N2: Beholdtheomega > Total Reaction 3: 2014: 250 points: > MAF vs. NCA 300 points: > MAF vs. ALEPH 250 points: > MAF vs. ALEPH 300 points: > MAF vs. Caledonians 300 points: > MAF vs. QK 300 points: > MAF vs. Nomads 300 points: Micky Ward > MAF vs. Yu-Jing 200 points: > MAF vs. ASS: 200 points: > MAF vs. QK: 300 points: MiniWarGaming > MAF vs. ALEPH: 300 points: GeekofSpades > Morat vs. Corregidor: 200points: N3: BeholdtheOmega > MAF vs Yu-Jing 400 points: > MAF vs. PanO 200 points: Frontline Gaming > MAF vs. ALEPH: > MAF vs. ALEPH: Starter vs. Starter: Learning Infinity Batreps: > > Guerilla Miniature Gaming > Infinity Forum > MAF ITS: Link: Spoiler 10. MISC.CA Unit Profiles and QRS:And if someone could teach me the spoiler function... that'd be great! -Thanks, Pierzasty!
  8. Hey there! I´m dipping my toes in the Morat pool, and was wondering if you guys had any advice for me! I´m making a list for Highly Classified, and I´m having a hard time fitting in all the things I want while at the same time actually spending all my SWC! (which is a new problem for me...) The only thing that´s "non-negotiable" for me is using the Oznat + hungries Core team along with a Yaogat Haris team (Love the idea of that) and preferably the Rasyat, because that old model is cool as hell. Would you change anything in this list? Is having the spare SWC really an issue? Thanks! Highly Classified / Engineering Deck ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 110 1 MORAT Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 14) MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23) SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) YAOGAT (Fireteam: Haris) Combi Rifle + Panzerfaust / Pistol, CCW. (0.5 | 30) YAOGAT Spitfire / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 32) YAOGAT Hacker (EI Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Grenades / Pistol, CCW. (0.5 | 36) Q-DRONE HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26) DĀTURAZI Chain Rifle, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 14) ZERAT (Forward Observer) Boarding Shotgun, Grenades, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 22) M-DRONE Combi Rifle, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (0 | 17) IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 9) GROUP 22 4 5 OZNAT Vulkan Shotgun, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 20) PRETA Chain Rifle / AP CCW. (0 | 7) PRETA Chain Rifle / AP CCW. (0 | 7) GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4) GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4) RASYAT Combi Rifle, D-Charges, Eclipse Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 29) 4.5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army
  9. Hello there! This is my 1st post here, so it will serve both as the starting point for my Morat -blog and an introduction of sorts. A few weeks ago a lot of my friends suddenly shifted their interest towards Infinity. We have all played different miniature games for as long as we can remember, and usually when this sort of thing happens a lot of us go all in. This time it was no different. At least 10 of us now, all either ordered their armies or all ready received them. I really dug the look and feel of the Morats, and decided I would get a nice group of them. About a week ago I received my miniatures and I was itching to crack on with them. First week results you can see in this 1st post, but I will try and add stuff every week if I can, untill I feel I am done. So. Lets start. First off, here is a rather standard Axe-wielding Daturazi. I really like this model, and felt tilting him forwards with a base design adds to the aggressive stance. I chopped the axe a bit, since I felt it looked a bit unwieldy. Next, this guy had a little more done to him. Another Datu, but I wanted him to dual-wield swords. Nothing too fancy, just some minor sculpt work to get the arm to fit the socket. I really wanted to go all-Morat, so I needed an engineer. The old Kurgat models did not convince me, but I found a Kurgat conversion from these forums somewhere (sorry that I cant give better credit where credit is due - a nice idea!) and I had to do the same. Its basically the Raktorak model from the Agressor-box but I used a dremel to carve out some of the armour from the torso to make room for the shotgun arms of a Daturazi. I also added the loin cloth from a Datu. Need to go back and greenstuff some minor problems, like the butt of the shotgun and the loincloths connection to the groin. I guess here it gets interesting? I was trying to figure out what to do with an unarmed Datu, and while browsing the list builder I started to zoom in on the Spec Ops Morat. Not really knowing the rules behind them, I looked them up and realised I really want one. More accurately, I wanted a Rambo. I used the spare torso from a Datu combined with the spare arms from the Raktorak model, but replaced the gun with a HMG from the vanguard box. The trickiest part was to carve the support hand from the HMG, as I wanted him to sport that gun with a single hand. I also wanted a bayonet. I am from the 80s and I can not help myself. I also removed the beard with a dremel before I started to sculpt details like the pouches and leg bag. Also needed to add some muscle to the arm joints to make them fit. I love this guy. Last but not least from the first 5, I wanted to make a medic. I decided to use the spare vanguard torso and the support arm. Again I raided the Datu box for the gun arm. I was thinking of using the unclenched hand from the Datu's too, but decided against it and sculpted the missing hand together with a medipack. Also added some other details, like the leg bag and the shoulder armour for the naked arm. I feel the Doc came out more badass than I was thinking, but I am glad he did. So yeah! That is my 1st week done. So far I am LOVING it. Cant wait to get painting. Hope you fellas dig what I have come up so far. - M
  10. read this first Vorkot Zerkat, Treitak special operations corps, Karaktak Regiment To: ALL Urulak, ALL VT73 Subject: Meatbag diversion The Subjugator asked us to play a little Gesurat and Gurlanak with the meatbags, so we did. Unsurprisingly, the Hollow One onboard the Forerunner had a little plan of its own, so we had to send a drone out with some false information. From the chatter that the carrier ships picked up, the hogwash the Hollow One cooked up sent the meatbags running like newborn Dorlanak... The dishonorable demeanor of these meatbags disgusts me, as I'm sure it does you. Take that hatred and make them pay for their weakness with blood! Here are the latest assignments for the regiments on the Zolak, Tortak and Vertak carriers: Karaktak, Pride of the Fireborn: We will pick up some of the Hollow Ones and also two Legates to show them how we deal with the changeling meatbags. I like hunting these Bekartak! It looks so disgusting and awkward when they change from their usual meatbag selves into their warforms. They are still no match for our Daturazi! Vokartak, Hammer of the First Age: My esteemed brethren, you are honored to take the fight to the slaver meatbags. I trust you will show them that their mechanical toys are no match for the power of the Morat Supremacy! I long to hear their anguish when their skulls crunch under your Sogarat boots! Tertartak, Cotoya's finest Hunters: The meatbags think you will go to their I∂unn Station, and are fleeing in droves. They will run towards your waiting rifles and Preta claws! I have enclosed the datafile for your enjoyment. Please record their death cries for me, so I can listen to the meatbags dying while I write your next deployment...!
  11. Hi all! Playing Infinity intensively during its second edition and painting loads of miniatures on the way, I've been very stoked delving into the new edition some weeks ago, with updated rules and story background as well as a lot of new sculpts! At the moment, the game really has me in its grip and I totally fell in love with it, again. What I do like most about this game? Besides the complex and elaborated rules, the fast-paced action, the interesting story, and art, it is by far the miniatures! The sculpts are without comparison, so much detail, such great design! Because of my passion for the hobby, I'd like to share my work with you and can't wait for your feedback! After finishing my Shasvastii Haiduk with Multi Sniper Rifle, I took some time taking pictures of all the Infinity Shasvastii models I've painted so far. Hope you like it! I think I'm going to add a Gwailo with Heavy rocket launcher long term because I would love to play a fireteam of Cadmus-Naish Agent Sheskiin with 2 Gwailos Next projects will be Onyx! Can't wait for it! I'm pretty excited playing the Morat Rodoks Fireteam with one Umbra Legate Hacker for support. Have you tried it and what's your experience? Btw: If you are on Facebook, check out my page: Cheers from Germany!
  12. Hi all, I'm more of a painter than a gamer (although I'd love to get a few games in at some point in the future but in truth I still can't tell my ARO's from my elbow) so I thought I'd share my new found love for painting Infinity minis. This is my second attempt at it after I chickened out on the Steel Phalanx set a couple of years ago (they are quite scary to be fair). I've had Icestorm and the Morat Starter + Sniper (because angry red apes in space) in my cabinet for months, painted a few Mercs in between, and thought it was time to give them some love (about a week's worth). So here goes: Rev. Healer (who doesn't love Nuns with guns?) Love the cornrows... Brigada! Group Shot Morat Group A favourite named character of mine, possibly the best ever, Senor Massacre! I've used a combination of Vallejo and Scale 75 paints and, besides the base coats of the Brigada and Sogarat, it's all brush work. Thanks for looking
  13. Hello I am an outright novice when it comes to 3D software. I have taken a few short courses on Blender and one in Cinema 4D in my school, but that was more about box modelling / animation and not that deep either. About 3 weeks ago I finally decided I am going to learn how to sculpt with a good sculpting software. I study graphic design and am about to start my thesis on character design, and usually I would sculpt in clay if something needed to be sculpted, but I want to change that. Todays standards and whatnot. My challenge for myself is to learn Zbrush well enough come end of January, that I can produce my thesis work utilising it. I have only just begun, and made a few 2-4 hour "test runs" and I think I am starting to get the hang of the basic principles at least for sketching (and using the damn camera views :D) Anyway, one of the training pieces I did was this head sculpt. I would love to be able to make a full body sculpt at some point, but I am not yet there Still I thought you guys might enjoy seeing this one, and maybe even more if I end up making Infinity -based stuff as practice. I used the original Daturazi sculpt by GT Studio Creations as my reference - first time ever I had to dualwield laptops, running Zbrush on my PC while using my Mac to simultaneously watch Zbrush tutorials on youtube and keeping the original Daturazi sculpt on the screen as ref... My workflow is all over the place but I hope it gets more sensible as I progress. Enough talk - picture
  14. Original title: Do Morats fly? Since I get the impression that Rasyat are simply trained to fall more slowly than other apes. Dat jump pack, though... For scenery purposes, I've been wondering if Morats have a navy. I mean, for a shock troop army, they need to get planetside one way or another, and my fake-ape pride simply forbids me from taking Umbra or Vector ships. With the somewhat blocky appearance of Morat armor (Raicho notwithstanding), I'm thinking of abusing one or two of the Clone Wars model kits. However, as I don't have access to all the fluff, are the spacefaring capabilities of the Morats mentioned anywhere? Possibly illustrated? With what I know of Morats, I find it perfectly feasible that like the fabled Angry Marines, they could theoretically traverse interplanetary space by pure force of rage alone... *which brings me to another fruitless pondering: What do Morat grunts read on R&R? Wild Oznat Illustrated? InCursion Weekly? The Zerat Swimsuit Calendar? Do they even lift read?
  15. With the "new" Wiki for N3/HSN3 we now have a list of possible fireteams. Wiki Fireteams (Morat) First of all, Morat is missing the declaration for Haris*3. But my primary question is, do the Suryat in the Haris*2 Option (Kornak + Raktorak + Suryat) need to have Haris? Or can I choose any Suryat like HMG/HRL.? In my humble opinion they do not need it. If we take the Korak + 2 Sogarat Haris option, no Sogarat has an Haris option, so it is Kornak who brings the Haris option. So the question is brings Kornak the Haris option? If we look at the Sogarats, it is yes. If we look at the Suryats it is unclear. If we say yes compared to Sogarats, Kornak + Raktorak + Suryat (non Haris) is possible. If no, it is Kornak + Raktorak + Suryat:Haris. The Raktorak says that he can join a Core or Haris of Suryats, so it should be the Suryat with Haris (so it is an Suryat Haris fireteam, and not a Kornak Haris fireteam). We have one point for yes (Sogarats) and one point for no (Raktorak) which is the one? Only with Army Tool it is no, with new wiki I don't know. Maybe Army Tool was wrong all the time. Anyway Kornak + Raktorak + Suryat (non Haris) would be a really goog Haris option. If we find an answer till saturday noon, would be great. I have to send my lists for the german mastership. :-)
  16. I was looking around the CB website and came across this image. How many Morat players are offended by this image? How could CB approve such a horrible mistake? How can we ever let them live this down?
  17. So I tried looking for this one, but forum search doesn't like to give me any useful information so I will ask (or re-ask if it is one that has been answered)- I know that Spec Ops units are linkable to the troop type that they belong to. (Grunt spec ops link to other grunts, ect.) But what about Treitak (MAF)? I would normally not ask, because it should be self explanatory. But Anyat is linkable to Vanguard. I could hope that a Spec Ops Treitak would be also!
  18. Hi guys, Question about Haris formation in MAF: Can you form a Haris with Kornak, 1 Raktorak and 1 Suryat? It's not explicitly stated, but based on the fact that you can have a Haris of Kornak and up to 2 Suryats, and that 1 Raktorak can join a Haris of Suryats, the implication is there. From those rules it's clear that you can have those three and have it count as a Fireteam: Core at least, but it's a bit shady on whether or not that can be your Haris. Anyone able to give clarification? The army list pdf doesn't clarify any further.
  19. Hello there fellow hobbyists! It was nearly two years since I played any miniature game at all and a little bit more than that since I touched my painting station and painted even a single most tiny thing. Quite a lot of time. Lately though some new arrangements allowed me to return to the glorious hobby of wargaming and since Infinity for me is the best game mechanic-wise and one of the best miniature wise, obviously it was my first choice to return to. That's enough of an intro I guess! First of all, the whole idea for my MAF is some home-brewed fluff - like they are the 'cult' that still follow the oldest faiths from their planet and did not abandoned it when E.I. came, but instead see E.I. as some God of War with Combat Aspects being the manifestations of E.I. astonishing battle prowess and magic-like level of technology. Skorn Cult therefore are all religious zealots and utmost fanatics who will gladly bring war to any target that E.I. will provide. They bear the colours of war and aggression, which for them is Red and Black and mark their armour with white ornamentals, harsh and geometric, to indicate their status and battle prowess. They also dust their entire bodies white'ish since the oldest rituals were used warpaints, and the all-white is the most usual warpaint for the Faithful of the Warrior way. In reality I just really liked the color scheme of a Skorne army from the game Hordes, and decided to try and apply it to my beloved Space Monkeys! It works for me The photos are really low quality I'm afraid, since right now the best photocamera I possess is one in my mobile phone... DATURAZI #1 - First miniature I painted in 2 years and well, it's very visible I am rusty as /hell/. I rushed into it really... painting with old brushes, old paints, without a wet palette or anything really... So pain is thick, highlights thin, shading crude... BUT I still used it to check the scheme and I liked it enough for it to stick with it! VANGUARD HACKER - First miniature I tried a little harder and decided for a grey plastek colors for their guns. I considered that such utilitarians would not pay much attention to the weapons colors, as long as it works and kills. Also, yellow markings on armour! VANGUARD with HMG VANGUARD with Rocket Launcher
  20. In the fluff, it refers to Morat regiments as semi-distinct entities, fighting for campaigning rights and considering regimental members as family etc. But it refers to units such as the Sogorat as a regiment. How are regiments divided? When you play a list, are all the Morats part of the same regiment? Would an actual Sogorat regimental force just be a bunch of Sogorats, and we are playing a combined force of different regiments?
  21. Edit- I guess it wasn't clear enough below. This thread is to gather data for about a month from everyone on whether they want MAF changes or not and what kinds of changes those are. No one is here to attack anyone regardless of previous threads. You can change what you have typed previously as much as you like as your ideas about MAF change or do not change as we all progress with them and against them in HSN3. After a month of what I'm sure will be intense play testing I will then create the poll from all the info that had been gather for the past month starting from today. Then the poll will be open for a week. Everyone who participated in submitting ideas including those who stated they wished to see no changes in MAF will be notified the poll is open and can vote for their own or others' changes. In order to do this properly we may actually use an outside Poll app to contain more than 3 questions if that is needed. Again this is an argumentative thread to convince others that one's opinions are best. It's an idea collector that will eventually allow all participants to vote for in the end. Then the raw condensed data will be handed off to CB. I realize some of us including my self may have been going about this the wrong way and it's my belief that this is the best way to just give data to CB without all the noise. I also apologize to CB staff for all of that and want to thank them for all their time and patience. This will be a poll eventually, this will be for what we want to see after a little bit of time with the book so that we aren't being overzealous. People can post on this as much as they like as the poll will reflect every different kind of idea. Participants will be notified when the poll is ready to start and how long it'll take place. Votes will go to CB staff in the form of raw condensed data and from there we'll wait for the magic. This poll and thread are for everyone's ideas even those who want to say MAF units are fine. If you don't like what someone suggests, that's fine, there is no need to argue with them about it as you'll will be able to vote for and not for the options you want later. If you think about the context, no one's post should actually be a response but an attempt to one up each other with better ideas. Each idea should be considered for cost as well as none of us are looking for a handout. No ones ideas are bad they'll just be voted on later. The format of a post should be the name of the unit followed by a hyphen and then the change you would like to see. Below will be something easy to copy and paste. Have fun with this one guys, try to think out side of our own little boxes and give little fluffy explanations if you like as to why each change would work. If there's nothing about a unit you wish to contribute that's fine too, you can leave it blank, you can go back and edit your post to try and keep the pages to a minimum for me and others to tally stuff up easier later. Here goes nothing. •Vanguard- •Kurgat- •Rodok- •Yaogat- •Rasyat- •Raktorak- •Suryat- •Sogarat- •Zerat- •Darurazi- •Oznat- •Krakot- •Raicho-
  22. Since Wuji's thread seems to be locked or something (I'm unable to post in it) I thought I'd start a new thread for continuing the positive aspects of that conversation. As I said in my last post on that thread... I'd like to suggest that we have a full reset of this topic. There's no reason that these threads have to always turn nasty. I'd like to propose that from now on we all try very hard to be civil, and that we try really hard to read each other's comments in the best possible context. There's nothing wrong with discussion and civil, constructive arguments. Thats what we're here for. But these last few pages have been unacceptable. Instead of pointing fingers and continuing this unconstructive argument, I'd like to get back to the real discussion that Wuji tried to set up. Here's my proposal. This thread is about: - Sharing experiences using Morats in HSN3. - Suggesting changes, if possible based on those experiences. - Sharing examples of wholly new units that you might like to see and discussing those units is fine and fun. - Battle reports are encouraged. - Friendly feedback and constructive criticism of suggested rules, changes and new units is encouraged. - Share ideas for possibly encouraging CB to take another look at the current state of Morats. This is the kind of robust conversation I've been wanting to see and trying to have for months. Can we do this please? Can we bury our hatchets, forgive each other and start over here? And if you find that the answer is no, can you, as an individual, do the rest of us a favor and just go somewhere else? I'll come back later and comment on some of the ideas from the previous thread that I really like. I'll also share some of my own ideas. And I apologize if some of my past comments in other threads caused friction. Please try to read my posts charitably,and I'll try to od the same with yours. Okay, since receiving HSN3 I’ve managed to play 7 full games and two partial games with MAF. I’ve also played two games against MAF during that time. Wuji asked for both our suggestions and our thoughts based on experience, and while 6-8 games certainly isn’t enough to learn absolutely everything about the new state of MAF, I think it is enough time to arrive at a relatively informed opinion. Vanguard Experience: I’ve played with Vanguard pretty extensively since N3 launched. Their reduced price point has finally made them a viable option, and I’ve found them to be as effective as other line infantry that I frequently take (Fusiliers, Kamael, etc).Unfortunately, they’re very expensive in a very expensive army, so taking them to do the same thing that a Fusilier or Ghulam link might do is problematic. The new Haris options help mitigate this a little, but vanguard are still pretty expensive for a mediocre core link. Small links of Vanguard led by Anyat are viable, and the solo Vanguard Hacker is pretty essential to any MAF list with HI. The Vanguard’s downgrade from Multi Sniper Rifle to K1 Sniper Rifle was really unfortunate, since it robbed MAF of one if it’s very few long ranged weapons, a weapon that was good against every unit in the game, and replaced it with a weapon that is significantly worse against most units in teh game and only significantly better against a very few. Vanguard changes: I’d like to see the Vanguard changed to ARM 3 MI. The reduction of MOV to 4-2 should more than pay for the +2 increase to ARM. This would make Vanguard a reliably durable fire team that could act as a long range firebase or more reliably take and hold objectives, and would make them a much more viable choice for their cost, trading speed for durability. Kurgat Experience: I’ve taken Kurgat Haris links in most of the game I’ve played recently, and I’ve found them to be mediocre. While having 3 Specialists in a link is nice and a B4 MK12 is a powerful weapon, the Kurgats are poor enough at shooting and fragile enough that I usually lose at least one member of the team very quickly unless I’m able to keep them completely hidden from the enemy. If I can get them to an objective their multiple Shotguns mean that they’re pretty okay at clearing it, but really Daturazi, Hungries and Zerats are MUCH better at this job. Having a full link with mines means I can lay down a bunch of camo tokens on a target, but really I never seem to have enough orders to do this, and both times I tried my opponent simply ran a cheap disposable troop into the mines to set them off. I think individual Kurgats are pretty okay, but I don’t think I’ll be trying the Haris link anymore. Kurgat Changes: First and foremost, the Autocannon profile should either be allowed to join a Kurgat Haris or should receive the Sapper skill. Second, I’d like to see the Kurgat’s armor increased to 3 in order to increase their survivability. But really neither of these fixes addresses teh problems that I’ve found with Kurgats. At their core, I just don’t think they’re a particularly compelling Fireteam. Earlier someone suggested that they should have access to ML and HMG, and while i don’t agree with this, I do think they should have a wider range of appropriately explosive weapons. LGL, Dropbears or DEP are all viable options. Kurgats are also a very logical unit for a Minelayer profile. Crazy idea: Explode lvl 1. Kurgats carry so much explosives on them that if they are hit they may explode! It’s not an ideal skill at all, but it could be used to drive their cost down. Continued... Yaogat experience: I have a long history taking full Yaogat teams, so instead I’ve been experimenting with the smaller Haris teams. My hope was that a Sniper and two Combi+Panzer team would be viable, but I’ve found that the sniper dies very easily in ARO and has a lot of trouble in the active turn. The full team is a credible ARO threat when all three can cover a field, but it also makes them extremely vulnerable. I’ve had MUCh more luck with a Spitfire, Panzer+Combi and Boarding Shotgun team, which can move up the board and engage at several range bands while rooting out Camo and dealing with ODD. Unfortunately these guys are a little too slow, and end up eating a LOT of orders, especially if they’re having to go around discovering Camo markers. I always want to include a Hacker in this team in order to have a Specialist, but the Hacker is an expensive profile that just doesn’t bring much to the team, and I really like having the Shotgun in this team. I haven’t taken Number 2 yet, but it seems like a nice addition to a full team. Yaogat changes: In the past I’ve recommended that the Yaogat become better shooters, but I’m not sure what would help them with that. I wouldn’t want to see them gain Mimetism, since that skill is already widely distributed in MAF and a staple for the Rodaks. I had suggested Marksman lvl 2 for the Sniper profile, but was told by many that this was too powerful for a 5 model link (Although I suspect we’ll see it in a link at some point). That doesn’t leave too many options other than increasing their BS, but Morat MI BS seems 100% set at 12. So instead I’d like to suggest that Yaogat should be faster. MAF isn’t a fast army, but it’s not a slow army either. Currently the only slow unit in MAF is the Yaogat (I know I just proposed that the Vanguard should be slower, but thats because they don’t NEED to move faster). Yaogat are strike infantry, and are clearly designed to hunt camo and clean out enemy occupied positions. Both of these roles require mobility. I’d suggest either increasing the units MV to 4-4 or giving them Forward Deployment lvl 1. I also think that the Hacker was a very poor choice for a Yaogat specialist. Hackers are already MAF’s most plentiful Specialist choice, and we have two very good and much cheaper options that fill the same roll. Yaogats would have greatly benefitted from a Forward Observer option (although some people have pointed out that a MSV2 FO in an army with plentiful smoke might be overpowered. I don’t see it used much in Qapu or Tohaa though, where it would be even cheaper). A paramedic would have also been ideal, considering how often Yaogat snipers go down. Even just a Specialist Operative profile (possibly for the Number 2 profile) would have been a better option to save points in an already expensive unit. Raktorak experience: I have a fair amount of experience taking Raktoraks in Suryat Fireteams in N3, so I decided to focus on the Raktorak as a solo unit, and have taken 1 in each of my last 6 games. I had previously considered the Raktorak to be one of the very worst units in the game,s o I was surprised to find that it’s… mediocre. The Raktorak is still just a slightly better Vanguard with a HFT, but the addition of Specialist Operative gives it an actual role. It’s still not a great unit, and Zerats, Daturazi, Hungries, Krakot and even Oznats are all better at taking objectives away from opponents, but the Raktorak is an actual specialist and can do the job once he gets there. Really, his competition here is the Zerat, and the Zerat has Mimetism, her own set of viable weapons and Infiltration to help her get to her goal. But the Raktorak is still an okay alternative. I wish he packed a little more punch or was more durable. The Red Death profile seems like a trap to me, since on his own the Raktorak just isn’t a very viable shooter and in a Suryat link he’ll always be your weakest and most vulnerable shooter. Raktorak changes: I’d like to suggest a few changes. Like nearly everyone else, I’d like to see the Raktorak be able to link with any other MAF Fireteam (or possibly just non-warband Fireteams). The addition of a Raktorak to a Yaogat team would eliminate the need for the awkward hacker and make the link significantly cheaper. I’ve also been suggesting that the Raktorak gain baggage for almost 2 years now. I know this seems like a strange choice, but Baggage allows the Raktorak to refill spent PAnzerfausts and restock mines, making him a welcome addition to Rodak, Yaogat and kurgat links and a friend for Zerats. Baggage also gives the Raktorak increased ability to Casvac, allowing him to literally carry a wounded officer off the board. I know thats not really important at all, but it’s an extremely fluffy example of the Raktoraks role in MAF. I also think that Raktoraks need to be more durable. I’d like to see the unit either increased to AMR 3 or recieve Dogged. Dogged seems fantastically appropriate for the morat who absolutely won’t die before his officer. Rasyat Experience: I was a huge fan of the Rasyat before HSN3, and the consolidation of his close combat ability makes me pretty happy. I do miss the versatility of MA3, but the new NBW is versatile in it’s own way, and I don’t miss the AP weapon at all. I have no idea what targets the NBW+AP CCW was intended for. Achilles? Joan? Anyway, the Rasyat is still a very solid problem solver in my opinion. Rasyat Changes: The only change I’d make to the Rasyat (Besides bumping up his PH to 14) is to replace the E-Mitter (a weapon that I’ve never seen anyone successfully use) with either E/M grenades or an E/M CCW. Suryat experience: I’ve been focusing on Suryat Duos since i no longer own more than two Suryat models, but I’ve found they perform very well. Without link bonuses I don’t expect the Suryats to be able to face off against high BS or Mimetism/ Camo/ODD/TO targets, but they’re great for storming positions. Currently I’m letting a HMG and Vulkan Shotgun drag each other around and they’ve done just fine. Suryat Changes: I’m very pleased with the current state of Suryats, even if it took a decade for the unit to finally catch up to the rest of the game. I would like to see their PH increased to 14, perhaps at the cost of the completely meaningless CC bump they received. Sogarat: Over my last several games I’ve taking both one and two solo Sogarats, as well as a Fireteam with Kornak. I’ve always wanted to love Sogarat, and the unit is better than it was before, but I still find that for the cost I’m not impressed. The Sogarat’s armor just doesn’t do a good job of keeping them alive, especially since they tend to attract the heaviest firepower on the field. That same firepower very often kills them without allowing them a chance to use their Automedikit. Sogarats are very good at dodging, and sometimes thats exactly what you need to do, but I feel like heavily armored tank units equipped with the deadliest weapons in the game should be shooting back, not dodging. And even linked Sogarats aren’t that great at shooting. I know that’s not a popular opinion, because every time I bring it up people tell me that BS 13 is a very good stat, and that paired with a high burst weapon like the HMG tht should be enough. And it is for a lot of lone targets. But the Sogarat has trouble dealing with links, with Total Reaction and Neurokinetics units, with anything that has Camo/TO/Mimetism/ODD or just eliete models with BS 14 or 15. And when I say “trouble” I don’t mean that the Sogarat is a hopeless mess. What I mean is that for a 56/57 point model the Sogarat loses shooting face to face rolls a lot more than he should. The fact that the Suryat is just as capable at winning face to face rolls as the Sogarat for 12 points less is notable, but that the Rodak is BETTER at winning face to face rolls than the Sogarat at half the cost is ridiculous. The Sogarat is only 10% better at winning shooting face to face rolls than the Vanguard, a model that costs 38 points less. The Yaogat is only 5% worse at winning face to face rolls than the Sogarat, unless the enemy has TO/Camo/ODD/Mimetism, then the Yaogat is significantly better. And this is if the Rodak, Vanguard and Yaogat are unlinked. Yes, the Sogarat’s AP ammo makes him more likely to kill heavily armored units, but one of teh very few things Morats have ever been good at is killing armor. Yes, the Sogarat is more durable than any other unit in the army (except the Raicho). But being good at sucking up bullets isn’t incredibly useful if you’re not also good at returning fire. The very expensive Sogarat?Kornak Haris will take up more than half your points and SWC and will be very tough, but won’t provide the level of shooting you’d expect from one of the most expensive Haris teams in the game. Sograt changes: First and foremost, I’d like to see Sogarats be able to form a Duo. While this would not solve their shooting problem, it would allow a pair to be more mobile. As for the shooting problem, the Sogarat needs to be able to more reliably win face to face rolls, and there’s only a limited number of solutions for that (short of reducing the BS of every other model in the game). The easiest solution is to increase the Sogarat’s BS to 14 (with an appropriate price increase). This hasn’t been a popular option, partially I think because Morats have very regimented BS, and Morat HI BS seems to be set at 13. The second option is to give the Sogarat Mimetism. This is a bit boring, but I think it’s probably the best option because it’s easy, it’s cheap and it can be countered. The final option is to take away AP ammo from the HMG and give the Sogarat Marksman lvl 2 (with an appropriate price increase). I originally suggested this a few weeks ago as a way to turn the Sogarat into the kind of bastion of firepower it was clearly meant to be. This would definitely turn the Sogarat into a much more powerful unit, but I think that the Sogarat was always intended to be the MAf equivalent of the Swiss Guard, Charontid, Asura or Hac Tao. The Sogarat is the elite Morat unit (remember, it originally cost 70 points). It should stand beside these other units in cost and capability. Anyway, those are the three options I see for fixing the Sogarats shooting problem (which is really a face to face problem and not a damage problem). I thinkany of the three would be very acceptable. If anyone else can offer a non-TO/Camo/Holoprojector/ODD solution I’d be very interested in hearing it. The Sogarat’s other problem is less pressing, but still worth mentioning. The Sogarat sucks at close combat. Normally that would be fine. There’s no reason the Sogarat needs to be good at close combat. Except that CB has increased the Sogarat’s CC stats twice in the last two years and given it an AP CCW. So the Sogarat is already paying for close combat capability, but the problem is that CC 20 without any dedicated close combat skill isn’t reliable, especially agaisnt close combat specialists who can make easy work of the Sogarat. I suggested that the Sogarat be given NBW awhile back, and it seems to be a popular idea. NBW seems to be a very cheap skill, so I doubt it would raise the unit’s cost much. What it would do is allow a real measure of protection against Warbands, Ninja’s and other close combat specialists who might want to try to take the Sogarat down in close combat, giving the Sogarat a more or less equal chance to win the face to face roll. It would also allow the Sogarat to be effective in close combat on the rare occasions that you want to try that. Zerat Experience: I was disappointed that the Zerat didn’t receive substantial changes in HSN3, so since then I’ve been trying to make the most of what she does offer. The Zerat is a subpar Skirmisher, but she’s the only Skirmisher that MAF has access to at all. The Zerat is okay at planting mines around an objective and okay if you have the first turn and can rush unprepared enemies, but her line infantry stats mean that she’s fragile and weak in a fight, and without the benefit of Camo she’s very easy to hunt down and kill.This would be fine if she was a cheaper unit, but since she costs the same or more as equivalent units with Camo I always feel like I’m fielding a sub par unit. The new FO profile does allow me to squeeze a mobile forward deployng specialist into my list for a few points cheaper than before, but the Zerat still feels like it’s under capable or over priced. Zerat Changes: I’d like to see a few changes for the Zerat. First, the Zerat can’t be stealthy, I think she should be fast. The Oznat’s 6-4 MOV would fit the Zerat just as well, allowing her to outflank enemies and reach her target with a minimum number of orders spent. I also think Zerat’s should be able to do a better job at clearing the way for Morat forces,a nd adding marksman lvl 1 to all profiles wouId certainly do the trick. Finally, I’d like to see the Zerat’s PH increased to 13. Since every other Skirmisher in the game gets a 1-2 point PH buff, it’s bizarre that the Zerat is remains at the base Morat line trooper level. She could certainly benefit from the increase. As for individual profiles, Marksman lvl 2 on the MSR profile would also give it some real punch and make it a more viable option, even at an appropriately increased price. A Killer Hacking Device profile in addition to the current AHD profile would be a good fit for taking out Hacking threats. I’d also like to see a Sniffer added to at least one profile, giving the Zerat some actual utility against Camo. Finally, the E-mitter should be changed to E/M Grenades. Daturazi Experience: I really believe Daturazi are the best unit in MAF, and the increase in BS and addition of Grenades in N3 have really been useful to the unit. I do think that the changes to Extreme Impetious, denying the Daturazi cover, probably hurtthem more (and MAF by extension, since we rely on them so much) than any other Warband. Other elite Warbands like Myrmidons and Makaul largely get to ignore this handycap, but Daturazi suffer for it unless linked, and using our Core link on Daturazi is severely limiting. Honestly, I also miss the days when Daturazi were the premier close combat troops in the game. Daturazi Changes: I’d very much like to see Daturazi receive either Duo or (preferably) Haris, allowing them to maintain cover and move together at the expense of their Impetuous Order. As a tax, I’d be perfectly fine with either Duo or Haris costing 1 swc and coming with the expensive Combi Rifle profile. I’d also like to see the addition of a Killer Hacking Device profile. I know that may seem like a strange choice at first, but the Daturazi were the first Morat unit to incorporate the Comlog and form a direct link with the EI, giving them almost superhuman combat powers and earning them the name Witch Soldiers. The most direct manifestation of this used to be the Coma skill which allowed Daturazi to sacrifice themselves to become a Sepsitor repeater. The Killer Hacking Device would be a new manifestation of this connection, and the addition of a Specialist to the Daturazi ranks would make a full Core link and small Harris teams very attractive. A hacker Warband is far from unprecedented, since the Daturazi’s counterpart unit the myrmidon has had one for years without any complaints. Finally, I’d like for the Chainrifle Daturazi profile to have the option of AP or Shock CCW. Oznat experiences: The Oznat works well enough as a Hungries fireteam leader, but otherwise brings little utility to the army and is seriously sub par on her own. I’ve found that the unit is incredibly fragile on her own and mostly is reduced to smoke duty once her Hungries are dead or scattered. As a solo unit the Oznat can close in for close combat or close range shooting thanks to smoke and her high move speed, but once she’s there her low BS, inability to take cover and mediocre close combat prowess means she’s unlikely to get much done. Oznat changes: I’d like to see the Oznat add Sensor to both her profiles. This fits her role as a hunter and adds a lot of utility to the unit, making her a worthwhile choice in both MAF and vanilla even without Hungries. Giving the Oznat NBW or Beserk is potentially overpowered because her capabilities increase so much when linked with Hungries, but adding the Assault skill allows her to make unexpected close combat attacks when on her own and keep up with hungries after they break from their link. Finally, I’d like to suggest that the Oznat lose Extreme Impetuous entirely. This would cost the unit their impetuous order, but it would allow the Oznat to benefit from cover. I see the Oznat as a methodical hunter, not a combat thirsty berserker. One finally change that’s affects Hungries more than the Oznat. I think the Oznat’s compulsory inclusion in order to purchase Hungries should be removed. It’s an unnecessary tax in an already expensive army. If you just want to bring unlinked Hungries, having to include an Oznat (which currently doesn’t bring much to the army) makes list building difficult. It also makes our very best option for dealing with Camo and Mine spam MUCH more expensive. It’s also bizarre that this restriction exists ONLY in MAF and not in CA, where Hungries are equally as useful.
  23. morat

    This is a really really weird question to be asking, I know; but in the not too distant future, my painting queue will be cleared up to V2/Hoplite Achilles...and the one brandishing the Morat head will be choice. SOOOOOO...having decapitated a Morat Vanguard, I figured it would be a fairly recent thing, and Achilles' armor might easily have some spatter across it. Hence, the question: what color do Morat bleed? And, if mentioned in a released book, which one and on what page?
  24. Full write up here: Some teasers... Enjoy! (It is a bit thin on text because blogspot wiped out my efforts 4 times in a row... yes, you are reading the 4th iteration of hours of painstaking work! Gah! Video batreps are the future!)
  25. I am just getting in to Infinity. This is the scheme I'm doing for my Morats. Thoughts? Thanks for looking!