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Found 85 results

  1. This was my third game ever of Infinity. I really enjoyed it and my opponent was fantastic (and patient!). See link below for the full report. Feel free to leave a comment, tips, advice in the thread or on the blog comment section as well. A few pictures to convince you that it's not all a wall of text behind that link! My opponent's force... Enjoy!!!
  2. I just got my hands on the Morat/Pan O Dire Foes box, and I'm really impressed with Anyat. She's just a great model! The official photos don't do a good job of showing her off, and the paint job, while well done, unfortunately kind of hides a lot of details and obscures her shape. I know that a lot of people weren't as impressed by her as some of the other Dire Foes models, but in person she's just really fantastic. I can't wait to paint her. She's next up after my HMG Sogarat. She also comes in a uprising number of pieces (including a 3 piece head!), but fits together very easily.
  3. I've been collecting Combined Army (with a heavy focus on Morats) for a while now, and thought that I would finally get around to posting some pics of my painting for the usual feedback/critique/just to share. The transition from painting ranks of models to a tabletop standard due to playing predominately GW games in the previously, to spending more time on individual models due to the skirmish nature of the Infinity has been... interesting. I feel that my painting has improved a lot as I've progressed, and think that I'm doing the models some form of justice! Morat Vanguard Obsidon Medchanoid & Slave Drones Despite being responsible for more deaths on my side than any opponent I've ever faced, this is still one of my favourite models in the range. Paint scheme is fairly close (although not as well executed) as the official one. Rasyat Diplomats I originally bought two of these with spitfires, but only after months of not using both (due to the massive investment in points and SWC) one had to be converted to just carrying a combi-rifle to give me more options. I also wasn't fond of having two models in exactly the same pose, even if they were now carrying different weapons, so a slight arm change on the model that still had a spitfire was in order. Daturazi Witch Soldiers While I was never really that keen on these models, as compared to rest of the range they are not as detailed and a little too big, in game-play they are definitely the goods and definitely deserved to have some paint applied. Kurgat Assault Engineers I absolutely love these sculpts and the whole idea behind Morat engineers being head to toe in armour (despite only being ARM 1 in the game...?) and carrying some of the biggest/baddest weapons available. Yaogat Strike Infantry
  4. Yes this thread is partly another 'Starting off' one Ok, so after much thinking the Morat aggression force has won out over PanO Military Orders as my first force to get for Infinity (the knights can wait for a later time). My experience of Infinity at the moment consists of a few nights of demo games between a bunch of Fusiliers all armed with the same basic weapon. My mate who has played the game the most (before he moved into the local area) is the one doing the demo's and is slowly introducing more rules, different armed Fusiliers and other such things. But I've got an itch to start using Morats as soon as possible, I'm just not sure at the stage I am just how to go about it. I've read through some of the other threads and the wonderful tatica to learn more, but at the moment a lot of what they describe is futuristic space babble for me (I did pick up that it is difficult to do Morat at low points). So while I'm at the stage I am, I just wondered if anyone could recommend a Morat unit(s) that are good to use in a demo style games like I've been playing? Or can you suggest demo games to play involving Morats? Or would it be better to just keep playing games as I am until I know the rules better and then building a small 150-200pt force and learning to use them that way?
  5. Personally, I don't really think so, as there's nothing to be included into. Surely, the Suryat will get 1 or 2 more sculpts - or even a resculpt box. But Starter Box-wise, there already are the Vanguards in the CA starter, the Yaogots got their own box, Zerats are AVA3 and already avaliable with two different models. Daturazi would be possible, or the missing Vanguards sculpts (ML, MSR, LGL), which both would be awesome. Contents could be: - 3 Vanguards (or Dats) - 1 Raktorak - 1 Suryat (or even the second Sogarat) - 1 Zerat with BS I'd really like to see a Morat starter - the sooner the better. Or is it waiting for the next book with a few new options for MAF before we'll see a starter? Any thoughts from your side?
  6. Hi all, This is my first post on the forum. I have only been playing infinity for a a month or so, but am hooked! It's just a great game! I decided to go for the combined as the models are amazing, plus I can't resist being the "evil" alien player! Anyway, back to the painting! I found it a bit tricky to get a good scheme for both the Morat and Shavastii, as I want a more consistent theme to the army than scheme used by studio miniatures (don't get me wrong, they are painted amazingly well, but lack a bit of consistency for my liking!) I used a wider range of colours than normal. For example when painting a 40K army I would stick to just two-three main colours. I also went for brighter colours than usual, after-all it's a brighter universe! I think the end result is a tad garish, but I am happy about that! Any feedback on how to improve the scheme would be very welcomed!
  7. Hi...I'm currently working on 2 "MAS only" board... They are planned for a "long " time before the new forum (and the MAS debate...), and after break for real scenary (build a bathroom take a long time ), i can work again on them... Here are pics of the first board, a Morat prisonner camp first sketch the prison finally build: the bord is 120*125cm, divided in 4 parts first part painted 2 other possible configurations: a little more painted, and the first plants With the add of a "jungle only " part, here are some build I can do : painting and flocking the board in the 180*125 configuration "jungle only" part: [/u now flocking is done, pics soon... and a little teaser : Jabb'
  8. So, new ITS season is in, with a nice visual ad... Hmm, something's off with the Morat combi in the background... Ah, so that's how their LGL looks like ed: Or possibly combi+ LFT for Suryats. Does it mean an incoming Suryat box?
  9. So, I bought a bucketload of CA and I finally have some Morats. The question is, assuming that I want to form a link team of Vanguards (instead of Yaogats or whatever), what should I put in there? So far we have the following variants: A: Combi - I assume these will be the filler for most links. B: Combi + LGL - against enemy link teams? I'm not convinced. C: HMG: This will serve as a good link leader normally. D: Sniper: +1 B and +3 BS will serve him well in long range. Besides, I like the model (did you know that the aiming Vanguard has the exact pose needed to replace his combi with a Yaogat's sniper rifle?) E: Launcher: The weapon of choice against TAGs / enemy link teams. F: Hacker: Filler + Drone enabler + counter hacker. Definitely not the link leader in most cases. G: FO: hmm, maybe. The question is, is it worth using a whole link for it? H: Paramedic: Goes as filler and a helper role, unless I take a Medtech. I: LT: I rarely have 2 free SWC :/ The question is, how many specialists should a link have? Should I stick with a basic AAAAC, or maybe something more versatile like AAHFC or AHFDC? Or an expensive AHFEC?
  10. I need help evaluating a color scheme. Lately I got a whole lot of Morats and while I'm confident in my painting abilities, I lack a solid feel of color theory. I want actual honest constructive criticism, not ooh aah comments. Help my army not look like crap when painted. My schemes are (dirty photoshop mockup): What I would like to keep is the face (studio Morats looks like monkeys, I'm trying to avoid it and go for an Oni/devil look) and hair color (I like the combination with face and it fits my paints). I can modify them if I hear a better idea though. It's not clear from the picture but the weapons will be either boltgun/chainmail with Devlan Mud (fast, easy, fits enough), or have a blue sheen. PS. Original b/w Morat silhouette shamelessly stolen (from baka-shironeko on DA, IIRC).