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  1. Hi all. A while ago, I had another log here. I wound up not posting for a while, but since I've found a new club to play at here in Copenhagen I've had a bit more motivation to paint. The old log got archived due to my inactivity, so here we go again. Trying to prevent that from happening again, I've decided to take some inspiration from a friend of mine, Maelstrom, who runs a blog with occasional PanO models. He tries to do weekly updates, and I'll be trying to do the same to ensure I don't get distracted and go do something else. That being said, I'm also writing my masters thesis, so I might have, er, varying levels of activity. As you've probably figured out from the title, the main focus for this log will be Nomads and Ariadna, with a bit of PanO tossed in once Op: Icestorm gets here. I'm hardly the best painter in the world, but I keep trying to improve. This is why, if you see anything that you think might be improved, even slightly, don't hesitate to chime in. Seriously, nothing better than constructive criticism. This being said, I'm prone to getting "fatigued" if I have to spend too much time on a mini, so on occasion I wind up slapping the paint on and calling it a day. This Moira is a good example, since I started her about december 2013, possible before. Since then, she's languised in a half-finished state until I got tired of it and tossed some paint at her. This is why the red cloth, the black bits and the grey gloves are as poor as they are, while I'm decently proud of the white armour: SeƱor Massacre here was much the same story. I've tried to avoid the usual highlight-to-white on the red, but I've wound up with a mini with very little contrast. After seeing these pics I think I might blackline him and try to add a bit more shading when I get the time, but if there's anything else you think might help I'd be very grateful to hear it. (Didn't help that the varnish killed a bit of the highlights). That should do for an opening salvo - hope you've liked it. Next update should include some Ariadna.