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Found 7 results

  1. So... The train for the Paradiso mission 205 is already in production (I know, I know, it was about bloody time). I don't have any official images to show but I've seen the prototype in person and I must say it's one sexy, sexy beast which will make a spectacular centerpiece for any Infinity gaming table. It's also compatible with the Bandua "Made for Infinity" containers. We expect to have it available within the next month or two at the most. I'll keep you posted if I manage to grab some photos or any other information.
  2. The figure after the slash is the shipping charge for orders composed exclusively of Bandua products. -Mainland Spain: 4,5€ / 3€ Free shipping from 100€ -Baleares/Ceuta/Melilla: 10€ / 10€ Orders over 100€: 10€ / 5€ -Canary Islands: 15€ -Europe: 15€ / 10€ Europe orders over 100€: 10€ / 5€ -Rest of the World: 35€ / 25€ Rest of the world orders over 100€: 35€ / 20€
  3. Just realized it's probably tidier to keep all the distribution info in one post to be updated as more deals are closed for different countries. The list so far: Spain&EU in general: Dia Cash Modelismo USA: Warpath games Germany: Ulisses Spiele Australia: Modifix So now you know who to point your local store to for Bandua products.
  4. This month of February, until 03/01/2014, we will have a 20% discount on all Infinity products, including the February releases already in our catalogue! Also, during this month we'll have giveaways, contests, tournaments and a big, long-awaited surprise! Keep an eye out for further updates!
  5. So, these are a few pictures from a tournament held at Bandua Wargames on the 14th of September, in which we tested the new Infinity scenery range. The scenery will be officially released at some point during the week, but for now I can offer these pictures as an advance. As you can see, the new range will include a variety of modular elements of different sizes. Some of the new scenery pieces will include etched acrylic too. As I said, they are planned to be modular and compatible with the rest of the Bandua Wargames scenery range. A couple detail views including some of the smaller detail/scatter elements like the console seen in the second image. And as a bonus, most of the elements can be stacked together for ease of transportation. Hope you like the preview, we will have an official release and further information very soon!
  6. "The attendance of John Cornelius Carnegie, together with his wife and current male concubine, to the wedding of the Korean engineer Tohama Seiko is the ending to one of those convoluted tales that Cerberus Technology has gotten us used to lately. Such event was made possible thanks to one of the people most trusted to Cornelius, the Druze lawyer Evarist Balan. Balan not only succeeded in negotiating with the Imperial Justice Administration for the liberation of activist blogger and now-husband to Tohama Seiko, Mark Shin, from Reorientation Camp 27002 but also got them Haqqislamite passports so they could leave Yu Jing territory and begin their new lives working for Cerberus Technology. Tohama Seiko, former employee of Nagok Sousa, was drafted by Cerberus Technology in a "Brain Escape" operation. In her new position as Chief Development Engineer for the Cerberus Corporation, Seiko has designed an integral defense system for the laboratories of the new HEX generation. This system hails a new generation of active and passive Biotechnological Shielding barriers in the world of civilian contracting, which has in turn caused a rise in the growth expectations of Cerberus Technology's assets both in primary and secondary markets. John Cornelius Carnegie's policy of obtaining new promises for the Cerberus Technologies' roster seems to be ruffling some feathers among the competition, but to quote his lawyer and confident Evarist Balan: "Cerberus knows how to protect and take care of its interests. If others don't, honestly... That's not our problem." And now, after the fluff, the goods! -HEX-01 and Hacker Console: Dimensions: -X 120x120x120 mm -Y 120 mm -Z 50 mm -Weight: 160 g Price: 14€ -HEX-02: Dimensions: -X 185 mm -y 185 mm -Z 70 mm Price: 21.50€ -HEX-P: Dimensions: -X 307 mm -y 65 mm -Z 50 mm -Weight: 146 g Price: 18€ -HEX Transporter + 6 Hex-01+ Consoles Price: 100€ -Containers (Oxyd, Cerberus, 15, i-Kohl): Dimensions: -X 105 mm -y 50 mm -Z 43 mm -Weight: 64g Plus the new Infinity-themed series of painting tables from Bandua. -Remote-Series Painting Tables (4 different decorations: Traktor Mul, Kameel Remote, Dronbot, Yaokong Remote) Dimensions: -X 400 mm -y 395 mm -Z 50 mm -Weight: 420 g Made from 3mm thick MDF. Price: 21€
  7. "... and the last complexes built by Cerberus Technology in Dawn, Varuna, Svalarheima and Bourak for different firms, powers and institutions show our capacity for adaptation, competitivity and speed, thus confirming our growth projections and the growing value of our stocks..." Cerberus Technology's daily Maya activity report for its stock-holders. With the launch of the Alpha range next month, we wanted to give some examples of different combinations of our products which can result in useful, cost-effective tables for Infinity. This first post will include some examples of how much material you get for your money with this range. -Example 1 Lasalle Complex Price: 102 Euros Number of buildings: 9 Number of Accessories: 12 3xQ-Building Pack 2xAdvertising Panel Pack -Example 2 Fátima Complex Price: 120 Euros Number of Buildings: 9 Number of Accessories: 14 2x 2 Q-Building L and Bridge Pack Q Building Pack 2xAdvertising Panel Pack Q-Building L Q-Building S -Example 3 Gai-So Complex Price: 116 Euros Number of Buildings: 7 Number of Accessories: 13 Q-Building Pack 2 Q-Building L and Bridge Pack 2x Q-Building S Advertising Panel Pack 2x Garbage Container 2x 2 Gang Tie Container -Example 4 Zel Line Complex Price: 140 Euros Number of Buildings: 11 Number of Accessories: 15 3x Q-Building Pack 2 Q-Building L and Bridge Pack 2x Advertising Panel Pack 2x Garbage Container We'll be adding images of the assembled complexes as soon as possible.