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Found 5 results

  1. I was just curious as to whether or not people would be interested in reading some new fan written stories and if this was the place to put it. I had a bunch of stories I wanted to share, some fall within cannon well others are a little off I think.
  2. Hi these are my first painted Infinity models. First time painting and hobbying. It took 8 hours to complete. I've never played what do you guys think?
  3. Hello, I'm Shroden. I've been getting back into hobbying since February 2014 and these are some shots of my first ever Infinity Miniature, what do you guys think? Would people like to see more? I'm calling my force Ur-Zlato which means Gold in Macedonian. I love the look of the Combine and just feel that though described as evil are probably really quite good from a platonic galactic stage civilization side of things and as such went for a regal authority look. I've never played and have been excited by the game since mid 2013. I'm looking for feedback and a place to share some more pics. So any suggestions on an appropriate thread are welcome. Yours S
  4. Hey everyone I started playing infinity over a year ago and some of you may recall I made a thread discussing the various issues I faced and the constant defeats I suffered when first starting out. Since following the great advice I received I have won most of my recent games and drawn in others. It's got to the point that at the club I play at people have asked me to run non-sectoral lists as my link teams have been so effective that in a number of games my opponents were wiped out and in full retreat by the end of my turn two. From reading the forums it's clear that there are so many great tips and lists but they lack organisations. As Combine players we should all strive for organisations to emulate our benevolent computer overlord In terms of organisation I would suggested pooling our collective knowledge to create a help guide that covers the basics such as common Q&A issues, lists and advanced player advice. It could even be collected into a word or PDF document. I suggest in this thread we leave tips, leave/answer Questions, post lists (and critique them) and generally try to give advice to both new players and those more experienced. I'll start the ball rolling... Question: If a Fraacta his hit with shock ammunition does it move straight to dead (has 1 wound) and is removed from play or does it still transmute into it's survival form? Unit discussion: Morat with a Missile launcher vs Gwailo with Heavy rocket launcher. Which would you field and why? A suggested list: CHARONTID Lt+Hacker 0.5 73 MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID 0 23 SLAVE DRONE 0 3 M-DRONE 0 17 Q-DRONE HMG 1 26 MAAKREP TRACKER HMG 1.5 33 MORAT Sniper 1 21 MORAT ML 1.5 19 SHROUDED Combi 0 24 SHROUDED Combi 0 24 KO DALI 0 37 300 points 5.5 SWC How would you improve this list? What else would you suggest instead? How do you use the list you've posted? Advice: I would suggest to Combine players to field at least some K1 and Plasma units as it's an edge other factions lack. Please feel free to add. I know that a lot of skilled players are on the forums and the more people learn the better opponents they will make; leading to better games!
  5. Last year I began collecting Infinity. Since that time I've started my terrain build ( which is slowly making progress (expect updated pictures soon). But I wanted to start painting my army so that's taken priority at the moment. Behold the might of the Combine! I selected the Combine as they are cool and look bad ass. I'm also a Half Life 2 fan and anything with the word Combine in it gets points. I have never really painted before (only a couple of times on some model kits and that was over 10 years ago). So expect some amateur hour pictures and paint jobs. This said my goal is for a consistent theme to the army which also highlights the unique sculptures of each individual. The models I chose to paint include: Shas sectorial starter Gwailos Obsidon mechanoid and slave drones The remote drones box A Charontid Ikadrons and Imetrons Corax Spec Op The Anathematics The Avatar The Sphinx (my favourite) I started with an undercoat of black, with the models being placed on the MAS urban bases (both normal and destroyed so to match my future urban terrain board). A few pictures of the works in progress of the Sphinx. The colours actually changed as I began painting. Originally I was opting for a dead flesh skin tone followed by a cooler blue grey. This changed fairly early on while testing on some Shas seed soldiers as I didn't like the green and wanted to focus on an urban camouflage style using a specific set of colours to represent the materials used by the Combine. Here are the general rules I've assigned to materials: Light beige for ceramic armour plating (quite prominent) Cool grey for lighter armour (less prominent) German grey (close to black) for flexible armour joints Field blue grey for Kevlar like joints and other flexible areas/synthetic flesh I'm still working on which colour to choose for power core areas (areas that need a bright colour due to plasma and electrical currents running through them). At the moment this is purple and electric blue. It was the Charontid where things started to pull together in a consistent colour scheme. Notice the slight electric blue on the armour plating (still to be painted completely over from an earlier first coat when trying blue for synth flesh). Many of these guys have only had the first rough coat and the beige doesn't really become opaque until the second coat (compare the Avatar with the first coat to the Shas with their second). The Avatar is a beast. It takes so much paint and while I use 2/0 scale brushes on most figures, he could use a roller from the local painting store! The Shas were the first figures to be painted. Ignore blue eyes on the right, he needs touching up and I'm still not convinced about the blue. Then again, the blue and purple give a nice glowing look with the right light... This is an early shot of the Anathematics. Very rough painting with the first area coats, the later pictures will show more progression. And that's it for now. I'm getting the Sphinx painted with his first coat now and things are looking good for Combine Or bad for humanity, depending on your point of view.