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  1. SKIP TO PAGE 3 For Asukaneda's Capsule Gang! In preparation for Australia's biggest Infinity tournament this weekend, I've pulled out the finger and am planning to smash out a 20 man FRRM army in quick order. I'll try to update this once a day leading up to the tournament. Wish me luck! I was wondering what to do for the bases and a friend suggested making them as cliche as possible. So they will be painted to represent a black and white tiled bistro floor with discarded baguettes, croissaints and pain au raisins scattered everywhere. Why the bases? They were relaxing over a casual breakfast/brunch when called into battle The Dogs will be camo markers The whole family! Let's not forget le chien. Will continue to update over the next few days! Comments, questions etc are always welcome.
  2. So I thought i'd put out a bit of an HSN3 update for the frenchies as i've been playing with them quite a bit since N3 dropped. The aim is to split things down to see who gained and who lost from the changes and to be able to make recommendations based on that. Disclaimer: Even if I write something up as "avoidable" it doesn't necessarily mean its the worst thing ever, merely that there may be "better" alternatives or perhaps that profile is meta dependent or requires a certain synergy to work. I'm firm in the belief that anything can work in infinity, given the right situation and tactical application and i'll endeavour to explain why I label something up as avoidable. Overview: The French are a nice and compact sectoral that haven't lost too much or gained that much with the switch to N3 but gained a lot with the release of several mercenaries since HSN3. Light infantry remain strong and our heavy infantry received a lovely points drop and AVA boost to bring them back online for us. Although we're not exactly overwhelmed with unit profiles and options, what we do have is solid, though we tend to be on the lighter side when it comes to big guns and armour plating. None of our stuff is particularly expensive however, and it is pretty standard to find an MRRF force clocking in with around 14-16 orders with the flexibility of cheap and powerful link teams. So why play Merovingia? We trade off the big guns and armour plates of the Kazaks, dump the tartan and the broadswords of the scots and come out fighting with our flexible and dependable LI. We gain a few techy bits like MSV1, an actual real hacker (squee!! Yes I know, Isobel. but she's only got a defensive device ) and a freakin' TAG!! If you're coming here for solid Heavy Infantry and missile launchers, you're in the wrong place, but we do have one of the best skirmishers in the game and multiple excellent link team choices to support them with. Light infantry: Metros: At first glance these guys seem totally uninspiring, crappy stats, redheaded step-child versions of CH skills and a measly solitary specialist profile. That said, 8 pts for a rifle and an order is nothing to be sniffed at, and you can very easily fill your order pool to fuel your big hitters with these guys. The camo infil options add depth to the profiles, but represent a bit of a gamble in terms of effectiveness. Where they shine though is in a link team, either led by Jaques Bruant or not, they provide a cheap source of efficient orders and a very cost effective HMG to place in a defensive position. Standout profiles: -Rifle 8pts -LT, rifle 8pts -HMG, 19pts 0.5SWC The rifleman represents the cheapest regular gun-armed order we can get on the board and makes for a reasonable DZ guard to discourage AD troopers from arriving in your backfield. Aside from this, filling out a link on the cheap and playing "guess the LT" is great for these guys. The aforementioned LT is great because it doesn't cost much in terms of pts, is free in SWC and is easily hidden amongst plenty of cheap duplicates. The HMG is a stellar profile for link teams. cheap in both pts and SWC, a couple of these can give a defensive link a lot of punch and even a solo gunner makes for a decent roadblock when put on suppressive fire. Avoidable Profiles: All the others. The paramedic profile, to be fair, should be in the standout profiles when considered as part of a link team. Its never going to set the world alight but it does put a specialist in your link giving it the ability to cap objectives in ITS games, and you never know, you might get lucky and achieve experimental drug as well. The camo infil profiles are interesting and have actually got a bit better now that failed infil rolls no longer scatter, giving your opponent easy kills. They now appear in your DZ, touching a table edge which makes them a lot safer to use than previously. Unfortunately though, outside of a link, their stats really let them down, though the buff to the DEP's range bands makes it much more worth considering if it fits your style of play The LGL profiles are a neat bit of utility, but again, the profile tends to let it down. using it in a link for spec fire ejects the user from the link to put the final nail in the coffin for me. Paracommandos: Our airdrop specialists have seen a few minor points tweaks here and there but largely remain the same in terms of power and utility. The biggest change for these guys though comes in terms of their weapon ranges. The HMG profile was the out and out winner, given how amazing the HMG was in nearly every situation. This is no longer the case and has opened up the choice of which one to bring significantly for me. Mimetism, strong WIP and being able to start well up the board in many situations makes them a strong choice for a specialist profile for ITS players and there's plenty of utility in a BS12(18) boarding shotgun that can outflank your enemies when you need it. Standout profiles: -HMG 31pts 1swc. Still a bloody good gun, but will require a bit more though in terms of where the fire lanes are and where its gonna shine once it rocks up. Don't be afraid to switch to your pistol for close up work! Nothing forces you to AD, so sticking him in a strong position in the deployment phase isn't a bad choice per se. -Rifle/Forward Observer 21pts. WIP14 specialist with AD: parachutist and mimetism? bargain. -Boarding Shotgun 22pts. Outflank someone and empty both barrels into them. perfectly capable of getting into +6 range and has mimetism to help Avoidable profiles: Everything else. In an ITS game, take the FO everytime over the vanilla rifle loadout. totally worth the extra point The sniper rifle is a nice idea, but doesn't mesh well with an AD trooper's skillset. Use the long range of the rifle and you waste AD, use AD and end up in your -3 range bands. Can't really see what the point is here tbh. LGL is a nice bit of utility again and is certainly more useful on a BS12 model that starts potentially in its +3 band for spec firing on 9's. Its not solid, but I can see its utility. 1 full swc is quite an asking price however and the changes to dodging mean its less likely to rack up kills than before. Loup Garou: Ever the deadly link team, their viral rifles tore through light troopers and those with low BTS. Changes to the rifle range banding combines with their X-visor to make them a really huge threat at much longer range now, especially with the +3BS from a full link. This benefits all profiles really apart from the sniper rifle. A few minor tweaks on points leaves these guys looking just as strong as before, though viral ammo not affecting lifeblood crates is something for ITS players to remember, as well as their lack of Specialist profiles. Standout profiles: Viral rifle/flash grenades 21pts Boarding shotgun/ADHL 18pts Between these two profiles you can deal with nearly any threat. Low BTS? hit it with viral. Immune to viral or high BTS? glue it or hit it with AP shotgun slugs. The X-visor really helps give these guys a long reach and they are the core of any link team imho. Avoidable profiles: Sniper rifle 21pts 0.5SWC* Viral Rifle/Flash LGL 22pts 1.5SWC *I'm kinda torn on the sniper. It sees a 3pt decrease in cost and is definitely the more useful of the two profiles here. If you're playing on a board where you have long lines of fire, the sniper is a good pick, but on a tight board you'll probably be better off with the basic profile and saving the SWC. That said, the day you're in an ITS and your opponent drops a wildcat or bolt link team opposite you, you'll be damn glad you brought the sniper as the viral ammo won't help you much against their BTS 6 +cover for ARM9. I still cannot see why the flash LGL costs so damn much in SWC. It doesn't really help the link in any way and spec firing with it will just kick him out of your team, wasting a command token to reform it. Avoid. There are miles better things to spend your 1.5 SWC on!! Zouaves: Ok, so I have to say, I'm a bit of a fan-boi for zouaves as they always seem to perform really well for me. They have a really diverse profile but all end up costing SWC which is about the only negative. Mech deployment sees them getting up the board efficiently but in ITS they'll come under pressure from the ever popular Chasseur FO for a slot in your combat group. Standout profiles: Forward Observer Rifle/Assault Pistol/DEP 21pts 0.5swc Sapper Sniper rifle 25pts 0.5swc Sapper HMG 30pts 1.5swc Rifle/DEP/Emauler/Assault Pistol 21pts 1swc First of all, the FO is a great little profile. Yes you'd probably rather have the Chasseur for her camo if you could only choose one. but you don't have to only choose one, you can have both! This guys brings the DEP, a nice bit of AT weaponry that can blow holes in walls, objectives, TAGS and HI alike and has received a substantial boost in range. The assault pistol gives him a really good option for close up gunfighting where his rifle lets him down and the changes to the Chasseur's combat camo with LFT come into play. With courage, ARM2 and WIP 13 he makes for a decent specialist too Sapper is still an odd mix of skills and weapon loadouts, but for me, the low cost of entry, free cover, mimetism make both of these profiles well worth a go. The HMG is a good one to move forwards and get into suppressive fire covering a good killzone. Cover, mimetism and suppressive fire give him a whopping -9 to be hit before range mods are taken into account and he can deploy in a great spot to save on orders. Finally, the Emaulers have become vastly more useful in N3, making a forward operating model like this great for adding to your Chasseur's minefields and helping choke off the enemy's safe lines of advance Avoidable profiles: LT Paramedic LGL Rifle The LT isn't a terrible choice per se, but you'll waste his mech deploy if you skulk him and risking LOL isn't a great idea if you do want to use him aggressively. Paramedic isn't fantastic, but the mech deploy at least gets him near to the action to save orders on a 112 to go and heal. The ability to heal at range is a bonus too, but I'd rather have the FO as i see more utility in it. Again, the LGL is a nice bit of utility and the mech deploy gets him into the range bands where he can forseeably utilise it with a decent chance of hitting something, but a full SWC is a high asking price and speculative fire is now a dodgeable attack. In ITS, you're going to take the FO for a point over the basic rifle profile. Outside of ITS, take the EMauler profile if you can spare the SWC. 112 The 112 is our only "true" doctor but lacks the army-wide support most other factions get that actually makes doctors useful. Without an army full of cubed profiles, we can't make use of the command token re-roll and the WIP13 is likely to "off" your patients rather than help them. The other main issue is the lack of G:synced bots, which means he's got to spend a lot of orders to get upfield to try and heal. The medikit is a nice touch, being able to shoot healing syringes so as not to expose your doc to the gun that killed his patient, but his pretty average BS means you might waste orders trying it. Thankfully, he is the price most people pay for their line trooper paramedics, so he doesn't exactly break the bank. Worth a pop I suppose if you've got a strong defensive link team he can lay prone behind or as a cheap specialist. Being armed with a light shotgun, fairly low BS and no way to get up the board but to footslog means he is not going to be a great gunfighter, but hey, he's cheap! Dozer The Dozer is one of two engineer profiles available to us in Merovingia and is the generic engineer for Ariadna as a whole. They haven't got a huge amount to fix compared to our allies and enemies but they don't break the bank and are rifle armed so are effective at greater ranges than their medical compadres. WIP 13 isn't fantastic but they are necessary if you want to unlock our REM choice, the Traktor Mul or repair our TAG choice, the Anaconda. A reasonable points drop helps get them into your forces too, they're not going to break the bank at any rate. Standout profiles: All of them! Rifle/D-charges 13pts Rifle/D-charges/Traktor mul device 14pts Rifle/Akrylat Kanone 14pts All of these profiles allow for engineering of damaged kit, REMS and TAGs and the akrylat kanone isn't a bad call for some long range ARO potential or a bit of glueing when you don't need the traktor mul device, plus the 1pt upgrade is pretty manageable though you do lose the charges. The other profiles do keep their D-charges, and these allow you to blow holes in walls, objectives and models as well as grab a secret objective too. Medium Infantry Briscards: Not quite true MI, in that they retain their 4-4 mov profile (at the benefit of only getting ARM2), but these guys are the other strong contender for your link team slot. Generally these lost out to loup garou for most people, the pure raw damage of the viral ammo seeing more usage than the meagre benefit of the briscards MSV1 and marksman rifle combination. Nowadays though, MSV1 works on a lot more targets, helping against TO and ODD as well. These guys have also seen some points drops on their heavy weapon profiles and also pack specialist and lieutenant profiles in on top of the vastly more useful MSV1 and I really think that these are now very much level-pegging with the loups for attention as a link. I can see an argument for using these as solo models too, especially their heavy weapon profiles. They trade the boarding shotgun/adhl combo for close up defense for much longer range firepower with the HRL and sniper, gaining the excellent assault pistol for any close-up work they need to do. Standout profiles: Forward Observer Marksman rifle/Assault Pistol 25pts Heavy rocket launcher/Assault Pistol 25pts 1.5swc Sniper Rifle 25pts 1swc Can't go wrong with these tbh, the FO is a great specialist for your link and the heavy rocket launcher packs DAM15 Fire ammo for dealing with big nasties, TO/ODD or DAM14 templates for dealing with grouped up links. The sniper rifle profile is great for dealing with camo markers at range, spotting minefields and clearing them safely or simply just providing some DAM15 support for a defensive link of 5. Avoidable profiles: To be honest, none of the others are bad, certainly in a link they are all very useful. As solo units, the LT is more expensive than you want for someone who's going to skulk and do very little and the paramedic is outshone in utility by the FO profile. The vanilla rifle is fine for filling out a link, but i'd take a solo FO over the rifle profile in ITS anyday Heavy Infantry: Moblots: These guys are probably the biggest winners from the changeover to N3. Sizeable points reductions across the board and an AVA boost to 5 mean that it is now feasible and possible to run a 5 man link. Outside of links, a broad variety of profiles including infiltrators make them worth considering as a solo unit. Standout profiles: -AP rifle/LSG 23pts. This is your go-to guy for your link team. AP helps deal with big nasties and gives them a bit more hitting power which HI needs to really justify taking it over our excellent LI. -Engineer Rifle/LSG/D-charges 25pts. A good specialist for making your link team cap objectives and dealing with isolated status -Infiltrator AP rifle/LSG/DEP 30pts. Starts up the field with a good gun, a decent AT weapon and an LSG for close up work in that +6 band. -Infiltrator Rifle/LSG/Emauler 26pts. Not as strong as the above but the emaulers can really get on people's nerves and choke off lanes of approach. Synergises well with Chasseur minelayers and Zouave emaulers. -HMG 29pts 1.5swc/LT HMG 1 SWC. Great for giving the link some punch and a decent way to get an aggressive LT if you're that way inclined (i'm not!) -Boarding Shotgun/Panzerfaust 23pts. Fills out the link, giving it both long range ARO potential and close up +6 range threat too. Avoidable profiles: -Sapper HMG 31pts 2swc Unfortunately the extra SWC and cost don't really give this profile any benefit over the Zouave who simply just does it better with his mech deploy combined with suppressive fire. -Rifle/Light shotgun 21pts Unless you use him for filling out links, I wouldn't really bother. Take a Loup-Garou, Briscard or a more interesting Moblot profile instead. All the others are situational (paramedic, mimetism) or return limited benefits for the investment. Mirage 5 A bit of an odd mix, a moblot and a werewolf, but it seems to work very well indeed. Duroc is now extremely impetuous and will need to deploy in turn one with Airborne Infiltration unless you burn orders to hold him back, revealing that you've got AD troops in the process. He still packs a bevvy of useful tools; smoke grenades and frag grenades both benefiting from a boost in effective range though his double chain rifles now suffering slightly from the easier dodge ARO enemies receive. MA lvl2 confers stealth though and a whole host of CC changes mean he's probably benefited more than he's lost in the transfer to N3, though the lack of cover due to impetiousness and S6 means he's definitely going to need to make the most of his superjump and stealth on the active turn and get out of sight or into combat for the reactive phase. As for his partner, she's still rock solid with her super-Moblot profile, rocking an impressive BS14, AP rifle and LGL. A slight points reduction overall keeps these guys looking competitive, but you'll definitely have to rethink the duroc rambo routine. Skirmishers: Chasseurs: Ah the chasseur, single handedly won me so many games in N2. Cheap, deadly, efficient. Some changes to combat camo mean they are less glass-cannon than previously, being able to now rely on enemies dodging or engaging in more safe FTF than unopposed reactions than previously. The FO profile almost criminally became cheaper, making it as near to an auto-include as you can get in infinity. The profiles remain strong with camo, infiltration, multi-terrain and sixth sense L1 and a versatile loadout of equipment. If only there were more models available!! Standout Profiles: -Forward observer. Rifle/LFT/Mines 20pts. You cannot go wrong with this profile. Other armies would kill for such a cheap toolbox. -Minelayer. Rifle/LFT/Mines 20pts 0.5swc. Again, brilliant profile. great for choking up lines of attack with mines, slowing your enemy down. Starts with a mine in play from deployment, allowing you to play a shell game of guess-the-mine on his first turn :-) -Rifle/ADHL/D-charges 19pts 0.5swc. Toolbox profile, great for sneaking past some big nasty and shooting it in the bag to glue it in place before planting some explosives on it. Good for popping crates/doors/walls with the D-charges and grabbing the sabotage secret objective too! -AP Sniper rifle 26pts 1swc. A points drop of 5pts makes this much easier to recommend, especially as cover, camo and suprise attack stack some serious mods on those she targets. The AP sniper rifle is a boon to a sectoral that struggles for the big guns too, giving a reasonable platform for putting down HI and other well armoured opponents in the active turn. Avoidable profiles: -Rifle/LFT/mines 19pts. In ITS just take the FO/minelayer profiles for the tiny upgrade price. REMs: Traktor Mul Previously a slightly complex mishmash of firing modes, circular template shenanigans and non-hackable guided munitions, they've been streamlined and stripped back a bit now. Minesweeper: 5 pts Super cheap regular order, brings baggage (for reloading disposable/deployable weapons) and can help counter your opponent's crazy koala/minelayer frenzy. Not often worth the orders to make use of either strategy but if you're taking a dozer anyway, this opens up a cheaper order than a metro. Katyusha MRL: 11pts Cheap, but very short range DA ammo launcher. Capable of guided and speculative firing, this really needs the support of your forward observers if you're going to shoot at more than 16" away. Uragan MRL: 18pts A little more pricey, but picks up B3 and total reaction plus AP+Shock ammo effects in the mix. Good for defending a suspected drop zone or objective, but suffers from the same horrible range bands as its Katyusha cousin if you want to use it more aggressively. Can spec fire and do guided, but both really require FO support from elsewhere in the list and the guided mode is hackable now. Mercs: Alguacile Hacker A moderate points drop and a boost in hacking's utility suddenly makes this profile a little bit more useful. Its still a long way from an auto-include, but as a specialist she won't break the bank, comes with a combi rifle and a standard hacking device for helping to defend against guided munitions, cyber attacks and running supportware on your Traktor Muls. Moderate WIP is offset by moderate pricing and this choice has certainly become a little better, though lacks army wide support like repeaters, markers and such that other armies take for granted Anaconda This light TAG has changed very little, bringing reasonable firepower on a budget. In N2, the spitfire was seen as the HMG's poorer cousin, but in N3, its a much more versatile weapon for those who want to get up and get stuck in like TAGs do. The LFT and Panzerfaust cover point defense and AT respectively and the fact the pilot dismounts with spitfire intact adds icing to the cake. 62pts well spent imho, as you can till field a versatile ITS force with specialists even including this nice bit of hardware. Watch out for hackers though, as every man and his dog will be going for rule-of-cool and trying to forcibly eject your pilot prematurely :-) Warcor 3pts for a flash pulse toting model is ok, but the fact that it is irregular is pretty annoying. Not a lot to recommend here other than flash pulsing with its pretty decent WIP of 13 which is fine for a distraction/speed bump. Using its irregular order as a regular one with command tokens is pretty viable and its not a terrible way to spend 3 points, your opponent will deal with it, costing an order or maybe more if you get lucky. Characters: Brigadier Jaques Bruant Well renown as a bit of a badass in N2, the molotok was a great little gun, being similar in real terms to a spitfire. That has changed somewhat now, taking on a rifle damage code but gaining B4 and AP rounds in the process. His X-visor gives him extra long reach, especially when combined with the +3BS from a full metro link team. In addition, he carries d-charges, allowing him to obtain the sabotage secret objective as well as blow up crates, walls, doors and scenery which is pretty neat. Limited camo gives him away when linked, so i'd tend to only utilise it when running him solo. Standout profiles: Lieutenant Molotok/D-charges 28pts 1swc Molotok/D-charges 28pts 1swc Both of these make a fine addition to a link of metros, though i'd steer clear of running him solo as my LT as he's not all that durable with only 1W and ARM2 to keep him safe. Avoidable profiles: Inferior Infiltration Molotok/D-charges 31pts 1swc. Inferior infil isn't a great skill, though thankfully the price of failure is now much less than it was previously. Even still, he isn't cheap by merovingian standards and if you need a forward fighting heavy hitter, I'd look at paracommandos, zouaves and chasseurs for their far greater reliability. Knauf Knauf is the newest addition to the FRRM and by god does he plug some holes. MSV1, mimetism, multi-sniper on a BS13 profile that also has MML1 for +shock to your ammo choice? Amazing for us frenchies, literrally the big gun we were crying out for. He's also able to fall back on the very solid Heavy pistol side-arm for when things get too close for the sniper rifle, giving him potent damage output regardless of range bands. He's no slouch in CC either, I mean, he's not a dedicated specialist but CC19 with a heavy pistol means he'll have decent odds against all but dedicated killers like shinobu. 32 points is the asking price and in my opinion, well worth it. The key thing to do with him is not to use him as an ARO piece early in the game, as tempting as it might seem. He's still vulnerable to smoke 'n shoot tactics by your enemy and is also vulnerable to white-noise 'n shoot on top of it. Keep him hidden T1, use him in your active turn and then play AROs once your enemy is thinned out. ALIVE! Anti-establishment group Another new addition to the game, in several factions they don't really add much, either in their singular form (being irregular) or in their group form (regular but often duplicating skills or profile better served with in-faction options). Thankfully in FRRM, we've got a tag to protect, access to standard hacking devices but no access to variant devices or repeaters to use them through, so this team is extremely useful, bringing three specialists, 3 different hacking devices and a multitude of repeater options for coverage, all for the bargain price of 1swc/50pts. As mentioned above, they can be cherry picked and brought singularly, but they become irregular, loosing a lot of the benefits of the team as a whole. they're largely armed with a smattering of anti-tech or non-lethal weaponry that we don't natively have access to in-faction, giving us extremely good tools to deal with HI link teams, TAGS etc, as well as plenty of stun/non-lethal weaponry for neutering threats. Bit: Armed with a stun LGL/Pitcher/fast panda and a G:sync remote bearing an ADHL and repeater, she's an extremely valuable force multiplier for the rest of your team. The white hacking device is pretty "meh" in terms of utility, but pretty nice in conjunction with the other hackers in your team for bouncing back KHD attempts on your other hackers via repeater. It also gives a limited form of SSL1 too so don't forget it! Her main use is the provision of a wide repeater net, tugging the G;sync along, dumping a fast panda and launching two repeaters from her pitcher. Switch makes for a reasonably competent specialist and attacking piece. Armed with a KHD (giving him the ability to cybermask) he can pretty well attack HI/TAGs/REMs with his emitters and isolate/disable things as well as suprise and kill enemy hackers. watch out for his frenzy if he achieves a hacking kill though! Cypher is a fantastic profile too, he brings mimetism, wears a repeater, has Emauler deployables (mine equivalents for disabling HI/TAGs/REMs), a pair of Emarats (large E/M templates!) and a WIP14 assault hacking device. He's absolute gold, given that anyone hacking him can be AROd by switch/wardriver/bit/alguacile all at the same time thanks to his built-in repeater, making taking him on in the active turn an extremely suicidal affair for enemy hackers. I really really hope the winner of the interplanetary decides they should reside in merovingia because they really add a huge amount of tools to an otherwise sparse toolkit, especially when dealing with high-threat, high-tech forces like Pano and Yu-Jing. My fave way of playing these guys is as their full team in conjunction with an alguacile mercenary, giving you four hackers and some excellent versatility giving the spread of hacking devices available. They can achieve a smattering of classifieds, get bonuses on certain ITS missions and generally make high-tech players sweat when they thought they were playing against a hacker-less ariadnan force :-) Wardriver Merc Hacker (TBC) Hope this is useful, please leave comments for improvements and errors you've spotted. Hopefully we can get a decent package of N3 guides up as a community over the coming weeks!
  3. frrm

    This post is not about infinity tactics for Ariadna, but about the link (imaginary or real) between actual historical units and FRRM units in our beloved game. My apologies if this was treated elsewhere. So the idea is to list for each FRRM unit the actual unit(s) it seems to be inspired upon, based on the description given by CB, the name of the unit, the logo, the number and the type. Briscards, 8éme Régiment d'Infanterie de Montagne : These guys are supposed to be of French inspiration. Funnily enough, "Briscard" is a French military slang word which denotes only seniority. The etymology is about the number of chevrons or "brisques" (1 per 5 years) that soldiers who had re-engaged in the Napoleonic Army could get. This is noted by CB in their description, adding that, on Ariadna, mountain duties are only given to veteran soldiers because they face the Antipodes (but unfortunately CB didn't give them the Veteran skill). Their motto is "Ardet et Audet" ("He burns and he dares"). The logo looks like five concentric arrows or a stylized 5 branch stars. There was of course never an actual 8éme Régiment d'Infanterie de Montagne in France. And this Latin motto historically belongs to the old French 3rd Dragoon Regiment, obviously a cavalry one. However, there were two 8émes Régiments d'Infanterie in France. The 8th RI, although with a glorious history, has nothing to do with mountain troops, so it's unlikely to be the inspiration for this unit. On the other hand, the 27th division of alpine infantry (currently 27ème Brigade d'Infantrie de Montagne or BIM) had for a short time an 8ème Régiment d'Infanterie Territoriale (a reserve unit) which fought at the end of WWI. Even if this regiment is not the inspiration for this unit, the 27ème BIM most probably is. It's a relatively recent unit, born of the Resistance during WWII, but a very elitist one, specialised in high altitude and extreme cold fighting. It fought very efficiently in World War II, giving the French their only territorial gains during that war (against Italy) and was in many bloody battles during the Algerian Independence War, losing more than a thousand men. They were also engaged in Lebanon, Tchad, Bosnia, Ivory Coast and Afghanistan. Funnily enough, several battalions in the brigade are not called "infantry" but "Bataillons de Chasseurs Alpins", due to the historical mixed origin from ranger (chasseurs) and line infantry units. No French or Belgian unit has an insignia similar to the Briscard logo: that's because the inspiration is not an insignia but a medal. The five branch cross is the prestigious medal worn by the Chevaliers of the Legion d'Honneur, an institution created by Napoleon I to reward exceptional military and civilian merit. Entire units could receive it for valour and all units of the 27eme BIM were awarded this decoration at some point in their history. Notes: the beret of all French mountain troops is much larger than the usual ones and is called a "tarte" (pie). The 27ème BIM also includes an engineer regiment from the famous French Foreign Legion, the 2ème REG which is the only alpine unit to wear green berets. Last but not least, the French Chasseurs Alpins were nicknamed "blue devils" by their opponents during WWI and WWII, a name still engraved on various monuments to their fallen soldiers in their garrison cities. Métros : This one is fairly easy. Both French and Belgian armies used to distinguished "metropolitan" troops from colonial, shipborne (Marines) or foreign (French Foreign Legion) troops in their land forces. In the FRRM, these are basic cheap foot soldiers, line (and light) infantry with standard armament, few specialists and few heavy weapons. It includes Jacques Bruant, an NCO wielding a Molotok. The motto is "Tant qu'il en restera un" (As long as there'll be one left). While there were never units called "Métros" in France or Belgium, the reference to the standard ground forces is clear. Funnily, since the term "metro" specifically excludes colonial troops, the actual motto was common to two historical French regiments, the 3rd RCA and 3rd RTA, precisely belonging to the colonial forces. And the first was of course a "Chasseur" regiment... Loup-Garou : According to CB's description, this is the name of a Gendarmerie unit of the FRRM (so members of the armed forces on police duty or defence of the FRRM territory and interests). They are specialised in anti-dogface intervention. The motto is "Le Loup Desire, le Loup Obtient" (What the wolf wants, the wolf gets). This unit is, to my knowledge, completely imaginary and there is no actual historical French or Belgian unit with this name or this motto. Obviously though, the French Gendarmerie does have a similar unit with elite training and rapid reaction capacity. It is the GIGN (Groupement d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale), an anti-terrorist force which can also be deployed in foreign operations. They are comparable to the US Delta Force (which they helped create) or the German GSG 9. 13ème Régiment de Moblots : This is an interesting mix. The motto of this FRRM heavy infantry regiment is "En avant-garde toujours" (Always ahead) and is supposed to be named in honor of the French Gardes Nationales Mobiles who fought in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. The FRRM Moblots are heavy weapon and heavy armour troops, with specialists and good training. But they also have access to sappers and infiltration tricks. They like close combat with their bayonet "Rosalie". This strange mix might be explained in part by the units they were named after. Contrarily to the Infinity Moblots, the real ones were anything but heavy infantry. Moblots were essentially light reserve troops, as numerous (600,000 in 1868) as they were poorly equipped and badly trained (they often had to pay for their own uniforms or supplies). They were conscripts, drafted for 5 years and then returned to civilian life, but could be recalled in case of conflict. In 1870, this is what happened. The Second Empire Army of Napoleon III was pretty much annihilated by the Prussian forces, and the French hastily proclaimed the 3rd Republic, relying only on the numerous Moblots to repel the highly trained and well equipped Prussians. What they missed in armament and training, the Moblots compensated in motivation and defensive or guerilla tactics. The Prussians besieged Strasbourg, Paris and Belfort, defended mostly by Moblots. Despite being hopelessly outgunned, often outnumbered and isolated, the reserve soldiers proved to be much more resilient than the regular army. In all three cases, the Moblots fought bravely, digging into fortifications against the Prussian artillery, counter-attacking in wild bayonet charges and sniping their officers from concealed positions. Strasbourg and Paris would fall over time, but Belfort held three month under constant bombardment and until after the armistice was signed. The Moblots left the fortified city in formation and with their weapons. Because of their bravery, their city was excluded from the territories conceded to the new German Empire in 1871. By the way, there was no historical 13ème Régiment de Garde Nationale Mobile in active service during the war. "En avant, Toujours" or "En pointe, Toujours" is the motto of various French cavalry, infantry, parachutist and special force units. Notes: "Rosalie" was indeed the nickname of the French bayonet but much later, in 1914, and its model was shaped like a cross. Moblots had a very different bayonet, longer, slightly curved and wider, essentially a short sword with which they charged Prussian soldiers in bloody counter-attacks. During the Franco-Prussian war, the Moblot officers were theoretically elected by their men, but always from people with officer training... And after the war in 1871, the Garde Nationale Mobile was disbanded by a rather ungrateful 3rd Republic. The reason was that the new government was very right wing (monarchists and conservatives) while the Moblots were notoriously unruly, undisciplined, left wing, socialist and anarchists. The famous insurrection of the Commune of Paris of 1871 was created and defended until the bitter and deadly end by Moblots. 4ème Chasseurs : With their motto "Toujours Pret" (Always Prepared) and their logo, the 4th Chasseurs could be confused with a historical French unit. But for me the FRRM Infinity unit looks much more like the Belgian 4ème Régiment de Chasseurs (Ardennais). Bot the French and Belgian regiments are elite troops with a glorious history. But the French unit of the same name is a cavalry unit, using heavy guns and tanks and specialised in long range mobile actions with mechanized support. On the contrary, the historical Belgian unit of the same name was specialized in actions in close contact or behind enemy lines, destruction of communications, sabotage, concealed positions and sniping. Exactly like our FRRM favorite scouts (note that for French and Belgian armies, "Chasseur" units are usually light but hard hitting reconnaissance units, essentially scouts or "rangers"). The motto and the logo can be found in many Chasseur and other units of both countries (as well as other non-French speaking ones). The motto is also of course the Baden-Powell Scout motto. Notes: the Belgian 4th Chasseur Regiment had large green berets and its actual motto was: "Résiste et mords" (Resist and bite). It is said that British commando green beret colour was inspired by the tenacity of the Belgian Chasseurs. The world record in target sniping is currently held by a French soldier of the 1st Régiment de Chasseurs Alpins, at a whooping 3695 meters, above the mythical limit of 4000 yards. Régiment of Zouaves : As mentioned in CB's description of the unit, the Zouaves are based on a famous French unit created in 1830 in Algeria. The FRRM Zouaves as we know them are mechanized infantry with some special weapons and sapper abilities. Their ominous motto is "Oeil pour oeil, dent pour dent" (An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth). Quite ordinary statistics and expensive cost are somewhat compensated by decent skills (Courage, some specialists) and equipment (demolition). Real Zouaves regiments were the third most decorated units of the French army over History. Originally a colonial mixed unit, it was soon transformed in an all French unit. There were first 3 but soon up to 15 regiments of Zouaves. Most of them got spotless records, from Algeria to Dunkirk and back to Algeria again (but also in Italy, Mexico, Indochina, Morocco and Tunisia). Technically, Zouave regiments were part of the colonial French forces (not the metropolitan ones), but were mostly engaged on the French national territory during the First and Second World Wars, with additional complements of native troops again. They were used as cannon fodder and nearly annihilated many times but never backed off. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 8th Zouave regiment did indeed get mechanized during WWII. But the obvious reference for the FRRM Zouave Regiment is the French 11th Zouave Regiment with the same motto and a similar logo. This regiment got completely destroyed during WWII while covering the English retreat on Dunkirk. 1er Régiment de Para-Commandos : CB's description of this unit is quite short and gives us only a motto: "Preux et audacieux" (Proud and audacious). Of course, the use of the miniatures is pretty obvious and we must look for an historical airborne regiment origin. The inspiration is interesting here: the 1st Para-Commando obviously refers to the elite Belgian unit of the same name. Originated in WWII and the SAS Belgian commandos in the UK, the regiment was the most prestigious of the Belgian Army after the War. But what's amusing is that the motto and the logo are from very different regiments. The motto is in fact from the UK 22nd RAF Squadron (the one where Prince William was a pilot). As far as I can tell, the logo doesn't exist in the French or Belgian armies. However, the French Foreign Legion Parachutist logo has a winged bird claw holding a gladius which is similar. Note: The actual Belgian Parachutist insignia are the commando SAS dagger and the winged parachute and it shares the SAS motto. Mirage 5 : Last but not least, our favourite dogface / moblot couple... Here of course, the link is tenuous at best. The Mirage 5 unit and in general Mirage units according to CB are essentially special operation commandos for desperate but top priority missions. Airborne and killing power... for a price. No link with any prestigious French or Belgian unit is given. But of course, there is such a link. Plane amateurs will have recognised the name of a series of various military French jets. Mirages were all attack or fighting jets. There was even a Mirage 5 version, but it was designed for the needs of the Israeli Air Force (it was later build locally as the Nesher). The Mirage 5 was used by various countries as a multi-role aircraft, based on the 60's design of the French Mirage III. Of course, maybe the link is only in my imagination...
  4. Hi all. A while ago, I had another log here. I wound up not posting for a while, but since I've found a new club to play at here in Copenhagen I've had a bit more motivation to paint. The old log got archived due to my inactivity, so here we go again. Trying to prevent that from happening again, I've decided to take some inspiration from a friend of mine, Maelstrom, who runs a blog with occasional PanO models. He tries to do weekly updates, and I'll be trying to do the same to ensure I don't get distracted and go do something else. That being said, I'm also writing my masters thesis, so I might have, er, varying levels of activity. As you've probably figured out from the title, the main focus for this log will be Nomads and Ariadna, with a bit of PanO tossed in once Op: Icestorm gets here. I'm hardly the best painter in the world, but I keep trying to improve. This is why, if you see anything that you think might be improved, even slightly, don't hesitate to chime in. Seriously, nothing better than constructive criticism. This being said, I'm prone to getting "fatigued" if I have to spend too much time on a mini, so on occasion I wind up slapping the paint on and calling it a day. This Moira is a good example, since I started her about december 2013, possible before. Since then, she's languised in a half-finished state until I got tired of it and tossed some paint at her. This is why the red cloth, the black bits and the grey gloves are as poor as they are, while I'm decently proud of the white armour: Señor Massacre here was much the same story. I've tried to avoid the usual highlight-to-white on the red, but I've wound up with a mini with very little contrast. After seeing these pics I think I might blackline him and try to add a bit more shading when I get the time, but if there's anything else you think might help I'd be very grateful to hear it. (Didn't help that the varnish killed a bit of the highlights). That should do for an opening salvo - hope you've liked it. Next update should include some Ariadna.
  5. What I'd like to see from the New and Improved Merovingian Rapid Response Force (hopefully released side-by-side with the Tartarian Kazak Host) besides some model resculpts (looking at you Equipe Mirage 5) is that it goes from hinting at Nomad Merc support to actually having Nomad Merc support a la Qapu Khalqi, maybe with some Haqq Mercs for good measure. Merovingia is the most cosmopolitan and forward-looking Ariadnan nation, they should be playing with some modern toys and allies. Just my 2 Ariadna-Rubles.
  6. OK so my regular opponents are discovering the power of smoke throwing warbands in the form of datirazi (sp?) and Uberfalkommandos. As an MRRF player I obviously don't have access to MSV:2 and I'm struggling to stop them getting close with their smoke and shredding me. Wat do?
  7. I have been thinking of starting a 150 point Rapid Response Force due to my love of the Loup-Garou sculpts. However, I have run into a problem regarding the color scheme of my future force. Ariadna is not like the other factions of Infinity when it comes to painting. Everyone else has armor/hi-tech which can be done in sometimes outrageous color combos and look good. Since the Ariadnians are plain it has been giving me trouble thinking of an unique way to paint them. So what do you guys and gals paint your Ariadna sectorial/vanilla? Is it possible to paint Ariadna in colors that would work on the other hi-tech armor factions? Any pics, paint recipes and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Battle for Svalarheima was a great event, thrown for the first time this year. Almost all of the contestants from the Central Coast and Northern California made the trip, giving us a great field. The scenarios: Beaconland. Ugh. Such a mess, but the most basic principle is to have a good number of Specialists and a strong degree of mobility. Since Camo Skirmisher Specialists and Infiltration are nerfed by the Beacon Rules and the Exclusion Zone, playing a bit more cautiously with my usual MRRF troops was important. Frontline A straightforward scenario, with marching forward and holding zones. MRRF's mobility is a huge boon here, but their flimsiness and shortage of huge point units makes this one a little tougher. Good for Mirage-5, I think. Supplies One that MRRF was born for. I put together the following two lists, which I felt would give me all the options I needed for those three scenarios. The Briscards are a solid link that can pack multiple Specialists and advance easily, making them great for Beaconland, and obviously they're my go-to link for any Camo intensive opponent or Steel Phalanx. Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 9 0 0 CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) BRISCARD Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 25) BRISCARD Heavy Rocket Launcher / Assault Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 23) BRISCARD (Forward Observer) Marksman Rifle / Assault Pistol, Knife. (25) BRISCARD (Forward Observer) Marksman Rifle / Assault Pistol, Knife. (25) BRISCARD (Forward Observer) Marksman Rifle / Assault Pistol, Knife. (25) DOZER (Traktor Mul Control Device) Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) Group 2 9 0 0 CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) BRIGADIER BRUANT Molotok, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 28) MÉTRO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) MÉTRO Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MÉTRO Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) 112 Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (12) 4.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5 This one I was very excited for, since I haven't used Mirage-5 for a long time. Beautiful for Supplies if I have to recapture boxes, and Mirage-5 is also a great surprise for Frontline. Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 9 1 1 MARGOT AP Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (37) DUROC 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CC Weapon. (32) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) BRIGADIER BRUANT Molotok, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 28) MÉTRO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) MÉTRO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) MÉTRO Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) MÉTRO Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) MÉTRO Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) Group 2 7 0 0 PARA-COMMANDO (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (21) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) DOZER (Traktor Mul Control Device) Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) 112 Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (12) 5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5 Game 1: Beaconland versus John's Ariadna Ugh. Two things concerned me here. The first is that Ariadna is the allstar of Beaconland; dirt cheap quick Specialists, plenty of smoke cover, plenty of cheap ARO pieces, plenty of cheap mines and templates for table control. The other concern is that two players with close to 20 orders each (my opponent had well over 20 Orders per turn, including Impetuous) meant that making it through all three turns was going to be a challenge. I'm pretty confident at making my MRRF turns go quickly, even with 18 Orders, but a complex and movement-oriented scenario like this is particularly demanding. I won the Lieutenant roll, opting to take side and force my opponent to deploy first. Not only would this let me react to the storm of bodies that would be rushing forward, but it would also let me spot threats like Spetsnaz, Caterans, etc. and avoid them as necessary. If my opponent followed conventional wisdom too, he would take first turn and let me have the final say in beacon manipulating. John's list basically maxed out Impetuous Smoke and Specialist count: Ariadna ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 8 2 2 CATERAN T2 Sniper Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 21) IRMANDINHO Chain Rifle, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (8) GRUNT (Inferior Infiltration) Heavy Flamethrower, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 11) VAN ZANT AP Rifle / Heavy Pistol, AP CCW. (38) LINE KAZAK (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) KAZAK DOKTOR Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (13) LINE KAZAK Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (9) LINE KAZAK Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (9) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) MAVERICK (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) Group 2 7 3 4 DOG-WARRIOR 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CCW. (27) DEVIL DOG Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades + 1 K-9 Antipode / AP Heavy Pistol, AP CCW. (30) K-9 ANTIPODE AP CCW. (7) IRMANDINHO Chain Rifle, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (8) GRUNT (Inferior Infiltration) Heavy Flamethrower, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 11) MAVERICK (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) LINE KAZAK (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) LINE KAZAK (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) DOZER (Traktor Mul Control Device) Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) 3.5 SWC | 297 Points Open with Army 5 Turn 1: Ariadna Sure enough, my opponent took first turn. My deployment here was critical: I didn't see a Spetsnaz in his DZ, noting that the only serious gunfighting threat was placed high atop a tower and was almost certainly a Cateran (not a Spets sniper, since there was no Ambushed Camo nearby.) I used a high-ass tower in the middle to prevent the Cateran from seeing my Briscards, who deployed bold as brass on the left flank to ARO everything they humanly could. I hid my Chasseurs well in the Dead Zone because I wanted to keep them alive for running Beacons forward. My Metros hunkered on the right flank. I would have loved to keep everything closer to the umbrella of the Briscards, but grouping up that much was risky since a Dogface with smoke and Chain Rifles can always cause problems to a crowded DZ. I stole 2 Orders from the Dog pool as a precaution to help offset that. I banged a few Wounds off of Impetuous models, limited somewhat by Total Immunity mitigating the full effectiveness of the Heavy Rocket Launcher. My opponent used a Coordinated Order to activate a crapton of beacons in his own DZ, pretty much automatically preventing me from scoring the 3 points from his DZ. He ran an Irmandinho up my right flank, which wasn't as well defended as I would have liked. I deployed the Minelayer Chasseur centrally, but he would have been more useful on the right. The Irmandinho traded hits with an FO Chasseur, passing his save versus the light flamethrower and dropping the Chasseur before eating a Metro rifle shot that put him down. Unfortunately, this opened a gap for Van Zant to enter play. Van Zant killed the Paramedic and Dozer I had over there, a brilliant series of moves on my opponent's part. Because the rest of my Specialists were far over on the left flank, I wouldn't be able to recover/activate the Beacons of those dead right flank Specialists without spending a ton of Orders. If I was confident were playing all 3 turns, this wouldn't have been so bad, but since this was essentially a 2 turn game I knew I would have to act quickly. Eventually my man Bruant took down Van Zant, ending that reign of terror as well as my opponent's turn. Turn 1: MRRF. I had to move quickly. An entire hour had passed, half of our round, and I hadn't even had the chance to take a turn yet. The Briscard pool, entirely untouched, come to life and just rampaged. My opponent had piled a great body count with Van Zant, but had left a ton of troops exposed. The Briscard Sniper dropped the Cateran, the Heavy Rocket Launcher nuked an Irmandinho, two Line Kazaks, and the Devil Dog (catching a third Line Kazak in the blast in the process) as well as a lurking Maverick. As they pressed up the table, the Briscards dropped two beacons in the center exclusion zone, also interacting with a beacon for that free point. In my battered off-pool, Bruant coup-de-graced the Irmandinho for a Classified, before the Metro HMG took some long shots to drop a Grunt Flamethrower. Turn 2: Ariadna With his pool shredded, the Ariadnans scrambled to play the denial game by dropping tokens in his dead zone. Thankfully the Briscards were just entirely dominant at this point. While the Specialists pushed up along the ground, the heavy weapons maintained their high-ground vantage point and just killed everything in ARO. My opponent's attempts to break my 5-man bonuses were met with high-quality Marksman Rifle AROs that put them down. I knew I wouldn't be able to touch all the beacons in my opponent's DZ, but I was determined that he shouldn't get the mid zone or keep me out of his Dead Zone. Turn 2: MRRF The Briscards slogged forward again, reconfigured a beacon and dropped one in the null zone for that point, while my remaining Chasseur FO ran up to contribute another beacon. I took this time to tip my opponent into Retreat with more fire from the Briscards, since Irregular Orders for everybody would limit his ability to switch any of my Beacons off. Turn 3: Ariadna Some of his troops scrambled, but he wasn't able to realign anything. With more beacons in the mid zone, more beacons in his dead zone, a console aligned, a classified done, and an enemy beacon reconfigured, I walked away with 7 points to my opponent's 3 (he dropped a beacon in my own DZ, and I didn't feel any need to try and goose egg his scores when I could focus my Order elsewhere. Game 2: Frontline versus Brent's Nomads Brent runs a tight ship with his Nomads, placing second at a big event not too long ago. He was in the lead after Round 1, so I'd have to batter him pretty thoroughly to gain the overall lead. I won the rolloff again, opting to take side and make him deploy first. I decided on the Mirage-5 list pretty quickly, and here I had a tough question. One side had superior cover, with lots of dense terrain. I could deliberately let my opponent have that side, because it would have made for a perfect killing field for Duroc with all the lanes and corridors that would let him wreak havoc while limiting AROs. Alternately, since my opponent was likely going first, I didn't want him to run in and wreck me before I even got Mirage-5 on the table. In the end, I took the side with better cover. His list didn't have too many surprises. I suspected one or two lurking Tomcats, and the Iguana was obviously something I would have to pay attention to. Nomads ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 9 1 1 IGUANA HMG, Heavy Flamethrower / . (2 | 71) INTRUDER HMG, Grenades / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 42) INTERVENTOR Hacker Lieutenant (Hacking Device Plus) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) ALGUACIL Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 18) CLOCKMAKER Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (18) TOMCAT Doctor Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower + 1 Zondcat / Pistol, Knife. (26) ZONDCAT Electric Pulse. (4) TOMCAT Engineer Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (22) LUNOKHOD Heavy Shotgun, Heavy Flamethrower, CrazyKoalas (2) / Electric Pulse. (26) REAKTION ZOND HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26) MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (6) Group 2 1 2 2 SALYUT (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (8) MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (6) MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (6) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5 I hid everyone pretty thoroughly, though left Bruant and both HMGs peeking out to cover the table edge and stop any Tomcats or direct template wielders from running in and wrecking my backline. I bottled up the lanes to my half of the table with mines and Chasseur flamethrowers, so my defense felt solid. Field o' Camo Markers: It also helped that I was able to see where his Intruder dropped, since I was able to pick the opposite table corner that had a lot of intervening terrain, to limit what the Intruder could see and shoot. Turn 1: Nomads One of his REMs was pinned by my HMG AROs, so he redeployed a Morlock to toss smoke and unpin the REM. He succeeded, with the REM scrambling to safety under cover of a smoke cloud, and this did a nice job of chewing into his Order pool a bit (coupled with me stealing 2 Orders already.) He was wary of my swarm of Camo Markers in the mid, so he set up his Koalas to hopefully nail them if any revealed in my own turn. The Iguana strolled up looking for targets, failed to discover Bruant, and ended the turn cover my entire DZ in Suppressive Fire. Turn 1: MRRF Miiiiiiiiirage-5. Duroc dashed onto the board, safely behind the Suppressing Iguana. He laid some smoke to work into a better position, knocked the Intruder to Unconscious with a Spec Shot Grenade, then did the same to the Alguacile Hacker and Total Reaction REM with a second grenade. The Para Commando walked on the same edge, Forward Observing the back of the Iguana for a Classified and also supercharging my next move... Margot walked in, unloaded into the back of the Iguana with her AP Rifle, and did an immediate two Wounds to make the Pilot pop out. Turn 2: Nomads Now on his back heel thanks to my Airborne Deployment troops, the Nomads were looking to get back in the game. I had a Chasseur covering the wreckage of the Total Reaction REM, but a Morlock smoke grenade blocked that lane and let the Clockmaker jog over and repair it. The Morlock and Chasseur traded direct template hits, with me failing my armor save while he passed his own. A Tomcat walked on, with Duroc flubbing his smoke toss and eating two Combi Hits that knocked off a Wound. The Tomcat pressed the attack, Duroc rolled a beastly 17 for his smoke this time, but the Tomcat scored the needed Crit and put Duroc down. My opponent Coordinated some Orders to shove troops out of his own DZ and try and grab at least one Quadrant, using the TR REM to cover the Para Commando and Margot. Turn 2: MRRF My opponent was teetering close to Retreat land, if I managed to kill his pilot. I couldn't run the risk of letting the pilot and Total Reaction bot to rampage around, so I used Chasseurs to flank and put them both down before piling both Chasseurs, Margot, and the Para Commando into his near Quadrant to control it. My link finally left their DZ, controlling the near and middle Quadrants: Even if my opponent got aggressive, I was confident I had the points I needed to hold all three Quadrants. Turn 3: Nomads In Retreat, my opponent gunned down a Chasseur with his Interventor and ran his baggage bot up, but I still had the necessary points in his zone to keep it controlled in my favor. Final Score: 10 - 1 Game 3: Supplies versus Eliot's Nomads More Nomads! Alright here we go. I was feeling pretty confident that either of my lists could pull weight here, so I went with Briscards for their strong offense/defense versus Camo. Nomads ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 10 0 0 RIOT GRRL Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 35) INTRUDER (X-Visor) MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 43) MORAN (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 22) BRAN Combi Rifle+ E/Mitter / Pistol, DA CCW. (35) ZERO Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 24) ZERO (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (19) INTERVENTOR Hacker Lieutenant (Hacking Device Plus) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) JAGUAR Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (10) JAGUAR Adhesive Launcher, Panzerfaust / Pistol, DA CCW. (0.5 | 13) STEMPLER ZOND Combi Rifle, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (17) Group 2 4 0 0 TOMCAT Engineer Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (22) JAGUAR Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (10) SALYUT (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (8) DAKTARI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (14) ZONDBOT Electric Pulse. (3) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5 Eliot nailed his WIP roll with a 15, giving a pretty clear indicator of who is Lieutenant was. He opted to go first, so I took the side with superior cover and highground vantage points in my own DZ. Despite the Supplies all being in a relatively open square, LoF was fairly crowded thanks to the height and verticality of the buildings. I was very tempted to go with Mirage-5 to try and rip the guts out of his backline, but using Briscards is just a lot of fun and I felt their great weaponry and Visors would still give me a strong edge here. With a Moran, two Zeros and an Intruder roaming around, Briscards would be helpful as always. The Intruder was deployed on a roof that was largely flat, which meant it would have trouble slicing the pie versus any targets out there. I dropped both Briscard heavy weapons in LoF of that rooftop, hoping to challenge the Intruder and lock down movement in the midfield. The Chasseurs fanned out conservatively, covered by my bigger guns and ready to dash for boxes, while the Metros locked down the right side where the Briscards had no LoF. Tomcats and Hellcats are always a concern versus Vanilla, so good coverage of the table edges and backfield is pretty critical. Turn 1: Nomads The Riot Grrrrl Spitfire was actually my biggest concern. MSV1, mobile, durable, high burst weapon which was more than enough to punch holes in 1-Wound, fragile MRRF units. She came cruising out to try and bust my Briscard link, slicing the pie to isolate the Sniper but missing the 24 inch sweet spot by 3/4 of an inch. The Sniper gave her a knock on the armor, but she passed her save and ducked back to safety. My opponent chased that with a Coordinated Order on both the Intruder and Grrrl, hoping to get me to commit to the Grrrl so the Intruder could fire unopposed. I didn't fall for it, opting to hold vs the Intruder, and the Grrrl's Burst 2 shots missed. The Nomads shifted gears now and went for objectives, grabbing the leftmost box and retreating, while Bran (failing his Superior Infiltration Role) came up to provide support for that box holder. Turn 1: MRRF I led with the Briscard link, using the HRL to take on the Intruder Sniper. We both missed the fact that a Jaguar had a Panzerfaust ARO to my HRL as well, but I was happy to let that through and take my chances knocking out the Intruder. That plan materialized well: Intruder down, I ate a Panzerfaust but only went Unconscious, and Docto Axedeath fluffed his healing roll and the Briscard HRL went down for the count. Thankfully though, 4 Briscards is still plenty to work with. I started going to work skirmishing with the Chasseurs, which might be my favorite aspect of playing MRRF. I flanked the Riot Grrrl and started going to work on her with rifle shots, but despite my opponent failing his Dodge attempts, I just couldn't bust through her Armor and she eventually edged her way back into Total Cover: My Briscards redeployed and dropped the Zero box carrier and the Moran: Another Chasseur took care of Bran with more rifle work. Bruant and another Chasseur teamed up to reveal the right flank Zero. Turn 2: Nomads I had done well taking down my opponent's midfield presence, but now the Riot Grrrl was going to go to town on my overextended units. She dropped two Chasseurs and a Briscard before going into Suppressive Fire to deny me the leftmost box. A Tomcat showed up on the left also to back her up and solidify control of that box pretty thoroughly. Turn 2: MRRF Of my remaining Briscards, 2 were pinned by the Grrrl, but one was free to get some work done. He cleared the way for Bruant to D-Charge a diner, opened a box and handed it off so Bruant could retreat to safety with it, then set up to defend and potentially grab the middle box on Turn 3. I finished the turn by setting some mine traps for the Grrrl and Tomcat to stop them retrieving the leftmost box... Turn 3: Nomads ...And the Grrrl just gleefully dodged through the mines, tripping them and making it through unscathed. She grabbed the box and Suppressed again, backed up by the Tomcat, while the entire Nomad backline stuck their heads up to ARO as much as they could and try to stop me grabbing the middle box. Turn 3: MRRF That plucky Briscard wasn't bothered by such things though. He planted the Interventor with his Marksman rifle before belly-crawling through a field of rubble to avoid eating a Panzerfaust ARO, securing the middle box: With two boxes in my hands, things were looking good. The last thing I could do was try to take a box away from the Nomads. With a Chasseur, I dropped a mine around a corner and then swung around to take on the Grrrl. If I could take her down, I'd score max points. She casually won the F2F, tanked the mine blast, and the Chasseur went down hard. I then ran my 112's light shotgun over in another last-ditch attempt. The Grrrl was on one Wound at this point... Nope, the 112 taunted me by rolling 15s, missing the Crit by 1 before going down hard as well. Still, I ended well at 7 - 2, which would be enough for first overall. Conclusion: This was a great example of MRRF's capabilities. Flexibe, rapid, and they rely on the basic fundamentals of fire + maneuver in order to be successful. Their high Order pool comes with fragility, and their great abilities come with moderate stats, making for a very interesting force to play. I just love these guys... Reflections on units: Chasseurs: A What else can be said here? These guys are just legendary. Skirmishing with them in Game 2 and Game 3 was my favorite part of the entire event. Their role in defense is so valuable, and they make BS11 with a rifle look damn good in the right circumstances. Briscards: A- Solid, as ever. They can create an amazing firebase, they can redeploy quickly, they can cover all rangebands, and they're ultra-consistent in both attack and defense. It's hard to directly compare them to other Medium Infantry since they're so unique, but Briscards among my favorite units in the entire game. This is especially true in a take-all-comers ITS environment where you need your lists to fit a broad spectrum of situations and scenarios. Mirage-5: A- In some ways I think the Chain Rifle changes actually helped Mirage-5's tournament efficiency, simply because noone seems to expect them anymore. When that chunk of points is missing, it's either Mirage-5 or two HMG Para-Commandos, and neither of those are threats that someone wants to see showing up on the table. In this tournament, Duroc removed some lethal peaces and paved the way with smoke grenades. Margot even got to hunt some big game with that AP Rifle. Great duo. Bruant: A- The disgruntled Frenchmen is the perfect flexible striker for MRRF. Need some defense in the backline? He's got it. Need to fulfill Sabotage? No problem. Need to crack armor? Done. He's a great piece for when games start to get tough. Para-Commando: B+ Solid. Great stats, Mimetism is fantastic, and Forward Observer provides Specialist capability, a ranged option, and additional Classified coverage. The rangebands on the rifle hurt efficacy up-close, and Parachutist does limit overall flexibility, but this unit is downright amazing for its cost. I especially enjoyed using him in tandem with Mirage-5, adding another skilled gunfighter and also some nice tandem work combining the Targeted State with a BS14 AP Rifle and Grenade Launcher. Metros: B+ Their job isn't glamorous, but it's important. Even as cannon fodder to get killed off in the opponent's active turn, they're still fulfilling a role. Every once in a while too, they get to link up and have their late-game moment of glory. Dozer: C What is there to say? He's an Engineer. He does his job. He covers a Classified, he pushes a button, he has d-charges, and he can stand at a corner. MUls: B- Amazing little 5-point Orders, and Baggage is helpful in a lot of missions. There were a couple of times where they were great for Alert, helping other troops to change facing at key moments. I can just imagine what that sounds like... 112: C- The shotgun is fun. Not being able to re-roll Doctor rolls definitely puts Ariadna in its place as far as Sphere technology is concerned. It CAN be an easy Classified, and it CAN keep a link team together, but it's so important not to commit valuable Orders to something so risky.
  9. Ieldin's Plog (Nomads, JSA, MRRF, Tohaa, Hassassin) Greetings all, This is my painting thread, were I record my never ending battle with paint and brush against my biggest enemy, my strong urge to buy MORE, NEW, SHINY MODELS RAAAAAGHHHH! Sorry lost my cool there . Hope you enjoy this thread and don't hesitate to comment and give feedback. At first, a short overview of my armys, to show you what to expect. These are not all models from the different forces, but I got no good shots of them together. I hope I can update these at a later point. First Nomads, my main army: Second JSA: Third Hassasin Bahram: Forth MRRF: Fifth Tohaa: Sometimes I get a friend of mine, who is a amateur photographer, to make some shots of my minis, which are way better than mine, enjoy : My current project, a Tohaa Clipsos Infiltrator: And what lingers around the corner:
  10. So gonna be running MRRF in Highly Classified. My approach is to Bring a bunch of specialists (right now, I think I've got 9) Bring a specialist kill-team, a link unit that will try to dirtnap the other guy's specialists. For the later, I'm torn between Briscards and Loups. Here's what's going on my head: Briscards have L1 MSV to help vs camo'd specialists Briscards have the HRL, to burn off camo, annoy Tohaa, and affect a area. Marksmen Rifles, Sniper, and HRL mean they have good long range profiles Briscards can take their own specialists (FO, Paramedic) to help with the objectives once the killing is done... ...but Briscards are more expensive. A link is gonna be 20+ more points than the Loups and more SWC (assuming I get the HRL and sniper, see below) Loups have Virals, extremely killy to softer targets (like specialists tend to be). Loups have Adhesive, for hard to kill troops. And boarding shotguns for high PH high BTS targets. Loups have the X-visor, which makes the longer (and shorter, for the sniper) ranges easier... ...but Loups have no specialists, so they're solely on stalking duty. I'm the type of guy that plays WYSIWYG and no duplicate models, so my teams would either be: Three briscards (FO), Briscard Sniper, Briscard HRL (123pts, 2.5 SWC)- or Two Loups (Viral), Two Loups (BS/ADHL), Loup Sniper (99pts, 0.5 SWC) Thoughts?
  11. Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 9 0 0 PARA-COMMANDO (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (21) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MÉTRO Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) MÉTRO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) BRIGADIER BRUANT Molotok, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 28) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) ZOUAVE (Forward Observer) Rifle, D.E.P. / Assault Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) DOZER (Traktor Mul Control Device) Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) Group 2 7 1 1 TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) PARA-COMMANDO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 31) 112 Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (12) MARGOT AP Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (37) DUROC 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CC Weapon. (32) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) MÉTRO Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) 5.5 SWC | 299 Points Open with Army 5
  12. Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 8 0 0 ZOUAVE Lieutenant Rifle, D.E.P. / Assault Pistol, Knife. (1 | 20) PARA-COMMANDO (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (21) PARA-COMMANDO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 31) ZOUAVE (Sapper) Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) 112 Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (12) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) Group 2 6 1 1 CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) MOBLOT Engineer Rifle, Light Shotgun, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (25) MOBLOT Engineer Rifle, Light Shotgun, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (25) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MARGOT AP Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (37) DUROC 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CC Weapon. (32) 4.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5 We're planning on playing a small tournament/league using ITS rules. I want to be prepared for as many scenarios as I can. Up 'till now, we havan't played a single game above 150pts, so this'll be a first for us, and will require some investement on our parts as well. Funnily though, it appears that the last guy in our group to invest in Infinity has also gone for an Ariadna army, which means as good as no TAGs whatsoever to worry about... everyone I know plays some form of Ariadna-army. Maybe we should've looked for a modern-warfare type of game instead of a SF one.
  13. as the other big forums (ds) seem to be dead at the moment, i have decided to transfer my thoughts and musings on ariadna over to this lovely place. feel free to c&c at any time! here it is: i just wanted to drop in and say hi - i have recently started playing infinity (mostly the panO part of the op:is box) and decided to take ariadna as my main faction. while i am new to this beautiful game, i have been playing tabletop games since the early 1990s (warhammer fantasy 4th (orcs), necromunda(delaque)) and have been a rather active warmachine (cygnar, mercs, khador) and hordes (skorne, minions) player for the last 10 years. the step into infinity was easy as i really needed something different from wm/h, and an active/reactive gaming system with lots of terrain and a focus on ranged attacks is a welcome change of pace. i'd like to keep a blog of my first arrays into the game and into ariadna, so i'll try to post every now and then - as well as try to cover as many aspects of the gaming experience as possible. i've not seen a lot of beginner's post around here, so this might be a welcome thing for the future. chapter 1: list building my first two games (150 and 200 points) were played with vanilla ariadna lists, pone against haqqislam and one against nomads, both vanilla, too. keeping a balance between cheap models for order generation and more expensive ones with the ability to rambo through the field seemed more difficult than anticipated. after those two games, it seems to me that there are three staple models that are versatile and dangerous enough to be in almost any list: the veteran kazak with APhmg, the chasseur minelayer and the highlander grey with two light shotguns. they performed incredibly well - the veteran took on 80% of my opponent's haqq list by himself, spreading hmg bursts and standing in cover, nigh-untouchable. he also performed fantastically as a piece of field denial, placed on top of a roof at the edge of my own deployment zone; those AROs can hurt, too. the minelayer is another piece of board denial. i managed to place a mine in close proximity to an AD nomad trooper (tomcat, i think), who did not feel the urge to walk into it and thus had to stay out of the rest of the game. nonetheless, my highlander grey ouperformed the rest of the list by far. his impetuous orders were all followed by successfull ranged attacks, he cleared his half of the board in a combination of rifle bursts, shotgun madness and smoke grenade approaches. in addition, he can take some punishment before going down - and that's worth a lot. for order generation, i took a mix of line kazaks (one of them being my lieutenant) and highlander volunteers with chain rifles (who were also pulling double duty guarding my deployment zone from unwanted AD nomads) - all they did was use one command token to move a bit up the field into better cover. i can imagine that there are several good uses for those troops, especially with different equipment, but not as long as other models really need the orders. so, i went 2:0 in my first two games and was rather happy how it all turned out - go ariadna! btw, my lists were: (150 points, 8 orders) 2x line kazak (rifle) line kazak (lieutenant) caledonian volunteer (CR) chasseur (minelayer) highlander SAS (CRAP) highlander grey (double LS) veteran kazak (aphmg) (200 points, 8+1 orders) line kazak (rifle) line kazak (lieutenant) caledonian volunteer (CR) chasseur (minelayer) highlander SAS (CRAP) highlander grey (double LS) wulver (mk12) veteran kazak (aphmg) highlander cateran (t2 sniper rifle) chapter 2: the MRRF on saturday, i had a nice 300 points game with a MRRF sectorial. it started out rather bad for me (lost a chasseur FO and a zouave sapper hmg in the first two attacks), but i was able to come back with a bang. the first turn, i had a linked team of metros with bruant as the link leader - that molotok on bruant becomes disgustingly scary in a full link team. as i wanted to retain some flexibility, i also put a hmg metro on the team - my nomad opponent (barakunin jurisdictional command) was very keen to get rid of those two and burnt quite a bit of orders to do so, successfully nonetheless. fortunately, i had a second link team at the ready (switching by spending my lieutenant's order) - four loup garou, two shotguns, two viral rifles. they took out two riot grrrls and held the centre of the board all by themselves. very similar to my first few games, the chasseurs outperformed themselves. sitting there in camo, both the FO and the minelayer managed to block my opponent's lines across the field and bound enough orders and opponent's points to make up for their early deaths (round 1 and round 2, respectively). i had two zouaves around, which did not perform as i would have wanted them to. i'll give them another try next game and watch out that they are not both flanked and outgunned at the same time - stupid feuerbachs on remotes! my own two flanks worked out pretty well - a para-commando and a moblot. the commando took out a moderator, a reverend moira (the nomad lieutenant) and kept a huge part of the field under suppressive fire. the moblot swept the other flank, blasted through a riot grrrl, a moderator and a moira herself while withstanding quite some punishment in return. to me, the mrrf seems to be difficult to get the most out of. they are able to bring quite a bit of orders to the table but lack the shenanigans to deal with the toughest opponents - those moiras with their ODD, arm3 and cover were nigh-unkillable and ate up a lot of orders. between zouave sappers, chasseurs, para-commandos and moblots, they can manage to place themselves up the field and start to harass the opponent early, always at the cost of early losses. i might need to invest in an additional moblot or two (heavy infantry seems to be my thing) and feel like mirage-5 will see the field next time to have a really nasty harrassment option from turn one onwards. also, i'm not quite sure weather briscards would have been a good option here and there, especially as i did not manage to shrug off any damage apart from my immortal moblot and msv1 helps against nasty stuff like ODD. in addition, the 112 might be a viable option, especially for potentially keeping my metro link intact. the list was: Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 18 0 0 BRIGADIER BRUANT Molotok, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 28) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MÉTRO Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MÉTRO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) MÉTRO Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) ZOUAVE (Sapper) HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 30) ZOUAVE (Forward Observer) Rifle, D.E.P. / Assault Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) MOBLOT (Infiltration) AP Rifle, Light Shotgun, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (29) Group 27 0 0 LOUP-GAROU Viral Rifle, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (21) LOUP-GAROU Viral Rifle, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (21) LOUP-GAROU Boarding Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (18) LOUP-GAROU Boarding Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (18) PARA-COMMANDO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 31) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20)
  14. Here is one based on a Mirage 5 team and a Loup Garou link. It is a bit light on the specialists and won't like to go second, but it has a lot of fire power: Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 19 1 1 MARGOT AP Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (37) DUROC 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CC Weapon. (32) LOUP-GAROU Viral Rifle, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (21) LOUP-GAROU Viral Rifle, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (21) LOUP-GAROU Viral Rifle, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (21) LOUP-GAROU Boarding Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (18) LOUP-GAROU Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) MÉTRO Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) MÉTRO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) MÉTRO Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) Group 25 0 0 PARA-COMMANDO (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (21) PARA-COMMANDO (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (21) PARA-COMMANDO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 31) DOZER (Traktor Mul Control Device) Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) 4 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5
  15. I have read in the FRRM N3 Tactica that Jacques Bruant can be in a camo marker state in a Metro Linked Team as long as the team only uses move skill with its orders. Is that correct? Obviously, as soon as the team does anything else than moving, the camo marker would be revealed. Additional question: if the above is true, does Bruant get to have one sneak attack out of camo in active turn, providing he is the link leader?
  16. So normally i play Vanilla Ariadna, but enjoying the MRRF line of models and the ava changes to the sectorial, i figured i would give it a shot. What am i missing here? Where might i be going wrong in the MRRF list philosophy Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 110 0 0 MÉTRO Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) MÉTRO Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) MÉTRO HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) MÉTRO Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (8) BRIGADIER BRUANT Molotok, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 28) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) DOZER (Traktor Mul Control Device) Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (5) Group 27 0 0 ZOUAVE (Forward Observer) Rifle, D.E.P. / Assault Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) ZOUAVE (Forward Observer) Rifle, D.E.P. / Assault Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) ZOUAVE (Sapper) HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 30) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) BRISCARD (Forward Observer) Marksman Rifle / Assault Pistol, Knife. (25) BRISCARD Marksman Rifle / Assault Pistol, Knife. (24) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5
  17. Paulfuscious and I had such a great game yesterday, I got into a bit of a zone and decided that only a narrative could capture how great our game was. It also became a necessity due to a lack of pictures of the battle! So I hope you guys enjoy what I'm thinking may be a more regular thing for me. Note that this is ENTIRELY from the Frenchies perspective. So when I say left and right, it's all from my angle. Cos screw Morats. Also it's 300 points a side. Morat Force: daturazi, gaki and vanguard with combi on left flank soggy feurbach, soggy hmg and Kornak Gaznorat link in table middle. Anyat, daturazi, kurgat mk12, vanguard hacker on right flank Frenchies: Eric the Medic Zouaves, Gerard the Sapper Sniper Zouaves, and Stefan the Moblot Engineer on the left flank. Eric and Gerard own a hand built vintage Vespa they made from plans they bought from a Nomad trader. 'Mechanised' deployment ftw. Adrien the Moblot with HMG and some properly hot Lt Stripes, with his understudy Metros tag-along Marie hunkering on the rooftop overlooking the streetscape. The Loup Garou link team consisting of Francois, and Jon with ADHLs and Boarding Shotties, Poivre (pepper) Pierre with his trusty sniper rifle and Viral Vincent and Toxique Thierry with their trusty viral rifles on the bottom floor. Freddy le Fou (para HMG) and his partner in crime Caroline (FO Para) were currently en-route aboard their trusty modified Osprey. Let the story commence... 2 Chasseurs, Louise hunkered down in the middle of the board lying on top of a roof with her trusty adhl, and Henri had laid a mine in front of the objective the Morats were going to go for! He was just blowing on his ham and cheese croissant waiting for the monkey men to come his way... Turn 1 Pics from the End of Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3 Hope you all enjoyed it. In future I'm aiming for more pics, and most likely a big shot of the tables themselves! Relatively hard to follow otherwise. I'll continue to give characters names etc and try to keep the story going, because that's why I love my man dollies
  18. Moin! ("Hello" from where I come from) A few months ago, somebody gifted me an Infinity miniature, and since then I have collected and painted some Yu Jing. Recently, I have started playing Haqqislam. To start this off, my Kum biker (a kitbash of the Maghariba Guard Pilot and an Aragoto bike): (Maybe you've seen her in the Conversion thread already, but now she's painted ) If you want to see the older stuff, it's over on warseer in my thread there. And if enough people moan and gripe about having to go somewhere else, I may upload them here too
  19. I played in my first ITS of the year. We were tackling Antennae Field, Seize the Beacons and Quadrant Control, so I took a fairly balanced list as well as one that was Specialist heavy in order to give myself options. The first list shouldn't have that many surprises to MRRF players, but the second list was a bit of an experiment since I was taking solo Briscards for additional midfield skirmishing, fire support and objective grabbing. Ariadna - Merovingian Rapid Response Army | 16 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Chasseur Minelayer (20|0.5) Loup-Garou ADHL (19|0) Loup-Garou ADHL (19|0) Loup-Garou Viral (21|0) Loup-Garou Viral (21|0) Loup-Garou Sniper (24|0.5) Dozer Mul Control (18|0) Traktor Mul Minesweeper (5|0) Traktor Mul Uragan (19|1) Combat Group #2 Para-Commando HMG (32|1) Chasseur Observer (22|0) Chasseur Observer (22|0) Bruant (25|1) Métro Paramedic (13|0) Métro Lieutenant (8|0) 112 Doctor (12|0) ________________________________________________________ 300/300 points | 4/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : direct link Ariadna - Merovingian Rapid Response Army | 16 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Briscard FO (27|0) Chasseur Observer (22|0) Loup-Garou ADHL (19|0) Loup-Garou ADHL (19|0) Loup-Garou Viral (21|0) Loup-Garou Flash LGL (22|1.5) Loup-Garou Sniper (24|0.5) Dozer Mul Control (18|0) Traktor Mul Uragan (19|1) Combat Group #2 Briscard FO (27|0) Chasseur Observer (22|0) Chasseur Observer (22|0) Métro Lieutenant (8|0) Métro Rifle (8|0) Métro Rifle (8|0) 112 Doctor (12|0) ________________________________________________________ 298/300 points | 3/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : direct link Round 1: Quadrant Control versus Duc's Imperial Service I believe Duc had something like the following: Yu Jing - Imperial Service | 15 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Weibing Combi (21|0) Bao BS (29|0) Bao Combi (29|0) Bao Sniper (36|1.5) Bao Sniper (36|1.5) Imperial Agent Hacker (43|0.5) Sophotects (31|0) Garuda Tacbot HMG (31|1.5) Combat Group #2 Celestial Guard Smoke LGL (13|0.5) Kuang Shi Chain (5|0) Kuang Shi Chain (5|0) Kuang Shi Chain (5|0) Kuang Shi Chain (5|0) Kuang Shi Chain (5|0) Kuang Shi Chain (5|0) ________________________________________________________ 299/300 points | 5.5/6 swc Warnings: must have exactly one Lt open with Aleph Toolbox : direct link Deployment I won the roll and opted to go second, since I like having the final say before scoring takes place in Quadrant Control. I just needed to make sure that Duc didn't kick my ass with Kuang Shi, or pick me off with his big link team of Bao beforehand. His Bao telegraphed their intentions, deploying at the base of a tall MAS building with the intention of getting to the roof. I infiltrated a Chasseur past the mid-point line and onto the rooftop, to help deny the rooftop vantage to the Bao in case they wanted to use it. I bunkered my Loup-Garou in total cover opposite the Bao, in locations where the Bao couldn't snipe at them but they could still cover the midfield and table edges to keep an eye out for any Garuda or Kuang Shi pushing into my Deployment Zone. For Classifieds, I rolled up MRRF's worst combination (Hacking and Engineering) so I at least kept my Dozer close to the Muls in case I got a chance to patch one up. ISS Turn 1 The Kuang Shi staggered forward, frothing at the mouth with their Chain Rifles and such. Besides the Chasseur on the roof, I had kept my other Chasseurs off the midline and tucked back a bit so they wouldn't be easy meat for the Kuang Shi or Bao. The Bao, not wanting to risk their 5-man link bonus trying to scrape my Chasseur off the roof, settled for moving halfway up the building and setting up their snipers on a balcony with a decent view of my half of the table. He ran up a Yaokong Weibing, Sensored and Forward Observed a Chasseur for his Classified before retreating it back. The Bao scored one Quadrant for Duc, but the other Quadrant close to his DZ was lightly defended with a few Kuang Shi and the Weibing so I figured that was a good place to start... MRRF Turn 1 The Chasseurs dashed forward, clearing a couple Kuang Shi and Combat Camo'ing the Weibing to give me control of his Quadrant. The Chasseurs laid a couple mines and grabbed some cover, and my hope was that Duc would blow orders trying to kill them off instead of just pressing the attack on the Quadrants closest to me. I trundled a few units out of my DZ, keeping in total Cover from the Bao Snipers but letting me grab three Quadrants. My rooftop Chasseur leaned over to try flame the Bao Snipers on the balcony, failing to do any damage and eating a headshot for his trouble. Certainly worth a try. The Loup-Garou sniper was able to finish the job though, dropping one sniper and then the other with a fortunate couple of crits that had Duc swearing at me for a while . 3 points for me... ISS Turn 2 The remainder of the Bao kept babysitting their Quadrant, while the Kuang Shi played grabass with my Chasseurs. I killed a couple before eventually losing a Chasseur, which opened a window for Duc to walk on his HMG Garuda. He made good use of the Mimetism and long range bands, skirmishing with my Loup-Garou. I let Duc get comfortable in that firefight, letting him spend an order or two splitting his burst there before I revealed Bruant (sneaky sneaky Camo marker) and added his ARO to the mix. Duc was stretched thin with his Burst, now dealing with AROs from two Loup-Garou and Bruant, so he backed the Garuda off. His Sophotect ran up and repaired the Weibing, giving him a comfortable presence in his two Quadrants. MRRF Turn 2 I marched the Uragan straight at the Garuda, who dropped it with an HMG ARO and gave me something to repair for my Classified Objective. Bruant had a great turn, sweeping wide to drop the Garuda, then the Sophotect, then the Weibing before comfortably sitting in Duc's quadrant. My Dozer jogged over to missile launching Wall-E and picked it back up, and I laid a few mines to deter the Bao from doing anything aggressive. 3 more points, +1 for Classified. ISS Turn 3 Duc didn't have many options here, but he did get his Classified somewhere along the line... MRRF Turn 3 With Duc just shy of retreat and not having many options, I grabbed a final 3 for a strong Round 1 win. Round 2: Seize the Antennae versus Eric's Nomads From memory, he had the following: Nomads | 13 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Reverend Custodier Lieutenant (38|0.5) Vertigo Zond GML (34|1) Intruder HMG (44|1.5) Riot Grrl Spitfire (36|2) Zero Observer (21|0) Zero Observer (21|0) Daktari Doctor (14|0) Zondbot (3|0) Tomcat Engineer (22|0) Interventor Hacker (26|0.5) Combat Group #2 Alguacil FO/Repeater (14|0) Salyut EVO (13|0.5) Morlock Chain (7|0) Morlock Chain (7|0) ________________________________________________________ 300/300 points | 6/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : direct link Deployment Eric opted to take side on a fairly one dimensional urban board, selecting the DZ with a good defensible MAS building and the only fairly tall vantage point on the board. I was happy to take second turn in this one as well, keeping practically everything in total cover except for a few Loup-Garou keeping their heads up to watch for Sneaky Zeroes. Letting Eric deploy first really paid off when I spotted that Guided Missile Launcher, letting me spread out and not give Eric any painfully obvious targets. I used my second list in this game, anchoring each flank with a Briscard (one of my favorite units against Nomads) who I hoped could help clear out any trashy Zeroes and their mines lurking in the midfield. I unfortunately rolled up Hacking and Engineering again, so here we go with another round of Engineering... Nomad Turn 1 The Intruder shuffled a bit, using the high vantage point to slug it out with two Viral Loup-Garou. He crit one to Unconscious but whiffed against the other, who thankfully squeezed one shot through to drop the Intruder straight to Dead, despite his Daktari Doctor squatting a few inches away from the Intruder (YAAAAAAAAAY VIRAL). The Morlocks moved up for a bit of Chasseur area denial, while the Alguacil spent two orders trying to cap Eric's DZ objective (both failed...) and a Zero grabbed the middle objective and tossed down a mine or two. MRRF Turn 1 The Briscards really paid off here. One of them scrambled on top of a building, walked across a catwalk, plugged the Zero camping the middle and then methodically cleared the minefield so I could walk a Chasseur in for the cap. The Chasseur grabbed the objective, and kept on walking right into the Nomad DZ, where she marked the Riot Grrrrl at point blank range. The Chasseur promptly got shot in the face, but the Riot Grrrl got hers with one Uragan salvo. In hindsight I should have launched a second volley to knock her from Unconscious to Dead, since the Daktari was lurking right near by, but at least it would end up burning a few Nomad orders that weren't directed at killing me. I locked down my DZ Objective and called this turn a wrap. Nomad Turn 2 Feeling the pressure, Eric ran the Daktari's palbot over to pick up the Riot Grrrl and then brought his Tomcat in close to my DZ, scored his Secret Objective by demolishing a building. The Tomcat was far from my Loup-Garou link and poised to tear up some of my weaker cheerleaders. He stashed the Tomcat in Total Cover for use later, and his Alguacil finally locked down his DZ Objective. I believe the second Zero, jockeying to get the center objective back, ate a mine or Loup-Garou ARO at this point... MRRF Turn 2 I was feeling pretty good. Not finishing the Riot Grrrl with a second missile was a bit stupid, and I had a Morlock and a Tomcat poised to run into my DZ, but I was pretty sure I had Eric sweating a bit. I was confident I could hold two objectives by game's end, but had a feeling I could get 3. Under the watchful eye of a Briscard who helped clear the way, I ran a Chasseur up the table, into his DZ, snuck past the watchful ARO of the Riot Grrrl with a Cautious Move, popped the Alguacil FO from Combat Camouflage, dumped a couple mines down to discourage the Daktari and Interventor from recapping the objective, and grabbed it with the Chasseur. Having quite a few Order left from my support Combat Group, I ran a Metro up to hopefully flank the Tomcat and remove it as a threat since it was close to my DZ. I was tempted to use the other flanking Briscard who was just standing around, but I wanted him to help watch the back of the Chasseur who was happily tossing mines around Eric's DZ. Thus began a 4 order slapfight with my Metro, with me managing to miss almost all my rifle shots and then saving versus the Flamethrower and Chain Rifle combo of the Tomcat and Morlock. 5 Orders later, I died with nothing to show for it, but (I hate saying this since I know Eric hates fighting double Combat Group) I had the orders to spare and didn't really lose much by the effort. Nomad Turn 3 Eric ran the Riot Grrrl over to murder my Chasseur squatting in his DZ. With the Chasseur dead, I'm sure he was confident he could use the Grrrl's Dodge and Armor to clear the minefield and open up Eric's DZ for him to retake the objective. Thankfully, my choice to keep the Briscard hanging around paid off; his Marksmen ARO snagged a Wound off the Riot Grrrl, the Chasseur's LFT nabbed the other, and down she went (murdering the Chasseur as she did.) In a last ditch attempt, the Interventor made a dash for the DZ Objective, hoping for a clutch Dodge and some lucky armor to get past the pair of mines, but no luck there. Yay three objectives for me... MRRF Turn 3 The only thing I hadn't fulfilled yet was my Engineer Classified Objective. I drove my Uragan over to the closest Morlock, driving doughnuts in front of it while eating Chain Rifle shots. The Morlock shot it twice before Eric realized what I was up to and switched to throwing smoke, and I (sadly) managed to pass both my armor saves. Sadly, this meant my poor Dozer had nothing to fix this game... Still, a 9 point win is a damn fine win. Round 3: Antennae Field versus Nate's Military Order Panoceania - Military Order | 14 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Order Sergeant Spitfire (20|1) Order Sergeant Combi (13|0) Order Sergeant Combi (13|0) Order Sergeant Sniper (27|1.5) Order Sergeant Hacker (25|0.5) Clipper Dronbot GML (34|1) Konstantinos Inf (34|0) Order Sergeant TO FO (29|0) Order Sergeant TO FO (29|0) Combat Group #2 Fusilier Lt (10|0) Fusilier Combi (10|0) Fusilier Combi (10|0) Machinist Engineer (15|0) Order Sergeant TO FO (29|0) ________________________________________________________ 298/300 points | 4/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : direct link Deployment Nate opted for table side, and I opted to go second. I thought that was a safe choice in Antennae Field, but Nate showed me why that's not really the case. At this point, I was in first overall with a 5 point headstart on Nate. I knew that if I didn't completely choke in this game, I'd be able to walk away with the big win. Nate recognized the need to immediately dig into each objective, fortifying them with mines and setting up as much overwatch / ARO / Suppression Fire as he could to keep me from retaking the objectives in his active turn. In doing so, he set up a few link team members out in the open. I took the bait, dropping a couple Loup-Garou members (especially the sniper) in a position where they could pull the trigger the second his link team moved... Other than that, I had a Briscard on each flank like before. In hindsight, the HMG Para Commando would have been more valuable here, but in my practice games I found that having a higher Specialist count for Antennae Field would make more of a difference. Classifieds gave me Engineering (ARGH) as well as Doctor (much easier!). Since the MRRF clearly isn't bound by the FDA, I was pleased to try some experimental pharmaceuticals on my unsuspecting victims er soldiers... MO Turn 1 All three TO Order Sergeant Specialists ran forward, dropped mines all over the place and then hunkered down on the three center objectives. His link team activated, my Loup-Garou Sniper took his chances with two shots hitting on 18s, and his Order Sergeant Sniper crit me with a 15 and dropped my Sniper flat. Well crap, Unconscious but not dead. With the Loup-Garou sniper dead, his Sergeants didn't have much trouble getting into position. Already, Nate was going to be 4 Objectives to my zero. MRRF Turn 1 I had a choice here: I could rush in with Chasseurs, try to get lucky with Armor Saves while Combat Camoing the TO Sergeants with Flamers, or I could spend a turn getting into position to clear the objectives more thoroughly, but yield the points to Nate this turn uncontested. I should have done the latter, but like an idiot I decided to take the risk. One Chasseur rushed in, flamed a Sergeant, killed him, ate a mine and died. The other Chasseur rushed in, flamed a sergeant, failed to kill him, and also died to a mine. A very stupid series of moves, and a good learning experience. I did, however, manage to walk my Doctor over to pick up my Loup-Garou Sniper, reformed the link, and then shot at the Order Sergeant (three dice at 18s since his Order Sergeant was in the open to keep link coherency...) The Sergeant Crit my Sniper again on a 15, and down he went again. Ouch. So at this point I was pretty thoroughly bottled up in my DZ, without a great way to get in and clear those mines. I had enough orders to run an Engineer to one objective and maybe remove the mines, but he would certainly die in the process and not live to recap the objective. It was definitely becoming clear to me that mustering everything for a big push, rather than trickling into those defenses a model at a time, was the way to go. Nate was narrowing my overall lead, so I decided to set up for a Turn 3 push where I could grab some objectives as well as benefit from the last-turn bonuses of capping the center objective. MO Turn 2 More shuffling, more setting up suppressing Fire, with Nate again holding the 4 objectives and keeping me bottled up. A TO Sergeant dropped a careless Briscard before settling back on his objective, and Konstantinos ran over to the middle objective, taking the place of the Order Sergeant who had died to my Light Flamethrower. Once again, MO had 4 Objectives... MRRF Turn 2 My Doc patched up my hapless Loup-Garou Sniper yet again, but that poor bastard wasn't much use. He and another Loup-Garou were hopelessly pinned by a BS15, Burst 5 Spitfire Suppression Fire, pinning them too far away to keep Link coherency with the rest of their squad . I reformed the link with 5 members, lobbed a couple of largely ineffectual Flash Grenades, then had three Loup-Garou split off to flank the troublesome Spitfire with my Viral Rifle. Viral dropped him, then I advanced and stacked up the Loup-Garou and a Chasseur for a big Turn 3... MO Turn 3 Eesh. Nate was widening the lead in a pretty fierce way here, having scored 5 points so far to my 1 point off a Classified Objective. He was just 1 point behind me in the overall standing. Thankfully he was content to stay turtled up this turn, rather than wanting to come forward and try and hurt me too badly. He ran a Doctor towards the middle objective, probably to pick up the Unconscious Order Sergeant to help Konstantinos hold the middle, but thankfully my Loup-Garou Sniper decided to show a little life and killed the Doc in ARO. MRRF Turn 3 Alright, having done the math, I needed this to be a positive turn otherwise I was going to lose the game and lose the tournament, with Nate pulling into the overall lead. Thankfully, the approach of taking a turn to set everything up and get into position looked like it was going to pay off. My flanking Briscard, sad, alone and pinned down by two different Suppressing Fire markers for the last two turns, decided to scale the scaffolding he was using for cover and get on top of it. From that vantage point, he gunned down Konstantinos on the middle objective, opening the way for my Loup-Garou to storm in, clear the middle objective, and thin some of the Order Sergeants standing around. My Chasseur ran in to grab the middle, holding it for the 2 end-game points which was just enough to keep me on top for the overall win. Afterthoughts The final match in particular made me wish I'd included more units capable of breaking nasty defensive situations, primarily because of the difficulty of TO when you can't get flamethrowers or mines close enough to rid yourself of it. Obviously, a faction that's all light infantry will also struggle with clearing mines and Suppression Fire. When I was playingn ITS with JSA, it was much easier to be able to Dodge into a minefield with PH14, ARM6 in Cover and 2 Wounds. That made Antipersonnel Mines much less of a threat. In the future, especially for a matchup like this, I definitely think I'll include an Anaconda or Mirage-5. Their high point cost will certainly cut down my Specialist and Order pools, but having some aggressive attack pieces that can make use of assets like high PH, Smoke, high ARM, etc. would have made clearing those objectives much easier. Alternately, going first in Antennae Field isn't a bad idea, provided you can toss down plenty of mines and the objectives have a bit of cover to let your Chasseurs hide while they camp them. In addition, both Margot and Duroc have the ability to Speculative Shot very reliable with their grenades/LGL. The ability to frag a point and scrape a defender off it (not to mention catching any mines in the blast, intended or not) would have made that last round matchup phenomenally easier. Even a simple 5-man link of Metros with a Light Grenade Launcher would have provided me with a valuable option.
  20. Just managed to bring myself back to my paints and mini's only to find my old thread has gone walkies! so I thought, why not start afresh since I have a fresh project on the go Here is a family shot of my Bakunin and a test piece for my MRRF I decided to go for a subdued pastel wash denim feel for my frenchies, very early days, but any ideas on bringing the details out while keeping the muted colours would be great. just to note as with all my stuff this is definitely table top standard They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Bakunin Family front and back of MRRF test model flash to show the gun better
  21. Maybe this is a dumb question, but Im about to start in on my Merovingian force and I dont know how to proceed. Maybe I should just do a test model? The default colors look great, but I was hoping to personalize a bit. Is there a chart of colors that go together? Or do you have a recommendation? Thanks!
  22. So I recently went to my first ITS event and had a blast. Took out my MRRF which I finally got around to paint for the occasion. Ran through the two days but have been left wondering about the moblot with rifle. I took one it my list as I thought it would be good to have some HI to back up my Metros if my Loups got taken out. It also ran as a great LT distraction when I kept it back and in cover. Maybe I am too used to being spoilt by Vet Kazaks when I play vanilla but the Moblot really doesn't seem useful. It fills the mandatory 1x HI unit for a sectoral but doesnt really bring a lot to the table. They're link able but with Loups, Metros and now Briscards they idea seems kind of wasteful. I haven't tried the sapper HMG (I think he looks off and really dont like the model), panzerfaust or infiltration opitions but I am really just not feeling the Moblot love. Maybe I am playing them all wrong but I really can't see how they are a benefit. Is anyone able to offer some advice?
  23. Hellow! I've been for more than a year waiting to start a french force, and I've made two lists with some of the miniatures I'm going to buy in the first wave. I can only buy minis once per two or two years and half, so better its huge . This is the first one, with double link. First one the loups, and after that the metros, with the chasseurs and one zuave doing shit in the middle of the map. Ariadna - Merovingian Rapid Response Army | 16 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Chasseur ADHL (19|0.5) Chasseur Minelayer (20|0.5) Chasseur Minelayer (20|0.5) Métro Rifle (8|0) Métro Rifle (8|0) Métro Lieutenant (8|0) Métro Rifle (8|0) Bruant (25|1) Para-Commando HMG (32|1) Combat Group #2 Loup-Garou Viral (21|0) Loup-Garou Sniper (24|0.5) Loup-Garou Viral (21|0) Loup-Garou ADHL (19|0) Loup-Garou ADHL (19|0) Zouave Sniper (28|0.5) Zouave Rifle (20|0.5) ________________________________________________________ 300/300 points | 5/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : The second one is this, with two links too. I've not deciden about being the first link that of the loups or that of the briscards. Ariadna - Merovingian Rapid Response Army | 13 tropas ________________________________________________________ Grupo #1 Loup-Garou ADHL (19|0) Loup-Garou ADHL (19|0) Loup-Garou Viral (21|0) Loup-Garou Viral (21|0) Loup-Garou Francotirador (24|0.5) Métro Camo DEP (12|0.5) Zuavo Fusil (20|0.5) Grupo #2 Briscard MR (24|0) Briscard HRL (34|1.5) Briscard Francotirador (27|1) Briscard MR (24|0) Briscard Tte (24|0) Zuavo Francotirador (28|0.5) ________________________________________________________ 297/300 puntos | 4.5/6 CAPs abrir con Aleph Toolbox : What do u think? Thank you.
  24. So I recently finished my Katyusha, and wondered how to best utilize it in my MRRF. It's nice model and only source of DA in a army, maybe Uragan would fit in better, as french doesn't seem to focus on anti armour as much as other Ariadna, but that's in pieces so lets focus on Katyusha atm. What I can see at the paper, it's relatively cheap, slow with medium armour and remote without any bts. Yiks. At least Uragan has that pseudo-total-reaction to defend it. On the other hand, DA allows Katyusha to pseudo-speculative shoot at units behind cover and next to scenery piece (well, this is depatable, because Katyushas rules outright denies speculative shooting, but you are only shooting with speculative shooting modifiers...slightly grey, and you would still need at least 4 to hit). I wouldn't attack with them if there would be any other options. Of course nobody take them for assault, but it's still better to cover that subject, because who knows what's going to happen during game. To work offensively they need that forwrd observer to mark their targets. And that's the question. Which FO to take? Currently I only have Zouave, which seems hard to use, because he lacks surprise element(unless you manage to deply him well and make first round bombardment). Of course it's only three points more than the basic option, so you could as well take him, if even just for the flash pulse. Chausseur seems to be obious choice, but I lack the model and don't like to buy general starter and want to avoid proxies. Paracommando looks good candidate. She can drop and mark the unsuspecting enemy. Probably should have other FO as a decoy? And then we have the new addition, Briscards. Positioning them can be tricky, but a full link could perhaps use one and mark targets for Uragan that are too though for them? Baggagge rule and its applications are worth a mention, especially their scenario applications. In many missions Baggage remotes grants only a modifier to some rolls rather than being in active role. It's tempting to save points and take the cheap minesweeper option to sit in safe place. Or should one take a model capable to defend itself? I don't see much reason to take minesweeper in regular games, as with three points more you can take a cheerleader that can actually do something. Traktor muls are so slow that it seems a waste tomake them carry or sweep something unless scenario dictates it. Have you any ideas for 'muls in Merovingia? Or better yet, some avtual experience. Here's a pic of Katyusha with some wips: