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Found 13 results

  1. I have two antenna to glue to this lady Swiss guard's head. I've really struggled with this in the past, and ended up just using too much superglue, and hoping the antenna sticks to the model and not my fat fingers. Any advice is very welcome.
  2. Wanted to share my completed Seraph. I've never put in this much effort into a miniature. All done but for Auxbot base (its 11:42pm here in Melbourne, will complete it tomorrow or something). It was a labour of love, tried many different techniques (shading, triple highlights, washing, light direction, glow effects, blue paint, custom base), and while it was fun, it quickly became exhausting towards the end. Stripped the body once due to paint cracking, and the sword 3 times to get the right glow. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Speaking strictly "non-tactically" What is the Garuda tactbot supposed to be? It looks part spider, part Dakini Tactbot. I can see where the eyes might be. But, where is the rest of the head? Where the pincers sort of form is this weird metal box. It almost looks like the thing is resting its head on its chest. Then it has these long thin arms that stick out at odd angles and these really cool foils on its back and I really like the legs (less how they are positioned). It is strange because I both like and dislike the model. I am tempted to purchase two of them, but also think I should wait for a resculpt. What are your thoughts on the Garuda tactbot? Has anyone had a similar reaction to the the Garuda tactbot, or another infinity model?
  4. I've been looking for some proxy models for the ones I'm not fond of and while looking for suggestions I'm also curious what everyone elses favorite proxies are! I currently have the Ariadna Antipode Controller that I like for my Dozer w/ Mul control device. I also have a converted Hunzakuts for a Foxtrot Sniper which seems to be a pretty common proxie. I'm also looking for a proxie for the USARF 112 , a Pan O Mechanic, a Nomad Clockmaker and maybe for a second USARF Airborne. I'm thinking I may try and pick up another Antipode Controller for the PanO Engineer since she's wearing a beret just like a Tech-Bee and should fit in but I'm still looking for any other suggestions. Bonus points for pics of your proxy!
  5. hi, after a few months far from the brushes i´m back with usariadna (i could not resist xD). Here is the first miniature, the frontiersmen. Hope you like it.
  6. Hi. I recently started playing Infinity after years of Warhammer Fantasy. Now, I have a problem. In Warhammer which I started playing in 2007 with High Elves I only owned plastic or resin miniatures. Never worked with metal ones. So now I have a problem I never had before - paint is peeling from my miniatures. After using them all "exposed" ( dunno what is the proper word, my English is not stellar ) parts like, knuckles, antennas, hair, paints peels from those parts after touching it several times. I know metal miniatures require some special preparation compared to plastic ones, I wash them with soap before painting to remove mold release ( internet told me that ), I then prime them with Army Painter color primer ( which also peals from miniature if I am touching it too much before I paint over it ) and then I start painting first with airbrush ( model color air paints ) and then brush ( gw,game color ). So, any advice how to keep the paint on the mini ? I marked problematic parts that "lost" all paint on this Myrmidon, picture taken with cell phone I hope u can see something. Also, pro MS paint skillZ.
  7. So I won a prize in an ITS tournament yesterday. Included were 2 blisters with some line infantry. Thing is I don't play yu-jing so can't ID the trooper and i have no idea what the other one belongs to. Can anyone give me a rough idea?
  8. So I recently tried to base (for the first time) my minis, and prime them. Now, some kind of.. disaster.. had come. I based them using white glue + sand, then prime with spray Chaos Black. Somehow the sand fell off, and now I am tempted to just let it go and make some random base for now. Then I realize that the prime was not covering enough. Is there any tips? I sprayed from 30cm (I usually make short bursts from a bit closer, thus reducing some details / yielded grainy results). I have some pictures but I lost my camera cable so I will post them later on. The questions: 1. Regarding base, do I need to wait for the glue+sand to dry before priming? How long should I wait? I am guessing this might be my first mistake, since I wait only for a few minutes... 2. Regarding prime, what exactly the cause of grainy results? Is it because the prime or might be caused by the paint? 3. Regarding prime, after priming with black, there are some spots that are not covered (some metallic parts like can be seen, or only covered by thin dots of black paints). Is it normal? How was your usual coverage? For a consideration, here is an example of my old miniature (from my old collection): I am hoping to improve my skills, and learning to create some bases.
  9. Does anyone have the OOP Hsien and a pair of calipers? If so, can you measure the back spikes (length and thickness)? My Hsien is missing those and I want them to be as close to the original as possible.
  10. So, new ITS season is in, with a nice visual ad... Hmm, something's off with the Morat combi in the background... Ah, so that's how their LGL looks like ed: Or possibly combi+ LFT for Suryats. Does it mean an incoming Suryat box?
  11. Sorry...can't stop using poetic title that does not relate at all to the actual question I'm assembling a few Hassassin Raqiks at the moment, and am taking example from the way wings are placed in the Miniatures pages, i.e. on Yuan2 & Raqik minis. Now I'm not an aeronautic engineer, but somehow got a feeling that CB glued the wings upside down. I.e. that small thingy in the middle of the wing looks like thruster and should it point downward? And the green strip on the Raqik's wing look like altitude control (up/down), and probably should be on the lower part of the wing? As I said...I'm not an aero engineer, so don't have anything scientific to back my thoughts. I just used airplane & superman for comparison Any thoughts?
  12. Can't recognize it. Looks a bit like a Djanbazan or Janissary, but not exactly. Might as well be some Yu Jing HI.