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  1. For some time now, i've wondered if we were going to see more 'native' TAGs in Haqq's future expansion. The most likely places for this would be the Al Medinat Caliphate and the (potential) Diwan al Hachib sectorials. Now, i'd assumed that, were we to get more TAGs, they'd probably be of the 'TAG-Lite' variety we've been seeing recently (although a small, unrealistic part of me is hoping the Hachib has Asawira-piloted SuperJumping TAGs ) However, i''ve been mulling over this statement from the recent CB chat thing: "Ajax is a retarded gorilla compared to the excellence of the Mukhtar and Numair units" I assumed that this was some generous sprinkling of hyperbole, and any future 'Super Soldiers' would have some modest upgrades as opposed to anything truly terrifying. Certainly this statement doesn't imply that these guys are more 'bricktotheface powerful' than Ajax, but perhaps this is Haqq's solution to the TAG issue? Instead of relying on other nations' cast-offs and ongoing good relations with the Nomads, they could, for example, take a HI and subject it to the same amount of tinkering and improving a LI goes through to become an Odalisque (and then give them Haris ) So, i'm just wondering what people think on this; are we likely to see more TAGs, or will we be seeing some truly nightmarish Super Soldiers in lieu of them? ( i'd be OK with this) Or alternatively, do you think we'll be seeing neither? Perhaps because we'll be getting something else instead (Armoured Camels maybe? With AD2? Or 3? And HMG? And Braces? I like the way you think)