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Found 17 results

  1. Okay, so, as mentioned this is my first infinity list. I played an Ariadna vs PanO practice game at my FLGS a year or two back which I enjoyed, and am very disappointed w 40k 8e, so thought this would be a great time. That said, my knowledge is exclusively from reading the rulebook and an occasional article online. I love the homeridae fluff, as well as the real life books/heroes, so I wanted to give that a shot as my first army. The general idea is: use Ekdromoi to jump right into the center or backfield and force the enemy to deal with the forward party [first group] whilst I move Achilles up and into the action [middle group] with some powerful backfield stuff to keep from getting swamped/outflanked [last group]. The Ekdromoi would probably be mainly ORAs active/prosecute targets of opportunity with achilles' crew moving up as Active phase units. List: Diomedes - Lt - 42 pts Ekdromos - Hacker - 26 pts Ekdromos - HMG - 37 pts ----- Achilles - Combi Rifle - 73 Pts Sophotect - Combi Rifle - 31 Pts Myrmidon - Chain Rifle - 16 Pts ------ Agema - MULTI sniper rifle - 30 pts Teacher - X Visor/Feuerbach - 41 Pts Netrod - 4 pts 9 Orders/5 SWC Questions: Thoughts on general build/strategy? I don't need to worry about fire teams and what not in regular Infinity right? Or should I be building around that? Ideas on where to carve out extra pts for that last order w/o major changes? Is taking the ekdromos hacker worth it [seemed to be a good way to get one up close & provide a nice way to close off a corner w the chain rifle]? Also, as a note, can someone explain the different levels of Teucer, seems like the 'cheapest' one has the best gear, between fuerbach and x-visorl? I was also thinking of swapping Teucer for another Agema and taking either Acmon w a Panzerfaust or one of the Dactyls with the sticky launcher for something that can pack more of a punch than the myrmidon's super close range weapon. Thoughts?
  2. Enough said.
  3. So it's cool to laugh at Achilles these days, what with the funny little comics and with Hector coming out and being totally badass and, you know, sane. Haha, Achilles, that big blonde jerk! He's just a narcicisstic megalomaniac, so ridiculous. And so he is, a bit at least. But when I started playing, Achilles was the monster, the Individual of Mass Destruction, the beast of war that nobody could match. And with Achilles v2, he's arguably even more so; an absolute nightmare who packs the combat power of a TAG into the frame of a man with the melee skill of the ultimate warrior. So this thread is where we talk about our experiences with Achilles, and mainly how fucking cool he is, background, mini, gameplay, the lot. Because seriously, he's my favourite Infinity character by a long way, and I always love reading background where some Morat or whatever is causing trouble and then Achilles turns up and rips their arm out of it's socket. Awesome. My most beloved Achilles gameplay moment is probably against Combined Army. There is a Shasvastii of the TO camo sort behind a building in the middle of the board, it has deployed a mine and gone on suppression fire. With it is another Shasvastii, that has done the same. Achilles runs around the corner into CC, soaks the mine, hacks the TO camo guy's face off while it desperately tries to shoot him, then charges the next guy, hacks him in half, gets nailed by a random shot from some sort of sniper in the process, suffers a wound, turns around and blasts them with the Spitfire while soaking mine no.2 (previously could not go off due to Shasvastii in the way, screams in a pure primal expression of warrior joy. Or when he killed an entire link team of Highlander Greys because they deployed smoke to protect themselves against my Spitfire Myrmidon and then he just walked through the whole link team, tearing them apart. Five orders, five kills. SO GOOD.
  4. I recall achilles v1 having fireteam duo w/ Pats on the army builder, but it being an error. Achilles has fireteam: duo (Pat) on it still, still an error, or is/has it been a legit thing?
  5. Howdy folks. Thought that I'd stick the progress I'm making with my ALEPH models here. I didn't go with Studio scheme (mostly because I *loathe* painting in white, and the "pink" ALEPH's studio scheme uses is basically white). I settled on a purple-gray-coal black triad, with bright fluorescent green as a highlight colour. Anyway, for now I have the starter already painted, and I'm working on Achilles right now. I have a few more models on their way (Dasyu Hacker, Atalanta, Sophotect), and I'll add them as I get them. For now, enjoy my complete scrubness! Here's my starter box. Went a bit heavy on the grey highlights, I think, and not enough purple highlight, but whatever, you live, you learn!
  6. Like many of you, I love utilizing Aleph's (and in particular Steel Phalanx) premier Spitfire platforms. Units like Achilles, Hector and Patroclus were a key factor in me picking up Aleph as a faction and they have always been at the center of my lists - honestly, I just have a blast playing with them. Hector has always been a bit of a special case since his Plasma Rifle + X-Visor combo is amazing but even then I have taken a Spitfire on the odd occasion when I just feel like throwing a silly amount of dice during FtF in the active turn. Recently however I am finding it hard to justify taking a Spitfire on my favorite units over the more humble Multi-Rifle option. The SWC of a Spitfire on Achilles in particular has become a big barrier for me, there's often an extra hacker or weapon like a Feuerbach that I can't afford while taking it. The extra burst just is not feeling as worthwhile as it used to, especially given how handy the option of Shock or AP can be sometimes; and this isn't even taking into account how the extra burst is wasted when Achilles etc. get put into Suppression Fire as they so often do. Is anyone else encountering a similar situation?
  7. Hi All. New Player progressing from Operation Icestorm Starter set(playing with full rules) into 300 pt games. Have purchased an Aleph bundle from a leaving player at FLGS, was looking for suggestions into list builds to learn the ins and outs of Aleph. Models to build from are Achilles 2.0, Atalanta, Ajax, Machaon, Nesaie Alke, Phoenix, Penthesilea, Thasymedes, Diomedes, Steel Phalanx Starter set, Myrmidon Box, Myrmidon with Spit fire, Post Human's Box, Redbots and Aleph Support Pack. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciate. Given models I was looking towards having a Myrm Link and Thorakitai Link as a basis. Will be playing majority of the games against a player with the Onyx Contact Force 300pt starter box. I guess I should elaborate - I'm not looking for a list to be built as such, more suggestions about which units are more user friendly as a new Aleph player, ie which ones require more experience and finesse to use effectively.
  8. So, after having a bit of misfortune using Achilles ( As in, triple crits on ARO 2 games in a row ), I finally decided to pick him up again and try to brute force a list with him. And he picked up Ajax for backup. Since I usually play on 20x20, specialists are good but not completely necessary. That means I am able to go much more offensively minded. However, I get the feeling that this is too offensively minded. I don't have any ARO piece, Alke is just a passable Lt with low survivability and once I start loosing models I'm gonna run low on orders fast. I do however have almost every piece on the list able to go on the offensive, so I am probably not unitilized by a lucky crit ( or 3 ) Comments / Suggestions? Steel Phalanx ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 1 ACHILLES Spitfire, Nanopulser / Pistol, EXP CCW. (2.5 | 75) AJAX 2 Combi Rifles, Nanopulser / AP Heavy Pistol, EXP CCW. (0 | 39) MYRMIDON Chain Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 16) MYRMIDON Spitfire, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 31) MYRMIDON Spitfire, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 31) ALKÊ Lieutenant Spitfire, Nanopulser / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 25) THORAKITES (360º Visor) Submachine gun, Chain Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 12) THORAKITES Combi Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) THORAKITES Combi Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) DIOMEDES Mk12, Nanopulser / Assault Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 43) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army
  9. morat

    This is a really really weird question to be asking, I know; but in the not too distant future, my painting queue will be cleared up to V2/Hoplite Achilles...and the one brandishing the Morat head will be choice. SOOOOOO...having decapitated a Morat Vanguard, I figured it would be a fairly recent thing, and Achilles' armor might easily have some spatter across it. Hence, the question: what color do Morat bleed? And, if mentioned in a released book, which one and on what page?
  10. Hi again, I just received my HSN3 copy and am trying to get my head around Holoprojector Lvl 2&3. By my understanding you can represent the 2 'echos' with either markers or models (same silhouette size) and the third with another model (secretly noting down who the real one is). When declaring an ARO you can only declare a Discover (unless delaying the ARO) is that correct? In regards to the Lvl 3 example they mention about placing an additional 2 Achilies down to confuse the opponent. But I thought only the 'echos' were private information. So could they not just ask who the real Achilies is? Also when declaring an ARO against this Duo if they have an LoF to the real Achilies (if it is open information) can they ARO normally or only Discover? Thanks in advance!
  11. aleph

    Hi! Here's a gallery of my almost complete Aleph army! The core is made by the Assault Sub Section but the "vedic" part of the collection is very well represented to cover all the Aleph’s tactical options. You can find other pictures here: and here!
  12. The pts and SWC are almost an exact match so the question is: when would you take Version 1 over Version 2 and vice versa? Ver. 2 trades ODD for Mimetism, Forward Deployment L1, a downgrade to Kinematika L1 and +2 ARM and a DEP on the Multi Rifle profile. On Paper: In terms of survivability, I believe Ver. 2 took a hit. It shouldn't come as any surprise that lowering your opponent's and raising your chances of making a successful roll is better than tanking a hit from a successful roll in almost all cases. The exceptions being against MSV2s and direct/speculative templates but in most situations you should avoid leaving either Achilles in a position to be hammered by an active MSV2. Otherwise in the majority of F2F rolls I would expect v.1 to be equal or superior to v.2. That leaves Forward Deployment which I think is going to be the main reason to take Achilles v2. Seems dependent on the table setup or scenario, like quadrant control, front lines or supremacy is where I would expect ver. 2 to have an edge. On Table: I've only gotten one game in with v.2 on the mission Seize the Antenna. The Forward Deploy was worthwhile this game since I managed to deploy him into a building outside my standard DZ with a solid vantage point. Achilles squatted in the building for 3 turns in suppression locking down almost all of the left side of the table. Actually didn't get any kills since my opponent passed ARM rolls on everything Achilles hit. The main thing I felt was I couldn't take the same risks anymore without the extra -3 to hit mod. With Achilles v1, I would definitely try to beat two or more reacting models in F2F. I thought about it more before going for it (I still beat both in F2F) with Achilles v2. Although my opponent still tried avoiding fighting Achilles directly when possible, so in that respect he still performed the same.
  13. Achilles
  14. The recent discussion on the last Mayacast episode has me thinking about ALEPH's favored Amazon. Like Patroclus, Penthesilea was tailor made to follow Achilles into combat as a sort of rescue fail safe option. Currently the rumor/tease is that Patroclus may appear in HSN3 with fireteam duo and a holoprojector to better run a double Achilles ruse. As a steel phalanx player would you be interested in a Penny profile that features Fireteam Duo, and Paramedic at +2 points and +.5 swc? Would you use her or would you still see her as a pretty piece that too often sits on your bench?
  15. Everyone's favorite lecherous recreation has had his profile shifted fairly often, his ARM value (6, to 5, to 4) being the one most noticeable, but his SWC (2.5 for Spitfire) is one of the more recent changes brought to us by N3. His current body, the AR-1 prototype, has been in deployment for at least 10 years going by his fluff profile, and it would be reasonable to assume that armour and weapon technology have moved on since then, resulting in his slowly lowering ARM value, while his familiarity with the body has given him greater mileage out of it (AKA Kinematika Lvl 2) So I ask you guys what would you envision to be the Profile of the complete version of the AR-1, or rather, the AR-2 complete model? Would it have more Combined Army technology integrated with it? More weapon loadouts? Assault? Cup Holders? I always imagined that it would have the same stats, except for BTS 9, Meta Agility and at least 90 points for the standard Multi Rifle Loadout Oh and nanomachines that makes sure his golden locks are always heroically billowing in the air no matter the circumstance! EDIT: Here's the concept art for Achilles V2. Zeus wept
  16. I played a game today, my first using Achilles. I played a Steel Phalanx list and had a Myrmidon link team to back up the man-sized TAG. Here's what happened: At the beginning of one of my turns, I used an order to throw 2 smoke grenades (+1 burst to the smoke for the 4 man link) into a room. He got an ARO, but one of my smoke grenades made it through. The smoke covered up all 3 models in a Magister Knight link team. Then, Achilles proceeded to waltz into close combat with them, one at a time. He got into CC without any opposing fire due to the smoke, hit first because of his MA4, hit automatically because of his CC of 20, and forced 3 armour rolls at damage 16 because of his Exp CCW and his PH of 16. He ended up killing all three knights in 3 orders completely unopposed. All of this seemed grossly unfair (read: totally awesome), and caused me to wonder if I wasn't doing something wrong. Did I get it right or do I owe my opponent an apology?
  17. So, some hopefully better pics of my Infinity stuff. A Wild Nomad appears! You don't have the O-12 clearance to be in this shoot, pal! Once my last (re)order arrives with thorakitai, Diomedes and my Nomad grunts, I should have two 300-pt forces to teach people the game. It'll be a pain to make nice bases for all of them, though.