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Found 7 results

  1. rules question

    Ok, I searched around (I admit, not very hard) and I'm trying to figure out the following. 1) If I bring Switch and I'm using Holoprojector L1 to impersonate a Reverend Custodier. Can I use Cybermask (from the KHD he has) without revealing that it's Switch and just got straight from Holo 1 to Cybermask? 2a) If I don't bring the whole Alive group It is my understanding that Switch is Irregular. Is he still considered Irregular while in the Holo 1 state? For example, as part of a moderator link team. What type of order does he generate while in the holo 1 state? His own or that of what he is impersonating? 2b) Could he join a link team while in the holo 1 state or would his irregular order prevent him from joining regular troop links?(assuming that he retains his irregular status while in the holo 1 state) I know according to the wiki that a trooper would stop being a part oft the fire-team If the trooper uses its Irregular Order. 2c) When generating orders (again, assuming he retains his irregular status while in the holo 1 state) do you have to tell your opponent what trooper is generating irregular orders? Feels weird to take switch by himself if that is that case. "this is a 5 man moderator link, and that one, there, with the combi, is irregular." Or "Here are 2 Custodier's, one with a HD+ and pitcher, and one with an Assault HD and boarding shotgun....oh, it's also irregular." I have more detailed thoughts on the above, but I wanted to get the thoughts of some people who are a little more experienced than I am to see if what I read and the way I would play it match up to what is the accepted and correct (according to the rules) way to play it. Thank you in advance for your input. ~Tmist.
  2. What are you guys using for your Alive Anti Establishment Group members? I can't shake the personalities attributed to them by Tom and Kip on Mayacast ep 118.
  3. Back after a loooooong absence with a write-up of the first of the Tagline narrative missions. Can Toni Macayana survive this time?
  4. Well... let the speculation begin continue!
  5. So, how many of you will be joining me in buying a TAGline ITS pack just to get the exclusive Eduardo mini? I was thinking of buying a second one from a split box (as I just don't see myself ever running two Uhlans) but this gives me another (unique) option. Do the rest of the PanOceania crew see this sculpt as worth the price of entry?
  6. That's a trip. I wonder when we will hear anything about it, or how long its going to take them to remove this thread. I'm enjoying this immersive promotional stunt, its a really interesting thing! Super ghost in the shell vibe.
  7. What happened to the ALIVE posts? Are they deleted? CB is making me go crazy, here. haha Edit: disregard this post. I'll leave it up for people who might have missed it. For posterity: there was some posts titled ALIVE that was nothing but a jpeg of the word ALIVE. There was much hullabaloo about what it meant. Then there was a post titled NOT ALIVE~ and now everything is gone. I imagine (and hope) we'll find out what the story during GenCon.