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Found 196 results

  1. Missile launcher guy pops out of cover and seen by 2 models, they shoot at him, and he shoot at one of the models. Those 2 are close enough for template to hit both. How does this resolve? 1. FtF with target guy, second guy hit automatically and have his normal roll to hit missile guy. 2. FtF with both and template lands only if missile guy wins. 3. FtF with both and whoever wins does not get hit, but whoever fails got blasted? 4. FtF with target, and if target wins template does not land? And second guy have normal roll?
  2. So according to the wiki about ARO, if I have a unit with hidden deployment, I can delay their ARO only if I place them as a marker. So here's a hypothetical situation: My enemy moves a unit with the LoF of my hidden deployment model. I use an ARO to place my own HD model in marker state (that was my interpretation of the wiki page above, see the FAQ). The enemy then uses his second short skill within the LoF of my unit. Does my camo marker now get an additional ARO against the unit? This sounds weird to me but the reading of the FAQ question makes it sound like this is what would happen. Additionally, let's say I have a hidden deployment hacker and the enemy walks into the ZoC of one of my repeaters outside of my hacker's line of sight. Can I still ARO to turn into a marker after the first short skill, and then ARO again after his second short skill to hack through my repeater?
  3. If, for example, a Jotum walks out of cover 18" away from a Domaru. My amazing eagle's eye allows me to peerlesly judge the distance - Domaru cant declare throwing E/M grenade and placing the template 16" away in the way it clips Jotum? What if i thought its within 16", but it is 18", is attack null cos out of range? The first thing is possible if its Domaru's active turn and he Speculative FIres?
  4. Xi Zhuang has his two traps in position to his left and right, while positioning himself looking straight into the off-whites of a group of Myrmidons. Out of 4 Myrmidons, Zhuang feels confident he can place at least two of them under a template, probably all three if they move even the slightest. It is Myrmidon active turn. Skill 1: Myrmidons declare Dodge. ARO: Predictable, Zhuang places Flamethrower so it covers the two central Myrmidons, MadTraps declare Boost on the two others, carefully tracing a trajectory that avoids the template. Skill 2: Myrmidons declare Move, the two outer Myrmidons move towards the Flamethrower's template so they, too, are affected! Question: Since the MadTraps Boost towards the two Myrmidons who are now also affected by the template, do the MadTraps now count as affected by the template as well, thus cancelling the attack? Put differently: For templates, does Perimeter weapons Boost to the target's final position, only the position when Boost is declared, or does MadTraps count as in BtB for the entire order for the purposes of templates?
  5. So let us paint a following situation: There's a nice merry link team of 4 Hospitaller knight enjoying their SS1/SS2 on their reactive turn. Active turn Myrmidon decides to act and move into b2b with one of Hospitallers while being seen by all of them. Myrmidon is also in ZoC of all 4 Hospitallers. Hospitallers player decides that all of them declare will hold their ARO as due to the rules of SS1. Myrmidon decides to (surprise surprise) to declare CC against Hospitaller he is in b2b. Now the problem: 3 Hospitallers declare shoot ARO, one Hospitaller who is in b2b with Myrmidon declares CC attack. Obviously 4th Hospitaller is now out of the link team thus reducing a link to 3 members thus losing SS1 which allowed him to declare ARO after opponent 2nd short skill. When does exactly the link breaks ? Does declaring an ARO different from "link team ARO" makes a 4th guy automaticly "lose" his chance to declaro any ARO or does he still enjoy SS1 thus be able to declare an delayed ARO and only after the link is broken ? (so differently as how normally people are kicked out of link team) tldr: If link team uses SS1 to delay ARO does his members are forced to use samo ARO ?
  6. I have had an interesting question posed to me by my local community that I could not fine a sufficient answer in the rules for and am looking for a ruling consensus. Motorcycles have their own profile to which you can use an anti-material weapon to destroy, Now the question is can you target the bike while it is being ridden? And if so do you suffer any effects of the riders skills (Ex: Aragoto Bikers mimitism)? Or, is the profile only to be used while dismounted. If so a clarification would not be amiss in the wiki or a FAQ Link to Motorcycle rules for the reference to the profile:
  7. Haqqislam have five missile launcher profiles to chose from. With their good range and damage, it feels like they could be useful weapons, but they're, of course, severely hampered by their Burst 1. I don't think I've ever fielded one. Now, in other armies, this would be different; there's for example the Hac Tao with missile launcher and TO Cammo, making for a devastating ARO piece. But Haqqislam doesn't have anything like that. The obvious use I see for missile launchers in Haqqislam are in link teams, due to the +1 Burst, and out of the five missile launcher profiles we have, three can be in links. A missile launcher would basically be the optimal ARO weapon for a link team, and I find the Janissary profile particularly appealing there due to its resilience. But outside link teams, is there any use at all for missile launchers in Haqqislam? After all, we can get dirt cheap Daylamis with panzerfausts for similar ARO duties.
  8. I have a question... If it's my active turn and I do a short movement skill: 'Move', and I get one ARO from an enemy model. What if I ignore it, and after the shot I move again. Can the same enemy model shoot again to the same model I just used after the second movement skill? If yes: can I use another order to shoot back at him with a Face to face roll? I am struggling with this. Can anyone please explain me? I would really appreciate that. Thanks
  9. Can a model in the Hidden Deployment state declare the Hold ARO against a model in the Camouflage Marker state? Example in play: An SAS in CH: Camouflage approaches a console. A Ninja in Hidden Deployment due to their CH: TO Camouflage is 3" behind the console. The SAS's movement path directly provokes an ARO from the Hidden Deployment ninja. Can the Ninja in their Hidden Deployment state declare Hold (without revealing!), wait until the SAS reveals by declaring Activate Console, revealing himself-- and then reveal their Hidden Deployment's location, place their marker and subsequently reveal the marker as a Ninja when declaring shoot? We weren't sure what to do here. If I knew he had TO Camo, I would have not used his second short skill to reveal, taking a guaranteed shot, for example. I might have spent another order to go prone and go directly behind the cover from the Camo token to activate instead. But if this is legal, wow, ouch. Good counter to my SAS and Uxia for sure.
  10. 1) Can my REMs and TAGs that has a Repeater be hacked by an enemy without it being inside its Hacking Area? (It would go through a Firewall of course and the TAG has a ECM so it would be difficult to hack it.) 2) Do all my Hackers get ARO since the Repeater counts as their Hacking Area?
  11. probably a stupid question but here goes. My opponent & I are in close combat. On his turn he activates a non-engaged trooper & moves them into b2b joining the fracas. Is my one outnumbered trooper allowed to declare a cc attack against one of the non-activated engaged foes? I'm assuming "no", but saw that the cc attack requirements state must be in b2b & wondered?
  12. Hello everyone! Just a few questions regarding the interactions between CC and ARO: 1) A and B are allied and C is their enemy. C moves in base contact with B with the first part of his order. Then, B declares CC ARO against C and A declares a BS attack ARO against C. Then, C declares CC attack against B with the second part of his order. Is A risking to shoot at his ally with his ARO, as all the rolls happen at the end of an order and at the end of the order C is in base contact with B? 2) With the first part of his order, A moves in base contact with B from behind. B has no line of sight of A. Can B still declare a CC Aro against A even if he's at his back?
  13. EDIT: Check the last post for new episodes! We ride again! Back from (yet another) extended absence, we get our podcast back on track. Check out our newest episode where we talk about the new Mercenary ALIVE group and all the changes to TAG pilots. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  14. So I had a game the other day where my Oznat did not have Line of Fire on the enemy within her Zone of Control, My ARO was to use the LGL to drop smoke at her feet. Now the issue that came up that we both could not find an answer to was, does the Oznat suffer a -3 for the ARO outside her LoF or not? To me I thought she would wave this penalty as the smoke was being dropped in a targetless fashion. For the sake of moving the game along we played it with the penalty. Thanks in advance.
  15. An opponent of mine told me that dodging can only be done in response to an attack. I was under the assumption that I could roll PH, move 2 inches or go prone or mount a motorcycle or all of the related things you can do as a part of a Movement etc etc even if the ARO-provoking model chose to not open fire on me. I was informed that if my opponent 'psyches me out' by making me declare Dodge they can then do whatever they like and as long as they don't declare an attack, I don't get to go prone, or move 2 inches away, or behind cover, or anything. Specifically, I have to be shot at to benefit from the 2 inch movement of Dodge. Moreover along with this I was denied a smoke special dodge because my opponent moved, I declared Smoke dodge, and then they moved again-- directly into base to base. I wasn't allowed to move my 2 inches or to drop a smoke template because 'dodge allows you to make a face to face roll to evade one or more enemy attacks, so if there are zero enemies attacking you, you don't get to dodge..." So, if an enemy-- let's say, a non-camo state Oniwaban-- moves into LoF of a Magister Knight, and the Magister Knight declares Dodge, the Oniwaban can declare Move again and I don't get to roll PH to Dodge as he isn't the target of an attack. So if the Oniwaban can move into B2B I effectively don't get an ARO and I don't get to contest that with BS before he enters CC, and moreover, if he barely makes it with his 4"-4" movement, tough luck cupcake, the Magister Knight doesn't get to move the 2" away that would have spared him starting the next order in B2B with the Oniwaban. Is this correct? I would like some clarification if possible. Thanks for reading!
  16. Hi Guys! A question for you all. Let's say I am fielding an Iguana, which brings to the field its own repeater. My opponent attempts to hack it via its own deployed repeater. Am I entitled to AROs with my hackers? In the repeater description it says: REPEATER AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT Comms Equipment, Obligatory, Zone of Control. REQUIREMENTS EFFECTS Repeater broadens the Hacking Area of all Hackers in play. Hackers in the same Army List as the Repeater, and their possible allies in multiplayer games, can hack in the Zone of Control (8-inch radius) of the Repeater as if it was their own. In the same way, they can also react with Hacking Programs to enemy Orders declared in the Zone of Control of the Repeater as if it were their Zone of Control. Hackers can also attempt to hack through an enemy Repeater only if the Repeater is inside their Zone of Control. By doing this, they can perform hacking attempts against targets inside the Zone of Control of the enemy Repeater, and also against any enemy Hacker, but they suffer the Firewall MODs (a -3 MOD to their WIP Roll, while their target gets a +3 MOD to his BTS). So I guess a repeater extends the hacking area but not the Zone of Control, so I can't ARO on an hacker using an enemy repeater in my Hacking Area. Is this correct?
  17. We ran into this really niche weird situation that arose a few questions last night and wanted to know two things. Here's the actual examples in play: Question 1 Maghariba approaches an Oniwaban during the active turn. The Oniwaban fails to engage as ARO, revealing himself, and Maghariba succeeds in its dodge, moving back into the smoke grenade. Maghariba activates again and moves completely out of the smoke grenade onto the other side. Maghariba will be visible when she leaves the smoke grenade. When can the Oniwaban take his ARO? Does this mean she has been "out of the smoke grenade" the entire movement, or is LoF only drawn when she leaves the smoke? Because her model didn't walk through the smoke-- just orbited the core of it and moved alongside the outside while still being fully visible to the closest piece-- we had a hard time with this. What we decided we would do since "everything happens simultaneously" is that the Oniwaban could declare engage since Maghariba had left smoke and therefore was "never in it." I'm pretty sure this is incorrect but we couldn't figure out the answer to this question. Question 2 At this point Maghariba knew she had moved 8 inches away from the Oniwaban (2" dodge + 6" move) so she chose to fire. However, the Oniwaban was slightly forward and Maghariba did not move her perfect 6 inch movement due to player error. The distance between them was 7.9 inches at the start. The Oniwaban attempted to shoot back, cancelling her shots, hitting her and doing no damage. The Maghariba rolled Guts to stay out and succeeded in order to continue to harass the Oniwaban. Now instead of measuring from the front of the base, the Maghariba decided to shoot from the side of their base while moving. Due to Maghariba's large base size, this gave him the 8"+ distance and he went from his -3 range band to the 0, giving him the advantage. Can you do this? When you fire, when do you decide what side of the base you're firing from? Can you measure, then decide which side of the base you fire from? Do you have to declare what vector of your base you are firing from? Can you fire from the back arc of your base in order give +1" distance on shots you might think are too close? (360 LoF during movement confuses me...) We were trying to figure out how this works. If you read this, thanks! If you've got answers, please share! Inquiring minds want to know!
  18. netrod

    Please help to settle the problem - can the netrod in Steel phalanx list declare ARO with electric pulse? On one hand we have " The bearer of the AI Beacon is considered a piece of Deployable Equipment, and not a trooper. It cannot be activated by Orders or AROs "? At the same time - "This CC Weapon works automatically. Each time its use is declared, it is always considered that its user obtained a result of 7, so the player is not required to roll for CC in any way. This automatic result is always considered successful, regardless the CC Attribute value of the bearer."
  19. Hi everyone, I have basically two questions: A) Imagine you are the reactive trooper and declare dodge vs. a BS Attack. Let's say you win the FtF roll and dodge out of LoF. While doing so you would trigger a mine, as you are in range for the small drop template. As I understand it, your dodge roll result matters, as you need to dodge on a PH-3 vs. the mine. Let's say your PH is 10, you rolled an 8 and the enemy attacker fails with a 17. What happens now? Are you allowed to dodge into the mine? If you fail, you arent even allowed to move, meaning you didn't trigger the mine in the first place. I am stuck in a loop here... B ) Let's say you failed the dodge vs. the BS attack, but you passed the armor save. You now fail the guts roll and are forced to move into total cover. This move would be enough to also put you into the trigger area of the mine. Are you allowed to move there, since the rule is designed to put you into safety, not into danger. If you are allowed, does the mine even trigger? If the mine triggers, are you allowed to dodge (again)? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi all We had a situation recently in a game, and just want to make sure we played it right. Scenario: Opponent had 3 troopers lined up. Trooper A, B and C in a perfect straight line, about a half an inch from each other. My trooper came around the corner with a boarding shotgun and fired at trooper A, with the template then hitting troopers B and C. Trooper A was prone looking towards my trooper and fired back with his combi. Trooper B was standing, also looking towards my trooper and also declared shoot ARO with his combi. Trooper C was prone, and facing away from my trooper, but my trooper was within his Zone of Control, so declared dodge. Questions: 1. If trooper A wins the face to face roll, does that mean that the shot fails? In other words, no template and trooper B and C are also safe? 2. Trooper B is not in a face to face roll with my trooper, so whether he hits or not, he gets hit by the template, correct? Just a further question on shotguns in general (not related to this scenario): 3. Can you benefit from cover armour bonus against a shotgun that shoots in blast mode?
  21. What the title says... unlike every other hacking program it doesn't say that it's only burst 2+ in the active turn.
  22. Hi all during a recent game, we (both relative beginners) stumbled into a situation we couldn't answer to our satisfaction. My opponent had a dogface in CC with my Asura. A Dakini had LoF with them. He activated said dogface and declared a CC Attack on her. I declared a Dodge with her, and an BS Attack with my Dakini. Does the -6 modifier on the BS Attack for the Dakini apply after a successful Dodge or not? On one hand, modifiers are calculated before the resolution. On the other hand, all the actions that happen during an order are supposed to be both simultaneous and at the point of choosing of the ordering player, possibly changing said modifiers for i.e. range purposes. My google-fu failed me, and in-game, she failed the Dodge anyway. Thank you in advance.
  23. So lets say I've a fireteam (a Duo) that has an enemy mine nearby, ready to trigger. An enemy model moves into b2b with one member of the fireteam. A 2nd member of the fireteam can see the active enemy model. So here's what I'm confident of: I could elect to BS attack with the fireteam. Both fireteam members get to shoot & this will result in triggering the mine. I could break the fireteam, & CC attack with my one model & my other model doesn't ARO meaning the mine won't trigger (CC means engaged meaning both models are affected by templates meaning mine won't trigger due to presence of friendly model *deep breath* and if my other model doesn't ARO, the mine doesn't trigger) If the Duo don't declare the same ARO, the fireteam automatically breaks, therefore I could declare CC attack for one model & BS Attack for my other model, mine still goes boom. That all sound right?
  24. Hi all So a few questions regarding perimeter weapons: 1. Does stealth, or other rules, affect when they can boost? For example: someone approaches outside LoF but into ZoC of the perimeter weapon. If that someone has stealth, does it prevent the boost "Aro"? 2. Scenario: Someone uses both his short skills to move. His second short skill brings him into the ZoC of a perimeter weapon, does this trigger a boost? And is he allowed a dodge? And Finally, when can I check if he is in ZoC? 3. Can perimeter equipment be hacked or be affected by the minesweeper rule?
  25. Situation: Model A activates , standing next to friendly models B and C. Model A delcares its first short skill: Move. Model D see model A at the start of its movement and declares ARO shoot with a missile launcher. Model A declares dodge. Dice are rolled. Model D plaes the template over Models A, B and C. It suceeds in its attack roll, Model A dodges. Since the attack roll was made the template is placed though. What happens to models B and C? Are they unable to dodge because it is their active turn and they were not activated?