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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Alongside/within the Azure Dragon dropship kickstarter (that kicks off this evening) we are also running Unit Badge decals... for each faction and sectorial. The Preview of the KS is up here: where you can see mroe details, and it will be going live this evening. As we work through each of the factions and sectorials you will be able to see exactly what is on each decal sheet as it varies for faction and sectorial to faction and sectorial. Each decal sheet costs £4.00 and here's a couple of examples: PanO main Faction Bakunin Sectorial: USAriadna Ranger Force: The decals are professionally produced and are all individual decals - you do not need to cut them off the backing sheet as you do with OKI or ALPS printed decals. Where there are not enough badge decals to fill the sheet size we ahve added "flavour" items such as numbers, slogans and other text, generally drawn from the official painted figure sets. We're also doing some other non-badge sets such as the Base-Edge-Information set: This set is to help you remember what the basic figure data is for you figures and to be placed on the rear of the base-edge so that you know a figure is, f.ex. regular, frenzied, Hackable (or whatever) but only contains information available on open lists. These are targeted toward new gamers but if you're anything like me and have multiple armies then its kinda handy when you swap over to your less-used armies. There are no limits on the numbers of these decals sheets and you can pledge just for these.. (you dont need to pledge for a dropship). The nominal dispatch date for these is November - however so long as the survey is back in good time we anticipate beating that date for dispatch, if you do pledge for a dropship and also want decals you can just add them to your main pledge - if youw ant decals and a dropship, but want the decals dispatched as soon as they are available (rather than waiting for your dropship) then you can just add the default decal postage fees ... which are .... UK - £1.00pEU - £2.00pRoW - £3.00p
  2. the microbadges for infinity factions are ready to be adquired at if you are one of the user, you can miss wear your faction logo/colors! Cheers!