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Found 12 results

  1. The Q-Building range present its new incorporation, bigger, much more modular, and impressive than ever: The new L-Buildings, Desgned For Infinity The L-Buildings are perfectly compatible with the old range, which allow you to create new and awesome tables the easiest and fastest way. With a quick and easy assembly, its measures and shape will bring more possibilities to your game table. This is a very modular building, not just on its vertical, but also on the horizontal way. We present it on three different versions: - Unpainted, with high quality engraves, that fits perfectly with the old range, and allows you to paint it in several different ways - Two different Ready For Battle designs, Warehouse and Cargo Bay. This L-Buildings are fully prepainted, just assemble and play. With the L-Buildings, we also launch two more products: - The 3rd version of our Holographic Street Signs, by popular demand, and because the other two were a big success, we created more designs in collaboration with Infinity, so players will have a lot more options to choose. - The radar. We presented the prototype on Essen Spiel 16 in Germany, and finally the final design sees the light. An innovative and unique element, presented in two forms: Unpainted and with great engraves on the base, and on our range “Ready For Battle” fully prepainted and ready to play. And as the final touch, we present a bundle with all the new elements and reduced price. Two Ready For Battle L-Buildings, Cargo Bay and Warehouse, the four new Holographic Signs, and the Radar. Hope you all like this releases!
  2. Bandua Wargames presents The Black Market Docks, the complete set for Infinity of the Black Market range with which you will be able to mount a great variety of complete tables, with which your games of Infinity The game will be a unique experience. Easy to mount Fully painted Modular Easy to pick up and store Elements designed to facilitate gameplay And if that were not enough, all this at a price, with a saving of 25%, is a unique opportunity to get a complete game table with 58 terrain elements (18 buildings and 40 smaller elements) The underdogs are waiting for you, are you ready? This pack includes: 1x L-Building Warehouse 1x L-Building Cargo Bay 2x Q-Building Gamma Pack 2x Q-Building Betta Pack 1x Holographic Signs # 1 1x Holographic Signs # 2 1x Holographic Signs # 3 2x MAG Radar 24x pre-painted 30mm crates
  3. During this week our clients have decided through Facebook to do special deals in Infinity. And your wish is our command You will find all Infinity with 20% discount but also can get a discount of 25% on the products we have in stock by adding the "infinitystock" code in your shopping cart!
  4. We have a ton of new product from Bandua now in stock fresh from Spain and ready to ship!
  5. Bandua has some more fantastic releases that we will shortly have in stock! They are a set of oil tanks, an industrial crane which is perfect for your train yard, and some great building signs. These are a super clean, uncluttered designs that will look and work great on your tables! Check out the full details at Infinity Harbour!
  6. Bandua gave us a peek at some really excellent building signs they have coming out the end of this month. They are very clean and simple and require no assembly. They will be sold as a complete set and we will have them in stock soon! See more pictures on our site!
  7. I received some previews of several prototypes and works in progress from Bandua for new products that I have permission to share. I thought you all might like to see them! The crate and consoles look to be great objective markers and the new barrier has a ton of flexibility on the table. I'm a sucker for anything with acrylic cutouts. These will be super handy and look better on the table for street scenes instead of piles of cargo containers. We are looking forward to seeing these once they are done! What do you think?
  8. Afternoon all! As some of you might have seen, Confessions of a Serial Painter is now live and content is going up thick and fast. Loads of painted terrain already up and loads more to come. Almost every EU manufacturer has some sort of presence on the blog with Customeeple and Zen Terrain coming soon. Some examples: Have a look, hit the subscribe button if you like, and I'll keep this thread updated as I add new posts! Thanks Rich
  9. For all U.S. Infinity players out there! We are happy to announce that now you can acquire all Infinity related products, including all official products from Bandua Wargames in the same site! We are talking about Infinity Harbour, the new online US store specializing in Infinity products, with a huge stock of products, and of course, with our entire range of products! And to celebrate this, we gave them a great gaming table to draw between all of you! Check out the following video where our friends from Infinity Harbour explain how you can win this great batch of Bandua products!
  10. Hello everybody! The Mag-Lev Train, the new containers and templates are already in pre-orderingand will go on sale to coincide with the Salute 2014 in London, day 12/04/2014. Make your reservation now! The Mag-Lev train has been designed specifically for 205 mission of Campaign Paradiso. With a total capacity of 12 containers, 2 cabins and 2 tractors wagonscontaining the engines and fuel, with their consoles, the Mag- Lev train will be the core of your table. Of course the Mag-Lev train is quite useful if you want to use it in any other mission, or as any other type of scenery and you can independently position each of the wagons, cabins, and two engines, allowing you to cover a much of your table. This great piece of scenery has been designed down to the smallest detail, incorporating new materials, giving it greater realism and depth. Also added moving parts such as the access door to the cabin, and the roof of it, to observe it once painted and mounted, and allowing free access to your miniatures on this area. In addition we present two new models of container, perfectly compatible with the rest of Bandua Wargames scenery and the wagons of the Mag-Lev train. 198-H Container and Ben-Grain Container. With an innovative and distinctive design. Fully compatible with the rest of scenery and accessories of Bandua Wargames, this container is built with new materials to create round, robust and with high detail and relief structures. With this new product we opened a new line of scenery not known so far, and that will set the trend for this and other types of element, always with the trust, security and best price that Bandua Wargames offers. Another great new feature are the Shooting Templates for Infinity, made in 3 mm yellow methacrylate, high quality, durable, cheap and easy to store and transport. With an innovative and simple design, you can measure your shots with high reliability. ç
  11. This month of February, until 03/01/2014, we will have a 20% discount on all Infinity products, including the February releases already in our catalogue! Also, during this month we'll have giveaways, contests, tournaments and a big, long-awaited surprise! Keep an eye out for further updates!