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Found 18 results

  1. guys i am always on fluff side. i need nice bases for my imperial army. do you have any suggestions for me ?
  2. New 70mm Base for the Badlands set: More (new) bases and a couple of scenery item today.
  3. Did the oriental pavement pack get discontinued? I love the bases, bought them a while back, but don't have nearly enough to fill out my Yu Jing force. Can't find them anywhere... This is a real shame if so, no one else has anything quite like them. I guess I could try and use them specifically for key/officer bases, but that's kinda disappointing. Or, if anyone knows where to track down a few more, specifically the 25mm I'd greatly appreciate.
  4. Hey guys, I've been out of the game for some time due to real life getting hectic. Trying to get back into it now and figure out how all the changes impact things! Had a question come up today that seemed really basic, but couldn't find a definite answer. If a camo marker is moving on its Active Turn, can it move through/past an enemy figure or marker? I know if a figure is moving, it can't choose to go base to base with a marker. If a marker is moving, it CAN choose to go base to base with a figure. If you have a figure moving through a marker, and the camo troop does not ARO, nothing happens (was this example only in 2nd ed?). If a camo marker is moving through a figure, are they forced to go base to base into an engaged state?
  5. Heya. I'm going to need to transport some minis a few miles and I'm wondering what sort of magnets you folks use in the bottom of the bases? I'm thinking of magnetizing my morats bases (all infantry, no tags) to stick to a baking sheet so I don't chip them in transport.
  6. Assuming the bulleteer had a base size too big to fit on the stairs, would it be possible for it to end on the platform assuming the platform was big enough for the base? in otherwords, im wondering when the rule regarding ending movement on a surface large enough to accommodate your base size is checked. is this treated like a narrow gate? and nothing larger than an S2 can go through?
  7. I was wondering if it would be alright to use 60mm bases instead of 55mm? There are not that many 55mm scenic bases on the market that I like but there are a couple in 60mm. Would an ITS tournament allow this or is it simply not allowed?
  8. I am looking for some bases for my first set of Infinity figures and I am looking for a "subtle" base for them. By subtle I mean something that doesn't overshadow the work on the figures. I would like to use the Customeeple base tops for PanOceania and Nomads, but living in the U.S. makes them expensive and I don't know I want to wait for them to be shipped from Spain. My first question is: Is there a company in the U.S. that sells those base tops? I know several that sell other items of theirs but I've not seen the base tops. I am particularly interested in the PanO tops with the perpendicular lines. It's simple, but can be made to look like a warehouse, or the floor of a ship, or military base. Also, is there a large preference of resin or plasticard tops? Resin obviously is one piece versus glued pieces, but do people have a strong preference for one or the other? As I said, this is my first attempt at painting, but I prefer to buy good materials the first time around rather than having to go back again and again because of shotty craftsmanship.
  9. I recently picked up the Nomads Lunokhod Sputniks with the Crazy Koalas but only received one small base for the Koalas. The package shows two. Am I correct that I'm missing one?
  10. Looking for an alien planet bases for tohaa. what are you using guys ? any advice ?
  11. If I buy a Nikoul, can I base him on a 25mm base to match his silhouette profile or do I have to put him on the base he comes with?
  12. Hello.. I am looking for nice bases for steel phalanx Can you advice me any ?
  13. Any body can advice me nice bases for corregidor? And want to convert a hmg intruder. Has anybody got a success on it ? Any pictures will be most welcomed.
  14. Made with SPARTAN SCENICS starter set, for Geekopolis convention at CARACAS, VENEZUELA!
  15. In Charno's post about making bases he uses this type of black perforated card/paper. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know a place on line that sells these sheets? See pics below:
  16. Simple question - is yours bigger than mine? I very recently bought (new) a Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid, cracked open the clamshell, and found one of the new 25mm bases inside - the type where you have to cut the slit for the model's base-tab yourself. I'd expected a 40mm base - that's what it looks like the studio model is based on: Though the studio model has some fancy basing that raises it up, so I checked a different source. I checked Penemue's invaluable unpacking thread (thanks Penemue) and it also looks like it should have a 40mm: I can't find any historic threads relevant to this. So... Should I be suffering from base-envy? Is it a simple mis-pack - in which case I'll just use a spare 40mm? Or have Medchanoids usually been packed with 25mm bases, and the one in the unpacking thread was unusual? Or has the standard base size been changed recently? Why do I care? I should explain - I'm more interested in scenarios than annihilation games - and in some scenarios, where specialists have to perform functions like entering through narrow gates, the base size can make a difference.
  17. So I recently tried to base (for the first time) my minis, and prime them. Now, some kind of.. disaster.. had come. I based them using white glue + sand, then prime with spray Chaos Black. Somehow the sand fell off, and now I am tempted to just let it go and make some random base for now. Then I realize that the prime was not covering enough. Is there any tips? I sprayed from 30cm (I usually make short bursts from a bit closer, thus reducing some details / yielded grainy results). I have some pictures but I lost my camera cable so I will post them later on. The questions: 1. Regarding base, do I need to wait for the glue+sand to dry before priming? How long should I wait? I am guessing this might be my first mistake, since I wait only for a few minutes... 2. Regarding prime, what exactly the cause of grainy results? Is it because the prime or might be caused by the paint? 3. Regarding prime, after priming with black, there are some spots that are not covered (some metallic parts like can be seen, or only covered by thin dots of black paints). Is it normal? How was your usual coverage? For a consideration, here is an example of my old miniature (from my old collection): I am hoping to improve my skills, and learning to create some bases.
  18. What is the importance of base size in the miniature sight? I used to play using miniature bases to show the real sight possibility for both see other minis and be seen. Obviously if a model see another, the second one can see the former. Now i have a doubt about how to consider meteor zond base. I've bought the miniature this week and the transparent support seems to be builded exclusively for the "hovercraft" rappresentation. If the meteor Zond is behind a bridge who covers him but doesn't cover the transparent base, can he see behind the bridge?