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Found 24 results

  1. Does anyone know if the 'tech' resin bases line are going out of production? I've been using them to base up my ISS and went to get some more 25mm ones and sites either don't list them at all or list them as 'unavailable'. Slightly annoying as I wanted a uniform look across the army. If they are no longer being produced then does anyone know of any other base (from any company) that would fit in with the ones I already have? Thanks.
  2. Hi folks! I am about to start assembling my ISS and need to decide what bases to use. My JSA used Urban and Urban Battle bases by Microconstruct (ans equivalents). Not wanting to paint any more of these I am looking for interesting alternatives. I've looked at lots of different ones and cannot seem to decide. Any ideas?
  3. This months sees a whole slew of new release on our website. The Arabesque bases are new city pavement and roadside bases with a distinct Middle Eastern theme. Perfect for a Haqqislam army, or even Druze and Kaplan mercenaries. The bases are highly detailed resin, and come in the sizes of 25mm, 40mm, 55mm, and 70mm. All base sizes except 70mm are compatible with our compass bar system for denoting line of fire. We are also releasing 4 new laser cut and MDF products this month, the Avalon Tri-Ads ‘Small’, Avalon Tri-Ads ‘Large’, Metro Terminus and Stop Signs, and the Deus Roller Mk. II. These are new streetside products to help bring your urban table to life, and block different lines of sight on an Infinity board. These products feature, pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic, highly detailed resin and photo quality image prints. The Deus Roller Mk II is a new improved version of the Deus Roller that was released as part of the Game Box kickstarter. This version has been improved both functionally and aesthetically, functioning both as a scenery piece and as gaming aid. By removing the top of this scenery element, and dice roller is revealed, allowing you to roll dice down the inside of the Deus Roller. Instructions for these products are now on our blog , here. Happy Gaming!
  4. So I know that models are usually considered to take up space equal to a right cylinder the circumference of their base up to the top of their silhouette. Now, for prone models, I've heard it said that they take up space the size of their base. Now, the bases given for this game are not cylinders - they're part of a cone. Let's assume that a model is on top of a building, with its base tangent to the line described by the edge of the roof (no railing or anything). If the base was a cylinder, one could see any model at ground level up against the building wall - you could trace a line from the top of the rooftop model's base to the back of the base of any model up against the wall. But since the base has an angle to it, you can't assume that. What is the angle of that base? By checking the size of the building, and knowing that angle, one could determine how high a building has to be for a model to hide from a rooftop model in the 'shadow,' forcing a Lean Out action.
  5. Hi, I just got some of the Infinity resin urban bases (blue ones), and the instructions about how to prepare them are kind of involved - I don't have them here, but it's a choice of a two-stage approach with talcum powder or leaving them for 24 hours in some kind of degreaser. Does anyone know if this is really necessary? Or will my usual approach of washing them in some warm soapy water with a toothbrush probably be fine?
  6. How soon will the bases shown on the Haqq-Islam minis be available? (Seen in the Beasts of War Red Veil videos.)
  7. New "Deep Forest" Bases: 25mm (12) £9.50 40mm (4) £9.50 55mm (4) £11.50 These have been designed to represent a dense and large inner-forest area, Suitable for Paradiso or other dense, old, forest. Where possible we have off-set larger elements to enables bikes and similar to be positioned across the full width, but the bases were designed with the intent to encourage dynamic re-posing of REMs and similar. All the elements you can see on the bases are moulded, we have not added any extra foliage/grass/bushes. Painted by Tim Male Sculpted by Jed Norton
  8. I am looking for some bases for my first set of Infinity figures and I am looking for a "subtle" base for them. By subtle I mean something that doesn't overshadow the work on the figures. I would like to use the Customeeple base tops for PanOceania and Nomads, but living in the U.S. makes them expensive and I don't know I want to wait for them to be shipped from Spain. My first question is: Is there a company in the U.S. that sells those base tops? I know several that sell other items of theirs but I've not seen the base tops. I am particularly interested in the PanO tops with the perpendicular lines. It's simple, but can be made to look like a warehouse, or the floor of a ship, or military base. Also, is there a large preference of resin or plasticard tops? Resin obviously is one piece versus glued pieces, but do people have a strong preference for one or the other? As I said, this is my first attempt at painting, but I prefer to buy good materials the first time around rather than having to go back again and again because of shotty craftsmanship.
  9. I just bought a mess of these. Post yours! All the ones on Schadel's site and the site are airbrushed. Anyone got some non airbrushed ones?
  10. We've designed a set of acrylic bases in a similar style to the bases we use in our Access Terminals, Supply Boxes and Tracking Beacons. This set includes the new 55mm size as well as all the standard sizes. Let us know what you think!
  11. All painted by tom Schadle... 12 x 25mm bases - £7.50p 4 x 40mm - £7.50p 4 x 5mm bases - £7.50p "Snow and Ice" bases now available in store: "Badlands" bases also:
  12. I can't find any pictures. has anyone seen/done street bases like this with snow? Also I have not had any experience with resin bases is it the whole base or just the top? And what brands do people like?
  13. Do you have any plans for making halodyne bases for infinity base measures ? Looks nice for my steel phalanx.
  14. I would guess that the Tunguskan bases are likely one of Warsenal's most popular items. They provide a good assortment of base sizes in a unified style - what's not to like. I'd love to see other styles offered in the same way. I would think that doing this with the older tri-hex line would be relatively simple, but I'd also like to see other styles, like "Persian" floor styles for Haqqislam, or "Oriental" patterns for Yu Jing. Any chance of this?
  15. Tech 40 & 55mm and the Hex 5mm bases will be out form the start of November:
  16. Pre-production casts.... off to the painter next week. Homage of the tread-plate pattern from the rule book and BPC (British packing Crate) from Star-Wars, Aliens etc films. 25, 40 and 55mm sizes Sketchfab link: Now available:
  17. 25mm round, vertical sided bases now available: The 40mm and 55mm versions will be available in about 2 weeks time. Other Bases: The tri-hex bases in 25mm, 40mm and 55mm (yes, 55mm!) are now ready. Sets are £8.00 including VAT (£7.00 for 1 month), that's ~ $11USD for 12 25mm bases, 4 40mm or 4 55mm bases or $9.80cUSD during first month. We're currently re-setting the standard Hex-base set, 55mm versions of those will be out next week, but the 25s and 40s are being slightly re-mastered. 3 full new sets are due in ~ 3 weeks: "Landing pad" and "Modular Tiles" (in a round and square pattern tile). All of these bases are vertically sided and will therefore work with our "Compass Bar" etch-brass LoS indicators (also out next week for 25mm, 40mm, 55mm and 60mm).
  18. Hex bases are now back in store including the 55mm variety (pack of 4 different bases). I dont have painted images of the 55ss yet Im afraid - waiting on the painter to do those still! Theya re the same as the 40mm bases though, only larger!
  19. So I've been lurking for a while now and am still a total closet gamer - but I thought I'd share these Warboards I got off kickstarter here in the UK. They're digital images printed on cardboard that fold down into neat little A4ish sized boxes. Each board is 2 sided (so mine have streets on one side, space-hulk-ish space station on the other) and folds out to 2 x3 ft. Here in the UK they're £20 each - so I've gone for 2 for a 4 x 3ft table as I'm just learning so not too worried about full width. I reckon they look great, spot on "lived in" look and the print quality is excellent - I had to double-take to check they weren't embossed (which they aren't but they really pop). Has been a very affordable and easy way to improve the overall look. Excuse the iffy photos, not many MAS and Warmill buildings painted yet. You can find the boards and a load more info here:
  20. Has anyone got pictures of customeeple products either completed in the case of bases, display trays etc. or, in use in the case of markers etc. I'd love to see some examples other than those the website and facebook offers. I will upload pics of my completed PanO hanger display board once it gets there
  21. Hi, I've been trying to find the official ruling on using custom bases (particularly MAS bases). Are they legal to use in tournaments? I'd like to use them for my new JSA and Yu Jing but before I order a large amount I want to make sure I can play in all formats with them. Unfortunately I hear different things from different people. Is there a direct rule that addresses this? Thanks.
  22. I'm looking at experimenting with some of the clear bases that can be bought from LITKO. One option is 3mm thick, approx the thickness of an infinity base. The other option is 1.5mm thick. I'm leaning towards the 1.5 mm option because I'm assuming the thinner plastic will let the table below show through more easily, which is kinda the whole point. ...but will that 1.5mm matter? Would it be considered cheating giving my model that slightly smaller profile? Would such bases get me disqualified at tournies?
  23. Is there a list somewhere that shows the models and what size base they are supposed to be on?
  24. So, probably many of you have random minis you got with something / without blisters / forgot what those were and even if they're not OOP. Corvus Belli does a good job with the galleries but every now and then something slips through the cracks of either their system or my attention This thread is for everyone who wants their (hopefully Infinity-related) minis identified but doesn't know where to start. Let me start: I haven't seen this Celestial Guard mini in the gallery. Looks a bit like a hacker with that hand. Is it OOP? If anyone knows these bases, speak up! I got them with used minis and would love to buy more for my Nomads. The top one isn't even resin, but a plastic overlay glued onto a stock 25mm base. And the one with a central hatch is recessed deeply into the base, creating a very nice effect without adding height (which I hate about MAS bases).