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  1. Greetings comrades and welcome to the home of the Pride of Rodina blog on the forums! Here you'll find an updated list of articles as they come out and I'll add in the old articles as we move forward. I'll also add a new post per new article. Feel free to comment about any blog articles here or anything else PoR related! The blog itself; Faction "personality" quizzes: List of 'Blog Comrades': List of articles (descending by date): Tactics: Armand "Le Muet" by Lazarus0909 Deep Thought: List Writing In Infinity by Admiral JCJF Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Gerardo González Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Kyle Randolph (aka Pride of Rodina) Hobby Time: Welcome to Dawn, Part 1 Guest Writer: Ghazi Muttawi'ah, A Beginner's Guide by Scott of The Sword of Haqqislam Product Review: Happy Seppuku Base Stamps by Sgt. Rock Tactics: Suppressing Fire by Lazarus0909 Tactics: Using Stompy Robots to Stomp Things by me, but hosted by Freddie Pulpi Talk: The EPIC Aquila Guard vs. the SUBPAR Hsien by A Mão Esquerda and with help from me, the Pride of Rodina Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Tommy Back Tactics: Ariadna Camo Guide by me, but hosted by Peter Guest Writer: Why Play Corregidor by Gerardo of A Bordo de Corregidor Hobby Time: Lazarus0909's Ariadna Project by Lazarus0909 Deep Thought; Tech Bee, Just a Distraction? by Admiral JCJF Deep Thought: Why I Play Bakunin Guest Writer: Guide to Understanding the 'ARO Piece' by Freddie Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Peter Balogh (aka Lilith here on the forums) Deep Thought: ALEPH, Vedic Style! by Admiral JCJF Deep Thought: Keeping the Hobby Fresh by Sgt. Rock NCA Tactica - Part 1 (Light Infantry/Skirmishers) by Lazarus0909, with help from A Mão Esquerda and @Barakiel Tactics: Getting the Most Out of Your JSA Specialists Guest Writer: Welcome to Infinity (Try Not to Get Shot) by Bob Lindstrom (not sure what his forum tag is) Battle Report: LVO Writeup - One Gopnik's Attempt to Take the Crown by Lazarus0909 Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Guillermo Hernandez Tactics: The Art of Losing by @Lilith Deep Thought: One Year of PoR, Wrapped Up Tactics: CRABBOTS!!! Oh, and other armies got something, too, I guess... by A Mão Esquerda Deep Thought: The 6-Man Link - Because Accidents Happen by Lazarus0909 Tactics: Closing the Gap, a Guide to CC Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Matt Jester Tactics: The Chronicles of the 356th Independent TAG Company, Part 2 by A Mão Esquerda Tactics: Using the Harbinger of Death (Spetsnaz) Guest Writer: Bots From Above (in ALEPH, ISS, and NCA), Tactica by Admiral JCJF Tactics: The Chronicles of the 356th Independent TAG Company, Part 1 by A Mão Esquerda Tactics: Ariadna Paracommando - Death from the Skies by Lazarus0909 STALKER - A Birthday Drinking Batrep (600pts Team Game!) by Lazarus0909 Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Nestor Medina Jr. Tactics: Getting the Most Out of Your Caledonia Specialists Shock Army Tactica Part 2: Who Am I Kidding, I'm Here For The TAGs!!! by A Mão Esquerda Deep Thought: Competing for the Community - Charity Tournaments by Sgt. Rock Deep Thought: Creating More Thematic Games by Lazarus0909 Deep Thought: Why I Play Haqqislam (Hassassins and Ramah) Deep Thought: Playing and Creating Fluffy Infinity Lists by @AdmiralJCJF, our very first guest writer! Shock Army Tactica Part 1: Samba, Sikhs and Scylla, Oh My!!! by A Mão Esquerda Tactics: Cameronians, a Howl-To by @Sgt. Rock Deep Thought: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hyperpower by @A Mão Esquerda Tactics: Swiss Guard by @Lazarus0909 Tactics: Learning to Fight Tohaa ITS 8 Mission-by-Mission Guide Deep Thought: Why I Play Kazaks Without an Official Sectorial Tactics: Going Second and Not Getting Curb-Stomped Tactics: Why Play the Elite and Few in Infinity and How Deep Thought: Why I prefer Sectorials Over Vanilla Forces
  2. I started a blog on the imperial army and wanted to share with you the url as below. hope you like it. i am not a native speaker. so must say sorry before any mistakes i make. i have to tell my sincere thanks to my mate Daasan since he contributed with the black dragon figures he made for me.
  3. Hello All, and welcome to my paint blog. This will be mainly a photo dump of my progress to painting all of my Infinity stuff to date. With the models being as detailed as they are, I'm planning to take my time and push my limits on what I can do as a painter, and as a hobbyist to a degree. My main focus will be on JSA and SAA, with a another faction I'm thinking of dipping my feet into, to round out a triad of factions I want to play as. Without further a ado, let's see some pics! Enjoy! Comments and criticisms are always welcomed, and if you have any questions or perhaps tips, feel free to drop them here. I'll be more than happy to read and reply to them when I can Let's start with the first mini I painted for Infinity, an Oniwaban. Initially started out based on the box art colour scheme, this was a time that my painting skills were...sloppy. A couple of years later, I've stripped it and repainted to what you see. Limited my colour choices to dark greys, blacks and reds, and it came out really good, while showcasing how much I've grown as a painter. FYI, base is from Micro Art Studios. I'll be focusing my efforts into the same palette for rest of my JSA, but seeing resculpts of older boxes is making me hesitant to continuing with what I have (The Keisotsus are so short!) Any news on which resculpts JSA is getting, and when? Next, Read more of the fluff of Infinity (I went shiny syndrome first and foremost, so reading the rules was a later thing that happened) and noticed that my dream of a Filipino aligned faction came in the form of the SAA. Loved the Tikabalang, stoked about Toni (pre-squatting), and loved the whole jungle/guerilla warfare theme. So grabbed their box (which was luckily of the new sculpts) and went to town...slowly Here's what I have currently for SAA: Planning to paint a 150 pt. list for a demo I'll be having soon with a buddy that just started. So it'll be a proper romp through some Infinity for the both of us. But before I see myself finishing my first 150, I'll have to figure out my first model. Wanted to be the special snowflake again with this one, but the longer I stared at the official schemes and the concept artwork shown on Gencon 2015, I was sold on the Blues and Greens. So here's a Regular in progress, with me trying out NMM's for the first time: Love how the blues turned out, and it strengthened my confidence for the rest of the faction. Will be finishing this guy soon enough. So that's it for now, hope you liked what you've seen.
  4. I have a blog. Give me feedback, attention, and topics to write on please! C: Main Page Creativity, Casevac, Kuang Shi, and You. The King Should Lead. Event Report. Infinity ITS: Concilium Convention Clash Army List Archive Event Report: Terracrux Limited Insertion
  5. Hi folks, I took a quick stroll through the forum and couldn't find a maintained list of podcasts and blogs dedicated to all things Infinity. By dedicated I mean 75-100% of content is Infinity related. I've listened to Chain Attack, a Warmachine and Hordes podcast for over a year now and I'd love to listen to something along the same lines for Infinity. I'm sure there are some great podcasts and blogs out there. Please post the name and url of the blogs and podcasts you listen to or read, along with a comment about why you like them, or an interesting fact about the people who put them together. I'll get the ball rolling. Updated 1 February 2017 - thanks for the prompt 2 Screens Blog Slightly irregular but good quality Infinity content 8obman Blog While since the last post, I hope he keeps going! Behold The Omega Blog US based blog. Some beautiful miniatures to gaze at. Chronowraith's Corner Blog More activity of late - get over there and encourage him to keep it up! Data Sphere Blog, Forum Great resource, although a little quiet at the moment. Fire Broadside! Blog Miniature wargaming site - just enough Infinity to make the list! Imperial Artichoke Blog A great Infinity blog. Get over there and take a look. Unless you don't like Tohaa. Infinity Review Tumblr Nothing new posted since August '16. Last chance saloon! Infinity Warcors Blog, Podcast Spanish language Infinity resource. Info Flux Podcast German Infinity podcast. 23 episodes and counting Lead Rising Blog An Infinity blog with standout comfortable conversational writing style. MayaCast Blog, Podcast One of the best in the field. But then you probably already know that! Objective Secured Blog Hasn't posted much about Infinity since May 2016. Colourful blog though! Personal Flashpaper Podcast Reasonably frequent podcast Pride of Rodina Blog High quality, dedicated Infinity blog. Remote Presence Podcast Active and first rate Infinity podcast! Rise of Rlyeh Blog Covers more than Infinity, but covers it so well! Fenris Rants Blog Happiness is Spanish miniatures - We can all agree with that. Mixed content. Thanos YouTube Channel Not updated for about two years but still has some worthwhile videos The Eternal Rival Blog Infrequent but well illustrated posts with some great tabletop quality minis. The Gentle Winter Blog Another one right on the edge of inactivity. Last post Oct 2016 The Invincible Army Blog Fantastic minis and commentary on this great game and hobby The Myrmidon Officer Blog Alive for now, not posted since August 2016. Totally Crit Podcast Showing just how good podbean can be. Excellent dedicated podcast
  6. I've been using MediKits more and more recently, especially in Fireteams. After a few troublesome games I realised that I just didn't have a good handle on how effective MediKits actually were when used at range and my expectations were simply not matching my experiences in game. Not only that but I had a sneaking suspicion that I should have been voluntarily forfeiting the Burst bonus sometimes , but I wasn't sure exactly when. So I decided to run the numbers and write up my findings. I hope now that some of you will find this interesting too! If you think anything looks amiss or could be explained better then please let me know. TLDR: Very approximately, MediKits are effective about 29% of the time when used at range with fairly common combinations of BS/PH. In practice you should always try getting into base-to-base contact where possible. Doing so negates a big percentage of the times where nothing would otherwise happen. As a rule of thumb, if your effective BS is 13 or better than you should fire at Burst 1 instead of Burst 2 if you want the greatest chance of healing in a single order.. Given infinite orders, you are better off shooting a PH14+ model with a Burst 2 MediKit than using it in base-to-base combat.
  7. I've been gushing about the Mercenary War Correspondent profiles over on the forums and I keep being asked why. So I decided to write about them. Have you tried using them in your games? If so then let me know how it's gone, if not then why not?
  8. Hey guys check out how I got on in my first ever games of infinity and how it's causing me to tweak my ariadna list
  9. I took the plunge. After marveling at the detailed miniatures produced by Corvus Belli for over a year, I finally decided to get into the game. With the help of a few local Warcors from Warsaw I started the arduous process of familiarizing myself with the rules, which are complex, but because of this complexity give the player a plethora of opportunities which is deeply rewarding. However, as a long time hobbyist it was the choice of army which preoccupied me most. I wanted a force that would be distinctive, challenging and fun to paint. Most of all, I just had to love the models. I naturally gravitated toward the more alien and unusual factions, since cool aliens are one of the fundamental reasons to play miniatures wargames and settled on Tohaa, as they're background seems more interesting and ambiguous to me than CAs. I ended up immediately purchasing a small group of models which I quickly assembled, based and primed: The big question before me is how I'm going to paint them. After having looked at Tom Schadle's army I contemplated a non-standard paint scheme, but after giving it some extra thought, I think I might just try to increase the contrasts on the Corvus Belli scheme, and add some blue to the black. A blue and orange scheme, with some white and grey elements should be quite sharp. Additionally those are the colors of my alma mater I also have to wait for my LGS to stock up on the starter box and a few other models before I can really get into playing the game.
  10. A very helpful person inadvertently informed me that most people have signatures hidden. So it looks like I'm going to need to trot out the newest greatest thing to happen to the Infinity game. I've stared a blog with Penemue and Endalyon. Penemue as the go-to guy of Ariadna, Endalyon as the most influential battle report in the history of the game. We'll be covering the two best games currently in production: Infinity and Batman. Our goal is to talk about various tactics, strategy and other silliness. Our assumption is that you've read the rules and are looking for more than definitions but applications of your models' skills and abilities. Oh yeah, it updates every day. And now a picture of a cat.
  11. Hello Infinity players! I just thought I would drop by and introduce myself. My name is Mike and I live in Gen Con central....Indianapolis. I've lurked on the boards for a while now but I am finally moving forward with Infinity. I played a demo game at Origins 2013 and then picked up the rules and a few starter boxes. Unfortunately, my gaming group plays board games and nobody paints. Although I wanted to play, I just lost some steam trying to get it off the ground. I am back to give it go though. I've started a blog to track my progress making terrain and painting figures. I hope put my battle reports on there as well. Stop by and check it out if you are interested in that sort of thing.
  12. hello there in this post I will be posting all the Infinity miniatures I paint. To start this post I put my last work. This is a commission work for a spannish distributor I do with Angel Giraldez. this client has various armyes and we usually paint the new minis for him every two or three months. this time is a batch of Panoc and some aleph, they are mostly painted by me and retouched by my master Angel Giraldez . the aleph:
  13. Interesting article on the ramifications of using super soldiers. Also: Aleph is terrorist Big Brother too That is all. Discuss?
  14. Hi infinity! Recently, I've been very excited about the game which is infinity. I've been a lurker on these forms and I've proxied a few infinity games. I've really enjoyed the system. Now,I've begun to (slowly) start collecting a small metros force. So far, I've obtained the mirage-5 strike team, and begun painting Durok. Now, I'm not the best painter around, so I thought it would be good to start a blog and maybe get some feedback so my finished infinity force really shines! This project is really from day 1, so you will be able to see every step of the project along the way. Some of you may have seen me at DakkaDakka . The threads really get buried so quickly there, I thought I'd have better luck here. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and encouragement is appreciated. 2-11-2013
  15. Hi all Just to let you know that I have a new Blog running at Only one Infinity related item on there so far, but I have more ready and waiting to be posted up in the next few weeks. Enjoy the new year Jarec