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Found 6 results

  1. I made the following building in 2012 for a tournament in Washington D.C. The project was to build terrain based on buildings and monuments on the Mall in Washington D.C. For some reason I found myself "volunteered" to build this, a scale model of the National Museum of the American Indian. So, armed with nothing but the internet, I managed to cobble together enough images to draft some plans and to produce the ~ 1/200 scale building you see below, and which you can see in person at the tournament, since it is used-- it is a playable piece of terrain, and would work for Infinity too --in the 40k narrative tournament. Some of you who were at last year's tournament may have seen it, and the other very impressive monuments and buildings we had. This building is roughly 18" x 24" in size. The base a bit larger. (Yes, the base was an afterthought. I did not want to distract from the building. So it is pretty simple.) This gives you an idea of its size, since there are no visual indicators in the photos. I think that the style, which is meant to evoke the American southwest, particularly lends itself well to the sort of architecture that one finds on Bourak, rammed earth constructions, thick curving walls and other touches. The color seems close too. I do imagine Bourak having redder tones. Perhaps the buildings should have a few details reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire or the Casbah. Since I play the Haqqis, I intend to build a Bourak board, and use this style as the inspirational source for its buildings. I am undecided about building sizes (footprints, heights) and amounts. Plus the small matter of scatter terrain. Any suggestions, I welcome them. I intend this to be a terrain blog. I may also deviate a bit into other Infinity terrain projects too. Thanks for stopping by.
  2. I figured I'd toss this out here. I'm in the process of deciding on colors and the like to for my figures. To this end, and a clumsy use of Google I've come to the following basics. Green, Red, Black and White are the "primary" colors associated with Islam across the world. But there is also blue... So does anyone have or can source a reasonable list of colors that would tend to be found in the Arabic (yes, yes, from Morocco to Iran... and beyond). Regional variations are ok too. This information will not only be applied to uniforms, but also civilian clothing, cars, buildings, etc... I'm trying to capture the feel. As a side note, Odalisques are not a uniformed service are they? Aside from an individual company or livery of an employer? Does the Haqqislam Bahram have an actual uniform outside of the helmets?
  3. I was looking through the apartment for stuff to make some good terrain. I was pissed about throwing out some good boxes earlier but then I found my old original Ipod box complete with it's packing material. That plus some balsa strip and a large marble gave me a nice, solidly built two story building. Working on a Bourak-themed landing pad right next using another found box.
  4. I'm thinking of getting some of the Bourak Terrain planters from Plast-Craft. But what plants would you all recommend for putting in them? I suppose some small palm trees could work. But what about more lush stuff? What suppliers and kits are best for Infinity tables?
  5. Just saw this on Facebook. My Spanish isn't that great, but you guys are getting a new line of terrain right? Looks really interesting! Looking forward to the results.
  6. Excuse me again because I'm going to dump about 5 months of work here in one go. Bear with me as it might not make allot of sense some times. Well since my other thread is really more about tutorials on how I made my original Warhammer 40,000 terrain that has now being re-purposed for Infinity I thought I would start another thread one that is about my current work with other things. I have 4 tables .... I kid you not. Two 8' x 4' tables made from 30mm ply wood with aluminum edging that are covered with course aquarium sand and painted as red oxide desserts, One 6' x 3' table that is made out of 30mm ply wood w/ folding legs and a varied heights of white extruded sytrofoam sheeting; this table looks like a hilly terrain with a small wadi that runs through the middle with a storm drain at one end. Finally I have the 4' x 4' transportable table I made just for Infinity. There is one catch though they are all covered with the same course aquarium sand and painted as red oxide desserts. So surprisingly enough my terrain is made to go down on this red oxide colored base without conflicting to much or at least normally it is. This thread is about me trying something different and creating terrain that is different to my previous work and carry's a theme throughout. SHUT UP VIS AND TELL USE THE THEME! Right; When I decided to give up Warhammer 40,000 I looked at the Infinity range and went what faction do I really like the concept of, the artwork for and more importantly the weapon design on the models. Haqqislam was the winning hands down. I love the fluff, I love the minis and I love the fact they are not stuck in the stone age like Adrianna but are not furries or geardo's like the other factions. It means I can create current or near future terrain that is a little rough and has character unlike most of the terrain I routinely see. So I have a faction I have tables I want my faction to be at home on my tables. That fact that Haqqislam's home planet Bourak happens to be a mixture of picturesque holiday resorts, major shipping space ports, arid hills and wide open desserts just fits my work to a tee. I can have a crack at any of this things but right now my current goal. I call my style of Infinity terrain "not so bright but not really grim dark kind of realistic but a little washed out future" well sort of that is what I'm going for. So with that in mind I present you my new board concept. The main broad plan for the town I'm working towards will have a couple of places to eat a wreckers/salvage yard (so the containers can be used) and some low rise residential with an mechanics or warehouse. Won't be a massive board I'm looking to comfortably fill 4' × 4' with the new terrain and have it scale up to 8' × 4' with my existing terrain used as filler or as the outskirts of town. That way in a pinch I can field two 4' × 4' tables and lend them to clubs and tournaments. Made a little progress tonight. All of the following is pretty much done except for the paper details. For example the Mc Beards will have old hamburger wrappers and cartons scattered around the place. The ladders will have some hazard strips added etc etc etc. Well I've made some more progress on this terrain. To be perfectly honest I am not happy with it at all. I strongly advise anyone who considers taking on the challenge of creating a themed all in one board that they commit a week or two of solid time to the project to get it off the ground and not just come back to it here and there. New Setup as of the 11-05-13 is very very WIP as you can see I've more planters to finish and I still need to get some more PBLaser Terrain and make the truck I have already brought. Also really need to replace those fences. Update! VERY VERY WIP! I'm using my Shock Army of Acontecimento in these shots and I'm in the town itself while my Yu Jing opponent is out in the oxide desert. Just a YAM'S game I won 3 victory points to 1 and he was in retreat. P.S. Yes that is a cutter its my proxie for Toni Macayana, Tikbalangs Lieutenant since neither that model nor a Tikabalang model has being released yet. Board was setup to be intentionally light on cover on one side and heavy on the other. You can't see it that well in those photos but the only thing that can see over the hedges, drink machines and the like is actually a TAG normal 28mm man sized models aren't tall enough to see over them at all. Example my link team was working its way up the right hand side of the board. Can't see dick all thanks to the hedges. Also please note all of the Oxide Dessert terrain is from my pre-Infinity stage and was built with 40K in mind making it a right prick to use when base to terrain contact is involved. In the near future I'll purchase some extruded Styrofoam (Blue/Pink Foam) and recreate the mesa's without bases or with bases that do no extend past the terrain itself so Infinity models can hug them as they are supposed to. Using a technique similar to what Rob Hawkins has used on his blog. Once that is complete I'll have enough terrain for 2 tables. One oxide dessert, one town/city or a mix of both. I actually have enough to do both now I'm just not happy with my older terrain and I'll be selling that with a heavy 6' x 3' table I've nearly completed in the future which is completely unsuitable for Infinity. Being real quite in here lately have some painted things. Going for that dirty urban look on my table. Feel free to ask if you want to know how I have achieved anything shown though I'll gladly put up a tutorial in my other thread explaining it. So a quick WIP/Action shot for you all to have a look at. Am I hitting my mark "not so bright but not really grim dark kind of realistic but a little washed out future" in my New Beersheeba - Deserted Town on Bourak table build? Ohh and too bad too sad little Ghulams & Khawarij you should of checked your arcs instead of checking out the posters and what not.