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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, been building and painting terrain for infinity / necro / deadzone that are made out of old disused/broken/outdated electronics components. These pieces make each building totally unique and create a kind of junkyard scifi vibe akin to borderlands
  2. Found a dollhouse scale dog house at the local HobLob, and recalled having some widgets from Australia in the working pile. I'd love to show off the results, but the forum suddenly doesn't like my jpegs.
  3. I've been playing for several months, usually YAMs or 20 by 20 missions. I've played a grand total of 4 ITS missions, I think. The shift to bringing tons of specialists, and focusing on the mission instead of smashing faces is a challenge. Especially when playing the Greeks. I also have a nomad army, that can run vanilla or Corregidor. I guess what I'm looking for, is any anecdotes, strategies, or tactics that have been helpful for building and playing steel phalanx lists in ITS games. I enjoy playing nomads and I'm painting my vanilla aleph army. I'd still like to be able to play my Greeks in ITS. I'be tried a couple of different lists. Some without hackers or anything hackable. One with Achilles, one with hector. I've tried squeezing Thamyris or an EVO hacker along with Scylla and her killer hacking device. I struggle with getting the toys I want into a list and still having orders to do anything. Anyway, sorry this is a hodgepodge of questions. Any tidbits of advice would be helpful. Lists, deployment strategies, tactics, or general tips. Thanks!
  4. building

    Hello everyone, I am terrain and graphic designer seeking for inspiration. I'm working on new building and I need some opinion about it. I wish to design all table, with special buildings, and many new forms of terrain in that style. My friend design for me concept arts of mat. This could be really nice table but with your help I want to make it very playable. I need some ideas what kind of buildings (hospital, mine, port...etc.) and smaller parts (gate, lamp, container...etc.) of terrain you wish to be designed for infinity? I repay for assistance, providing some designs or creating some terrain for you. Thanks
  5. Hey there all, I just wanted to know if anyone knew where I could get some buildings which were multi-level and allowed play on all levels. Think a five level apartment or office building which allowed you to pull off each level. Thus, allowing for minis to enter in and use all of the levels in the building. Seems like it would be an awesome tactical challenge to have a board with four to five of these buildings as it would really amp up the 3rd dimension of play. Thanks all! Jordan
  6. Has the question about tags movement and buildings been solved? I'm referring to this topic: So, can a tag vault over a lower building? If yes, what happens if the tag's movement isn't enough to completely clear the obstacle's length? thank you
  7. Made with SPARTAN SCENICS starter set, for Geekopolis convention at CARACAS, VENEZUELA!
  8. OK, I have decided to start building my own scenery. Since my resources are awfully limited and after reading a lot of the threads here, I think I can get away with using a maximum of trash, refuse and other recycled materials. Here are two pics showing what I gathered in a couple of days (add a lot of cardbox). Let's see what we can do with it.
  9. yup i got the crazynes lol. i`m waiting till i got time to make my own designed buildings from mdf on my boss laser cutting machine, but it super bussy lately. but i had some rest 3mm steel and throw it on the machine during lunche break to cut one of the buildings just to see if it all will fit togheter. well it turned out to be a very heavy building lol just take a look. i will advice against greating a whole table this way, unless you have a concrete table.
  10. Don't be like me, when using your scalpel - cut AWAY from your hand. Story: I'm home, down with a cold, and decided I'd do light work on the Mass Effect table, maybe paint some minis. So I painted the Moira (fourth fully painted model! yeey!), put furniture inside a building, electrified it, started working on some shrubbery - all in all a very productive day indeed. Then an idea hit me - I need hills! There were a couple of tutorials I watched recently and thought I'd give it a go with the 5cm teal foam (extruded). It wasn't light work anymore and it was really messy and now I think about it - a really bad idea considering the cold. And here I was doing the seventh hill piece (! light work indeed...), and making deep cuts in the mountain side with my scalpel and making this looong cut towards me when an image of scalpel slipping and cutting my hand appeared in my head. Now I have forewarnings like this all the time, I blame my wild imagination for it. But I ignored it thinking I did well so far, and this was the last piece, I'll just finish this.... CUT! ...and just like that I made a down the stream cut along my wrist. Luckily, I managed to avoid all the nerves and main veins. However, now I'm stuck with a bandage and no way to do any meaningful terrain work. So I thought I'd share the story and see if anyone else wanted to do the same. Do you have a terrain making related accident that you'd care to share? It's your chance to do a selfless good deed and share good advice at the same time.