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Found 39 results

  1. I wanted to paint something different after my PanO force, which has grey as the primary color. First, I thought about Tohaa, but finally I decided to try CA instead. I always liked the organic designs of the range, and even though the new Morat miniatures are quite nice, I wanted to leave these and their style out of the mix and concentrate on the creepy-crawlies instead. As a color scheme, I wanted to try something new, and I'm very happy how it turned out: I wanted to paint the armor plates in the color of iridescent green chitin, like that of flesh flies or certain bugs. As a contrast, the rest was done in relatively dull greys and tans. On the Asuwang I experimented a bit with "bristles" painted on these parts to help with an insectoid look. I also had to learn the lesson that matte varnish really messes up the nice metallic chitin effect, and could not rescue it with gloss varnish either. I think I'll brush matte varnish on the non-chitinous parts in the future, and either gloss the metallic areas or leave them without varnish. Next one is a remote. That was always one of my favourite Infinity models, and I hurried to grab some of the old ones before they were updated to the new, more robotic looking model. My ink-based chitin technique is harder to pull off on these large areas, so I tried to liven it up a bit with some painted speckles and bumps. The result looks ok, but I think in the end I like it better without. And the last one so far is a slave drone, I also like the little buggers very much. The paint job was pretty straightforward here, the hardest thing was to decide where to stop painting green and start with grey, since this model does not have any real "organic" parts. With the glowing eyes, he reminds me a bit of the evil octopus robots from the "matrix" movie...
  2. Long story short, I decided to stop playing unpainted miniatures and upgrade to a full wargaming experience. I play Infinity for mere 3 years and my enthusiasm began to exhaust (generally because I play MAF and don't win a lot). I decided to reboot and to start anew my Combined Army. This thread is made for selfreport and a bit for motivation. Day 0 So, my aim is to have a full painted (and I hope more competitive) CA set of models and starting point to play Onyx sectorial when it would be released. Here is a set of boxes to begin with. From MAF starter only Vanguards would be used. Vanguards have been already assembled and their bases magnetised. I play them a lot. Both as base link of Vanguards and as Rodoks proxies (when 2ed Vanguards proxy Rodoks 1ed Vanguards play Vanguards). All other miniatures are untouched, Avatar laying in a box for two years. Oh, almost forgot! I use proxies for Medcanoid, his helperbots, Ikadrons and Imetrons. They will also get a bit of attention. Day 1 Clean and assemble CA starter. Nothing special here. Day 2 Clean two boxes of battle drones. That was tough. "The Expansion" series helped a lot to not become annoyed with repetitive work (4 pairs of legs, 4 bodies and heads, 10 arms)/ Day 3 Fraacta got her jumpack magnetised and all other miniatures dot their bases decorated with Vallejo's Black Lava. Day 4 Primed all miniatures and bases that were ready at that moment. Speculo joins the project. Three layers of Vallejo's Light Ghost Grey primer applied with airbrush. Day 5 and 6 Assemble and magnetise remotes' arms. This is a hard piece of precious work. "The X-files" and "John Whick" entertained me but work is not done so far. Nothing to photo yet. Day 7 A rest day. Had to refresh before weekend. "Jodorowsky's Dune" impressed, frightened and inspired me a lot. A must for all people here. Comments are welcome. Stay tuned!
  3. read this first Vorkot Zerkat, Treitak special operations corps, Karaktak Regiment To: ALL Urulak, ALL VT73 Subject: Meatbag diversion The Subjugator asked us to play a little Gesurat and Gurlanak with the meatbags, so we did. Unsurprisingly, the Hollow One onboard the Forerunner had a little plan of its own, so we had to send a drone out with some false information. From the chatter that the carrier ships picked up, the hogwash the Hollow One cooked up sent the meatbags running like newborn Dorlanak... The dishonorable demeanor of these meatbags disgusts me, as I'm sure it does you. Take that hatred and make them pay for their weakness with blood! Here are the latest assignments for the regiments on the Zolak, Tortak and Vertak carriers: Karaktak, Pride of the Fireborn: We will pick up some of the Hollow Ones and also two Legates to show them how we deal with the changeling meatbags. I like hunting these Bekartak! It looks so disgusting and awkward when they change from their usual meatbag selves into their warforms. They are still no match for our Daturazi! Vokartak, Hammer of the First Age: My esteemed brethren, you are honored to take the fight to the slaver meatbags. I trust you will show them that their mechanical toys are no match for the power of the Morat Supremacy! I long to hear their anguish when their skulls crunch under your Sogarat boots! Tertartak, Cotoya's finest Hunters: The meatbags think you will go to their I∂unn Station, and are fleeing in droves. They will run towards your waiting rifles and Preta claws! I have enclosed the datafile for your enjoyment. Please record their death cries for me, so I can listen to the meatbags dying while I write your next deployment...!
  4. I play CA, specifically Onyx Contact Force. A good friend of mine has taken a fancy for Yu Jing (primarily JSA but he dabbles in both ISS and Vanilla) but is running into some issues I was hoping you guys may be able to help him with. There is multiple issues and requests so I will list them for easier answering format. 1) He runs into issues with unpacking his army out of the deployment zone if he goes second. Typically this is in opposition of a support wared Q Drone and Plasma sniper Unidron. Tips and help would be stellar. 2) He is having trouble against the Sphinx. Specifically it TO markering up and surprise shooting flamethrowers all over the place. The mix of speed, survivability granted by TO Camo state, and power of heavy flame throwers is his biggest issue. Are there tips, tactics, and particular model selections that help hem up the TO Marker issue he is having. What are your experience with Sphinxes and how do you combat them? 3) Although JSA does seem to have good representation, what models do you guys consider important to have in your lists? What is some good Tech within JSA and what models do you bring to hem up weaknesses? 4) How do you guys typically utilize your Killer Hacker Ninja? Tactics to get the most out of him and best uses would be massively appreciated. Thanks a ton for your time and help! Its a pleasure to know that there are so many supportive players in this game that can assist the newer or less experienced players.
  5. Hey everyone! I was just hoping to chat with some of the more experienced players and tournament goers about how to handle my first ITS tournament. I'm mostly looking for some tips and guidelines on good gameplay practices so that I can be a good opponent for anyone I play and maybe some ideas for my lists. I play Onyx Contact Force and am pretty easy going. I was thinking of taking a list with a tag (or three ) and one without. The missions are Comms Center, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Highly Classified at 300 points. I've only played with a handful of people in my community so this will be a big change for me. Thanks in advance for any and all help you guys can offer, and may the dice be in your favor!
  6. Mayacast spoiled what will CA TAG pilots set include. As we expect there will be Raicho pilot and now we know there will be also Scindron, a remote pilot of the Sphinx. So it looks like we will see new Shas model pretty soon
  7. Hey all, started infinity about a year ago, loving the game, and really enjoying the Onyx releases! Here are a couple minor conversions I've been working on in the last few weeks. Hopefully these photos work, having trouble with the file upload so doing BBCode. The Chartontids (cut and reposed the "high five" hand, and cut and reposed the wide leg pose, remove the stomping victim) Overdron with HRL (Heavy Rocket Launchers made from T Drone arms - I sawed off the dangling arm, and moved a fin from one side of the gun to the other to make an opposite side version). Hard to be impartial about your own work, but I like the overall proportions of this mini over the plasma sniper rifle stock version. R drone with two claw arms (took the dangling lower arm from the T Drone arm, and combined it with the shoulder joint of an Extra Q drone plasma rifle) Hope these inspire some of your own conversions. Thanks for looking, Ron
  8. So I bought a Charontid on Weds, took him home opened him up and looked at the pieces of model, all seem to be correct, no problems here. Get base out of blister, Oh? how is the extension piece for a 25mm base, which is cast onto the slotta tab and has the Charontids foot as part of it supposed to work with a 40mm base. Why the heck would they change the base size and not alter the model so it can actually go on that base, Yeah I can file it for an hour or so until it is level with the tab top or cut the tab off & bend the model so that it'll work with the full height base piece. But for 11.25 I shouldn't have to, and the photo on the front should represent what is in the package. Putting rocks and other detritus on the casting is irritating at the best of times as morer often than not it will not match with the basing of the rest of an army, but putting them on so that the model won't fit on its regulation/supplied base should never happen.
  9. Everybody speculate about their upcoming new sectorial armies in the next book. We will see reworked SEF, but about SEF and their changes, but I would like to talk about new concepts for CA and toys we would like to see to be added to CA. You can talk even about MAF and SEF in this thread, but please only about new loadouts (like KHD for MAF) or new units (for MAF, SEF and Onyx) and don't talk about redesigns of existing MAF units (there is tons about this topic in different threads and it would probably end by locking this thread and I don't want to see that). We can talk about possible redesigns of existing SEF units that aren't in the books. I would like to see Combat REMs for CA (I mean REMs simmilar to Bulleteer, Ru shi, Lu Duan and so). I think it is shame we don't have similar REM unit with Repeater, 6-4 MOV and some interesting weapons and with decent stats (BS 12, ARM > 1 and so). New Sygmaa unit or units. In comparison to existing Tohaa units our Sygmaa units are pretty generic (I am not saying they are bad, but they don't match description as Biotech masters) so I would like to see something more representative as Biotech unit. They can be inspired by Tohaa units or they can bring totally new concept of unit with biotechs. For example I wouldn't be against fast Sygmaa unit with S2 or even some exalted alien race unit. Shasvastii. With Ayyar and other new fresh HI concepts, I think it is time to give Shas their own HI. Shas HI can have low ARM and some interesting trick or unusual weapon combination. I also wouldn't be against new fireteam option or some other interesting new camo unit. Also I want Malignos KHD loadout. MAF. Give them KHD profile or unit (it doesn't matter who will have it). Also I think MAF would be great place for Motorbike unit if CB would ever want to give Motorbike to CA (I would prefer regular motorbike unit with access to specialist option and with some unusual weapon combos). Also another Infiltrator with CC skills wouldn't be bad in MAF. Onyx. Umbra character with Protheion L5. Another Core fireteam option (2 Core Fireteams aren't enought). It can be fireteam based on the new Urkherit unit or on the new Sygmaa unit. Also they need KHD unit if Malignos won't have KHD loadout. New sepsitorised human unit. We know there will be other sepsitorized humans. It doesn't matter if it is another character like Ko Dali or classic unit. Mine only wish is that it should be interesting unit and not only copy of existing human unit or CA unit. I don't expect to see everything from this list, but I would like to see at least some of them in the next book. So what other CA players would like to see or want to have in the next book?
  10. Look at all this Infinity concept art that's been popping up lately! Wow, what a great Aquila Guard! Umbra Samaritan with Boarding Shotgun! Note the Gecko in the back too! Combined Army Ko Dali, with MSV2! Kaplan Tactical Services! Oniwaban! Or perhaps it's Saito? Too early to tell! PanO Fusiliers and Bipandra, with the flag of the new (Earth?) Sectorial! --- Can't wait to see more!
  11. So currently for my game group and myself i am making charts that show how many models per faction/sectorial have various skills, equipment and weapons. currently i have skills complete and figured id share it with you guys and see what you think. now hopefully i can get this done before Human Sphere N3 and before new models/sectorials are added.
  12. After painting a lot of PanO, I wanted to do something different for some variation on the painting as well as playing table. First I thought about Tohaa, but a friend of mine convinced me to take a look at the CA, and I was somewhat surprised: I did not like a lot of the models from their old model range, but there were a lot of cool miniatures that somehow had slipped under my radar, so I decided to start a little Shasvastii detachment. I always wanted to do some miniatures in metallic chitin, and I thought these guys were a good opportunity to do that: I'll keep you updated as soon as get some more finished, next will probably be a remote or Obsidon.
  13. One of our locar players have situation during ITS Scenario. He played CA with Specops 12xp upgraded to Hacker. And now is the tricky question regarding Hacking Device. Should he posses in his inventory: A ) Hacking Device as presented in A5. B ) EI Hacking Device with upgrade Sucker Punch (this is correct option imho) Afaik there is nowhere mentioned that CA SpecOps have different equipment thany any others CA units. The missing upgrade in Army5 is just "laziness" of CB and problems occured last time when they try to change SpecOps in A5- we all remember the mess there.
  14. Let's discuss what changed in N3 and how it can be used to promote the continued survival of the Continuum. Shasvastii rule - apparent nerf because we're no more hugely annoying to remove in area control missions. Indirect nerf because of the new Shock multis/snipers/marksmen. Possible advantage because we can now be put in retreat and end the game without allowing the opponent free reign over the battlefield for the remaining turns. Seed-Soldiers - still too expensive, still shelf-warmers. Now not even worth thinking about in vanilla, too, since Unidrons/14pt Vanguards exist. Aswang - ouch. Nerf to ADHL, no camo first strike, Dogged (possibly including Striga?) doesn't allow turning non-Dogged after healing, these combined nerf the Aswang's internal synergy quite a bit. The biggest WTF is no shotgun LT, though. Many new loadouts, heavy weapon LTs, other weird things, and we can't get a LT model for the best LT in sectorial? WTF, CB!? Haiduk - wow, so cheap (such sniper). MSRs got cheaper, SMSR got an even bigger discount from GMSR, the unit itself got cheaper - now worth taking for area control if you've got excess SWC. Cadmus - Hmnmn. Mine nerf (for the purpose of Cadmus Surprise Strike), but AD BS units suddenly got a lot nastier. We'll see. Noctifer - ML got a lot cheaper. Another sniper for board control. Speculo Killer - good thing is, she got a BS, which we've long envied the Fidays. Bad thing is, failed impersonation loses not only the status, but position, so enemy DZ deployment got a lot harder. Gwailos got a huge buff. Cheaper multis, way cheaper HRLs, better shotguns, better/cheaper hackers... I'm looking forward to trying them out. Finally a reason to run pure Shasvastii. Drones got cheaper, T is an actual option now, especially with the many camo infiltrating FOs/hackers (actual alternatives! Wow!) So, what are your thoughts on the new situation?
  15. With announcement of HS N3 has started disussion about possible changes for CA (maily Shasvastii changes), but many expectations and hopes were mentioned in many different threads and I want to have one place where we will discuss all possibilities in one thread. We know that Shasvastii will be probably heavily redesigned. Mine personal hopes: - greater variability of specialists for MAF - Zerat FO, ... - same treatment to Anathematic and Skiavori as was given to Charontid - rework of "problematic" units - Raktorak, Seeds, .... New units - we probably see something new - something new for Shasvastii - new units for future sectorials? - I wouldn't be against something for EI or Sygmaa (line infantery for Sygmaa ?, or anything else What we know: - new Hacking Devices - will be there something special for CA? - EVO repeater rules - Can we hope for EVO? - teaser mentioned Nanoscreen so there is possibility that Nanoscreen will be changed. How possible changes to Nanoscreen will influence Shasvastii (possibilities for Gwailos and Sheskiin).
  16. So, we have the new stats. How do you like them monkeys in the shiny new edition? We've seen some changes, some recosting, time to discuss the changes Morats do not discuss, they interrogate available information by force. The good: Morat rule in general Kornak - with Berserk he's an all-around beast, and the new Morat rule makes taking a beatstick LT worth it. Sogarats - cheaper, actually viable as 2+Kornak link? Rasyat - cheaper, has Stealth (can it land using Stealth), actual alternative to Ko Dali now Vanguards got cheaper (2 points, but still!) We've got Rodoks, which are different, interesting and might shake up list-building a bit. The bad: Specialist situation - Morats struggled in ITS due to a total lack of AD/infiltrating specialists, this hasn't changed Yaogat BS loses Panzerfaust. Like there was too little reason to take a homogeneous "3 CombiPF, 1 spit, 1 MSR" link. What hasn't changed: Raktoraks are cheaper but still filler for Suryats (though maybe the HRL will see more use now, we'll see how it changes), Zerat still expensive for what's a special care unit. Hungries - OK, Pretas were OP and deserved a nerf. Still, losing mines and getting more expensive? Not convinced. The ugly: No specialists = no ITS. Morats were widely considered hardly playable in clicking mission and I'm afraid that little has changed on this front. Let's hope that ITS 2015 double list standard allows taking different sectorials or vanilla+sectorial.
  17. New scenarios have a new range of classified objectives, which require a HVT/VIP to be present on the table. CB recommends the High COmmissioner or one of the civvies from the Dire Foes boxes for it. That's fine and dandy, but I find this horribly speciesist ( ) as all the potential miniatures are human. What are we aliens supposed to use? Any ideas? And Ffs, New Theme And The Thread Capitalization Still Isn't Fixed, Wtf Cb So far, I've been using the Rubik Ball Morat Hacker, but since apparently basic hackers will be useful in N3 he'll be hitting the table in his actual capacity, so I need something less likely to be mistaken. Maybe the Vector hacker? It doesn't have visible weapons, so it can be an alien comm tech or something.
  18. Hi everyone! Name's Kate. I took up playing Infinity a year ago or so, as well as painting the minis for myself. I haven't advanced much since then, as I had a more-than-half-a-year painting break and currently I haven't played Infinity for three months or so. Still, I adore the system itself as well as its style and I'm looking forward to 3rd edition (even though no more Exrah for me ) So, I have decided to introduce myself to the global community. And for that I think I should show the mini that I've been working on today: It's Shasvastii The Shrouded Sniper My original concept was to paint the Shasvastii part of my Combined army green and brown, and the common colour element of my army was supposed to be blue. However, this idea didn't prove appealing, so I abandoned the Sniper for a very long time. WIPs from then: However, a few days ago I decided that I should probably try to paint space nebula pattern on the Sniper's cloak, and I did it using purple, yellow, peach, white and blue colours against the black background. I hope you'll like the result. The inner side of the cloak is lousy job, I'm still working on it. Feel free to criticize me, point out the mistakes and give advice. I'm sure there are things that I might have overlooked.
  19. I finally got a Raicho. As everybody knows*, the HMG is objectively** bad: poorly made, oversized, placed in the wrong hand, and generally stupid. Even before buying the thing I knew that gun had to go. Last weekend I got 3 resin miniguns that look great as conversion bits: Here's my current mockup of what I intend to do with the gun (excuse the potato): It'll take quite a bit of work with cutting, pinning, greenstuffing, reposing both master and slave arms, and so on, but I'm prepared for it. I'm just not sure if it's gonna look alright. So my questions are: - are the dual miniguns a good idea, or do they look idiotic and I should switch to a single one? My reasons were: 1 gun looks a bit small, 2. Raicho pilots are famous for their ridiculous dakka and trigger-happy natures.. - gun shield: good idea? bad idea? Another idea was to make the shield in the other hand as a kind of riot shield with space cut out for the gun, to protect the firer. This doesn't seem to work well with two guns nor the HGL/HFT backup weapon, so I scrapped it. - what's a good way to make an ammo belt? The look I want is either an oversized Dragao belt (enclosed), or something like the GAU-8's. Is there a good EU source of ammo belt bits, or should I just make one from plasticard and hot-bend it into position? - Gun nuts: is it (even "theoretically yes but it's unfeasible") possible to feed both miniguns from a single belt, or should I make two parallel ones? * i.e. everybody from the tested focus group (sample size of 1) ** not actually objective and may contain unknown amount of bullshit.
  20. Hello all, new player of 2 weeks here. I joined a beginner escalation league in my area to slowly build up my army and get to know the game. I'm coming here to ask for a few suggestions/ideas to help better my game as my last two weeks i've been crushed into oblivion while running the CA Army. (I believe my record is like 1-8-1). I've always been told that I need to max out my orders to never be order starved, but after playing against multiple people who only run 6-7 orders with 1 or 2 strong models I've decided that I need to change my strategy. This is because in the 150pt and 200pt weeks, the only way to max out my orders was with cheap, weaker morat guys that always seemed to just die. This week is the 250 point week, and after being crushed by Plasma rifles last week I've decided to try the following: Skiavoro LT - Plasma Anathematic - Sepsitor/plasma 2x Morat - HMG 1x Anyat 1x Daturazi - Chain rifle 1x Imetron eNo9xakBACAMA8BpEp82FCZDMTyPwNyVgPCAoWJSS2K7Mb7R6ZOLOuUL0xtwNQy5 I've also been debating not using Sepsitor at all. Skiavoro LT - Plasma Anathematic - Plasma 2x Morat - HMG 2x Morat - Combi 1x Anyat or Charontid LT 2x Morat - HMG 2x Morat - Combi Anyat 2x Shrouded - Combi 1x Daturazi - Chain rifle Problem is, I haven't played enough to know what works and what does not. There's only two other people playing CA at my LGS so I don't get to see / be exposed to them enough to figure it out. I'm also trying to overcome another issue of losing half my army in the first round to things like Specultive fire... Any and all opinions/ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kibbz
  21. So, Cadmus. The only standard AD unit the Shasvastii get and a weird one. Not only you cannot downgrade to AD2, but when you drop as AD3 you drop as a seed-embryo and have to spend an order to hatch or you get killed by getting shot from outside the mine range. The mine doesn't really help... ...doesn't it? The AD3 landing template must be free of any terrain obstacles, but may contain enemy troops. In fact, that's what the Caskuda exploits to land directly on top of random unfortunates. So I thought, why not do the same with a Cadmus? You have grunts watching behind cover? Land right behind them! Unless you're actually in someone's FOV, even link team SS2 doesn't give them any ARO other than change facing/non-LOS AROs, because AD is not an attack. However, you now have an active mine in range. If they turn to face the Cadmus, they risk getting shot in the back, often unopposed (and if it's a link team, those that can't see the shooter won't respond). If they don't, you can hatch in peace (and if they ARO to the hatching, well, the mine still exists and reacts to AROs). If they do ARO to the shooter, the mine goes off. It requires the cooperation of another model, but it seems a good way to actually make use of that weird AD mine, while making the landing safer. Also an ugly surprise for mimetism/ODD models. So, who has tried something like this or similar and to what effect?
  22. OK, so I've been thinking of getting another faction, mostly to have an excuse to model/paint differently or have themed terrain (although I still have a long way to go with that, I'm working on generic MDF buildings for the whole table right now). I'll probably want to buy limited forces (around 450 points each, so I'd have a few 300pt variants or good variety for demos) of two factions. Not likely to get more, simply because I'm a completionist and my wallet won't stand the pressure of getting a third full faction I have to have everything for What I have: CA - everything; vanilla, Morats, Shasvastii, Exrah, the works. My first faction, I have the most experience with it and I still love it despite the shortcomings of its sectorials and the punishing costs. Yu Jing - again, either everything or I'll buy those shortly. Both JSA and ISS, including their sectorial mercs. I love the way they play as a cheapish but high-tech faction and a more flavorful counterpart to PanO. My current thoughts on factions: PanO - the one faction I never wanted to have and probable won't. I love their Appleseedish city aesthetic if I had to to themed terrain, I like some TAGs and drones, I hate the rest (including their fluff). Ariadna - while I'd love some Frenchies or a vanilla army with Tankhunters/Antipodes/Cameronians, I already have the infiltrator gimmick covered with Shasvastii, and also there's a metrick f*ckton of Ariadna players in my region. Maybe I'll get a limited Rodina for demos (and also to have the Antipodes/Dog-Warriors/Tankhunters), but probably not a full faction (yeah yeah i know, famous last words). Haqq - again, everyone and their grandma plays Haqqislam. I'd love the Hafza trickery, Maghariba, Yuan Yuans, and.............. that's it, I think I've seen them way too much, and Arabic aesthetics do nothing for me. Nomads - had them, played them twice in 8 months, sold them. Good in theory but, you know, I kinda proved it's not a faction for me Aleph - Love the Vedic side, hate the Greek one. If the Vedic sectorial happens to be good, we'll talk. Definitely a possibility. Probably limited, as I don't feel the need to field huge #s of models I hate (Myrms and Thoraks) just to have links. Especially when I can get the... Tohaa - I've thought about them now and again. I like aliens (even if the Tohaa are more of rubberhead humans), I like the concept of triads, they'd offer a different playstyle, but I feel they'd actually be too flexible to buy in limited numbers, and I don't know if my wallet/painting time can stand another faction. Thoughts on faction-themed terrain: PanO - I'd love it, actually the part I like the most. I may still do some as generic PanO-inspired high-tech cities of Human Sphere. Haqq - Nope, not really. Maybe some specific things like a garden-themed planetology academy, but eh, too much effort for what I won't pursue further. Yu Jing - I'll be doing this one anyway. Ariadna - Nope, if I wanted to do low-tech I'd get into another setting. Nomads - I'm not that into boarding action tables. Aleph - now that's an excuse for PanO-themed terrain with a twist. Still, no greenery CA - would love it, but too ambitious for me and there's too little visual material on Morat/Shasvastii buildings. Tohaa - see above. What I'm looking for: Advice on the factions that would complement my two current ones in playstyle. I want something different, the full experience of Infinity. Terrain inspiration I haven't thought of (bear in mind that I do follow the Arcologies section). Other reasons to get/not get the other factions (Substantiated, no ideology/propaganda please as I've done those a hundred times; also, no Nomads for stated reasons).
  23. So, Shasvastii Spec-Ops. I hate it with a passion, particularly because the Seed-Embryo rule shuts down many viable options everyone else has. Specialist+ build? Nope, if you go second you don't have him first turn, pay for another hacker like pre-ITS. Same with the defensive sniper (but I rarely take that anyway, so whatever). And I'm so happy to spend 1 order to hatch him in the first turn, but wait, I don't have a link team to put him in anyway unless I hatch the others. Simply put, Corax suffers from it. My point is, Hasht, a new Corax, has the option to start already hatched and I'm wondering if it's Hasht-exclusive bonus, or if CB thinks Corax needs a boost and we can expect that rule to appear in vanilla Corax. What do you think?
  24. I see that the official army builder now disallows Treitak in Shasvastii and Corax in Morats. Was it a bug, or is it a rule that CA can only take a Spec-Op from their sectorial? The latter makes no sense to me, as the campaign allows for switching sectorials. So if I take a Treitak Spec-Op for general CA and later switch to Shasvastii for a mission, am I screwed? Also, what's the rule for single games in Spec-Ops format? Can I take Treitak for Shasvastii or Corax for Morats, or not? I never saw anything against it, but maybe I'm missing something? Please point me in the right direction.
  25. The Aswang is the best Shasvastii LT, bar none. Camo, combi rifle, ADHL, Protheion... We can glue a HI from camo, come over, gain 2 wounds and slink back into camo. It's awesome. And Aswangs have AVA 5 in sectorial. All's awesome, so why not use it? BECAUSE THERE'S NO FREAKING COMBI ASWANG MODEL. I assume that any Shasvastii player worth their seed proxies/converts theirs from a BS model, but since CB seems to think that a spitfire one is more important than THE LT it's time to make our opinion known. WE NEED AN ASWANG MINI WITH A COMBI OR AN ADHL. Really. Pretty please with a fresh liver on top?