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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings knowledge-seekers and welcome to the Ramah Taskforce. Due to the current state of the forums, I've decided to create a series of Google Docs and links rather than an extensive, forum-based, tactica. Everything is still in the works, however, so please bare with me as I make this transition and hopefully make an even better tactica for Ramah than what we previously had. As you might note, I added the word "Hub" in the title as well. Not only will this be the home of the Ramah Taskforce tactica (via a Google Doc), but I'll also link all sorts of other relevant and useful things here as well in, thanks to the suggestion from @Palomides. I will slowly start adding things as they come along, so keep posted! Without further ado, the new and improved Ramah thread: Tactics Other tidbits: ITS Season 8 Guide (it is a WIP, more in-depth detail will come later) ---------More to come---------
  2. In considering how to stretch outside my tactical comfort zone a bit - you know, figure out how to use units and tactics that I've previously ignored - and the Zhayedan has presented an obvious starting point. I've not yet put a Zhayedan on the table because I've been extremely leery of it's fragility. On paper, the Zhayedan has one obvious strength: it kills people super dead at mid-short range. It also lacks any form of forward deployment and it's only defensive ability (automedkit) is far from reliable with PH 11. It's at least not hobbled by slow movement, unlike the Lasiq rifleman, but that's more "not a disadvantage" than an actual advantage in my mind. Why would I invest 31 points into a Zhayedan striker when I'll have to invest orders moving out of my deployment zone? Especially considering that order investment is nowhere near as safe with a Zhayedan as with an HI (who are comparable in cost - only 3-5 points more for an Ahl Fassed)! My hypothesis is that I'm undervaluing the Zhayedan's ability to quickly and conclusively win straight up firefights. He's second to none in Haqqislam for dealing with entrenched non-Camo units within the 16" range band - a situation that I'm not normally concerned with winning. Usually I'd rather circumvent such an obstacle with other attack vectors, or, worst-case, power through it with active turn burst alone. The Zhayedan would be more efficient at the job than a basic trooper would though, or even a Haqq HI, even if that trooper will probably accomplish the job with enough orders (and even though the HI would be safer while doing it). Maybe that efficiency is enough to justify the Zhayedan's hefty point cost. Let's consider some odds using ToadChild's N3 dice calculator. I'll be trusting in his math for this - I certainly don't want to calculate it myself! Let's assume a reasonably nasty obstacle that still lacks Camo modifiers, like a PanO HI in suppressive fire. Call it a Hospitaller Knight with Combi Rifle (I know, nobody uses that precise profile when the Doctor exists, but bear with me - we're going for something on the mid-high end of average HI). An Oda is unlikely to break that - each order actually has a better chance for the Hospitaller to inflict a wound than the Oda: the Oda has ~20% chance of inflicting a wound, while the Hospitaller is all the way up to ~35%. An Ahl Fassed fares slightly better, with ~25% to ~28% - still not great. A Lasiq is ~30% to the Hospitaller's 25% - better, but nothing I'd want to invest orders into. A Tuareg is around ~30% to ~15% - better with surprise shot, worse without. We're starting to get into decent territory, but it would still be a slog due to all the negative modifiers being used. The Zhayedan, however... Well, I'm pretty sure that the dice calculator actually breaks down here. Testing with a few different configurations, it doesn't seem to be calculating Breaker correctly - and I'm not sure it's doing the Marksmaship + Breaker interaction quite right either. With the closest scenario I can get to the actual rules interactions, the Zhayedan manages a ~39% chance to wound the Hospitaller (and a ~25% chance for the Hosptitaller to wound the Zhaeydan). This means that the Zhayedan isn't as safe as the Tuareg, but it has a better outcome (almost 25% more order-efficient compared to the Tuareg) if the worst-case doesn't happen. Do you feel lucky? Usually I try to minimize risk rather than maximize reward. With that in mind, I'd be much more interested in fielding a small Zhayedan link team that can drag a Doctor+ along with it - just in case. Unfortunately the Caliphate isn't out yet, so we're left with a gambler's unit. Substantial investment, very real reward when going up against an entrenched enemy, but fragile and high risk no matter how you look at it. I think that my real problem with the Zhayedan is that you can get even better reward for noticeably less investment in vanilla Haqqislam. How? The Hassassin Fiday. The Fiday has a similar point cost, probably has a better defensive gimmick in Impersonation, and requires vastly fewer orders before he can start killing. Less investment, greater reward. So why field a Zhayedan? I suppose that the Fiday is more specialized in murder, while the Zhayedan could conceivably hold a position better in a pinch. The Zhayedan is also less vulnerable when going second - but often part of the Fiday's appeal is that he forces orders to be spent hunting him down. Not to mention that the Fiday is likely to be killing an order pool or backline specialists, while the Zhayedan is going to be killing front-line heavies. The Zhayedan exists for a very rare style of vanilla Haqq play: taking chances by contesting the enemy's strengths, rather than minimizing risks by playing to the enemy's weaknesses. So that's what I'll be trying when I build a list including Zhayedan: to break the enemy strengths rather than circumventing them. I'm... not sure how well that will work out with a Haqq army, but at least it's a start. I'm reasonably accustomed to playing this way with MO, though a knight link is much more durable (and more expensive) than a Zhayedan!
  3. Just in case anyone hasn't seen them (perhaps they've given up on the monthly thread of nonsense), here are the new Naffatun.
  4. For some time now, i've wondered if we were going to see more 'native' TAGs in Haqq's future expansion. The most likely places for this would be the Al Medinat Caliphate and the (potential) Diwan al Hachib sectorials. Now, i'd assumed that, were we to get more TAGs, they'd probably be of the 'TAG-Lite' variety we've been seeing recently (although a small, unrealistic part of me is hoping the Hachib has Asawira-piloted SuperJumping TAGs ) However, i''ve been mulling over this statement from the recent CB chat thing: "Ajax is a retarded gorilla compared to the excellence of the Mukhtar and Numair units" I assumed that this was some generous sprinkling of hyperbole, and any future 'Super Soldiers' would have some modest upgrades as opposed to anything truly terrifying. Certainly this statement doesn't imply that these guys are more 'bricktotheface powerful' than Ajax, but perhaps this is Haqq's solution to the TAG issue? Instead of relying on other nations' cast-offs and ongoing good relations with the Nomads, they could, for example, take a HI and subject it to the same amount of tinkering and improving a LI goes through to become an Odalisque (and then give them Haris ) So, i'm just wondering what people think on this; are we likely to see more TAGs, or will we be seeing some truly nightmarish Super Soldiers in lieu of them? ( i'd be OK with this) Or alternatively, do you think we'll be seeing neither? Perhaps because we'll be getting something else instead (Armoured Camels maybe? With AD2? Or 3? And HMG? And Braces? I like the way you think)
  5. So gents what is the rumored next sectorial for this faction and what would you like to see?