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Found 75 results

  1. So mines as a camo is S2 size, while without camo it is S0. What happens if a mine is behind low wall and enemy comes into 8" of it ? S2 can see enemy but the mine itself (S0) cannot. What should be a proper resolution of this interaction ? 1) Mine does nothing ("idle ARO"). 2) Mines tries to explode but lacks of LoF so it just "drops camo".
  2. Am I allowed to hack a camouflaged unit without discovering it first? The camo rule would suggest that I cannot since I am not allowed to declare an attack against the marker-state camouflaged unit but since anything hackable should be declared when it's within my hacking area? Am I missing some info. Is it different if the target is in a Holo state? If hacking would work against hackable targets; would Spotlight work against any target? Thanks in advance!
  3. Can my non Camo (Impersonation) guys with martial arts even get the surprise attack ability that Martial arts says they can do? (e.g Tarik Mansuri). Pg 104 Surprise Attack: states that my trooper must fulfill all requirements: - He must have a special skill that gives him surprise attack. (Martial arts does this). - He must also be in a marker state! (Tarik Mansuri cannot do this). - He must enter base contact in the same order surprise attack was declared. (Easy) Guess I kind of answered my own question.
  4. Is a following interaction legal due to reactive guy (A) having a Sixth Sense Lv1 ? 1. Active camo (C) guy enters ZoC and LoF of reactive guy (A). 2. Reactive guy A declares "delay" but uses "sixth sense Lv1" version. 3. Active camo (C) moves again, this time he leaves LoF of a guy A. 4. Reactive guy then know he can safetly declare discover as no attack was done against him. <---- this is a question Normally if you delay against camo and camo guy won't drop his camo you are losing right to declare ARO, but according to SS1 you can delay ARO's against anyone in your ZoC. How those 2 interact ?
  5. Hi guys, Can somebody clarify what happens: when a hacker/rem/hi/tag etc enters a ZoC/Hacking Area of a Hacker in Hidden Deployment? Is there any way of interaction, or is it still private info until the opponent reveals? when you enter a marker's ZoC as a hacker, is the fact that the marker is hackable private info or is it shared? Does it being hackable enable you to declare anything other the regular options as a hacker? and a bonus round for you Rule-wizards out there : If a fireteam member falls unconscious and is healed by a Doctor during the same turn, does he regain his position in the fireteam if he is still in coherency with the Team Leader? Thanks guys, it came up during our latest game and we just want to check if we found the correct wording and didn't make any mistakes.
  6. camo trooper with kiiling hacker device comes in camo or in cybermask mode and uses first skill ,,,, move normally against a camo trooper we can only aro as discover, chance facing or dodge. so.. reset is not one of them. if even my clever opponent understands that the trooper is camo trooper a hacker, he cant use reset. can he ? ok. if my opponent says delay, can he use reset now ? ( with suprise mod -3 ? )
  7. Let me preface this thread with some history about myself, I have only been playing this game for about 5 months and absolutely love it. I have began with MO and shifted to NCA as I just found the sectorial more interesting with TO and cooler sculpts. Now I have a pretty consistent playing partner who loves his Tohaa quad or even quin sniper list. It is such a bitch and I find I waste my first turn to only take down two of these bad boys tops due to mimitism, ODD etc. I have found the Sqaulo the most help thus far but for missions with vis issues his list is absolutely brutal in ARO. I literally have to kill his guys three times with symbiot armour and symbio mates. How would you guys go about bringing down his units? Units being Le Muet, Kaauri, Kamael, Clipsos.
  8. Hi all I play Yu Jing, and was thinking of ninjas/oniwabans and how combat works around them. so here follows a couple of questions surrounding camo, ARO's and engaging an enemy: Scenario 1: I have an infiltrated TO:camo marker within 3" of my opponent. I activate my marker, first short skill is I move into base contact with him. Since I am touching him, I am revealed, so he can declare a shoot ARO (assuming I moved within his LoF). My second short skill is I hit him with my sword. Question 1: If the shoot action kills me, can I still perform my CC attack? And further, I assume it would still be a Face to Face roll in CC, since no ARO is needed to "gain" a face to face roll in CC. Scenario 2: Same as above, but I start 6" away from my opponent. First short skill I move within 2" of him, inside his LoF. If I understand correctly he can either detect or delay. So he delays. My second short skill is I move into CC with him. Now we end up with the effectively the same scenario as above, except I don't get to perform a CC attack. Question 2: is this correct? Scenario 3: I moved my TO:camo marker to within 2" behind my opponent (outside his LoF). His turn, he activates his guy, and first short order is to turn around. I get to perform a ARO, I dodge. So If I am successful with my dodge, I can engage him. Question 3: Are his only options for his second short skill to: Move or Detect? I assume he cannot attack me since I am still in TO:camo state. Even though I MIGHT contact him with a successful dodge and thus reveal my camo marker. Scenario 4: My TO:camo marker is behind my opponent (outside his LoF). My first short skill is I move into base to base with him. I assume he cannot make any ARO. I get revealed and proceed to hit him with my sword. Question 4: What are his modifiers to his CC face to face roll? I assume -6 for surprise shot/attack. I assume TO:camo doesn't work in CC. Are there any other modifiers, say for engaging him in his back arc? Not counting Martial arts. Scenario 5: I have a camo marker with smoke grenades. I am within 4" of him, in his LoF. My first short skill is to throw the smoke grenade onto him. Intending to use my second short skill to move into base contact with him. I assume throwing the smoke grenade breaks my camo status. Therefore he is able to ARO, for instance shoot. Lets say he shoots. Further assume that neither of us have any MSV visors. Question 5: If my smoke grenade hits, does he loose his shoot ARO? Question 5.1: Is it good to play the scenario as stated above, or would it be better to move in BtB first, and then "special dodge smoke"? Does it make a difference? Question 5.2: Lets assume my smoke hits. This means that I am unable to declare my second short skill a shoot action against the same target. Even though the entire order happens "at the same time"? I assume it works like this, but was just wondering. Any insight or clarification would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. My troops are purchased and assembled. I have opponents and tables. Now I'm all ready to start playing. Except for a few tactical issues. As a brand new inexperienced player I was wondering if you veterans have some basic advice for deploying and using our camo troops, paratroopers and our impetuous stuff. Hmm, I could include van Sant and things like that but go on, hit me with your pearls of wisdom.
  10. The question is after an Alert ARO can the TO camo (not yet deployed in the table) roll to change facing and thus become "order generating" troops in the following active turn? The Rule on Change facing:
  11. In the example in the rules "In her next Order the Ninja declares that the first Short Skill will be to Moveto enter base to base contact with the Orc Trooper. The Ninja's movement also avoids the LoF of the Orc Trooper, but as the movement ends in base to base contact, the Orc Trooper can react with a CC Attack without having to Change Facing first. The Ninja, smiling under her mask, declares that she will make a CC Attack on the Orc as the second Short Skill of her Order." What're the implications if the Orc gains LoF as the Ninja makes her approach during her move to base to base contact?
  12. And here we go! I finally decided to get into, poorly based off the gorgeous models. This will be a journey through my USAriadna forces. So far I have the big box, rangers, grunts and a handful of blisters. These things look amazing and I've settled on a pattern for them . It's not bright and poppy like the majority of the infinity armies but i think it suits the feel of Ariadna. I'm using a Pea Dot camo scheme to try and keep everything from blending together on the table top. I think that in order to further make everything pop in going to go with snow bases to add some brightness to these dark models. The tech bases just brought more of the same feel and nothing stood out. Any questions or comments are more than welcome. Past that, sit back, relax and enjoy the show !
  13. Reading the N3 rules I found that mines even when camo are S0, Troopers when in camo keep their size profile. With Ariadna Chasseur minelayer does this mean based on the profile size (S2) my opponent will always know which is the mine and which is the minelayer ? If the minelayer is deployed prone you are required to place a prone marker next to the camo marker again revealing which is the mine. Will mines in the camo state still count as closest model for impetuous moves?
  14. Hey guys, this is my first post and first time stepping into the world of Infinity! I tend to jump from one game system to the next always grabbing an army that's visually appealing and then moving on in a few years. It all started out with 40K and those gorgeous, red, Blood Angels! Over the years I've been in and out of games but have always been drawn back to the painting. I'm hoping that with the low model count in Infinity these guys can get the attention they deserve. So enough about me, here's the first model I've been working on as a tester and proof of concept. The camo is a Pea Dot style, exaggerated to handle the model scale. I hope you like it.
  15. Hey guys, I've been out of the game for some time due to real life getting hectic. Trying to get back into it now and figure out how all the changes impact things! Had a question come up today that seemed really basic, but couldn't find a definite answer. If a camo marker is moving on its Active Turn, can it move through/past an enemy figure or marker? I know if a figure is moving, it can't choose to go base to base with a marker. If a marker is moving, it CAN choose to go base to base with a figure. If you have a figure moving through a marker, and the camo troop does not ARO, nothing happens (was this example only in 2nd ed?). If a camo marker is moving through a figure, are they forced to go base to base into an engaged state?
  16. I have some questions concerning mines and their deployment: 1. Can every model possessing mines deploy them in the deployment phase (i. e. an infiltrator or an impersonator) or is this limited to those models with the skill minelayer? 2. Does deploying a mine cancel the state of to:camo, camo or impersonator – and if so: does this mean a model must use an order to return to that state even if outside enemy lof?
  17. As the whole Sphere knows, Ariadna has the potential to amass a plethora of camo units. However, I always wondered how you, my fellow Ariadnains, deal with MSV units that can reach out, touch and excombobulate (explode in a horrendous fashion) our hidden aces. ISS, NCA and any forces that come with multiple MSV options seem like a daunting task to fight against using camo units. So I would like to hear everyone's thought's on this even players of factions that have access to alot of MSV. Sound off in the comments below and thank you for taking time to answer my question while indulging my curiosity.
  18. When you make a spec-ops troop, can you use holo1 to be a zero mine layer and in deployment add two camo markers?
  19. This scenario came up in a game, and it was very confusing. Nomads vs PanO. Nomads in the active turn. -First Relevant Order- A regular camo marker declares move and enters into smoke. Joan declares "Discover" ARO and a HRL Order Sergeant within a 5 man link team declares "Hold"> The camo token moves further into the smoke. Joan succeeds at her discover, revealing an enemy Intruder (MSV L2 & Camo) with an HMG, the Order Sergeant does nothing as the Intruder is not considered to have been revealed for the entire order. -Next Order- Intruder declares "Shoot" from partial cover targeting Joan. Joan may ARO shoot at a -6 due to the fact she is being shot out of LoS (through smoke) plus any other relevant modifiers, with no modifiers for Camo. Joan may instead dodge at -6. Order Sergent with HRL may not do anything due to the fact he has not been attacked. Joan dodges. Intruder wins the face to face rolls, Joan makes her armor saves and goes prone. -Next Order- Intruder declares declares "Shoot" targeting the Order Sergeant with a HRL. The Order Sergeant in a 5 man link team declares "Shoot" back at the Intruder. Thanks to Sixth Sense L2, the order Sergeant does not suffer the -6 due to being shot out of LoS. The question is: "What relevant mods does the Order Sergeant apply to his attack roll?" When shooting into smoke, you don't apply Camo, because you can't see the target, so Camo is irrelevant. Sixth Sense does not let me see the target any better, it just lets me react to attacks outside my LoS.
  20. Hello everyone! Here is a question that can sounds wierd. Can G: Servant units link to troopers camouflaged state or units in hidden deployement? I have a feeling it's forbidden but can not catch a rule talking about it.
  21. Hey! I was just wondering, when do you actually make the infiltration roll if you want to hidden deploy a model in your opponents half? I've always thought that you just rolled in the deployment phase, but after listening to a podcast they mentioned that you roll when you want to reveal the model! Is this the correct way to play it? Thanks!
  22. Hi everyones! I'm sorry to ask this silly question but I have a doubt. When a troop have Aro on a marker that troop can only dodge, change facing and discover. In addiction thata trooper can delay aro declaration. But what does it mean, actually? camo moves troop declare the aro ( ex shoot) and delaying it camo does something Or camo moves troop delcare delaying aro ( but not what he will do if the camo reveals) camo does something Troop decide what doing In the second case the advantage of active player may be lost, because, normally the active player advantage is knowing what the reactive player will do... I hope explained clearly my doubt. Thank you at all!
  23. here is the situation. A shrouded minelayer and a fusilier are on two sides of a 90 degree corner in such a way that they have no line of fire to each other. th shrouded spends an order to place a mine, putting it on the edge of the corner so that the mine will have LoS to the fusciler. The fusilier does nothing. The shrouded no spends another order, moves to the edge of the corner moving "through" the mine marker sharing space with it up to the point where it retains cover and has LoF to the fusilier and then moves back completely out of sight. Fuscilier claims dodge and Shrouded shoots for the other part of its order. Is this legal? As far as I understand it I because : A: It is possible to move through friendly troops B: Camo markers do not block LoS or LoF C: A shot can be taken along any point of a model's movement. It just feels like it shouldn't be possible because of the "sharing space" that the model has to do.
  24. Quick Question If a enemy camoflage marker moves into sight and I choose to attempt a discover Aro and he chooses to take his gun and shoot at me. What then happens? a) He reviels himself and shoot me like a normal roll. Knowing that I can only catch the bullets b.) it becomes a Face to face roll, if I win he is discovered and hope next aro does not hit him, or he win and get shoots in on my figure based on the ordinary F2F
  25. first off.. 1) the wording of this always throws me off... A trooper's Camouflaged state is canceled, and its Marker replaced by its model, whenever: The Camouflaged trooper declares a Skill other than Cautious Movement or a Short Movement Skill that does not require a Roll - is this implying i can only ever make cautious move with camo and that a short skill move, a super jump etc will cancel camo? --------------------------------- 2nd) if antipode is discovered with the opponents aro, are all of them discovered? ------------------------ 3rd) start of an order, 1 is in combat and the other 2 are just outside melee.. so the 1st guy cc attacks and the others dont do anything? (no target for melee) 2nd short skill, the 1 in melee (granting still alive) moves over a bit while maintaining base contact so the others can spend their 2nd short move to get into combat with the same target? (but the 1st doesnt make another melee attack) ----------------------------------------- 4th) camo antipode/ markers vs suppression fire? can suppression effect/ open up on them? or do they still have to be discovered? ---------------- 5th.. aros vs the pack.. say 4 enemies from different locations all have an aro attempt on the just moved pack. can still only 1 aro be made from only 1 of the 4? thanks tons in advanced!