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  1. I am Naghoon E’Tarse. I work for Hassassin ETTVAK. When the approach of the EI vessel called “Raxora” was first detected, I was given a detachment of loyal soldiers, and command of one of the Sultanate’s vessels. I read through hundreds of profiles before choosing the Iskanderun, for the loyalty and grit of its crew, and their Captain. We arrived at Ilik Alfundaq, and set up base there. It was good to be reunited with the Swords of the Prophet. Most of us from Flamia were there again. I learned, sadly, that Kors had been sepsitorized on Paradiso. Bourak HHC, seeing the Wotan blockade becoming a hotzone, had charged us and the former Flamia HHC with forming a new Wotan HHC. I assumed the role of information dissemination as my former role of Press Corps Director on Flamia fit. Through continued protests about still being called “General,” General MGWright took a lead role in ensuring that power was centralized smoothly and transparently. All Sword of Allah commanders in the theatre were allowed to share their voice, and shortly an election was concluded - Sireen Barakat, Envihon, and myself were asked to lead the forced of Haqqislam in defending the Wotan gate. Leszcyzk, an Ariadnan ex-patriot, was charged with providing us with strategic council in this politically charged environment. With my esteemed fellow High Commanders, the Swords of the Prophet now stationed on Ilik, and with a direct line to retired General John Tenzer of the Flamia Campaign in the Divan Al Jund back on Bourak, it felt like we just might have a chance out here. Without a Combined Army target in normal space travel range of the blockade, our goal had to be to enhance security of our civilian population on Ilik. Orders were duly issued to all Haqqislamite commanders. We took the opportunity to observe our commanders efforts in establishing patrols, and enhancing defensive capabilities to induct new members into the Swords of the Prophet. Shortly thereafter, we received a request for aid in security searches of the La Forja Military Harbour, as political red tape and dissent among the Nomads had slowed down the Ariadnan O-12 details so much. The searches were not, however, in time to prevent saboteurs from doing irreparable damage to the station, leaving it disabled until a large construction project can be mounted - effectively never, as long as the Combined Army threat continues. Enna lillah wa enna elaihe Rajioun, and my heart is pained for those who lost, and I hope in the future that the Nomad Nation puts its citizens before its pride. I feel that the upheaval among Nomad leadership may have contributed greatly to starting a lot of the international problems that have occurred during the course of this blockade bolstering, and possibly even snowballed into the problems we’re seeing today. The internal conflict was similar to what has happened more recently among the Ariadnans - a schism occurred between a desire to defend the Human Sphere, and to take advantage of the situation in order to exercise old grudges against other human nations. As would later happen in Ariadna, a majority assembled around those preferring the path of opportunism - it seems this preference runs deep in our bloodlines. Alhamdulillah I have had the strength, and when I was weak, the support, to avoid such selfish urges. The departure of the more humanist Nomad contingent left the entire Nomad presence in something of a shambles, and contributed greatly to the difficulty in completing the securing of La Forja against Shasvastii incursion. They did not truly regain their composure until well after the Don Peyote arrived with reinforcements to replace those who refused to serve under the opportunist leadership. After the destruction of La Forja, we learned that a new civilian population had become a likely target of the Combined Army - the Baijing Orbital Consulate. As had been our consistent goal during this quiet before the storm, we moved to defend the civilian populations. Our measures at Baijing were, we consider, successful. But the threat still loomed. The Raxora would likely be here any moment. More Commanders were inducted into the Swords, and we discussed many plans in great depth. It was at this time when I encountered my greatest personal challenge. As I have said, I am a Hassassin. The desire to protect the Search for Knowledge lives deep in the very fiber of my being. The balance between that, and the Humanistic principles at the very centre of Haqqislam, has been my personal jihad in this time of war. By this time we had long been working closely with liaisons from Ariadna, and from the Tohaa. Vanther, who is a noble Tohaa, and I hope sees me as a friend to the Tohaa, as I do see him as a friend to Haqqislam, was concerned that their own, much longer conflict with the EI would lead the Raxora to target the Daraani first, and so they wished to arrange a stronger presence around the Corvette. A schism had formed, however, among the Ariadnan High Command, and a majority was forming around a desire to avenge themselves for their past conflicts with PanOceania. I am ashamed to say that I was blinded by the opportunity I saw before me. If the Raxora could be taken for Haqqislam, the Knowledge therein would be safeguarded, and available for the good of the Human Sphere. Could we trust the Hexahedron to do the same? To my great joy my dear friend Envihon lifted the veil of hubris from my eyes in my time of need. How could I have put the advancement of Haqqislam before the good of the Human Sphere? We renewed our pledges to defend Humanity, and the Swords of the Prophet led the charge into the Raxora. As the Raxora comes ever closer to the Gate, I have many questions. Will we stop it in time? What is our new place in the Human Sphere? We have seen many unexpected political shifts in this blockade. Our traditional allies in Ariadna and the Nomad Nation have preyed on our fellow humans at a time when we must all band together. And who has been more committed to the good of Humanity and the success of the blockade but PanOceania? I am further shamed for my previous doubt of the Hexahedron in this reflection, and I hope we have earned respect from PanOceania as well, perhaps leading to a new age of greater exchange between our peoples. Inshallah we will prevail through this time of darkness, and emerge as a stronger, more unified Human Sphere.
  2. Greetings comrades, it's me PoR! Some of you might have noticed how I've been slacking off when it comes to promoting the blog or writing, etc. Well, it's time for a big reveal, I've been spending the past couple of months working and testing out my very own campaign! If you like STALKER, narrative campaigns, and playing atypical games of Infinity, then this is the thing for you. Any and all feedback is welcomed and I'm always open to more suggestions for missions. It is a bit rough still and I only have up to Chapter 1 done (with no mission diagrams, or pictures anywhere.), where I'd like to do up to Chapter 3, maybe 4, as well as an epilogue or a way to create your own missions.
  3. Since Bostria spilled the beans on this one in his Beasts of War Interview (at the 36 minute mark), I thought it work a topic of its own. First, it's the first time to my knowledge that the fighting will be "space based," meaning aboard space ships and space stations. He also mentions that they have art material ready to roll for that, which I would hope includes art of the ships and stations involved. I wonder what else this presages...
  4. Play Infinity a different way! On July 22nd Incom Gaming in Cheltenham is hosting a narrative Infinity campaign day. Fight as part of the Great Powers to exploit Ariadna's natural wealth or join its defenders and fight for freedom! Over three rounds each faction will assign its members to a variety of crucial missions, each with a special narrative scenario ranging from take and hold to extracting a HVT under fire. For those particularly important missions factions will have the opportunity to bid for the services of the most dangerous mercenaries in the Human Sphere to aid their forces.Players will need two 300pt lists for a single faction following the special rules for army building in the event pack. Find more info at the facebook event
  5. Copying over the info from the official FB event here to create a thread if anyone wants to post batreps, inquiries, etc. Time: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PMTier: 120ptsPlayers: No LimitRounds: 1Entry Cost: $20 (TBD)Hey folks!This is the event for Round 1 of the Summer Escalation League with the Campaign extra. We'll go over rules and expectations for the event, and then set you guys killing each other at the 120pt level! Here are some features of the League: 10-WEEK SCHEDULE: We'll begin the proceedings with an organized event for Round 1. From there players will be expected to self-organize, cooperate with their opponents, and play one game every two weeks to cover rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5. Two weeks after round 5's deadline, rounds 6, 7 and 8 will be done in the form of an ITS tournament at Next-Gen. ITS ESCALATION LEAGUE: As an Official Event, the league will comply with the Basic Rules of ITS. Players will all be required to print out a League Control Sheet, and must write down their name, ITS PIN, and army in their sheet, along with any Private Information for review. CAMPAIGN EXTRA: Players do not need to print Army Lists at the start of the League: they can modify their lists prior to each round AFTER learning who their opponents are and what faction they will face. Players will possess Spec-Ops troopers and recieve XP between rounds to spend on either their Spec-Ops trooper or unlock Military Specialties per Campaign: Paradiso. BATTLE REPORTS ENCOURAGED! Players are encouraged to write narrative-style battle reports and submit them after their games to keep the hype train rolling and lend a sense of gravitas to the League! I'll work out some manner of prize for best battle report, either judged or by community vote.
  6. Here's the first draft for something I've been working on in my free time: A persistent morale tracker for you and your force! The system itself is appropriated from, "At The Sharp End," so all credit goes to where it is due. I've merely adapted it for Infinity and added some RPG elements. A quick run-down: tracks your men's confidence in your leader based on casualties, your commander's confidence in your leader based on objectives completed, and your leader's own self-appraisal based on a combination of the above. Individually, the effects are relatively minor, but they rapidly compound if they're allowed to. Eventually, I'll put together a Ladder Campaign System that will incorporate different motivating factors (espionage, destruction, security, etc.) and ITS Scenarios to allow for 5-8 game campaigns. I will also put together a Casualty Tracker, so there is more consequence to models lost, as well as consideration as to who to put in what roster. Feedback is always appreciated! Enjoy! EDIT: Google Docs Link At The Sharp End.rtf
  7. A while back, our regular Infinity group decided that we'd played enough games to learn the ropes pretty well, and that we really liked the way the game played. We ventured into ITS and 20x20 missions, and slowly increased the sizes of our games. But at some point, everyone sort of decided that while separate, stand-alone games were fun, what would be really cool would be a campaign, where we could string our battles together and our successes or failures would have meaning, influencing what happened next. One of our guys had Paradiso, and while that had some neat elements, we've always been a pretty creative bunch, and decided we wanted to do our own thing. Looking at the factions represented by the 5 regular players who would be involved, a plan began to form in my head... The planet of Dawn (home of the various factions descended from the original colonists aboard the Ariadna) is a fractious, unruly, hostile planet. It also happens to be rich in Teseum, a mineral that is lightweight but extremely strong. Since the end of the Separatist Wars, the Kazahk "Rodina" faction has been nominally in charge of the administration of the planet, with the USAriadna, Caledonians, and Merovingians being brought into line as de facto vassal states. Yet it is the Caledonians whose territory contains the richest deposits of Teseum. Chafing under the Kazakh yoke, the Caledonians long to turn their bountiful natural resources into better opportunities and more political clout. After Dawn's rediscovery by a PanOceanian scout, a resource rush between Yu Jing and PanO broke out, with both sides making territorial claims (much to the anger of the native Ariadnans). It was only the intervention of an unlikely combined Nomad and Haqqislam political alliance that forced the O-12 to step in to curtail the bald-faced land grab on the part of PanO and Yu Jing, both of which seek to circumvent O-12 restrictions on resource exploitation by any expedient means. The Haqqislam in particular has forged a meaningful relationship with the Ariadnans, though their motives are far from altruistic; though mutually beneficial, Haqqislam lift facilities and transport ships bring much of Dawn's Teseum to market. But given the political minefield that is Ariadnan internal politics, Haqqislam must tread carefully between the local factions. Enter the Morat. The EI has ample supplies of Teseum - it is one of the materials that makes their highly-advanced war machine so fearsome. What the EI does NOT want is to have the humans develop the same capabilities. Unfortunately, with the bulk of its advance forces tied down on Paradiso, it falls to a small, dedicated brigade of the Morat Aggression Force to operate far behind enemy lines, disrupting the human Teseum supply until the EI's full attention can be brought to bear and the human planets fall like so many dominos. Right, so we have five factions, each with their own primary goals: The Caledonians, who seek to expand the Teseum production under their direct control The Kazakhs, who seek to maintain hegemony over Dawn, keeping any upstart Caledonian separatists in check The Haqqislamites, who are trying to profit by securing important shipping contracts and moving the Ariadnan Teseum off-world for sale on the open market The Japanese, trying to circumvent O-12's restrictions on resource exploitation on Dawn by any means necessary - and whether this activity is at the behest of the Imperial Court or hides a deeper play at Japanese independence remains to be seen and The Morat, who are there to basically wreck everything and everybody. Their force is small, however, and avoiding detection by the humans is of paramount importance. Staying an effective, operational combat force is their primary objective. As mentioned, each faction has its own primary goal, which it is always trying to advance. But similarly, each faction has some opinion about everybody else's primary goals, and campaign points are awarded based on how far along the "track" (positive or negative) those goals may be. So for instance, the Kazakhs want to maintain hegemony, and get points the more that track goes positive. But the Caledonians want to throw off the Kazakh yoke, and get points the more that track goes negative. As Haqqislam, trying to deftly navigate the local political landscape, I get the most points if that track remains at 0 and lose points if it goes in either direction (because it's in my interests to play the balanced factions off against each other). The Morats know that a second Separatist War can only help them in the long run, so in this regard their interests actually align with the Caledonians. Too bad they're also trying to blow up all of the Caledonians' Teseum mines and processing facilities. If it sounds a little complicated, that's kind of the point. The political situation is messy, and the fact that some factions are trying to balance certain tracks means that your friend one campaign turn might be your enemy the next. As Haqqislam trying to balance the Kazakh hegemony track, I might be springing Caledonian separatists out of a Kazakh prison one turn, only to lure those same separatists into a deadly trap under the guise of a false arms deal the next. The up-side of this system is that everyone has at least some reason to fight pretty much everyone else over something. No one gets left out, and everyone's playing their own complex game. Each turn of the campaign, a player picks a track (any track, it doesn't have to be their primary) and decides which direction they want to try to move it. Their opposition can be selected from ANY other player for whom that move would reduce their campaign score. The "attacking" player picks the mission (or the primary mission, because so far we've found 20x20 to be fantastic for this kind of play) and the two players duke it out. If the "attacking" player wins, the track moves. If not, their plan is thwarted and there's no change (though more on this in a sec). Finally, each faction has its own special ability tied to the use of Command Tokens, usable during any battle. For instance, given their desire to maintain "plausible deniability," the Yu Jing player may burn Command Tokens before the game in order to purchase another 25pts of any Mercenary troops (though they would of course then have fewer Command Tokens to use during the battle - an advantage to be sure, but a dangerous one). And remember how if an attacking player fails, there's no change to the track? The Kazakhs' "This is OUR planet" special ability means they can burn a Command Token before a battle to ensure that if they win the scenario, their opponent's primary track is ALSO decreased by one, an ability they can use as both attacker or defender. So far, it's been a hell of a lot of fun. The battles have been brutal and underhanded and characterful, and it's been neat to have linked battles telling a story. ------------------------------------------ Right, how do I get this forum to not try to auto-merge my posts such that I can post the actual bat-rep (without it erroring out because the resulting merged post is apparently too big)?
  8. This operation is not fully fleshed out, and is completely bare bones, but is a prequel/preview build for Operation Snowfall. More information about the development can be found on the Data-Sphere Forums. Please read and test. Note: due to the bare bones nature of the write-up, some intuition will be required to understand the rules. Note#2: While this write up is fully ITS-based, I plan to have the final write up take advantage of all the many different formats we have available to us, making a dynamic set of missions. No fluff is provided in the current write up, but can be to some extent intuited. There is a serum, Grim Ember, that creates bio-weapons out of those affected. Pan-O is funding the research, and Yu-Jing wants to steal it. They send deniable mercenary assets that succeed in gathering up samples of the serum in a two-pronged strike. However, during their escape out-system, they are boarded by Aleph and Pan-O strike teams working in coordination to bring justice to 'the thieving criminals'. Aleph quickly gets suspicious about WHAT was stolen, and starts a further investigation. Meanwhile one of the alien powers has caught wind of all this via communications intercept, and plans a raid to acquire and refine the serum themselves, as well as keeping it out of human hands. They strike the craft of whoever now has the serum (agents of either Yu Jing or Aleph). If Yu Jing Imperials retain the Serum, it is legally Confiscated by Aleph, since they were slowed down by the fight. Now, one of the major Powers (Yu Jing or Pan-O), strikes at the holder of the serum (Aliens or Aleph), escalating the conflict into the news. Finally, with things spiraling out of control, the two groups with the strongest presence left clash over the vials one final time, agreeing that this must stop here, before the public catches wind. During the fight, the vials are released, and the campaign ends ominously. SNO-Wight, the subject of Snowfall, is featured here as an agent of Pan-O, on her testing run. She doesn't yet have all the traits she will, and her BTS capability in particular is an area that scientists decide needs work. (she should have bioimmunity, but she doesn't yet due to bio-organic components that weren't yet replaced with nano-organics) Have fun! Expect revisions and more fluffiness soon, followed by the Snowfall Campaign draft! -Faolind
  9. All hail EI...uhm Aleph. We just started a campaign using the Infinity Campaign System and in order to decide on whether something is legal or not, I need some help from you experienced Aleph players on Proxies. Our local Aleph player wants to increase Proxy AVA to field two "proxy groups". Right now, I can't judge whether this is legal or not because I seem to have missed some important rules bit. Looking at Infinity Army, there are only five troops listed with the G:Jumper skill: Proxy Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Mk4, Mk5. All are AVA 1 all have the G:Jumper skill. Since "proxy groups" consist of two or three proxies, what's the reason Aleph can't use more than one "proxy group" right now? I just can't find any. Now, if our player wanted to field two "proxy groups" by increasing AVA, which troop's AVA should he increase? Thank you for your help, Nalim
  10. For its 5th year, Infinity will be at the NOVA Open. As with previous years, it may be a worthwhile time for those who decide to attend - hopefully. /shrug The full convention schedule and event descriptions can be found on the NOVA Open website, where you can also register for them as well. Schedule (broad version): Thursday: Operation: Shattered Hope Friday: Direct Action ITS Saturday: Special Operations ITS Sunday: Joint Operations ITS (Spec Ops extra) The NOVA Open occurs just after the end of the current ITS season. So, if the next season's ITS PDF isn't released in time, it's likely we'll use this season's format while registering the events for next season's ITS standings. Pricing: Entry into the convention requires a general pass : $40 for the weekend, $20 for a single day. Individually, Operation: Shattered Hope is $20 and each ITS is $30. Signing up for 2 events adds a discount of $3 off each. Signing up for 3 or more events adds a discount of $5 off each. IIRC, a hotel room accommodates up to 4 for $95/night. Commuters such as myself can access the adjacent public garage for ~$10/day during the weekend. Terrain: The NOVA Open has more than enough terrain to cover all the tables. However, not to demean our efforts but most of it was cheaply made en masse by inexperienced volunteers like me. On the bright side, that makes it easy for me to clear space for anyone who decides to bring their terrain and set up their own table for an event(s). For guidelines on what special terrain rules and house rules may be allowed, please check the online primer. Challenges: For most of us, big events like what NOVA aspires to be are a rare opportunity to play against friends and rivals who are otherwise separated by long distance normally. For the 1st round of each ITS, players are welcomed to "issue" challenges to anyone they want to ensure getting a game against rather than be part of the initial random draw for pairings. Pics of last year's NOVA Open: Circumstantial proof that last year's events were alright: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I think that's everything. I'm always usually happy to answer questions and I look forward to another fun weekend with everyone who decides to attend.
  11. This was a lot of work, and there's much more that needs to be done before it's complete. I present to you, my (current) magnum opus: OPERATION: BRIMSTONE Months and months of writing, review and tests have produced this narrative campaign and now it's ready to be shared with you, the forumites. I had several goals in mind when writing this. A number of truly unique missions, each with a different cinematic feel. An intuitive campaign, like Paradiso but with a more gentle learning curve. Tightly knit narrative between missions. Each mission affects the next. Now keep in mind that this is a beta, just the meat without the fluff that I'll be adding later. Yes, a new edition is around the corner but this was written with what we know in mind, and will be receiving an update once I have the delicious new book in hand. Everything is fully playable, but still could use testing to work out any issues with the writing, rules, balance and so forth. Any feedback or questions will go in this thread, and any updates will be posted here as well. I'm excited to hear what everyone thinks. CrowdTemplates.pdf OpBrimstone1_1.pdf
  12. Season 2 is coming soon. Watch this space. STOP THE SIGNAL--606::ERROR NO CARRIER 4941//resolvefail VIOLETS AND OZONE--Who says an ELE can’t start with one black flower? CODENAME: OSPREI--The briefing was 9 days. It’s been 473. SPACEMAN TEKNOJUNK--I dunno Frank, it’s some kinda spaceman teknojunk. THE GENTLE HAND OF HEAVEN--Love the state and you will know peace. Defy the state and the pillars of heaven will shake. EXEMPT PROTOCOL--Tonight, we settle all family business. PANDORA, PANDORA--What do you want first, the bad news or the bad news? GUARDIANS OF THE GATE--It’s not going to guard itself. SOMETHING ROTTEN--Listen! Do you smell that?
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a good campaign system to use with infinity where game to game your squad gains experience, adds new members, gets new equipment, loses members, picks up injuries, perma-death, etc. My friends and I had great fun with the campaign systems of games like Mordheim, Necromunda, Gorkamorka and Blood Bowl and wanted something similar to use with the (much better) Infinity rules. I don't think the official campaign stuff covers my needs and was wondering if there were any community house rules out there for doing this? Thanks!
  14. I'm kind of excited for building characters in the RPG then converting to use in Infinity. Have always been more into the narrative than competitive play. Paradiso is great and a good compromise between competitive/balanced and narrative/justabitoffun - but I like the idea of a bit more flexibility - maybe develop a whole team of characters (anyone remember "Dogs of War" for Confrontation? - oops hope I'm allowed to say's OOP now so no competition) and make that Ninja character. Would love to know if you can gain XP and improve via games of Infinity. Could add a whole new way to play. Obvious issue is, won't my carefully crafted, rounded human (or alien) beings get immediately murderised by sniper fire, monofilament, missiles etc. wonder how/if they'll get round that? Would be hard to make characters tough enough to survive bad dice....and then there's sepsitors, which could be really irritating. So my wild speculation - they mention a secret organisation. Do they have cube 2.0? But as its black market it doesn't have the protocols about blocking anyone who gets sepsitorised? In the main game I can see that bits needed for balance, in the RPG wouldn't apply? Other things is - RPG rules appear to include ship-to-ship rules - ship to ship combat followed by Infinity Boarding actions anyone? And more, importantly, dos this mean CB will start making tiny ship minis as well.....dear Santa.... Any other thoughts on integration?
  15. My local play group (3 regular players and a few occasionals) have decided to run a campaign. Not having the ACTUAL campaign rules available (they're not in the pdf and none of us have the old book) we've settled on some simple rules: Every 10 Objective Points acquired accomplishes something your army is trying to do. For each time you've accomplished such a mission you can get an advantage once such as +1SWC or +1Command Token for a game. Every "round" each player should play 2 games. The rest of the campaign structure is pretty much just us adding fluff and story the games we play weekly. Due to there being 2 CA players we've had to add in the possibility of miscommunication and conflicting interests between the various manifestations of the EI (especially since both players rarely DON'T field some EI personification as their LT) The story of the campaign centers around Zhanye, an industrial city on one of the Yu-Jing controlled worlds in the Human Sphere. The planet is under sustained Combined Army attack, which might launch into a full scale invasion depending on the events that unfold. The major players in the campaign are: Insurgent Force Alpha (Combined Army detachment sent with the mission of acquiring details regarding human Heavy Infantry Armour technology and its implementations) Insurgent Force Omega (Combined Army detachment tasked with eliminating local key figures in Yu-Jing leadership) 122. Regiment, Special Forces Division (sub-division of the Planetary Response Force, tasked with evacuating key personnel and civilians and securing (or destrying, if necessary) key data and equipment. This thread will either contain short write-ups, or actual battle reports, of the games that take place during the campaign.
  16. My first experience with Infinity's fluff was this campaign. Years ago, someone printed out a messy version of a campaign called "War Crimes." This campaign is a full-length (4 mission) campaign that pits Ariadna against exploiting invaders. It features 8 highly unique missions and a branching campaign tree. I have remade it as best I could. I hope to add creative commons images, full-color illustrations, and few maps to help. Big thanks to playtesters Dan, Ben, and other Dan.
  17. Never seen it? If you saw Winter Soldier, then it's a must watch. Hell, it's a must watch anyway. 3 Days of the Condor is a mini-campaign. 3 simple missions designed to be played in an afternoon or evening. Inspired by one of the great spy movies. 3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR SIGNAL INTERCEPT 22-A, transcript follows: 1: CONDOR, YOU ARE EARLY. YOU ARE VIOLATING SIGNAL PROTOCOL. 2: THERE'S BEEN A STATION FIRE. I ... I WAS OUT... I CAME BACK AND THEY HAD KILLED THEM ALL. 1: CONDOR, YOU ARE IN VIOLATION. CONTACT IS RESTRICTED UNTIL 0200 LOCAL. DO YOU COPY? 2: I'M TELLING YOU IT'S BLOWN. THEY'RE ALL BURNT. EVERYONE. 1: HOW MANY ARE BURNT, CONDOR? 2: (SHOUTING)I SAID EVERYONE, DAMN YOU! I CAME BACK AND THEY WERE ALL DOWN! I NEED HELP! 1: CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE ARSONISTS? 2: NO. I ... I WENT DARK. I'M NOT OPS, MAN. I'M DATA. I'M SIGNAL ANALYSIS! 1: STAND BY, CONDOR. 2: (WAITS) HELLO? ARE YOU THERE? 1: COMFORT IS EN ROUTE, CONDOR. RESURFACE IN 12 HOURS AT LOCATION SARAH. 2: LOCATION SARAH. THANK YOU. LOCATION SARAH. THANKS. 1: DO NOT DISCONNECT, CONDOR. WALK AWAY FROM THE TERMINAL AND LEAVE THE WIRE OPEN. A vital intelligence asset, CODENAME CONDOR, has gone missing. Competing forces collide in an attempt to determine what happened and where he's gone. Specialists: Chain of Command, Doctors, Forward Observers, Engineers, Hackers, and Paramedics. Mission one: STATION FIRE Mission is two sided. SANCTION gets first turn, COMFORT deploys second. Players can roll off or decided between them who will play which side. Terrain: Use 1 objective room or similar building with narrow access. Place 3 civilians inside the building, each at least 4" away from the nearest. There is an exclusion zone, 12" in diameter from the center of the building. No Infiltration or AD or other special deployment is allowed inside. This includes minelayer, crazykoalas, pupniks, aux bots or any other special equipment or deployment. Nothing may be placed, dropped, or deployed in the exclusion zone. Inside the building are 2 security REM. They have BS 11, DAM 14, B4, BTS -3 ARM 3 and STR 1. Total Reaction, 360 Visor. These remotes are friendly to COMFORT, but act only during COMFORT's reactive turn. They do not provide orders to or count towards retreat for COMFORT. Access to the objective room requires a WIP roll for SANCTION. COMFORT may open a door with a short skill. Side Sanction places 3 camo markers anywhere outside the exclusion zone and his own deployment zone. Armies: 200 points. Mission Objectives: SANCTION: Eliminate all civilians. Mark each one with a FO skill before elimination to confirm the kill. Complete a hacking skill roll at -6 to clear security files from the base. COMFORT: Eliminate SIDE SANCTION, locate CONDOR. Put SANCTION into retreat. Discover all 3 camo markers. After each one pass a WIP roll. Once all 3 are passed, CONDOR has been located. Mission 2: HARD REVEAL CONDOR has crosswired a maya broadcast station to hide the source of his transmissions. COMFORT must untangle it. SANCTION must stop COMFORT. COMFORT receives first turn. SANCTION deploys second. Terrain: Setup the table as for Seize the Antennae. Armies: Both sides receive 200 points Mission Objectives: COMFORT must succeed at WIP rolls made at at least 3 antennae. Hackers may make this check through repeaters, and engineers and doctors may use servants. Any troop may attempt the WIP roll, Specialists receive +3. Once at least 3 rolls are successful, a triangulation may be performed by a specialist or lieutenant. This roll is WIP, -3 for 3 antennae, 0 for 4, +3 for 5, and +6 if all 6 antennae were checked. SANCTION hackers may hack the triangulation, forcing a face to face roll. COMFORT may attempt the triangulation as a coordinated order. SANCTION's objective is to eliminate COMFORT before the triangulation is completed. Mission 3: LOCATION SARAH CONDOR must be brought in. Opposition must be eliminated. Terrain: Add a civilian model syncd with a member of the side that won mission 2. Armies: 300 points Mission Objectives: CONDOR must survive. A troop causing damage to CONDOR automatically loses the scenario. CONDOR can be syncd by any troop, but considers SANCTION hostile. CONDOR has normal civilian attributes and is unarmed. The side with CONDOR syncd ignores Retreat. Eliminate the opposing side without harming CONDOR to win.
  18. This has been somewhat of a labor of love of mine. I have been taking ideas from my experiences with Infinity and trying to create something that is interesting and fresh for the Infinity universe. So, what is this expansion and why am I bothering to try and get you to play it? Well, just like you I enjoy Infinity, and I also happen to like Mercenaries and wish they played an even bigger role in a game about differing shades of grey (nothing is black and white in this universe). With that in mind, I decided to try and craft a campaign based on the idea of a group of Infinity players vying for supremacy as a Mercenary company. Right now, it is at the infant stage. I finally have some base scenarios to start the game, but I require a lot of feedback on it in order to keep things interesting. I will be trying it out tomorrow with my playgroup, but I was hoping that the community would give it a shot in their spare time. I have tried to keep true to the background as much as possible and will eventually catalog as many of the corporations, companies, and mercenary groups in the Sphere. If anything is not clear within the document, I want to know. I want it to be clear, concise, and flavorful. A few of my colleagues say it has the spirit of Infinity, and one of them even went as far as to saying he was reading something directly from Corvus Belli as in it was official. That is indeed a compliment, but I know it can be so much more. I am asking that the community just give it a shot. I will be updating this post periodically as I make improvements and add on to the document. Some things I am working on in no particular order: Actual Campaign missions More Tier systems A.L.E.P.H. Support Tree Side Missions Role Playing aspects (faction choices dictating company and Mercenary Leader). Currency System (As of now, IP or Influence Points are the primary [and only] means of upgrading and expanding a Mercenary Company, while XP gives experience to your Mercenary Leader). Character contracts (Enlisting Saito Togan for his services, calling in a biker gang leader Asuka, or assigning a target marked for death to Father Lucien Sforza) Company contracts (Joining with companies like Beyhan Resources and others). There will be more charts, maps, and datas once I get a template sorted out. Very W.I.P.. MercenariesASupplementalCampaignforInfinity.pdf
  19. This is just a hub for all things related to ConnectiCon being held in July from the 10th, until the 13th. Jub Jub has asked me to run the ITS 2014 Events at ConnectiCon which I will do so on July 11, 2014 at 1pm until 7pm. and July 12, 2014 11am - 7pm July 11, 2014 Info: Time: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM 300 Point Campaign Tournament 20 players 3 Rounds each 90 minutes. Start Time: 1pm Same army/sectorial. Two lists. No painting requirement. Spec Op start with 0XP but can use XP gained throughout the campaign using the Paradiso Spec Ops Campaign Rules. Environmental effects will be in effect during some rounds. Be prepared. July 12,2014 Info 300 Point Spec Op Tournament 20 Players 4 rounds each 90 minutes long Start Time: 11am Same army/sectorial. Two lists. No painting requirement Spec Op 12XP Environmental effects will be in effect during some rounds. Be prepared. Lunch Break after first round is done for 1 hour. Match ups will be announced after the break is over Rounds 2 and 3 to continue after lunch break Another break after Round 3 is completed for 1 hour Round 4 Starts once break ends. Match ups will be announced after the break is over. There are some awesome Prizes to be given away. Prizes will be awarded for multiple event ranks, including a $50 gift certificate to Underground Lasers, LLC ( as well as gift certificates and products from MicroArts Studios, terrain packs from PlastCraft Games, and more!!!!! Prize support also provided by: PlastCraft Games (, Warsenal (, MicroArts Studio (, Underground Lasers LLC, (, and Customeeple ( Come check it out!!! Register to get your tickets
  20. I'm available to play Infinity again. I haven't played in a long, long time. I remember my rules pretty damned well so that isn't the problem, I just don't have the sharp instincts I had and my brain is a bit more muddled when it comes to what is the clear play. I've lost my edge, that's for sure. Though I did rediscover the joys of Ariadna after not playing them for a bit. The campaign is fun thing we're running in Ottawa for random things. Escalation with Army Prestige, for example, if I win 5 VP with my Ariadna and Penemue wins 8 VP with his Ariadna, Ariadna's rank is 13 VP. Only your first game counts towards your score, but Army Prestige is won via Armies for the most important resource of all: Bragging Rights. No Link Teams the first few missions. There's also an army bonus if you do a batrep. Lookit whatcha reading now. The first mission is: - Most models within centre room is 4 VP - Destroying a Sentry is 1 VP (x4) - Each opponent must activate a console via Specialists to open centre room, if neither does by 2nd turn, both players lose Special Rules: - 100 points - 3 Turn Limit - No Retreat - SpecOps permitted with 5 XP - Classified Objectives - Specialists are: Lt., Forward Observer, Chain of Command, Engineer, Hacker I did not know points 4 and 5 of Special Rules until my 2nd game and I did not know Special Rule 3 until my final turn. What can I say, I'm a scrub. HAQQISLAM ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 6 0 0 GHULAM Lieutenant Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (13) BARID (Forward Observer) Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife. (17) BARID (Forward Observer) Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife. (17) NAFFATÛN Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (10) NAFFATÛN Rifle + Heavy Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (12) ODALISQUE Spitfire, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 31) 1 SWC | 100 Points My opponent, Endalyon, played: JAPANESE SECTORIAL ARMY ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 5 0 0 DOMARU Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (27) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Combi Rifle / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (24) RAIDEN (X Visor) Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 28) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (9) KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (12) 1.5 SWC | 100 Points Annnnnd.... I just realized Endalyon's a cheater. Well, I lost that game but now I feel vindicated. Spoilers... Anyway, thoughts: So, I won the roll and stupidly chose to go first. First mistake! I activate my Odalisque and she took out one Sentry before dying. Total Reaction Combis where multiple can see your attacking pieces tore my Odalisque apart with 2 Crits and 1 hit. My Light Flamer Naffatun died trying to take out a second Remote. Good News: Odalisque scored 1 VP by destroying one Remote. In Paradiso, you know how the Remotes are always in a 'diamond' formation? There's a reason for that, it is very rare for them to see more than one model at a time. I spent my first turn and two of my metal dollies to take out only one TR REM due to trying to oppose multiple or maneuver for 1 v. 1 confrontation. In our setup, they were in a 'box' at each corner of the room we were trying to get into, so you had to fight many Combi TR Remotes. On his turn, his Raiden failed to murder the Remote from Combat Camo but won the next clash. His Raiden then killed the next Remote which let his Kempei advance on one of the consoles. On my turn, I took out the last Remote with my Naffatun and then had a Barid rush over to the console his Kempei was looking over. With my final Order, I succeeded in activating the console. On Endalyon's turn, he had a vanilla maneuver to the other console and activate it. I wonder, I guess that would be his Lt... My Barid took a pot shot at his Domaru but missed and Endalyon finished his turn by putting some caps in my advanced Barid's ass. On my turn, my Naffatun burned all three of my Orders as he was the closest and could not make it even into the room. I called game right there for Endalyon. Haqqislam Satori 1 MVP - Total Reaction Remotes: Overhearing what happened to everybody else's games, it was the Box Formation TR REMs that took victory that day despite losses. I heard Endalyon lost all his models in a turn while running his Tohaa, for example. Game Status: Loss VP: 2 - 4 Survivors: GHULAM Lieutenant Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (13) BARID (Forward Observer) Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife. (17) NAFFATÛN Rifle + Heavy Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (12) I guess in retrospect my failings were trusting a dirty cheater known as Endalyon to give me the skinny, like objectives or counting SWC, but that's just how rustiness goes. You don't even know what to look for so you get taken. I now know that I should buy a $300 pad, put that Infinity App on it and recreate my opponent's list despite that being against the rules because otherwise poor schmucks like me are going to get metaphorically buttfucked. We save the literal buttfucking for everything other Thursday and sometimes Monday. The Remote setup was terrible. You're supposed to slow the first turn player, not give the game to the second player. Which meant that in my second game, I was going to choose second. Game Two: I was going to represent Ariadna and now that I knew about SpecOps, I was going to run one. Oh yeah, both my opponent and I forgot completely about Special Objectives. I guess we are truly special. ARIADNA ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 5 1 1 FOXTROT Lieutenant Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 17) INTEL (BS12, Hacking Device) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (9 | 4XP) FOXTROT (Forward Observer) Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (22) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (22) HIGHLANDER Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (6) 2 SWC | 96 Points Here is an example of my lack of Infinity skills: I think this is what Henshini ran but I'm not sure. IMPERIAL SERVICE ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 6 0 0 CELESTIAL GUARD Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (13) GUĬ FĒNG (BS12, Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (13 | 4XP) CELESTIAL GUARD Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 20) CELESTIAL GUARD Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 20) DAKINI Tacbot Combi Rifle / Electric Pulse. (13) Yaókòng WÈIBĪNG Combi Rifle / Electric Pulse. (21) 2 SWC | 100 Points I won the roll and went for second. This would normally be blasphemy but not so much with Ariadna. I play Ariadna for control, not for aggression. I need to own particular areas. My set up was simple, I had two Camouflage Markers near an objective each. Each of them was a Specialist that could waltz up, grab the objective and then move to the centre room. I also knew that the TR Gods are merciless sons of bitches. Henshini failed to Discover one of my Camouflage Markers and he failed at Discovering another Marker. He tried to Hack one of the TR REMs but failed and then a Guard Spitfire died trying to shoot it. On my turn, I immediately realized that the Galwegian alone was terrible. It ran out and got perforated. That should've been another Kazak for Orders but I was hankering for some action. I had my Chasseur FO grab the left side and had my Foxtrot FO Combat Camo a REM to death. I took out another TR REM leaving Henshini to deal with. On Henshini's turn, he fed the TR REMs but then realized he didn't to grab the second console. His Spitfire Celestial got into position and took it out. With the way clear, his FO REM ran to the objective and with his last Order failed to Activate the Console. I didn't get a second turn, the game was over. Ariadna Satori 1 MVP - Second Turn: I knew that the hungry, hungry TRs would devastate so I allowed Henshini to fall into my clever trap. Game Status: Loss, the REMs won VP: 2 - 2 Survivors: FOXTROT Lieutenant Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 17) INTEL (BS12, Hacking Device) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (9 | 4XP) FOXTROT (Forward Observer) Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (22) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (22) The Galwegian was stupid, should've been another Order Monkey. Also, forgetting Classified Objectives for a second time is embarrassing. I might've been able to wrangle something up and at least win our shared loss. I am really liking Ariadna for objectives. Without the focus on purely Engineers, I could create a quick, hard hitting Specialist list that all starts at the mid-line. I just saw Magno's chart for the first time and it looks like my faction did indeed win the Specialist war. Especially with Doctors being added to the mix, Doctor Veteran Kazak or Asawira is just wrong. Here's the graph if you don't know the comparisons: Edit: And here I thought SWC was 1 for 100 points despite making my own list of 100 points and 2 SWC. Endalyon not a cheater, me just a dumb. I eat rocks for breakfast... Well, back to the Wire.
  21. Here I intend to protocol my Paradiso games, with a short write up and a short story. I hope I can keep it up all the way. 101 Incursion in the Niemandszone `Dropship in Place, Deployment commences on orders, Unit Gar-03ξ-001 on Standby.` Blinking away the message with a flicker of his eye, Eleftherios took a look at the rocks before him. It was almost dawn and the light slowly crept downwards on the jungle around him. Light rain was falling, it made him…eager. “Selene, report!” “14, maybe 15 hostiles in the zone. Objectives ahead at 10, 12 and 2. Deployment orders confirmed. Secure with extreme prejudice.” “Spotted hostile on 12, Identification human, Troop Profile Keisotsu, heavy Armament.” That was the voice of Sri, the Naga never failed to only submit vital information. With a thought he ordered the deployment of the Garuda. “Kumatra prepare for break for central objective. I clear the path. Zeus may watch.” He barely acknowledged the affirmation of the Sophotect, as he threw smoke around the rocks. Running into it he switched his orientation to sound and memory. Jerking up his weapon he runs from the cloud, his blood now full with anticipation and rage. With a cry of defiance he emerges from the smoke again, running through the open ground towards the cover before him. His opponent realises his ploy to late and is hit by several bullets, as he tries to raise his weapon in time. “One down.” Eleftherios almost screams into the com, as he ducks from the bullets impacting in his cover. Rising up he spots his enemies comrade, slightly further back, beside a rock formation. Both raise their weapons but the Myrmidon is faster. The human tumbles backwards with his chest full of lead. “Two down, Kumatra move in.” “Affirmative, disabling mine.” As she spoke the words a pair of bullets flies past Eleftherios position. A small explosion follows. He hadn´t seen that one. Anger welled up inside him. `Reaching combat zone. Enemy fire detected.` The message from the Garuda, made him activate his tactical overlay. A small map of the surroundings appeared on his left eye, not obstructing his vision, but enough to assess the situation. A new contact just had appeared close to the Garudas position. “Thermooptic on 10.” Actually there was no need to transmit this to his troops, all of them were linked into the stream anyway. Still he practiced to do it. Some seconds later the Garuda reported three hostiles down, before he stopped transmitting. “Objective is on 10. Moving into position.” As soon as Kumatra made this transmission, she was hit by a projectile. Without hurry she ducked behind some rocks. “Attack by human assailant, Identification Troop type Aragoto.” With a supressed cry of rage Eleftherios started to fire. The biker had to come around the rocks before him, if he wanted to get to Kumatra. He wasn´t disappointed. The engines drowned out the rain and bullets, so fast he came around the corner. Despite it jerking powerfully in his arms, Eleftherios held his highly powered weapon steady. A bullet strayed his face and the crates to his feet were holed, but his shot was true. The bullet went straight into the collarbone and did not re-emerge. Violently torn from his bike the man flew to the ground and didn´t move. “Three for me. Kumatra move on.” “Reading hostile movement on left flank. Thermoptic back in movement.” The Deva transmitted with the proper disinterest, what it could read on her scanners. “Kumatra hold.” “Affirmative.” “Selene, take it out.” ´Impact detected, applying defense protocols.´ Linking into the data feed of the remote, he saw the heavy projectiles, from the remotes machine gun, tearing of the leg from a wavering shape. “I take this order cancelled?” “Yes, Kumatra, move.” Scanning the grounds before him, he didn´t bother with the missing Affirmation of the Sophotect. “Engaging hostile, Profile Keisotsu.” The sound of gunfire transmitted well over the rain. “Hostile down. Accessing objective. Data present, ET 30 seconds.” “Good. Selene cover the retreat. I go in.” “Affirmative Zayin deployed.” Eleftherios jumped over the remnants of the crate and hurled a grenade, towards the nearest jungle. There had been movement. Taking to his stealth training he advanced through the bushes, until he heard the sound of someone breathing. With a short jump he landed next to her. Unsheathing his blade, he could see her surprise. With a quick strike he gutted her deeply. Ripping his sword upwards, it came free around her shoulder. Soundless she slipped to the ground. Something felt odd about killing humans. “Four for me.” He ran out of the jungle to the position where he shot down the first one. Bullets greeted him. Shooting at the lone soldier, who jumped into cover in response, he also sent some bullets towards a remote further back. A shower of sparks, was his reward. Once more his blood boiled. That was living. “Five down.” “Uplink failed, hostile hacker in vicinity.” Cursing at Kumatras message, he came under fire from two directions. Smoking his position did not faze his enemies, so he fired back at the last position of his assailant. He heard a cry. “Six dow…” He didn´t end the message as his throat was torn out along with most of his skull. She saw Eleftherios Icon go dark, again. “This is Selene, I take command of the mission. Antolius break for 2. Zayin deployed to cover your flank. Kumatra attempt link asap, Tarana, Sran standby for Hacker interdiction.” No one affirmed the general orders, as the change of command, had been effected immediately, after Eleftherios went out of order. “Hostile uplink attempt, blocking ineffective.” “Second that, protocols are disrupted.” Taranas´ and Srans´ message was dire, might they have failed? “Interference prevented enemies transmission, Hacker located.” Tarana Quickly she adjusted the remotes path to attack the Hackers location, shortly after it reported him down. “Antolius, status?” “Heavy encryption over here. Need more time.” “Negative, Kumatra start.” “Affirmative. Uplink in 120.” The icon of the remote went dark in front of her. Quickly she crouched low and peered through the jungle. “Antolius, hostile en route your position.” “I see it, engaging.” This was the last thing she heard of him. “Sri prepare for flanking assault.” “Affirmative.” The assault never came. “Uplink complete.” Reported Kumatra. “Succesfully disrupted enemies data storage, data secured.” “Well done Tarana, Sri, Sran cover me for extraction.” _________________________ An hour later Eleftherios opened his eyes again. Immediately straining his cold muscles, he sat up straight. The first thing was checking his kill count. Still number one on this detachment. Second thing was to check for the post mission report. Then he requested immediate dispatch back to the frontlines. There still was much to do. Report So here are the army lists and two rather bad pictures of the board. ALEPH ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 (Regular: 10/Irregular: 0): Tarana DEVA Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 35) Kumatra SOPHOTECT Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (31) Antolius THORAKITES Engineer Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Flash Grenades, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (20) Sri (Suerte) NAGA (Minelayer) Boarding Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 27) Sran NAGA Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 37) Selene MYRMIDON (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser, Zero-V Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 39) Eleftherios EUDOROS Lieutenant Mk12, Nanopulser, Zero-V Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0.5 | 40) Gar-03ξ-001 GARUDA Tacbot HMG / Electric Pulse. (1.5 | 31) Zay-04φ-001 ZAYIN Rebot HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 27) Pro-EVO-001 PROBOT (EVO Repeater) Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 13) 6 SWC | 300 Points ARMY CODE: eNodibkRADEMAquBWAg/48YcXfFnKWGB3QIcgQXT1KegHtKcD4ujs/ppYTHLdyr7066FO358TBDM JAPANESE SECTORIAL ARMY ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 (Regular: 10/Irregular: 0): GUĬ FĒNG Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (9 | 0XP) YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle + E/Mitter, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (23) KEISOTSU Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) KEISOTSU HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 18) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Combi Rifle / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (24) TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) SAITO TŌGAN Combi Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, EXP CCW. (41) ARAGOTO Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 29) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (27) GROUP 2 (Regular: 5/Irregular: 0): TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) DOMARU Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (27) PANGGULING (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (8) PANGGULING (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (8) KEISOTSU Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (12) 3 SWC | 300 Points ARMY CODE: eNpli0EOgEAIAz8jPUO7q/syTz5ewIMmpslAoaXM5G4yHogUvLR9hB8vrspegb05m0wSqt3bhDqlNvNp1IdpRpJ5f0dggXaOGxz8HhU= I deployed the Thorikates to the East in order to run for the closest objective, the Sophotect was in the middle, close to my smoke bearing leaders. Close by were both Nagas under one single marker, which secured the central objective with a mine. A move that was mirrored by Oda Yuriko, which was standing behind the bushes with her link team. My Hacker and Probot huddled inside the only structure and my Zayin secured the left flank. His army was well spread with the fireteam in centre, with the missile launcher aiming at the central objective. One Tokusetsu was on my left flank, guarded by a Domaru (and Saito Togan as I was to find out). The other Domaru hid behind a rock and the medic and Kempetai were nearby. The Aragoto was on my right flank and the last Tokusetsu in the middle. His Baggage Remotes stood in between. Round 1: Eudoros goes nuts and smokes his way to the central objective in order to shoot down the Missile Launcher and HMG Keisotsu. Nice start. Now sitting nicely at the central objective, he ist quite the danger to the JSA. The Sophotect moves up, discovers the mine and shoots it. Then he proceeds to the central objective. There he discovers that the one closest to the JSA is the right one. As expected. In comes the Garuda from the side. Saito Togan reveals and misses. Then he is duefully critted into unconsciousness. The Garuda walks leftwards downs the Tokusetsu and the Domaru, while taken down by his Chain Rifle. That was a nice first turn. The Japanese push forward immediately and the Aragoto shoots at the Sophotect, the one hit ist saved and she scuddles into cover. Then he gets into a shotout with Eudoros and ist critted. (It was four dice 6 vs three dice 7 (Eudoros was on suppressive fire)). The brave Paramedic sprints over and revives the Tokusetsu and Saito Togan! That was awesome. Saito proceeds to assassinate the Zayin from Camo, fails and is critted again! By this point I started to feel bad for my opponent, but it wasn´t necessary as time will show. Round 2: Eudoros smokes his way to Yuriko and beheads her in close combat. I love Myrmidons. Then he proceeds to drive a Keisotsu into cover and takes down one of the baggage remotes. The Sophotect runs to the objective, guns down the Paramedic, grabs the data, runs back to the EVO remote, tries to load up the data and.... the JSA Hackers crits to prevent it. Damn, but cool. The Tokusetsu gets the data and there his order pool ends. The Keisotsu try to kill Eudoros, first he smokes, then kills one of the Keisotsu in ARO (Suppressive Fire through smoke, is a great trick), then receives two crits from the Hacker! Lt down. Round 3: The Thorakitai moves to get the last objective and fails to download it, twice. My Remote comes over and kills the Hacker. Now unopposed my Sophotect fails to upload... The Kempetai comes around and kills my Thorakitai and then crits the Zayin. Wow, what a tough bastard. The Tokusetsu tries to upload, my Naga Hacker reveals to block: 17, my Deva blocks: 18. The Tokusetsu rolls....: 13, he doesn´t make it. Phew. Round 4: Sophotects tries and suceeds. Mission ends 6:4. It started as a slaughterfeast and ended quite tightly, I love this game. Everyone was medevaced (Yuriko and Togan) or revived (Eudoros) and we both bought logistics level 1, no promotions.
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  23. Hi! My gaming group has been thinking about starting a campaign but we really need something more casual than the official Paradiso campaign. So I threw together this map based campaign rules to be used with the Paradiso story. I think it helps if you have some knowledge of the Paradiso fluff and what a Digester is ;-). This is the current state, still work in progress. It is written to be used with the warhammer/40k hexagonal campaign map but any map should work. The points and details are still not balanced, and the rules are not playtested at all. It is more a showcase of a different way to think about and approach a campaign. *** Old link, see below *** What do you think? Comments? Balance issues? Would you like to play in a campaign like this? Questions? Better language suggestions (english is not my first language ;-) )? Better structuring of the rules? Glaring weaknesses or exploits? Wtf is this?...
  24. I had an idea about continuous play mechanics, which could be used with any type of campaign. Paradiso, string of ITS or YAMS missions, a series of simple 'kill'em all' games. Count the AVA of your troops. Depending on army or sectorial it should be something between 60-80 men (I counted Total as 20 or something like that). This is somewhere between platoon and company in size. We're playing special forces, so let's go with company, special forces unit are probably a bit smaller. And there we go, you've a company. Company of Heroes. My main army is an Acontecimento company. 2 Knights. 4 Guardas. 5 Akalis. 4 Bagh-Mari. 2 Nagas. A few TAGs, some support troops and special characters. Limited number of drones. Lets play it that way. As if our units AVA was the number of troops at our disposal for the duration of this campaign. If one of our soldiers dies, it dies. If it's unconscious, it's unavailable for one or two battles. That's it. It is supposed to be a small, funny idea to create some narrative to campaign and to force us to think on a more strategic level. When to field a key unit. How much risk to take with someone. Is it better to take 'enemy gate is down' approach and go for the throat regardless of casualties, or avoid any risk and carefully plan every move as our limited number of turns is clicking down. I'm sure as hell it won't be balanced, but I'd like to give it a try in my local group and see if it works. What do you think?