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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all! My name is Luke and I am from Holland. I have a problem... I play Infinity now with my best friend, but I want to play to more people so I can improve my skills and learn more about the game. But the nearest store who sells Infinity is 2 hours driving. Do you guys maybe have any tips to make a bigger community around where I live. Miniature games are not so famous in my city but do you guys know some kind of ways to let people (even strangers) play Infinity so I can make a cool and nice community and play some ITS missions? Please let me know some tips...!
  2. I don't know if this is the right place to post but I was wondering where I could find alot of Infinity banners that members of the community have made. I have been looking for awhile without any success in locating some. Can anyone point me in the right direction or at lest provide a link to where I could find some? Update: I found the old banner thread recently. Though I think that maybe the community can start creating new ones again. I'm trying to learn the process. If anyone wants to join in on making more feel free to do so.
  3. Folks Just a quick post because I attended my first actual Infinity tournament over the weekend. Leading up to it I've asked all sorts of noob questions here and you have all been fantastic with your answers. My local Warcor and other club players have been great in their patience with the new guy. I played in the tournament itself and encountered the same level of inclusion and friendliness from my opponents despite it being a competitive setting. I ended the day with a minor loss, draw, minor loss so I didn't set the gaming world alight but importantly I had a good day of playing a great game with friendly people. Massive 'thunbs up' for the infinity community since I first stumbled into the game with the launch of Red Veil. Plus a big thanks here for everyone's help. The game itself is fantastic but the community take it beyond that to something that is joy to be part of.
  4. Hi all, As some of you may know, Data Sphere is running a bit low right now on content. Many of our regular bloggers have lots of things happening in their private lives and are therefor pre-occupied. Thanks for all your concerns! It's much appreciated to hear that people really miss our contributions to the community. With Infinity still growing in the world, we'd like to hear from the player base what you guys want to read about. Maybe we could tune some of our content more towards the wishes of the community. Next to that, Data Sphere is always looking for quality content, so if you feel like your work deserves a spot on the blog, don't hesitate to send us a message! Let us know what you'd like to see on the Data Sphere Blog!
  5. Databases: CA Weapons & Equipments - Features: Weapons Chart, CA Weapons Chart, CA Weapon Groups, Ammo Types, Groups by Ammo CA miniatures' pictures and release information - Features: all the old&new CA miniatures' pictures and ref. numbers between Nov 2006 and Sep 2016
  6. Hello good and fine folk of the verse! I am stuck in a bit of a quandary >_< I am 99% of the way through a WarCor Application- however the page seems to be experiencing this: WARCOR.APPLICATION.ERROR.UPLOAD Ive got several images that I need to upload, however it will not allow me to do so. (These images are basic JPG's of my minis, and they are all less than 2 Megabytes each). Any ideas/ assistance would be greatly appreciated- ROLL CRITZ IN ALL THAT YOU DO
  7. Hi folks, My name is Ben and I live in Germany. Currently in Stuttgart. I just moved here and found a tabletop club. The guys there introduced me to Infinity and I fell immediately in love with it. I got myself the english rule book and from one of the members a French Ariadna army with some additional non-french miniatures. Which brings me to the other thing: I am really into Haqqislam and Ariadna. I love their fluff, their look and feel (from what I can say from my actual point of feel) and the miniatures (dat Djanbazan ). I've had my introduction game on Tuesday. Looking forward to get into the game step by step and help building up an active Infinity community around Stuttgart and Germany. I am currently reading my way into the fluff. After that I am reading the rules. For me the Fluff is very important due it creates the world, I am currently moving and playing. But so far the Fluff is well created and gives much room for great stories. I really hope, that there will be more stories to dwell into the world of Infinity. I also love to photograph things. And so I have had some fancy ideas about game photography. I also just posted one picture to the official forums and received a well feedback. Hope I will get more great pictures within the next days and weeks to work with them. But, most important of all, I am looking forward to a great time with you and the game Ben
  8. INFINITY MEET & GREET REDMOND, WASHINGTON Hi guys, Games 'n' Gizmos is hosting us again for Infinity at their store in Redmond on November 15th. I hope to see you there! We'll be starting around 5:00 p.m. and playing until everyone's dead or until they kick us out. I'm bringing some simple 100-points lists to demo the game if some stragglers straggle in, but we'll also be doing a few ITS scenarios. Games 'n' Gizmos is easy to find on the map, and usually has ample parking—and if you'd like to reach me directly, please don't be shy, and PM me! Cheers!
  9. INFINITY MEET & GREET REDMOND, WASHINGTON Hi, guys Games 'n' Gizmos in Redmond, Washington, offered to reserve a few tables for us to play Infinity upon at their store at 5:00 p.m. today, 11/1/2014. I'm not sure about CB's policy on posting address, but Games 'n' Gizmos is easy to find on maps, and you can PM me if not. I am bringing printouts for Lifeblood ITS Scenario and Frontline ITS Scenario. 300 points, 2nd-edition rules. This is not in fact a tournament, so it won't be ranked. Make lists accordingly or bring whatever as whatever's always fun! If you're in the area or can be, please do come! I am bringing as many of my gaming group as can attend today, as well as a couple newbie players. I'd love to meet some of you face-to-face. (punny...)
  10. Just saying: I've only been on the Infinity forums for a week and you guys are phenomenally responsive, helpful, and mature. I'm really, really happy to have joined this game and its community. Cheers
  11. I thought i'd share a success story with you guys regarding building an Infinity Community. While our group is still growing, i think its worth a mention. At the end of the summer I put down the grim dark and went in search of Infinity players. At first it was pretty tough, but managed to link up with a few of the excellent guys on this forum. From that point on we pitched in and started to actively grow the group. I'd say we had around 6 to 8. In a gaming enviroment where other games can dominate, this isnt always easy. We created a free local forum to organize events and games, as its easy to get lost in the bustling topics of this main forum. We also reached out to all the stores in the area, to see if they had players, hosted events or stocked the product. For our projects we built more terrain, started project logs to show off the models and shared table space with other games on busy game nights. We run an event each month and try to move the location around so its easy on the gas tank and exposes the game to a wider audience. In a very cool move, one of our group played a major part in getting Infinity stock on the shelves. In addition to letting us run an event at that store. We also worked up business cards with forum info on to give to new and interested players, as well as displaying eye catching terrain. On our games day over the weekend I counted around 15 players, gaming watching or holding bags of minis. And our local forum is now upto 24 registered members. So it just shows what can be done when gamers combine their ideas and resources. Still a young group, but growing and enjoying rolling D20s!