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Found 15 results

  1. So I plan to do the characters of our ongoing Infinity RPG game as unique minis by converting some. Right now I'm researching what would be the best options to do those characters and that's where I'm asking for help since I feel other people might come up with suggestions I haven't even thought about yet. I'll star with my own character as I know him best: He's an Aleph agent (from his skills and equipment kinda similar to a Dasyus or Naga maybe) working on qualifying to become a Posthuman. A skirmisher of sorts and his body is a standard (though upgraded) LHost that I described as kind of middle-eastern or maybe Indian (India, not Indiana ) looking. Main weapon is a custom MULTI Sniper rifle that has 2 heavy options (SABOT and a special type of Nano rounds) but he also carries a MULTI Pistol and knife, sometimes a YuJing-style Combirifle. He's a skilled sniper and also quite respectable in CC. Got TO-Camo as an implant and regularly uses a MSV2. Hacker (Assault and Defensive) on the side. He has light armor disguised as normal clothing with a built in Nanopulser. Next, I'm aiming to get a set of light combat armor roughly like the Deva's armor, also with integral Nanopulser that I want to modify so it can be vacuum-sealed so a light helmet would be fine. I was thinking maybe using Dasyus Sniper and modifying the rifle or even Dasyus Combi Rifle and modify the gun into a Sniper rifle. On the other hand... I also like that male Deva model and I'm gonna try to get this sort of armour anyways, so... Talking about the version WITH hair mainly. He would need different arms though and I'm not sure where to get a set that will fit him well and also fit thematically. Could also swap the minis head for one with a light helmet. It doesn't have to look particularly Aleph as the armour is disguised anyways. Could look civilian as well as long as it looks plausible that you could seal it by pulling on a light headgear, kinda like a sort of heavier hood maybe that covers the whole head. Could maybe even keep that Deva's original head and give him a colar where the headgear is stored. I'd like some not too bland pose but lets see what we can find. A Nomad Spektr might be a good base as well though I'm leaning Deva right now. If I can find something with an Aleph sniper rifle I thought I'd maybe put a second clip on that as the feed for the second heavy option. Should be easier than on some other designs as Aleph rifles have bullpup design.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to the game, so I'm building up my first army...and here are the results so far: Khawarij (probably will use as Lasiq) Hawwa Khawarij & Hawwa Nasmat WIP I'd love to hear comments! Next I'm ordering an Asawira and pair of Ragiks, and will be converting the non-HMG one into a Fiday.
  3. Hey everyone! So I'm getting tired of waiting for a new Shang Ji model and I want to make a proxie to fill in while we wait for some that fit in with the current range of Yu Jing HI. Hence I want to ask the Yu Jing masses, how would you make a Shang Ji proxie? Presently I was thinking of using the female Tiger soldier arms (since they look HI ish, and are armed with the standard loadout), but there's no Yu Jing female HI that I think it would properly fit with. I base that point on the fact that the Wu Ming look very different from the rest of the HI and that the Domaru have the extra fabric armour on their legs/abdomen. So, what would you do for a Shang Ji Proxie? Cheers! dulydude
  4. Greetings, Searchers of Knowledge. New follower of the Old Man of the Mountain here. From what I've read on the forums here, conversions and proxies are pretty common, and I have some questions about good models for the Farzan. I started Infinity a couple months ago, and got the HSN3 book in part for the nice Druze Killer Hacker model. I'd like to use the that model in my Hassassin army, and I think it would make a good Farzan Forward Observer. But I'd like to eventually run 3 Farzan (I have a "half the models are camo or infiltration tokens" army idea I want to try), so I'd like to have 2 other models that would fit well with that Druze. I also don't particularly like the current Farzan boarding shotgun model (too static). Does anyone have suggestions? None of the Druze models in the box set have boarding shotguns, otherwise they could work. I was also thinking to convert the Naffatun model from the base Haqqislam starter into a Farzan (have to figure out how to make the weapon into a boarding shotgun, or make the flamethrower look like a light shotgun). Where does one get extra boarding shotguns for conversions? As far as converting the Druze, I have the spare rifle+shotgun that came with the Fiday, so I was thinking of replacing her combi rifle with that one. Also, greenstuffing over those silly stiletto heels (she's standing in a swamp!!!). Think that and a camo paintjob would be enough?
  5. My Tohaa still need painting... but I've got another project on the go. Here is my test figure for a Moebius style QK army. The idea is a Dervish/Sufi trading company. First, the source material: I went for a Hafza and got stuck into the Green Stuff. [/url Not sure about the painted shadows... [url=]
  6. So I recently had the idea of creating some laser cut special effects to mimic the moment some of the infinity units use their special abilities, to create a "snapshot" or "cinematic" effect on the figures. This is how it came out. Just looking for feedback here. Too much? Does it take away from the mini? Would anyone ever buy this stuff? Bad color choice to represent holoprojector L1? Anything anyone else would like to see special effects wise? Anyone actually like these and not think they are painted like doodoo? Thanks! Will
  7. My Murfreeq remote conversion. Both of my Murfreeq (Arabic for "egg-shaped, chicken-legged automaton") remotes are magnetized to allow me to make any of the four types (Fanous, Rafiq, Shihab, and Shaytaniyah), but for this one I wanted to try and create a walking pose. To do this, I cut into the toe joints enough so I could bend them, sculpted tread onto the third back toe, and bent the leg at the knee by cutting it off and then pinning it where the shin and thigh touch. Of course, standing one thin little pewter leg wasn't going to support the weight of the body for very long, so I then had to put a long steel pin into the lower and upper parts of the leg, which on the upper leg meant drilling out the sculpted "piston" and replacing it with a pin of the same diameter. So when you look at the upper leg piston in the last picture, you're looking at the pin - none of that is the original pewter. On the whole I'm happy with how it turned out. If I get a hold of another one, I might try to make a running pose. **Some folks may recognize this as a re-post from Facebook. I got my irritation out on that platform, so feel free to warn me that this conversion is too fragile**
  8. Hey there. I got into Infinity about 5-6 months back and have recently tossed aside most of the other wargames I play. I started with Ariadna, but after not being able to make an army list that was something I wanted to play and paint that didn't have less than 11 models, I decided to start shopping around for other armies. With Haqqislam calling my name, I've decided to throw down the gauntlet and start painting them up while working on NMM for the first time. The first model I'll be painting is Kasym Beg. He's a beautiful model, and I hope to do him justice. I prepped him and started painting the base: Yesterday and this morning I added color to the base and went a little heavy on the pigments. It was my first time, and I'm happy with the tone that came out. I also went ahead and painted up the purple/red of the bike, as I'm not looking to steer too far away from the official studio paint scheme so I can work on my techniques. I'm very happy with the standard Haqqislam color scheme, anyways. Here his progress as of now: Unfortunately the hue of the picture is somewhat off, but you can get the gist of the progress. I still need to do the black lining and add some more subtle highlights here and there before I get on with painting up the fire. I'll try to keep this thread up-to-date on my progress. I'm hoping the rest of my army will arrive in the mail this evening so I can put them all together and get their bases prepped.
  9. Hi, folks! In this thread I`ll post a building process of my Haqqislam/Hassassin Bahram/Qapu Khalqi collection of miniatures, that can be put together into a good solid army of Haqqislam and/or of its sectorials. I`ll try to make each of miniatures unique, or at least reduce the number of duplicates to the unavoidable minimum. I`ll try to stick to the current range of Haqq miniatures and/or to official artworks of Infinity, as much as I can, then it comes to detalization. Howether, poses are a different cup of tea, and I will not follow to artworks, but instead to the possibilities which miniatures will give me. I`ll try to convert my minis in small groups, while more complex or interesting conversions will be a kind of step-by step tutorial, so most of them can be reproduced by you, folks, if you like it. Feel free to comment my works and/or ask questions about it, and, please, forgive my not so perfect english `cause I`m native Russian. Thank you in advance! Not so long ago I finally received a major chunk of my miniatures (all original), which gave me many cool bits of almost perfect quality and the opportunity for some more onteresting conversions. Howether, some Infinity miniatures, I had painted before, become obsolete within N3. Also, together with new bits, some new conversion ideas appeared. And so I stripped most of them down from paint, but right now some are still bathing in the isopropanol, waiting for when I`ll pay some time and attention to them. Stipped down miniatures were disassembled, and stripped from epoxy putty, super glue and so on, so metal bits bits look almost like new. You can see how they looked before (assembled and painted) through the link in the undersign of my posts (link to my small gallery at DakkaDakka). Here is the approximate list of miniatures I plan to make, and the current status of my projects: Djanbazan Tactical Group (all available profiles) - WIP, Murabid Tuaregs (all available profiles) - WIP, Al Hawwa (both Sniper and Hacker minis) - not started yet, Hafza (all available profiles, 5-6 minis) - not started yet, Odalisques (Haris team 3 minis strong now, box later) - not started yet, Yuan-Yuan (2 now, one more later) - not started yet, Hunzakut (Sniper) - WIP, Ghulam Infantry (a lot of different loadouts), 2 Halqas and Najjarun - not started yet, Naffatunes (4 old-styled ones) - not started yet, Janissaries (all 5 minis + Tinbot) - not started yet, waiting for release of the boxed set Has. Fidays (all 3 minis) - WIP, on hold Has. Barids (2 minis) - WIP, on hold Has. Ragiks (5 of them, old-styled) - WIP, on hold Has. Lasiqs (5 of them, 2 Viral Snipers, 3 Viral Rifles) - not started yet, Has. Muyibs (LOTS of them!) - WIP, on hold Has. Farzans (3-4 minis, all loadouts) - not started yet, Gazi Muttawi`ah (4 minis, new boxed set) - not started yet, Asawira Regiment(4 minis) - WIP, on hold, Different remotes (4 core ones, 2 Kameels, some Nasmats) - not started yet, Maghariba Guard (TAG & Pilot) - not started yet, Khawarijs - WIP, on hold, Has. Husam Spec-Ops - not started yet Other miniatures - on hold, or not started yet. What`s on my working bench: Hunzakut Sniper conversion (legs swap, Sniper rifle still needs some work to be done), 5 male Djanbazans (2 Rifle/Doc, 1 HMG, 1 Hacker, 1 Sniper, all and each needed some minor epoxy works), 2 female Djanbazan conversions (Sniper and HMG, both planned and started but quite much to do), 2 female Murabid Tuaregs (different poses, one Sniper, one Doc some minor epoxy works), 1 male Murabid Tuareg Hacker (complex conversion with some extra bits - a lot of work). All bits are cleaned from mould lines as much as it was possible and brushed with soft brass brush to remove the talc, before they were used for conversions. Sorry, no pics yet, but they will appear soon.
  10. Well, take two. I had a thread going last year for my Cosmonaut themed Nomads but it seems to have gone. Meanwhile I bought a stack of Tohaa. I'm going to try and document my attempts at modelling, converting and painting them. Let me know if you like what I've done, or if you have any suggestions for how I can improve things. The Concept I really like coming up with a cohesive theme for an army. This isn't just a matter of a couple of pots of paint but also includes the types of units and the play style that I'm going for. I find it enhances the enjoyment all around. So, for the Tohaa I started with a bunch of Sci fi concept art from movies such as Prometheus and games like Destiny. There are also some great blogs out there. So, the concept is an alien war party (sort of american indian style). I find the idea of an inscrutable race that has it's own concept of honour and its own agenda really cool and fits with the Tohaa. I also find the idea of a alien race who are into biological weapons and experiments pretty scary - who says they'll use anaesthetics? Think Indian braves with their code and their scalps crossed with Unit 731. With this in mind I decided to go pure Tohaa, no Chaksa. The idea is also for a really aggressive play style - quite different from my defensive table controlling Nomads. The plan is for these guys to die heroically in the enemy deployment zone surrounded by their dead foes. So, over a couple of months I've been assembling, basing and researching and I've got lots of painting to do! Inspiration Here are some of the guiding images that I picked to inform the art style: The palette would therefore look something like this: The Colour Scheme So it seems that simple colour schemes are the way to go. I real like the concept art with very stark contrast and zenithal lighting and just a bit of OSL. Painting with light rather than colour and all that jazz. With this in mind I decided to go for grey… and that's about it. I also threw on my palette some white, a black glaze, and a brown glaze called "Smoke". For OSL on the weapons and the mysterious glowing cables I threw in some red and yellow. So, for some test subjects: My original plan was to airbrush the undercoat… but I just didn't get the airbrush set up and then I lent my compressor to my brother. So, I used brushes. The first thing that was obvious was that I had totally over done the OSL. It made it look like an abattoir rather than a high tech glow. So, I tried to tone it down a bit. The other challenge was the symbiot armour. My plan was to use a smoke glaze on it to give it a bit of an organic feel. Similar to the flesh tone I'm using. Here is a WIP of my first Sakiel. So, I added a third and things are on track! Quite a different style to my Cosmonauts though and I'm going to have to keep working on it. (I'm sorry it the photos are problematic size wise, I'm still figuring out how to post them properly.)
  11. I started haqqislam specifically for the model of the Azrail with Fuerbach. Although I have both that and the panzerfaust version. Well, with the new rules, and new basing my Azrail are unusable. In order for the current models to be resized for the bases, they would basically have to have 10mm lifts on their boots. This is further amplified by the poor performance in previous editions of the FB, the increase in cost (swc) of the FB AND the current poor performance of the FB. While I may get the Azrail when the new models come out if they are suitably awesome looking, I'm just not impressed with a no skill 5 arm model or the fuerbach. The panzerfaust model profile simply doesn't exist. And no models with any specific "heavier" armor carry the PF. My first thought was to make it a HRL say Sekban. But there is the problems with a giant rifle he is carrying. Next, was recommended proxiers for USariadna Hardcases. But, I didn't really feel that fit the bill. Plus, there was nothing for the FB azrail to represent in the Harcase unit. So, I converted it, er, the Panzerfaust version. I didn't really want to force the PF as a heavy rocket lancher. It's great on my muyib, and on a fast heavy infantry probably even better, but it doesn't look like the others so that was out. I cut off the PF, carefully, leaving the finger on the trigger, and the rest of the arm basically unscatherd. With a few carefully planed cuts I managed to completely remove the Panzerfaust. I decided I really liked the idea of a sekban, so I started working on the Cr/APr version. Taking the chain rifle from the Ariadna spec ops, I cut the handle off and shaved down the shoulder guard enough so that he's carefully looking down the sight lines of the Chain Rifle. It didn't quite look right for the Armo Piercing Rifle to be swinging limp in the other hand and after playing with a variety of poses; I found one which garnered chuckles and laughter from my game group so I dedided it was best. So now my Cr/APr Sekban looks like he's running down field guns akimbo. I still need to drill some depressions into his Left shoulderpad to match the right and I will probably use some liquid gs to smooth the shoulder before I prime him. not bad for 15 min. The question now is what to do the the Fuerback. HRL seems like a suitable option. But, to convert that I'd need to sacrifice my Muyib HRL. I do have and extra spitfire, that I could shave off and arm to replace the FB. Though I'm not sure what to do with the Left arm. I'd also like to do boarding shotgun version. Anyone else proxy'ing their Azrail or converting them... If so to what and do you have any ideas on how to convert it?
  12. Just wondering what people think might change with the new rules. I am planning out my force and I am wondering whether it's worthwhile making some figures which other people might not see as fully optimal. For example, Para-Commandos with Sniper Rifles or LGL's (since HMG's have their short range effectiveness reduced, does this make Sniper Rifles better or worse to take? And LGL's are a bit hit and miss at the best of times), Loup Garou with Sniper Rifles (since the group they are with might be in too close a proximity for a bonus to hit), or infiltrating Metro's with LGL's. I have nearly all the Merovingian miniatures available, just wondering what people think about the options we're given here, and what kinds of loadouts I should convert for my miniatures, and which ones I should avoid. Moblots are still stuck in the area of suckitude, but with the new 'Retreat' rules, perhaps they'll also be given the Veteran 1 rule. I am wondering who else on this sectorial would also gain this, between the likely candidates of Loup Garou, Briscards or Para-Commandos.
  13. So, for the last few days I've been trying to dedicate at least an hour a day to painting, in hopes of improving my painting skills to the next level. By which I mean actually highlighting things, and perfecting counter-shaded washes. It's done yet, but I just need to get the weathering powders out, then some varnish. All up I've already spent about 7 hours on this guy, and I'm hoping it shows. Close up on the camo effects Green camo is countershaded with a red wash. Close up on the face Tried for a stubble effect to go with the goatee. Not sure if it works that well, but I really don't know of many techniques for painting stubble.
  14. I am hoping that the fine folks of this forum will be able to help me with a bits request please! I notice looking around the forums that a lot of folks remove or leave off their models' pony tails and cyber braids, usually because they prefer the sleeker look.... However, as a Nomad player, I love these and want to add more of them to my troops! Therefore, I would like to request that if anybody has any spare pony tails and cyber braids that have been neatly removed from a model and they no longer need them, please drop me a PM as I would gratefully receive them! Thanks in advance to all - I promise that I will post pictures of the project when I have made some progress. (Just to forestall the obvious; yes I know I can make my own from GS, but for my own reasons I would prefer to have the pewter ones for this if I can).
  15. Well I made a resolution to post weekly, but it took a month to get off the ground. I'm not giving up though! Here's the first figure of a new project I've been kicking around: Nomad Search and Rescue. Full size pic at Please, only fawning adulation in the comments - my fragile ego can't take criticism.