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Found 14 results

  1. Hello fellow Yu Jing Commanders! As all of you know we Yu Jing Commanders are a blessed people, honoured by our opportunity to serve our proud Nation Yu Jing and to bring glory to our Celestial Emperor. But today I would like to inform all of you that even though we already are blessed and couldn't possible ask for any more than that, our Emperor, Lord of Complete Abundance, has seen fit to inspire us with a little competition, even going so far as to reward those of us that serve Yu Jing especially well with some magnificent prizes! Competition and Prizes: To bring some additional fun and incentive to fight hard and write awesome battle reports for Yu Jing into this Campaign, the awesome guys from Customeeple have decided to sponsor the Yu Jing High Command with some swag to give as prizes for those Yu Jing commanders that put in that extra bit of work to help Yu Jing achieve greatness. I would like to take this moment to thank Customeeple for this awesome support of our little contest idea, as I know from first hand experience just how awesome their Terrain is, and how great looking the prizes that we are about to show you are! Please keep in mind that this competition is also meant to promote good quality battle reports, so only participants who's average battle report quality is slightly above average (7 Stars or higher) will be able to win one of these awesome prizes. So without further delay, here are the prizes, and how you can achieve them: 1 x Pack of Yu Jing Bases and Stencils This little reward will be our easiest to achieve, and is meant to show appreciation for all of you that took part in this campaign in support of Yu Jing, from the commander that only managed to participate in a few operations, up to those that went completely nuts and crafted the fate of Yu Jing in this campaign with their own two hands! To win this pack all you need to do is participate in this campaign as a Yu Jing commander, and reach one of the below listed Achievements: Every Yu Jing Commander that manages to get the "Blooded" Achievement during this campaign will get one entry in a raffle to get this Reward. Every Yu Jing Commander that goes even further than that and manages to get the "War is my Arena" Reward will get a second entry into the raffle for his hard work! Those Yu Jing Commanders that go really bonkers, and manage to get the "The longest War" Achievement, will be further rewarded with yet another entry into this raffle! 1x Forbidden Palace Walls set (containing 1 Door, 2 big sections and 1 short section). This awesome reward has a bit more specific requirements, and is meant to reward one of our commanders that put in special effort to defend what rightfully belongs to Yu Jing! To win this pack all you need to do is to participate in the Campaign as a Yu Jing commander, and achieve any of the "Battle scarred at XX" achievements in any region deemed important by the Yu Jing High Command during the Campaign. If you are a Commander of Yu Jing you will most likely know what those areas will be, but we will publish a list of areas that where selected once we draw the prize as well. For each "Battle scarred at XX" Achievement, you will get 1 entry in the raffle to obtain this prize. Example: Additional Entries can be gained for each "Hold the Line at XX" Achievement gained at those locations as well, though we hope those will be very rare ;-) Example: Now as for our biggest prize, the truly magnificent: 1x Forbidden Palace. This truly glorious prize will be given to one Yu Jing commander that really managed to shine among all the other commanders around him. Since this is quite the reward a bit of extra work will be needed to obtain it, and thus only those stout heroes of Yu Jing that managed to get one of the "War is my Arena" , "The Hammer" or "The Longest War" Achievements during this campaign will get an entry into the raffle for this awesome prize. One entry will be given for each of those Achievement you got. The winners will be decided once the Campaign is finished, and the quality of the winners reports will be checked as they are drawn, should a winners battle report on average not reach the required 7 Star or higher rating, another winner will be drawn. To claim the prizes the winner will need to respond to the message I will send them on this forum after they have been selected, at which point I will establish contact to Customeeple to handle the prize delivery! Should you be selected as one of the winners, and your campaign name is not your Forum name, please contact me as quickly as possible ;-) The winners will obviously also be announced on the Yu Jing Faction Subform on the Warconsole. Shipping of the prizes will be free world wide, and Customeeple has also informed me that as a little bonus and incentive, should any of the winners want to order something from their store alongside the awesome prize they got, it too will be delivered together with the prize without any shipping costs! So if you are one of the lucky winners, think about using this awesome opportunity, I know I would, their stuff is just awesome! UPDATE: Hello fellow Yu Jing Commanders!! Great News everyone! Our Emperor has decided to call upon another loyal business partner of the Empire, and has managed to organize some more Prizes for our proud commanders! The awesome guys from Every Little War have decided to sponsor our little Motivation Contest during Phase 3 of this Campaign, and it's truly about damn time someone sent in them ninjas to take that objective room! Master of Control This awesome prize is 1x Objective Containment Field designed by Scar_Hand Painting and donated by Every Little War and is, as the name implies, a fine example of an Infinity Objective Room. To win this awesome prize all you need to do is be a Yu Jing Commander with an average battle report rating of 7 stars or above, and having gained at least one of the following Achievements: "Recruited-to-raxora-wcd", "Battle-scarred-at-raxora-wcd" or "Cleared the Decks of Roxara". For each of those Achievements you will get one entry into the raffle for this prize, drawn at the end of the Campaign for Strikezone Wotan. Should you get the "Cleared the Decks of Roxara" you will actually get 5 entries at once, but it is a very hard to get achievement, so you will have to work hard for that one... Master of Disguises Our second awesome prize is 1x Full Set of N3 CONTOUR SILHOUETTES - YU JING created by Osman Naskali and sponsored by Every Little War! Yes you heard that right, this set contains EVERY single Yu Jing Silhouette there is at the moment, and I can tell you from personal experience that they are truly awesome! You'll be able to drive your enemies mad with your Masters of Disguises all over the board! With this prize we want to thank all those of you who really fought hard for Yu Jing, giving your best for our Empire no matter how hard it might have been some times. To win this glorious prize all you need to do is be a Yu Jing Commander with an average battle report rating of 7 stars or above, and having gained at least one of the following Achievements: "Blooded" or "War is my Arena". For each of those Achievements you will get one entry into the raffle for this prize, drawn at the end of the Campaign for Strikezone Wotan. As mentioned before the winners of these awesome prizes sponsored by Every Little War will be drawn at the end of Strikezone Wotan, and the winners will receive a Code that they can enter at to claim their awesome prize! Please keep in mind that the winner of these prizes sponsored by Every Little War will have to pay the shipping cost for the prizes, but don't worry, they pack their things very nicely so it shouldn't be too expensive compared to the worth of these awesome prizes! :-) To claim the prizes the winner will need to respond to the message I will send them on this forum after they have been selected, at which point I will establish contact to Customeeple to handle the prize delivery! Should you be selected as one of the winners, and your campaign name is not your Forum name, please contact me as quickly as possible ;-) The winners will obviously also be announced on the Yu Jing Faction Subform on the Warconsole. So there you have if fellow Yu Jing Commanders! I hope you'll all enjoy this little contest, and give your best for the Yu Jing Empire! And as a little reminder....Yu Jing is a honourable nation, so please don't bring shame upon it by cheating in any way shape or form. See you on the battle fields of Strikezone Wotan! Shogun Yasashii Fuyu, speaking for the Wotan Yu Jing Jade Circle High Command. Additional Information: If you are a producer of Terrain, a painter of Infinity Miniatures, or want to sponsor our little competition in some other way shape or form with some sort of prizes, please contact me on this Forum here as we'd be more than glad to work together with you! PS: Obviously I myself won't be participating in this competition as I'll be doing all the drawing and filtering and whatnot.
  2. “HAIL TO ALL COMMANDERS OF THE PANOCEANIA FORCES! WE ARE FACING THE UTTER DESTRUCTION NOT FROM OUR LIVES BUT OF THE OUR VERY SOUL TO THE HANDS OF THE COMBINED ARMY; TRYING TO REACH SVALARHEIMA AND TO ENSLAVE ALL THE CITIZENS OF THE HUMAN SPHERE; WE ARE NOT ALONE THE FAITH HAVE HIS REWARDS ITSELF, AS CHURCH SEND HIS SUPPORT TO ALL OUR DOINGS AND I, HIGH MARSHALL OF THE WOTAN BLOCKADE FOR THE HYPERPOWER CALL FOR A CRUSADE UPON THE REXORA ALIEN VESSEL TO MAKE CIVILIZATION ENDURE…..DEUS VULT” Field Marshall Father Knight Luisjoey, Panoceania Liaison to WOTAN BLOCKADE CUSTOMEEPLE CORP BRINGS HIS SUPPORT TO OUR CAUSE, TO PRESERVE HUMANITY AND CIVILIZATION! CUSTOMEEPLE CORP ALWAYS WITH YOU AND HABITATIONAL SOLUTIONS AMONG THE HUMAN SPHERE The Faith has his rewards, CUSTOMEEPLE a well know company of terrain and supplies for Infinity its supporting us with this awesome contest at the very end of the campaign and where we get chance to get good goodies while we fight for the glory of the hyperpower! They are giving the following prices to 2 random commanders on a raffle do in this way. 1- Taking the Alien Ship or DESTROYING IT! RETRIBUTION this prize will get a ticket for each 3 wins you got on Rexora Base with a 7 stars rating or more. The winner will take this – Neon City Panoceania B [2 Big Buildings Pack] – Infinity Airbrush Stencil ———————————————————————————————————————————— 2- PUT ORDER OVER ATEK TREASON this prize will get a ticket for each 3 wins you got on EXO AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT ORBASE Base with a 7 stars rating or more. The winner will take this Neon City Panoceanía S [Pack 2 Edificios Pequeños] ———————————————————————————————————– The winners will be drawn after the campaign finish on July 24th and we make the account of the winnins and tickets. it will be delivered directly by customeeple to each winner ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! (and human sphere) Customeeple it´s really envolved with our safety and us to do a great campaign! What it´s better to fight for a glorious cause than preserving from extinction? Get prices for that! so Get on your feet and defend mankind with excellent batreps and points on the Locations assigned! GET CHANCES AND PREVENT EXTINCTION DEUS VULT CONTEST! Thanks to @Customeeple for the sponsorship! in the grim time for humanity! and to encourage the true savious of human sphere to keep fighting! to thank them you could visit their page and see the awesome game terrain and supply range they have! CUSTOMEEPLE!
  3. Did the oriental pavement pack get discontinued? I love the bases, bought them a while back, but don't have nearly enough to fill out my Yu Jing force. Can't find them anywhere... This is a real shame if so, no one else has anything quite like them. I guess I could try and use them specifically for key/officer bases, but that's kinda disappointing. Or, if anyone knows where to track down a few more, specifically the 25mm I'd greatly appreciate.
  4. Hello terrain builders out there, this is my first try at building something else than carving laminate insulation into shape. Maybe posting my progress will keep me working on it without too long delays. Moreover a thread like this is what I was looking for before I started building the chapel because I wanted to know what this awesome thing looked like if not built by a professional and photographed by another professional. So maybe if the end result does not look too shabby it inspires other beginners to try their luck with this chapel. Step One: glueing the parts together: Everyting fit perfectly together. After I figured out that not the floor of the "inside balcony" has to rest on the smaller pillars but only its outside walls, the instruction "manual" (actually only 2 pages necessary) made sense again. I was impressed especially how some flat U-shapes and circles all turned into 3D and almost realistic looking pillars. The roof and towers are missing here. The roof for no good reason as it was ready, the tower for the reason that I want to include LED-lighting on it and the complete chapel works even without it (though the tower cant stand without the chapel, still great modularity!). (to be continued, Step 2 is photographed and Step 3 is 50% built bt I am running out of time now.)
  5. Great terrain pieces and very handy for battle! With the cards removes the monotony from our tables! Thanks Customeeple . take a peek on more pictures at
  6. I am looking for some bases for my first set of Infinity figures and I am looking for a "subtle" base for them. By subtle I mean something that doesn't overshadow the work on the figures. I would like to use the Customeeple base tops for PanOceania and Nomads, but living in the U.S. makes them expensive and I don't know I want to wait for them to be shipped from Spain. My first question is: Is there a company in the U.S. that sells those base tops? I know several that sell other items of theirs but I've not seen the base tops. I am particularly interested in the PanO tops with the perpendicular lines. It's simple, but can be made to look like a warehouse, or the floor of a ship, or military base. Also, is there a large preference of resin or plasticard tops? Resin obviously is one piece versus glued pieces, but do people have a strong preference for one or the other? As I said, this is my first attempt at painting, but I prefer to buy good materials the first time around rather than having to go back again and again because of shotty craftsmanship.
  7. Hey guys, This thread will feature a quick overview of the reviews of Customeeple's products on Data Sphere. 1. ITS Objectives pack More to come!
  8. Has anyone got pictures of customeeple products either completed in the case of bases, display trays etc. or, in use in the case of markers etc. I'd love to see some examples other than those the website and facebook offers. I will upload pics of my completed PanO hanger display board once it gets there
  9. Customeeple has come out with this cool display trays with for Infinity. And I think they are really nice, but the problem is that the bases only really fit one place so for aesthetics sake I have to decide which 23 models to include. I am currently playing Aridna Kazaks, Hassassin Bahram and Shasvastii but I don't want to rebase, so I'm planning this for my future Aleph army. And I have never played Aleph... But I have a lot of models already and I want to keep to Vedic units. I'm planning to use this models primary for ITS missions, but that includes both specialist heavy and light scenarios and area holding scenarios. I have and would like to include 1) Deva 2) Devabot 3) Deva 4) Devabot 5) Deva with combirifle (hacker) / Mark 1 6) Asura with multirifle 7) Naga hacker (may work as monomine model) 8) Naga multisniper ? 9) Dasyu combirifle ? 10) Marut 11) Dakini tacbot (may be used as Garuda) 12) Dakini tacbot (may be used as Garuda) 13) Zayin rebot 14) Daleth/Samekh rebot I don't have but think I should try to include 15) Sophotect 16) Deva with spitfire 17) Asura with spitfire / Mark 3 18) Naga with monomines 19) Dasyu multisniper / Mark 2 20) Dakini tacbot with HMG (may be used as Garuda) 21) Probot (EVO) (may be used as minesweeper) 22) Yudbot 23) Netrod 24) Netrod I also think I should leave some places empty to anticipate the new sectorials release 25) Empty place 26) Empty place But I only have 23 spaces. What are the least useful of the above models. Is there any model not included above that I really really really should include. 4 devas + 2 devabots is a lot but I would rather not proxy the spitfire one, and Aleph is short on LT choices. Nagas are only AVA 2 and I have 3 above. But I like the possibility to have 2 MSR in the force. I'm thinking of adding posthumans as themselfs/proxies. Mark 1 works as Deva, Mark 2 works as Dasyu, Mark 3 works as Asura with spitfire. What do you think, which 23 models should I include?
  10. First of all, thank you to Customeeple for the wonderful customer service that AdaptUK0, Wintermute and I experienced in receiving our joint order of items! I've written a review on my blog of the items, if anyone's interested in reading it: I'm sure the other two guys will write reviews of their items in due course!
  11. You can check here our new products of this month for Infinity. A comprehensive list that we will expand in detail in the next days. Mission Objetive Markers Comlink console Sat Station Antenna Cargo crate Mark one beacon You can acquire all this pieces on single units. They are intended to be used as mission objectives or even as generic background scenery pieces, but since they are very important in tournaments you can also buy them in a complete ITS objective pack, with all the pieces you will ever need. Scenery Diorames of walls and floor that you can combine to create a background for your miniatures showcases. Branded Scenery cargo Game parts Special bases for big miniatures 3D Tear templates Set of 3 customizable templates with nick and logo In addition to this we have added a lot of new options to existing products. To make them more customizable and adaptable to all the personal necessities: Added orders markers for Sectorial armies and generics pieces. Status markers, now for 40 mm bases too. Camo silhouettes, now in individual packs. New colours for our order tokens (fluor blue and orange) You can check them in our web each product although we will release detailed info for each of them. Or you can always take a quick look to the new in our facebook and see photos of everything.
  12. Yesterday in the Spanish forum, we noticed that many people didin´t know about our portfolio of customizable products on request, here you have a link: portfolio Since making customizable products is one of our signs of identity, we thought that it will be a good idea to post here all the final results of custom Infinity products. Keep in mind that all this images (and many more) will be regularly posted first on our portfolio or in our social media. If you like them maybe is a good idea if you follow us on some of them. Here they will be posted as an archive, to let you have a quick look to them in a single place. Gallery of Customizable templates Status markers in another languages, in this occasion Hungarian.
  13. We are happy to present our new products for this month. As always you can purchase them right now in our shop: In addition to the holoechoes products we had available we also added H Yasbir the new Dire foe released this month. Two new special templates. The first one for smoke effects in smoked grey and the second one a Blast template. This last one comes with an add-on to check all the explosion radius, even his height. Also this month we also present a MDF structure. Our new Dice Tower for Infinity is designed to be not also an useful accessory but part of the game scenery and become one new game element. The tower includes 2 small consoles that you can add to it, or assemble them as a independent scenery piece to be used in missions. Finally you can see our new suppressing fire marker, which fits perfectly with the game bases to represent accurately this game effect. And with all the products associated to a specific faction that we presented last week. We released MEGAPACKS which include a set of 21 orders + 22 status markers + a pack with all the 5 camouflage silhouettes. All of the available for all the factions of the game. You can save some money buying all them together. Here you can see a selection of photo shoots of our new products. We hope you will enjoy them
  14. Hello. We are Customeeple a Spain -based company engaged in the manufacture of extras for all types of games , we have recently developed a new line of products compatible with Infinity the game . These products have been designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli and are designed to facilitate and help give a more immersive feel to the game. They are products designed to meet the existing needs with practicality and customization . You can find our articles to infinity here: But Customeeple not only sell our products but we aim to become your perfect solution for all your gaming needs. With a team of people with years of experience in graphic design and even more years of experience in the field of games , we can listen to proposals to send us : Templates with your nickname and aesthetics you want, paint your miniatures games, create thematic those markers you need to give a special touch to your army . We work a variety of materials and techniques : wood , acrylic, laser cut parts , printing in large formats , boards mounted ... We can do anything you can imagine. Ask us without obligation: We trust to cover the needs of hobbyists to infinty more faithful with our specialized products and services. A greeting