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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, Alongside/within the Azure Dragon dropship kickstarter (that kicks off this evening) we are also running Unit Badge decals... for each faction and sectorial. The Preview of the KS is up here: where you can see mroe details, and it will be going live this evening. As we work through each of the factions and sectorials you will be able to see exactly what is on each decal sheet as it varies for faction and sectorial to faction and sectorial. Each decal sheet costs £4.00 and here's a couple of examples: PanO main Faction Bakunin Sectorial: USAriadna Ranger Force: The decals are professionally produced and are all individual decals - you do not need to cut them off the backing sheet as you do with OKI or ALPS printed decals. Where there are not enough badge decals to fill the sheet size we ahve added "flavour" items such as numbers, slogans and other text, generally drawn from the official painted figure sets. We're also doing some other non-badge sets such as the Base-Edge-Information set: This set is to help you remember what the basic figure data is for you figures and to be placed on the rear of the base-edge so that you know a figure is, f.ex. regular, frenzied, Hackable (or whatever) but only contains information available on open lists. These are targeted toward new gamers but if you're anything like me and have multiple armies then its kinda handy when you swap over to your less-used armies. There are no limits on the numbers of these decals sheets and you can pledge just for these.. (you dont need to pledge for a dropship). The nominal dispatch date for these is November - however so long as the survey is back in good time we anticipate beating that date for dispatch, if you do pledge for a dropship and also want decals you can just add them to your main pledge - if youw ant decals and a dropship, but want the decals dispatched as soon as they are available (rather than waiting for your dropship) then you can just add the default decal postage fees ... which are .... UK - £1.00pEU - £2.00pRoW - £3.00p
  2. Infinity Unit Badge Decals are now in store, as are the Base-Edge sets and micro-detail sets.
  3. I'm looking for some decals to put on my O:I minis and beyond. Ive done a forum search and seen ones for Haj minis only. Ideally Im looking for unit ID badges and faction badges/icons, as anyone produced any? Alternatively I will make my own.
  4. A couple of quick videos showing how you can apply our decals. Possible Faulty Sets: We have had one user who has received what looks to be a faulty set of (JSA) decals - the decals are not cut accurately and are not coming away from the backing paper (see images) If your decals do not perform as shown in the videos then consider that they might be faulty, let us know and if they are faulty return them to us for replacements (we will also need to send them on to the manufacturer so they can find out what went wrong and to avoid it in future). At the workshop we've not had any faults with our own personal sets of decals, so this could be a one-off or a small batch issue... at this point we do not know. (Obviously this is part of the reason we want to wait before we go to retail - there are over 500,000 individual decals in the kickstarter sets, so it will take some time before backers get to apply a sizeable portion of those - until then we do not want to order for retail sale, until any problems have come to light and have been remedied.)
  5. Hi everyone, Some professional decals for Graffiti here for you. Each set is £10.00 (inc VAT {so 20% less if you are outside EU}) and comprises an A5 sheet of a variety of opaque professionally printed decals. These are not "ALPS" or "OKI" decals and are printed and cut on a fantastically thin carrier, that requires no covering and are produced at 1200 DPi, equivalent to screen-printed waterslide decals but much easier to use: They can be used on any coloured surface, do not fade, are pre-cut and can be tailored using setting solutions to fit over irregular surfaces. Infinity Political Graffiti: Some "in action" on our table: Also some modern sets that are usable for Infinity: 1) Modern Colourful Graffiti Set 1: 2) Modern Colourful Graffiti Set 2: 3) Modern Political Graffiti Set 1: ------- Application and Technical Data: Decal products produced by Antenocitis Workshop are printed on a commercial wide-format printer using solvent inks (CMYKLcLm + White + Metallic inks). As such, the decal media may be a little different to the normal decal media you are used to. Two key differences generally are: the decal film is physically much tougher than most competitors, and is designed to be handled using fine needle-nose tweezers; the adhesive bonding the decal film to the backing paper is designed for our pre-cut decals, and does not allow decals to simply float-off when placed in water; Thus, the normal advice we provide for applying our decals is: place the section of decal media in water for a slow count of 5; remove from water and shake to remove any excess water; using a pair of fine-nose tweezers, pick the edge of a decal – where we have pre-cut the decal film – to gently lift the decal from the backing media (our decals do *not* float or slide off … unless you leave them in water for a _long_ time); with a little water on the receiving surface, position the decals as required. Add more water if further movement is required (some people prefer to use decal setting solution instead of water. (we have generally found either/both techniques to be useful); once positioned, use the edge / corner of a tissue to wick away any excess water; apply decal setting solution and leave for 1 – 5 minutes; We often recommend “Mr Mark Softer”, although Tamiya’s “Mark Fix” is generally equally effective. MicroScale’s Micro Sol was less effective with our older decal film and, depending upon where you are located, can be more expensive than the alternatives. We have found that some decal setting solutions are quite ineffective, as they are more appropriately formulated for alternative decal films; once a decal has had time to react to the decal setting solution, do -not- attempt to move or re-position it! allow the decal setting solution some time to react with the decal film; again use the edge / corner of a tissue to wick away any excess solution; use a balled-up tissue to gently but firmly press the decal onto the surface to both remove air bubbles and to promote conformance to a non-flat surface allow to dry, then apply a suitable clear-coat. You will find our decals offer considerable resistance to damage, but are generally _very_ conformable when correctly treated with decal setting solution, such that ‘silvering’ is not normally an issue. Because we use solvent inks printed onto a urethane-base decal film, most commercial clear-coat solutions are suitable for finishing our decals. The only solutions that we have found that are *guaranteed* to damage our decals are solvent-based solutions. NOTE: Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately should you have any questions regarding the above, or for any issues experienced with our decals or services.
  6. Starting to add some of the (more discounted) vehicle decal sets to the KS: First up: Nemesis Police Decals (set of four - £3.00p) Federale Police Decals (set of four)