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  1. I'm planning to do a demo game in my local store tomorrow. does anyone have tips/advice/experience? I have the aleph, steel phalanx, usariadna starters and red veil. I am assuming red veil would be the easy way to go. should i start a mission with the first person that walks in interested or wait for two people and get them to play with me helping out?
  2. My name is Robert and I have been running Demo, training nights for about the past 2 months out at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn Virginia. Friday nights have been out normal meet up, with some Thursdays thrown in too. Friday's at Huzzah Hobbies are Infinity Nights! 44927 George Washington Blvd, Ashburn, VA 20147 New to the game? We run Demos and training games. We provide all the minis, dice, terrain and such. All you need to bring is the drive to learn and have fun! Vet to the game? We have players of all levels looking to play! Terrain will be provided unless you want to bring your own. Game nights start about 5:30 and go till 10ish. We have a Facebook group and a Google group, both at the name "DMV Infinity Gaming Group". On the group we have listings for other game nights at other shops around the NoVA area.
  3. Infinity Escalation League: Where: Red Raccoon Games, 309 N. Main St., Bloomington, IL 61701 (Wednesdays) When: Wednesdays 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. from 10/05-12/06 *Players may play outside official night as well. Demo night Wednesday, September 28 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. What: The Infinity escalation league is a slow grow league to introduce and acclimate new players to the game. All player skill levels are welcome. This is a non-ITS league due to the nature of trying to introduce newer players to rules and higher point levels over a period of weeks. -Entry: Free Helpful Links: Infinity Archive (Rules, Markers, and other assets to download)- N3 Rules- N3 FAQ- Human Sphere Rules- ITS Season 8- Infinity Army- Ash Barker’s Infinity Recon- Captain Spuds Quick Reference- Captain Spuds Hacking Helper- ToadChild’s Free Marker Sheet Creator- Prizes: -1st Place Competitive Scoring- ITS Winner Pack Season 8 (Joe “Scarface” Turner miniature, Scarface badge, ITS Season 8 badge, ITS Season 8 Patch), 1 Winner Diploma, 1 random patch, 1 alternative artwork card for Extreme Prejudice. -2nd Place Competitive Scoring- 1 random ID Badge, 1 random Camo Token, 1 random patch. -3rd Placed Competitive Scoring- 1 random item left (S1 token, State: Locked Marker, Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack) -1st Place Achievement Scoring- 1 random ID Badge, 1 random Camo Token, 1 random patch. -2nd Place Achievement Scoring- 1 random item left (S1 token, State: Locked Marker, Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack) -3rd Place Achievement Scoring- 1 random item left (S1 token, State: Locked Marker, Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack) *When it comes to random items the order of picking is as follows: 1st Place Competitive, 2nd Place Competitive, 1st Place Achievement, 2nd Place Achievement, 3rd Place Competitive, 3rd Place Achievement. Rounds: All rounds will begin on the Wednesday of that week and run until the following Tuesday. Games and achievements must be written on score sheet and initialed by opponent. There is no painting requirement, but it is encouraged. There will achievement points awarded for painting models during the league and playing fully painted. Proxies are allowed, but if there is a model for the trooper profile it must be used (weapon proxies are allowed). Achievement score sheet will be handed out by TO. It is greatly appreciated when people bring terrain to accommodate enough tables for players. All players are required to play the same faction through the league, however they may switch between vanilla and sectorials within their faction from game to game. Additionally, spec-ops are not allowed. *Note the week of Thanksgiving is skipped. Round 1- 10/05-10/11 Infinity Recon Annihilation (150 points)- no command tokens, hackers, remotes, TAGs, or fireteams. -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 17-63 (basic rules, combat characteristics, and common skills), Infinity Recon pg. 3-4 (Recon rules and Annihilation scenario). -Know how the skills and weapons of your troops work! Round 2- 10/12-10/18 Infinity Recon Frontline (150 points)- no hackers, remotes, TAGs, or fireteams. -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 142-148 (end game conditions, command tokens, and coordinated orders), Infinity Recon pg. 7 (Frontline scenario). Round 3- 10/19-10/25 Infinity Recon Seize the Antennas (200 points)- no remotes, TAGs, or fireteams. -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 135, 140, 150-161 (deployable repeater, repeater, hacking, and hacking equipment), Human Sphere 87-92 (new hacking equipment), Infinity Recon pg. 8-9 (Seize the Antenna scenario). -For assistance with hacking programs use Captain Spud’s Hacking Helper Round 4- 10/26-11/01 ITS Quadrant Control (200 points)- no TAGS or fireteams. -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 53, 55, 78, 85, 89-90, 96 (cautious movement, change facing, dodge, ghost, marksmanship, sat-lock, sensor, total reaction), Human Sphere pg. 92 (evo hacker), N3 FAQ, ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 9-10, 16-17 (Classified objectives and Quadrant Control scenario). Round 5- 11/02-11/08 ITS Decapitation (250 points)- no fireteams -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 55, 57-58, 85, 88, 181 (dodge, engage, manned, pilot, possessed), ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 18 (Decapitation scenario). Round 6- 11/09-11/15 ITS Supremacy (250 points) -Suggested Reading- Human Sphere pg. 11-22 (coherency and fireteams), ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 26-27 (Supremacy scenario). Round 7- 11/16-11/22 ITS Annihilation (300 points) -Suggested Reading- ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 11 (Annihilation scenario). Round 8- 11/30-12/06 ITS Firefight (300 Points) -Suggested Reading- ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 24-25 (Firefight scenario).
  4. I've been on a break from Infinity since the change to N3 (although I did play a few games just after the shift), but there has been growing interest at my local store, and I've decided to start playing, and teaching how to play, again. Now, while the N3 and N3:HS books have some nice reference sheets, are there any other options, perhaps ones were the N3 and N3:HS parts are integrated and organized into one nicely structured document? I would prefer not having to look for hacking in two places, as well as some other rules. So is there any other fan-made option out there?
  5. Trying to come up with lists for two fairly new players to go at it while I help them with the rules. Was also trying to show the how the possible elite vs more orders works out. I'm alittle worried the moira HMG may be too dominating. Nomads ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 7 2 2 ALGUACIL Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) ALGUACIL Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) ALGUACIL (Forward Observer, Deployable Repeater) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 12) TOMCAT Doctor Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 22) REVEREND MOIRA HMG / Pistol, Shock CCW. (1.5 | 34) WILDCAT Lieutenant Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 19) RIOT GRRL MULTI Rifle, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 33) MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 6) MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 6) 1.5 SWC | 152 Points Open in Infinity Army PanOceania ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 6 FATHER-KNIGHT Lieutenant Spitfire / Breaker Pistol, DA CCW. (2 | 50) NISSE Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle+ Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 32) ORC MULTI Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 40) FUSILIER Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) FUSILIER Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) FUSILIER Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) 2 SWC | 152 Points Open in Infinity Army
  6. Tomorrow, November 14, 2015 is Infinity Boot Camp at Dungeon Games in Estero, Florida! Will have a number of Operation: Icestorm terrain sets and suitable minis to run scenarios for interested parties. Early interest has been good and it looks like we'll have at least 8 newbies learning the basics and enough experienced players to coach/referee at each game. Infinity is still new down here and we're expecting that this will give us a good boost. The FLGS owner set up the event ans is offering a discount on Infinity products for those who complete the scenarios. Thanks, Josh!
  7. Ladies and Gentlebeings, I was not sure where to post this, but it's sort of an event, so I put it here. My semi-L FGS has requested that I run some demo games of Infinity on October 24th. I figured I would run the first couple of missions from Icestorm for it, but was hoping people here may have some tips for me, since this is not something I usually do. Help me Infinity forum users, you're my only hope.
  8. Hey all I am super interested in this game after reading so much about it. Love the universe and am looking to get a few games in on vassal before taking the plunge and purchasing a faction (got to find out what I like to play). Since there are no FLGS near me I would love if a experienced player might take me under their wings and teach me and get a few games in on VASSAL? There seems to be a fairly up to date module here. Hopefully I can get a few games in soon. Thanks
  9. Infinity B00t Camp and Demos at Caracas ComicCon 2015, Caracas, Venezuela. Caracas ComicCon is one of the biggest Geek Convention in Venezuela Held July 10-12 and 17-19 in the Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco (CCCT) From 10:00 to 21:00 Further Information
  10. Living in Cleveland, Ohio isn't bad at all. The rent is comedically cheap, and somehow the economy can support 7 game stores. I'm going to be doing some demonstrations of Infinity 3rd Edition at a few different locations; the first one will be BASHCON 30 in Toledo, Ohio . I've got loads of terrain - enough for two to three tables - and several starter kits' worth (enough to host multiple small battles) but I've never demo'd a minis game before. I'm looking for tips on what to do.
  11. You are all invited to the Convention to play and test the Operation ICESTORM and general demos of infinity!
  12. if you are passing by or live in venezuela, we do have a big game convention and infinity can´t miss its space! Geekopolis Convention will be held at Caracas Venezuela from February 6 to Feb 17, hope you can come
  13. West Texas Infinity will be hosting an Infinity 3rd Ed. Demo Day at Stormcrow Games in Lubbock, Texas. Whether you want to learn Infinity, or you're just wanting to get up to speed on the new N3 chances, come and hang out with us! When: Saturday, January 31st, 2015; 12pm to 6pm Where: Stormcrow Games 2819 34th St. Lubbock, TX 79410
  14. Reporting from Venezuelan Front, Infinity Warcor.... We´ll be doing a Demo B00tCamp of INFINITY THE GAME at Matsuri convention on November 1 & 2, you are welcome to come learn the game and meet the Venezuelan AROers.
  15. DEMO GAME: DAWSON VS DAD ROUND III SKIRMISH: PANOCEANIA VS YU JING Dad and I played again this weekend. I can't remember if I suggested or if he requested to play with the same list, but in any case, it's the same list as Round II. He wanted to try the Knight again, and repetition is great for familiarizing oneself with Infinity. I would love to stop proxying and field my Tohaa as Tohaa against him, and so I hope we're about at that point... We played the Frontline ITS mission, wihtout a SpecOps, but as neither of us accomplished our classified objectives I won't bother detailing them. N3 Loss of Lieutenant rules again. Sorry for the unpainted minis and fugly terrain! Here's how we deployed on my OSB wasteland (I'll call PanO side arbitrarily north): • PANO TURN 1—Dad moves his Knight Hospitaller up into total cover behind the white industrial building. His Fusilier LGL moves across the field and is struck by my Bào Sniper in the southeast, but passes both ARM saves against the DA round, and in a marvelous PanOceania feat, passes his guts check. The other Fusilier peeks out and, 3's to hit, rolls a 5, 4, and 3, and crits my Bào Sniper. • YU JING TURN 1—I move up my Zhanshi LGL and successfully land one speculative shot and incapacitate Dad's Fusilier LGL. There's a mine next to the two squishy Fusiliers in the northwest, so my Tiger Soldier lands far north. He burns a couple orders on the Fusilier Paramedic but takes finally him down, then guns down the central-north Fusilier, and double-crits the Fusilier who struck down my Bào troop. He then backs into total behind the puzzle box. Good luck to Yu Jing and bad to PanO here. POINTS: Dad 1, Dawson 1 • PANO TURN 2—Dad had an ugly reactive turn, and was down 4 orders. (I felt badly.) He moves his two TO camo Croc Men back to provide rear cover against the Tiger Soldier, and to contribute their orders. The two northwestern cheerleaders continue to cheerlead. He then also moves his Knight Hospitaller Lt. with his remaining orders and Lieutenant Order into base-to-base contact with the mortified Tiger Soldier to prevent shenanigans on my turn... which I think's pretty wise, but, he does lose a wound to the Tiger's Light Flamethrower on the way. • YU JING TURN 2—I spend an order on CC with the Tiger Soldier to provoke some fun for Dad, but both of us fail to deal each other damage. The Bào Combi troop hustles west into cover along the barrels. I ask Dad for an ARO along the way, but he has his TO camo Croc stay camoed as the Bào moves into cover. The Bào then Discover-Shoots, passes the first and crits the second, and the Croc Combi Man goes down. I then move up my Dàofêi Lt. to the crate along the center wall, and again, Dad does not reveal his TO camo Croc, and so the Dàofêi prudently prones himself. POINTS: Dad 2, Dawson 6 • PANO TURN 3—The Knight swings true, and down goes the Tiger. Dad moves troops up, plants mines, and recamos... and I forgot to take pictures. I did get a picture of a physical casualty this turn. Poor Knight Hospitaller Chaksa: • YU JING TURN 3—The Tokusetsu Eisei decides to become a hero for the downed Bào Sniper, whom she successfully recovers. The Bào Sniper, new lease on life, runs around the Loot Crate, up its ladder, discovers the Croc, lands two hits on the Croc, is the pride of the Imperial Service, and—I realized all that was hooey as he didn't actually have LoS. I forfeit an order for the time wasted, and merely drop the Bào prone to overwatch. The Dàofêi, meanwhile recamoed, stands up, takes a mine in the chest, a sniper round in the chest, but holds his ground and guns down the Croc, before dropping prone again. POINTS: Dad 3, Dawson 11 • PANO TURN 4: YU JING VICTORY—Dad moves the Knight Hospitaller up to try to put down the sniper, but sadly falls himself. We kept playing for a bit, but decided more or less to call it here, as he was at Loss of Lieutenant, and was far down in points and models. He's a good sport. WHAT I LEARNED • Dad likes playing on "elite" in everything, but I think killing the Fusilier Paramedic right away was kind of a d*ck move, as it removes all hope when other troops go down • I keep forgetting that the Dàofêi has Infiltration, I need to remember to make use of that • With the increased movement for Heavy Infantry in N3, the volume of such troops available to Yu Jing, and the massive buff to MULTI rifles, Yu Jing is bound to become a noticeably stronger and a tempting fourth army... • I average 4-6 crits per game, and have come to rather recklessly depend on them. After losing a battle against ToadChild this weekend, I realized that gambling for critical hits is only good if the target model is going to go down quickly. Against an ARM 10 + cover Avatar, my Ectros HMG learned a bad lesson and died in the active turn. But it's worth the risk against W-1 troops, even TO or poor-range troops. Thanks again for reading!
  16. DEMO GAME: DAWSON VS DAD ROUND II SKIRMISH: PANOCEANIA VS YU JING Dad asked to play again, so here we are! The goal with this game was to get him used to a larger model count, and since he felt comfortable with Camouflage rules, I added Infiltration to the mix, and taught him the ways of the MULTI. PANOCEANIA 199 Points / 4 SWC KNIGHT HOSPITALLER Lieutenant—MULTI rifle CROC MAN—MULTI sniper CROC MAN Minelayer—combi, mines (duh) FUSILIER—combi, LGL FUSILIER—combi, LGL FUSILIER—combi FUSILIER—combi FUSILIER—combi FUSILIER Paramedic—combi, medikit YU JING 200 Points, 3.5 SWC DÀOFÊI Lieutenant—MULTI rifle TIGER SOLDIER—combi, light flamethrower BÀO TROOP—combi, MSV2 BÀO TROOP—MULTI sniper, MSV2 ZHANSHI—combi, LGL KEISOTSU—combi KEISOTSU—combi TOKSETSU EISEI Doctor—combi We played another skirmish game on my very undecorated OSB battle board, and again used random boxes for terrain. The Loot Crate company was well represented in this part of the sphere... I won initiative and chose to go second. I deployed "south", I will say, and Dad north, like so: I had my Bào Sniper prone in high cover, covering most of the board with his MSV2, and most everyone else hidden behind the "buildings". One Keisotsu was out-of-frame behind the southwest wall. Dad passed 1 physique roll for his Croc Man infiltrator who went somewhere, and his other Croc Man played it safe and deployed in his Deployment Zone. A Fusilier went dumpster diving behind the Steve Madden Shoe Factory in the northwest. We again played N3 Loss of Lieutenant rules, since the second edition's are not great. • PANO TURN 1—Dad immediately unveiled his Croc Man MULTI sniper, who dual-actioned my Bào sniper. I ruled that my Bào did not have cover, as he was only slightly higher than the Croc Man. A dual-action round hit, and the poor Bào failed his ARO and both armor saves. Lieutenant Knight Hospitaller tried and failed and failed and succeeded to get up on top of the Yogurt Generator to get high cover and lay down suppressive fire to the main north/south lane. A Fusilier with LGL joined and did likewise. • YU JING TURN 1—Since the main south/north lane was bumper-to-bumper bullets, the surviving Bào troop hoofed himself and his Combi Rifle to a flank position at the Croc Man, who went down to a natural roll and a nasty critical hit. Badass Tiger Soldier drops in far north, passes his AD/PH roll like a champ, flames the Fusilier Paramedic and line troop, and gets shot like a chump. Near-even trade, and now Dad has no healer. Some cheerleaders rearrange themselves in my rear. • PANO TURN 2—Dad is super miffed at the loss of his MULTI sniper TO camo all-the-things skirmisher, and decides to play it safe, maintaining suppressive fire lanes and deploying mines to the east and west of the central green-ish building. We realized at this point that Dad had forgotten (and I had forgotten to remind him) that this Croc Man was a Minelayer at deployment, but we didn't retcon and went with it. He coup de grâce-d my unconscious Tiger Soldier to spite me There was now a lot of ARO and discouragement in the center of the map. • YU JING TURN 2—The Bào was not feeling it to tiptoe through mines to get to the other Croc Man, so I moved my Dàofêi Lieutenant up along the eastern side. Rambo time. A half-inch breadth of LoF opened between Dad's Croc Man and my Dàofêi, and he made a successful Discover check. The heavy Lieutenant opened fire, critically hit, and kept moving. The Dàofêi continued plodding all the way around, until I could blast his rear line. I split one burst between three models, wounding the Knight and critting again on the furthest Fusilier. I hit the middle-most Fusilier, who passed an armor save and dropped prone. Another 1 burst whizzed past the prone Fusilier, and 2 more bursts into the Knight knocked him unconscious. The Dàofêi did lose a wound from ARO, and so I moved him back into total cover, and burnt my Lieutenant order to recamo. • PANO TURN 3—Dad was in retreat, and his impetuous retreater Fusilier ran north to the edge. With his irregular order, he turned to face my Dàofêi, and the firefight resulted with a critical hit in the hands of my dad, and the Dàofêi was defeated. The other Fusilier ran a doughnut to stay on the board. • YU JING TURN 3—I spent all my irregular orders telling everyone to hold position, and promoted the Bào troop to Lieutenant. • PANO TURN 4—A bit more loop-the-looping, and Dad and performed a coup de grâce on the bleeding Dàofêi, before using his extra (Lieutenant) order to move the newly promoted Fusilier LGL back to his barrel blockade. • YU JING TURN 4—I let the Keisotsus two run to edge of the board, and moved the Bào troop up with his Lieutenant order to take down the second-to-last Fusilier, and moved my Zhanshi up to suppress fire over the main north/south lane over his Lieutenant's head. • PANO TURN 5: YU JING VICTORY—Dad's first order provoked a suppressive fire barrage from my Zhanshi, and a crit from me ended the game directly. WHAT I LEARNED • Ramboing is great. I have killed many rambos and tend to snub the tactic, but my Dàoféi was probably MVP with 4 wounds gobbled, 3 kills, 2 crits, and one beastly Knight. RIP, Dàoféi. • MSVs are just the rock to camo's scissors. Using an MSV2 in the active turn is a great way to prevent deadly surprise attacks. • HI are still worth their points in points. 2 wounds means you can eff up but still keep pushing. WHAT DAD LEARNED! • "You know, placing those TO camo guys smart puts you at a really good advantage. I want a rematch." • "So my [Knight Hospitaller] really didn't make use of his skill skill set being up high. You just let me waste him, you turkey." Looking at the pictures, there may have been another turn of back-and-forthing in Retreat, but this is pretty accurate to what happened. Hope you enjoyed!
  17. DEMO GAME: DAWSON VS DAD SKIRMISH: PANOCEANIA VS YU JING Shops and friends aren't always available, and my family doesn't discover much beyond TV. So, I brought my half-painted minis over to show my dad a mean proxy game of Infinity. I made two 150-point lists (accidentally) in the vein of starter packs. All the models were proxied as I only have Nomads and Tohaa, and I don't feel either is ideal (especially the latter) to start newbies on—and newbies aren't going to know a Cutter from a Hungry, anyhow. It was a casual board of mostly shoeboxes and whatever they had around as I don't have much terrain. Although many demo-ers don't recommend it, I brought a "trick" for each faction; PanOceania with two CH: TO Camoflauge units and a hacker, and Yu Jing with 2 hackable HIs and an MSV2. I avoided template weapons since I have noticed new players think them highly unfair when on the receiving end of one. These were our lists: PANOCEANIA 147 Points, 2.5 SWC SWISS GUARD—HMG, AP CCW, TO Camo HEXA Hacker—combi, TO camo FUSILIER—combi FUSILIER—combi FUSILIER Lieutenant—combi AC. REGULAR Paramedic—combi, medikit YU JING 149 Points, 2.5 SWC HSIEN—HMG, AP CCW, MSV2 ZUYONG Lieutenant—HMG, 2 pistols, automedikit CELESTIAL GUARD—boarding shotgun KEISOTSU—combi KEISOTSU Paramedic—combi, medikit KEISOTSU Paramedic—combi, medikit I let him choose the army, and he chose PanO. After comprehensibly explaining Lt. WIP rolls, he won chose deployment and I chose turn order. He enjoyed the secrecy of "placing" his two TO Camo troops, and had a big smile right away. Before we began I explained, since everyone knows how to roll dice and do arithmetic, what I've found to be the most important aspects of the game: the ARO, Face-to-Face rolls, the importance of wanting to roll low except for armor saves, and the two-part nature of orders. We played N3 Loss of Lieutenant rules, as 2nd edition's are a bit silly... • YU JING TURN 1—I went first and moved up the field. I did one coordinated order of three men moving at once, in case a TO Camo guy wanted to react, which he didn't, and didn't go further into the explanation of the coordinated order. 6 orders spent quickly and it was his turn. • PANO TURN 1—Dad tried to double move thinking (not sure how) that that negated AROs. After his lieutenant was shot down, we redacted as after further explanation he realized why running in the open was a poor choice. He intuitively asked if suppressive fire was a thing (it is!), so he laid down a couple lanes of that. • YU JING TURN 2—I moved my Hsien and my Zuyong Lt. up onto the edge of high cover in the center and dropped prone, with the Keisotsu and Celestial guard bringing up the rear. I also laid suppressive fire down into a corner, and proceeded to have what was going to be a quiet round... • PANO TURN 2—Dad asked how to hack, and I explained that hacking would reveal his hacker and also must be done in ZoC... But his interest was piqued in the "coordinated order", and enthusiastically demanded to understand its benefit/penalty. After he was satisfied, he revealed his two TO Camo markers who were front-center of the map, and coordinated fire from the Hexa and the Swiss Guard into my Hsien. My AROs were cruelly negated and the Hsien dropped. • YU JING TURN 3—I took a rooftop shot at Swiss Guard with my Zuyong's HMG, and the Swiss Guard dodged successfully and willingly failed a guts check, pushing him into total cover. Then the Hsien's fate was sealed with a deadly medikit, and I was 61 points down. I moved the Zuyong Lt. down off of his perch, to try to close the gap with Swiss Guard and gun him down. Both survived. • PANO TURN 3—Dad moved his Fusilier and Fusilier Lt to try to flank my Keisotsus and Celestial Guard. He unfortunately learned the ways of the critical hit, and one Fusilier went down. With his last two orders, he tried to bring in the Hexa and the Swiss Guard to take down my Zuyong Lt. The Hexa was also gunned down, and the Swiss Guard's rolls were beaten as the Zuyong made a ballsy Dodge into melee. • YU JING TURN 4—My Keisotsu gunned down his Fusilier Lieutenant, and the Celestial Guard moved up above the melee with his boarding shotgun. I was at all kinds of penalties but I landed 4 hits with the boarding shotgun, and 2 hits with the Zuyong's dual pistols. The Zuyong deflected Swiss Guard's AP CCW, and Swiss Guard shrugged off all but one pistol round. • PANO TURN 4—Dad had 3 models left and did his best to take down my Lieutenant, but the Swiss Guard and Zuyong negated all successful hits. He moved his Regular Paramedic to desperate aid. • YU JING TURN 5—I moved the rearguard Keisotsu up the flank and took out his Regular Paramedic for 4 orders. For my last order and Lt. Order, I finally beat Swiss Guard. • PANO TURN 5—Dad was in retreat with 1 model, his Fusilier Lieutenant, and laughed and was determined. He dropped the Celestial Guard shotgunner, and did his best to retreat to cover. • YU JING VICTORY—The Zuyong double-crit the lone Fusilier in the first order and won the skirmish. WHAT I LEARNED • People are smart. It's good to not overwhelm, but a person can learn quite a bit in one game and you shouldn't be afraid to demo a complete game with a couple tricks. • Heavy Infantry are worth their points, especially Swiss Guard. That Swiss Guard ignored 8+ hits, 5 of which were AP. • Burst is king, yet AROs can still be deadly. I've been spoiled with +1 B up the wazoo with Tohaa, but crossing firing lanes is a great way to deter attackers and score kills in the reactive turn, even with vanilla rifles. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, let me know; I'll post the next demo I run and remember to take pictures.
  18. INFINITY MEET & GREET REDMOND, WASHINGTON Hi guys, Games 'n' Gizmos is hosting us again for Infinity at their store in Redmond on November 15th. I hope to see you there! We'll be starting around 5:00 p.m. and playing until everyone's dead or until they kick us out. I'm bringing some simple 100-points lists to demo the game if some stragglers straggle in, but we'll also be doing a few ITS scenarios. Games 'n' Gizmos is easy to find on the map, and usually has ample parking—and if you'd like to reach me directly, please don't be shy, and PM me! Cheers!
  19. Hi guys. Just wanting to post up some pics from a games show we did in the UK, Up Narth (North, for those not so familiar with the lingo) Infinity northen allience is a group of mates form the north of the UK (Leeds) who've been trying our best to try promote infinity in our local area. This was the fist show any of us had run a table at and the first one in the local area to have any Infinity Presence. We decided we'd take 2 tables, a smaller one for demoing on and a larger one to show case what the game is about so people could not only get a feel for how the game plays but so they could also see what was to come should they choose to progress. The event started at 10am and ended at about 3pm with intros all the way through. We chose to demo with the second mission from Ice Storm with a hold the Blue pod in the centre table as the mission. Right from the start we where running intros, at one point we took the game off the larger table so we could also run intros on that. The response was great and we'll ceartainly be doing another one in the near future.
  20. Hi everyone, I just wanted to report on 2 demo games played yesterday in Neos Kosmos, Athens, Greece. The idea was showing the game mechanics to a new Nomad player, with 2 games of 150 points, with me playing the opposing force with my FRRM. I only took pictures of the first game (which might be good for me, because I got slaughtered by the newbie in the second). Two pictures of my first turn, after the Nomad's first. As you can see, he put his lone lieutenant in ODD on a hill in front of my Metro linked team with Bruant. Since he had cover, it could have worked but ultimately it was a bad idea, just because of the silly amount of burst I could provide with the Molotok. I did not lose one model in that game. Pic is taken from my right flank. Just before that, he had tried landing his jumper just right of the helipad to take out my LGL guy and my lieutenant in the linked Metro team. That was an epic fail because the LGL guy just ARO'ed him in the face and blew him up to smithereens. The other side (left flank) shows better my camo markers. , on Flickr In general, I had a decent control of the centre with my LG sniper and the mine-layer and I just had to mow down from the right wing with the linked team. He was in loss of lieutenant at the start of his turn 2. Still managed to hold and rename a lieutenant thanks to his religious guys (Sin Eater). But then I decided to lob grenades in speculative like crazy with the linked team (took 2 orders but good enough). That got rid of the religious guys and game over for him. I took a different list for the second game. His placement was similar except that he kept his lieutenant in the back in cover. I wanted to demo a more close contact approach, so I brought Margot and Duroc in an army with the rest made of a Zouave sniper, a Dozer and 3 Metros (including lieutenant). There I made a first rule mistake when we decided that since his AD jumper + flamethrower could use the template over rubble scenery, he could kill my Zouave in his foxhole who could not see him because of the rubble. I checked afterwards and that can't be true because if I could not see him he could not see me either and thus not attack with anything else than speculative, which template weapons don't allow. Still, that did not matter much as I decided to play stupidly (I blame fatigue and dehydration) and to drop the Mirage 5 team in a too tight spot on his right flank. So Duroc drew ARO in landing (losing 1 wound from his lieutenant) and Margot taking 3 shots from the Sin Eater. She got killed outright. Duroc still managed to template 3 Nomads (including the lieutenant) but unfortunately did not survive this second order and the lieutenant made all her ARM saves, unlike her mooks who got shredded. At that point, it was game over for me. I just enjoyed the Dozer avenging the Zouave with a one riffle shot on the AD-jumper before conceding. Lesson learned: read the rules better and don't do silly stuff for the fun of it. While it was highly entertaining and cinematic, it was ultimately an epic fail.
  21. Greetings everyone! I have been asked to host the demo / showcasing of Infinity at tomorrow's 'Mini-Games Day', and my question is how to do it? I have done a few teaching games but only for individuals who have been interested already in the game and read trough the rules a couple of time beforehand, but I don't know how to handle complete strangers to the game. How to start the demo games, what rules to elaborate, what rules to put on side track (ad? hacking? link teams? co-ordinated orders? camo / TO camo?), vanilla vs sectorial etc. ? For now I had only put together 2 200pt demo list (MO and vanilla yu-jing) based on my painted minis and wysiwyg. I know that Infinity is very forgiving about wysiwyg-ing, but I don't want to confuse new comers, for exemple: I use my Santiago Knight for a Hospitaler one, and when they go home and look up the minis on the home-page they got confused that they saw different things in the demo and in the actual catalogue. (I'm not belitteling their intellignce I just want to avoid every misundersanding as much as possible ). I got supplied with table at the club and have some idea about how to set up it (8 months of routine ) to have multiple fire lanes and at the same time don't be a swiss-cheese. I got cowered the background / lore / fluff in general (and more detailed about most factions also). So my question is what did I my miss, and what did I thought wrong based on these? Yours faithfully: Crusader PS: If this is the wrong place to post this topic I'm sorry, please point me in the right direction if taht is the case . And I know that 'my english is bad and I should feel bad' but I'm trying to improve it!
  22. Hello all!!! This is C-Dub inviting everyone from Oklahoma and elsewhere if you can make it to a demo day with us, OkcInfinity. The demo will be at : Game HQ, Inc 1620 SW 89th St. J Oklahoma City, OK 73159 The date will be June 14, 2014 It will run from 10:00 a.m. thru maybe 4:00 p.m. If you do not have armies, do not fret, you can use one of ours!!! So bring yourselves and your friends for a good game, and a good time!!!
  23. Hey Folks, So my group has been playing a bit of YAMS lately, and enjoy the freedom and diversity of games. We are now trying to expand our numbers (from 4 to Infinity!... get it... okay... ) and want to showcase official rules and the ITS before we move into anything else with new players. That being said, I wanted to bring an army that had a fair bit of stopping power, while still having enough specialists to be viable, and want some critiquing as to whether I've gone overboard on specialists, or under the mark on firepower. It's been a solid month or more since I've even looked at ITS. What I'm thinking about is this: Panoceania - Shock Army of Acontecimento | 12 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Singh (37|0) Acontecimento Lieutenant (10|0) Acontecimento Paramedic (14|0) Acontecimento Spitfire (17|1) Acontecimento Observer (13|1) Acontecimento Combi (10|0) Combat Group #2 Guarda de Assalto Spitfire (50|2) Auxbot GdA Clipper Dronbot GML (34|1) Pathfinder Dronbot (21|0) Naga Hacker (37|0.5) Naga Hacker (37|0.5) Machinist Engineer (15|0) Palbot (3|0) ________________________________________________________ 298/300 points | 6/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : 7 specialists, hacking, guided ammo, camo/infiltration, AD: Combat Jump and a full link I think will show a good number of rules, as well as give me general availability for hidden objectives. What do you think? It looks like a solid game plan to me. I'll most likely either be playing against Qapu Khalki, Military Orders, Morat Agression Force or JSA. Part of me thinks I may be a bit low on the firepower, but again, I've been playing YAMS for a while. Cheers folks, Jeramy
  24. I Might be trying to get Infinity in southern indiana. After going to gencon and seeing it played I thought it would be fun to start at the local store in the area. One of my friends picked up the book but doesn't have the time to commit... so i was looking to run... any help would be appreciated and support.
  25. Just a heads up that we plan on running an Infinity ITS tournament at Kublacon this year. Located in Burlingame California. So set aside the date and support Infinity on the West Coast! ITS Tournament: We have our slot at Kublacon tenatively reserved at this point. Its looking like 10am Saturday May 25th, we are reserved for 9 hours which means we may be able to get 4 rounds in Force size will be 300pts Expect multiple type terrain tables (forest, aquatic, zero-g, mountain, hazardous, etc) Missions to be used will be posted soon. We will likely be reserving some space on Friday and Sunday as well for some open play and even some demo games (tables/terrain provided, mini's provided for the demo games), so if you are going to be in the area come on by and get your game on! Cheers!